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megatrons arc is so interesting to me because it’s a redemption arc but it’s like. a political redemption arc. he’s going out on a limb not to be a good person but so that he can die and not be remembered for being awful and that’s so neat

god yeah. awful!!!!!

so much of what motivates him is ego stuff. he could live with turning himself in and dying cause that was something he could like take pride in and respect himself for, but then starscream fucked that right up for him lmao

and like that makes an upsetting amount of sense to me tbh for a char from an oppressed class who literally ended up destroying Everything trying to rebel against a system that denies personhood. he’s gotten to the point where the ONLY thing that matters is asserting his personhood and his right to be respected

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lmfao one of the reblogs on that blog was from the dude who told me I was problematic for headcanoning transformers as other genders and blogging about me. I'm still so amused I found him just by checking that blog lmao but also it feels almost like a base of honor that some of the posts reblogged to that godawful blog are about me

you should be proud

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I know there have been a lot of criticisms of atla by poc of Asian backgrounds so I think it's possible to cross a line even with research and I think in a lot of ways it's still reducing real people to an aesthetic

i could see where that criticism would come from, and i think it is valid! i’d say the difference there is honestly that the characters are ….not white…. like in star wars you have white actors in traditionally eastern garb?  i have not… actually met someone with an asian background who didnt like the show, though, almost everyone i have talked to was really happy to see poc characters in a popular cartoon growing up.

i cant really talk about korra though, i think  ”westernization” direction they went with modernizing stuff was really….. off…..