What I Pay For Every Month

The bus is arriving, the masses of people begin to move, push themselves forward, a few search a way through, to find a place to sit before those who need it. As I unwillingly am pushed into the bus, as it is known, the seats are made of plastic, with a layer of casing, as thick as skin. On the seats at the front, where no one wants to sit at first, the elders find their place – in the back, young people push and scrimmage, but do not partake in conversations with each other. Some do not begin to search for a free space to sit down, but stand, with a face of dullness. The bus driver looks into the rear-view mirror and pushes the buttons which close the door. And in this moment the train arrives, people running out, shouting at the bus to stop; the bus driver does not stop. He drives.
In the back children and teenagers found their place, sitting in mere silence, observing the ground. Those who do not care stand for these few minutes, with earphones in their ears, their eyes stare out the window; sometimes they stumble when the bus driver uses the brake. In the front the elder couples sit and complain about the youth. I am in the bus. I count to those who stand near the exit door; I see everything. – I am in the bus and I see everything.

everyone talking about how happy they are Frankie is going home tonight and that all his fans are quiet…where have you been all week? like as soon as they pushed the button we all knew what was going to happen if he didn’t win HOH or the POV. we’re quiet because we’ve already accepted it and moved on. because that’s what mature people do.   ;)

and that exit was fucking EVERYTHING.

hermosx said:

Something you hate about your daily routine.

having to make/aquire food

like fuck why cant the Mediterranean farfelle pasta salad just appear in front of me like why should i have to waste my time making it or going somewhere out to buy it

its 2014 wheres the thing from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy where he pushed a button and the food appears i want that

Of Lights and Lattes. 

Min Yoongi (Suga)

In which two strangers are stuck in a glass elavator over rainy Seoul share a cup of coffee and leave not so as strangers anymore.


You press the button for the fourth time, earning an annoying buzz in return then silence once more. You sigh and slide to the floor, your back to the wall, bringing your knees to your chest. At this rate, you were going to be late.

You look up to see your prison mate. He was pushing the button, his back to you, his shopping bags at his feet. After the seventh buzz he sighed and sat opposite to you, his pose mirroring yours. His bags still in their place.

"No one’s picking up." He states the obvious.

"Yeah. I know, I tried." You reply.

He sighs and looks to the lights; you were stuck in one of those transparent elevators. The city looked miniature from this height, like a child’s play thing. It was pretty and terrifying at the same time.

"I wish I had my camera with me right now. This is one hell of a view."

"You could just use your phone, you know. It’s the same thing."

He shook his head. “Not the same. A camera’s more….real. You feel yourself capturing the moment. It’s therapeutic, like painting but without that amount of effort. Plus, it’s easier to control.”

You consider his words for a moment. “I get it. It’s like those people who prefer physical books to e-readers.”

"I guess you could compare it to that." He wanted to say more, it was more than that to him but she was a stranger and he refused to be an open book.

"….Hello. Did someone buzz? Is it the kids playing again or are you stuck for real?" A voice cut off his train of thoughts. The girl stood up and went up to the speaker.

"Hey. No we’re really stuck. How soon can you get us out?" She sounded almost annoyed.

"Umm, yeah about that. This is the first time someone is actually stuck in one of these things. It’s past closing time so it’s going to take some time. What floor are you guys on?"

He stood up and went to the other speaker. “We’re on the 27th floor, sorta. I think we’re stuck somewhere before the 27th.”

"Okay then. I just contacted the guys, we’ll get you out in about an hour. So, yeah. Okay. See you in an hour." The voice went dead.

"Hey, wait no." The girl buzzed again but got no answer back.

"Fantastic. First gathering we plan and I’m already late. Great. Thank you universe for reminding me of how I’m a socially awkward monkey." She huffs and sits closer to the edge of the elevator, her knees to her chest, her arms around them.

"If it makes you feel any better, I’m missing probably the only chance I’m getting to actually sleep before tomorrow. Also, monkeys are social creatures." He shuffled and sat parallel to you, his legs facing the other way.

"What’s tomorrow?" If you were to be stuck here for an hour, you were at least that curious.

"Big test. I need to pass or else I’m repeating the entire semester."

"Ouch. Good luck, umm what’s your name?"

"Yoongi. Min Yoongi, and you?" He reaches out and you tell him your name as you shake hands. His hands were ice cold.

You started talking together, stories of college and friends mixing with ideas and song names. Somewhere along there, in between laughs and sighs, rain fell and covered the glass of your cage.

"Well, since we’re gonna be stuck in here for a while I think we should take these." He pulled out two to-go cups from one of his bags and offered you one.

You sniffed it, it smelt sweet. “What is this?”

"I think it’s a Latte, the barista insisted I should try their new drink. I was planning on sharing with my roommate but Namjoon wouldn’t mind."

You thanked him and took a sip. It tasted sweet but also a little bitter.

Looking at the city below, the rain and coffee were the classic storybook combination, as cliche as the whole situation was it made you smile.

At that moment you wished you also had a camera.


okay so that was that

I wanna say i wrote it but i didn’t my sister actually wrote this for me but she wants to remain anon so yeah ❅~

-N x

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Basic Male Cosplay Makeup Tutorial!

aka:  Alex rambles on for 24 minutes about cosplay, binders, wig caps, contacts and makeup with the goal of being at least somewhat helpful?

I had a few requests asking how I did my male makeup for cosplay so here you go!  Apologies for the length, I go into a bit more than just the makeup so it ended up longer than I planned.  Also, I said it ten times in the video and I’m going to say it again here; cosplay makeup is very character and face specific.  This is what I’ve found works for me personally but I both recommend and encourage looking at other tutorials to see what works best for you!

Things I mentioned: 

Other helpful resources:

  • Male vs. Female Contouring Guide
  • This video does an excellent job of showing where and how to EXACTLY contour for a masculine face.
  • For those who want a more dramatic eye try here and here.
  • This is mainly a female makeup tutorial but it’s a really great one and can be applied to male makeup as well so check it out!
  • How to property put on a wig cap/wig.
  • I forgot to mention; use concealer to cover up under eye shadows or dark spots before applying foundation.  Also a good nude lipstick can go a long way in making your lips look more masculine!
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You wanna play Catwoman? I’ll be your Batman.

TEEN WOLF AU » Stiles and Erica are nerdy BFFs.


30 Days of The Ponds | Day 1

The moment you started shipping them. 

He was right. It blocks out everything else.

Rooooooory, this is our date. Let’s not do this, okay? 

Uhm, we are in Venice  and it is 1580!

I know!