cori sometimes I feel like tumblr updates are like your mom constantly rearranging her house but like. much less effective. like when your mom switched the silverware drawer to the left of the oven. who DOES that. 

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yeah same I was expecting like “my good buddy pharma whom I haven’t seen in the last 500 years” at least. like not long to them but long enough to change

for real for real id assumed they were colleagues/friends back when and then were just like more casual aquaintances that would catch up over drinks or w/e every couple hundred years but apparently they were still involved in each others lives until recently……. im reevalutating everything rn

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yeahhhh that post makes me pretty uncomfortable tbh just because like lmao that’s…the only way I have to interact with 90% of other human beings

yeah it’s a weird post… i feel like the whole “lol shove nerds in lockers” semi-ironic tumblr fandom thing is pretty uncomfortable sometimes, it can be kind of an elitist thing, making people feel more secure by putting down and dismissing people who seem more vapid or obnoxious to them without taking into account what actually motivates people like that (often they’re young or are trying to escape bad things in their regular lives, or maybe they’re just harmlessly having their own kind of fun and this isn’t… really a big part of their lives so they don’t put a ton of thought into it, who cares)

like nerd culture is FULL of bad shit that 100% needs to be criticized, and that includes flawed coping mechanisms like the socially-rejected nerd using callous misogyny as an outlet for his anger. but i think these really broad dismissals are too vague to mean anything constructive and they’re actually just to make nerds feel secure in being better than those vague other nerds who are doing it all wrong.

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I know there have been a lot of criticisms of atla by poc of Asian backgrounds so I think it's possible to cross a line even with research and I think in a lot of ways it's still reducing real people to an aesthetic

i could see where that criticism would come from, and i think it is valid! i’d say the difference there is honestly that the characters are ….not white…. like in star wars you have white actors in traditionally eastern garb?  i have not… actually met someone with an asian background who didnt like the show, though, almost everyone i have talked to was really happy to see poc characters in a popular cartoon growing up.

i cant really talk about korra though, i think  "westernization" direction they went with modernizing stuff was really….. off…..