Mbongeni Buthelezi

Country: South Africa

3 Things ‪#‎SONA2015‬ showed us

1. Democracy in South Africa, although immature, exists. The empty spaces on the floor showed us the holes the opposition now fill.
2. South Africans appear very isolated from the true state of political affairs elsewhere in the world. We have an inflated sense of the magnitude of our actions. What happened last night is comparable to ‘just another day in the office’ in parliaments around the world. Again it shows that our democracy is young but any parent will tell you that youth is beautiful. And no, the Rand didn’t collapse. It actually strengthened against the dollar.
3. Both Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Musi Maimane are sterling reminders of the quality of black leaders this country can and will continue to produce. I predict good will prevail, equality will be a battle but we will progress and that there are too many capable people (like yourself) on this ship to let it sink.