sussex afternoons and swing records

ay i’ve been meaning to draw Old Men Holmes and Watson dancing (? are they even dancing) together for a while and i finally got inspired by ghostbees​‘s precious waltzing husbands (my greatest weakness)!! 

(found the background here)

Aries- opening the tab of a soft drink and watching it fizz up, dirty red high tops, scalding hot showers, breathless whispers, letting your marshmallow catch fire when making smores and then eating it anyway, ripped tees, high socks

Taurus- the dappled shadows of sunlight streaming through closed blinds, shouting to be heard over the music at a party, grass stains on a pair of worn jeans, letting yourself sink to the bottom of a pool, carving pumpkins, plant nurseries

Gemini- silver bracelets, shattered mirrors, kayaking down a waterfall, white rabbits, double knotting shoelaces, the ticking of a clock, kissing someone on the neck, pinstriped suits, the smell of coffee beans, running on linoleum floors

Cancer- going to the beach at night, moss growing in dense forests, iced tea, glimpses of deer, raw peas, rain clouds, telling stories, illustrations in children’s books, button down shirts, Art History, the quick breaths after running

Leo- blowing on dandelions, wooly sweaters, rich laughter, giving a speech, a warm drink on a cold day, disarming smiles, speaking loudly and not giving a damn, kicking a soccer ball, autumn leaves, the feeling of sunshine on your face

Virgo- dark lipstick, stepping into a bathtub full of water, song lyrics, taking photographs with old film, lying on your back and staring up at the stars, high waisted jeans, the first line of paint on a blank canvass, flowers in a vase, a sparrow’s song

Libra- balancing on a tightrope, sharing an umbrella, a field of clovers, a new notebook, the smell of store bought clothes before they are washed, sculptures made of marble, humming to oneself, offering advice, a freshly made bed

Scorpio- combat boots, jotting down notes, keeping secrets, a stately home covered in ivy, putting out candles with your fingers, games of tic-tac-toe, old cars, finding a bird’s nest, drumming out beats with your hands, movie trailers

Sagittarius- the smell of burning incense, scuffing your sock clad feet on a carpet and then giving someone an electrical shock, dark coffee, capes, mumbled words, writing in all caps, road trips, concerts, shouting into the wind, biting your lip

Capricorn- short films, molding clay, flying on airplanes, train tracks, pushing your way through a crowd of people, drinking out of a straw, jazz music, sitting on park benches, a ladybug crawling on your finger, forced laughter, unbroken promises

Aquarius- riddles, seeing your breath on a cold day, dark chocolate, magic tricks, outerspace, peering through a kaleidoscope, the feeling in your stomach as a roller coaster drops sharply, educated guesses, small cafes, ancient ruins

Pisces- snapping your fingers, making faces in the mirror, the color yellow, blowing bubbles, flower print shirts, passive aggression, playing a song on repeat, color coding, the sound of tap dancing on a hardwood floor, lemonade, bear hugs


idek this is so cliche I just I wanted to draw something fluffy for a certain baka because I’m a terrible friend and drawing is the only thing I can do I’m sorry