Help me, fandom.  I had this nifty idea to sew red thread around the buttonholes of a black shirt (in honor of a certain beloved Belstaff).  But as it turned out, the buttonholes were not sufficiently visible around the buttons to make that plan work.

So instead, I sewed the red thread into the buttons, as you can see.  Two questions:

1) Does it make you think of the Belstaff at all, or have I totally lost that connection?  If you saw someone in the street like this, would the sherlock part of your brain light up a little?

2) Even if it doesn’t work as a fan reference, is it cute?  Or does it look stupid?  I honestly can’t decide.

(never fear, I still have plenty of red thread – once I find the right coat or shirt, I will make this buttonhole plan happen.  but in the meanwhile, I have to decide whether to keep the shirt this way, or turn it back to ordinary black.)


A visit to Fano, Italy to see Snatandrea Milano 

Parisian Gentleman’s visit to Santandrea Milano | Parisian Gentleman)

We came to Fano with high expectations ; Santandrea, also known under the anglicized name St. Andrews is known for excellence, as the company supplies suits for some of the most famous brands in the luxury industry worldwide.

Despite such a stellar reputation, this day marked our first chance to visit what is one of the last sartoria in the world who operates according to the traditional artisanal way, embracing “old school” work methods. Each worker is specialized in a single type of operation ; which can include tasks such as cutting the suit, working on inner linings, assembling sleeves or collars, and stitching buttonholes and interlinings. Each jacket travels through multiple sets of hands throughout a painstakingly long fabrication process.

Menswear Details at Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, AW11, Milan.

Menswear is always such an interesting study in detail. There are tiny decisions that are made by the design team that aren’t done justice by full length catwalk shots, details that are probably debated over for hours on end such as the angle of a buttonhole, or the colour of the contrast trim on a welt pocket.

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Here is some of the items for our Steampunk Wedding that we made ourselves over the 2 years before the big day.

Brooch Bouquets. 1 for the Bride and 6 for the Bridesmaids. Years of collecting brooches and twisting wire paid off.

Invitations, table numbers, place cards and Orders of Service.

100 Chair backs and Paper Roses.

Seating plan.

Our delicious cake, made by the Mother of the Groom.

The Groomsmens button holes.

Other things not seen include 100 mason jar tea lights and 100m of doily bunting, misc costume details.

Eggsy as the casual PE teacher who’s always in his trackies and lets his students call him Eggsy

Harry as the fairly strict history teacher who’s always immaculately dressed and it’s either Mr Hart or sir

The students can feel the tension between them whenever Eggsy has to steal one of the kids for a football team meeting and they can’t miss the way Eggsy blushes whenever Mr Hart so much as looks at him

Because Eggsy is friendly with his students they like to take the mick and are singing “Eggsy and Mr Hart sitting in a tree” when Harry pops into the school gym to check on a student who skipped detention with him

Next Monday they see Eggsy arrive in Mr Hart’s car and when they question him Eggsy winks and just says he doesn’t kiss and tell