Hannibal AU: Abigail Hobbs/Matthew Brown

"People don't understand much about me. Or about you."
Hey, so....

//Today something happened….And I had a major asthma attack. And I started crying and….Basically it wasn’t a nice day.

So now I”m stuffing my face with popcorn and watch my friends be adorable loevely dorks in text, as they message me on Skype, and let me know they’re here for me, and what, I’m not sobbing in front on my screen.

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JENNIE HOW COULD YOU?! Let the daily torture begin




Ok so here’s what happened… He originally said yes to helping with the IVF because he wanted to do this for her. And then all of sudden he realized that he actually wants to have a child. He wants to be a dad. And he wants to do it with her. He suddenly feels hopeful and goes to some upscale baby shop in D.C. and buys the most expensive little Yankees onesie he can find. And then he hides it in the back of his closet and plans to give it to her when she tells him the IVF was a success.

I am not teaching in Amsterdam my lovelies but I am blogging and practicing and drinking tea and biking around the city with Ringo in a basket. Also at this moment reading poetry on Snapchat. It’s called #yogagirlpoetry and it’s a thingggg. Come listen @rachel_brathen💜. Better internet connection and new poem tomorrow.

Going to Utrecht. Let’s go drink wine together!? Will share when I’m there. I love you all with such force it’s almost scary. Someone just sent me a snap that made me cry. It’s powerful, this social media. It’s crazy and can be vicious and deceiving but if we use it in the right way it’s motherfucking incredible. It can make us feel and stir shit up and move mountains if you do it right. So do it right!! Don’t scroll past celebrity after celebrity photoshopped into perfection. Don’t obsess over models and fitness professionals and people in yoga poses that are only here to feed their own ego. Don’t look at Instagram and then at yourself and not feel ok. Don’t let a rectangular piece of technology tell you how to feel about who you are. Just don’t! Use this shit for GOOD THINGS and be inspired and give yourself a hug and tell people you love them. Share and connect share and connect feel how we are the same we feel the same we hold the same beating beautiful heart and we are all vulnerable and that’s a magical thing. I fucking love you. I hope you feel it and that you love you, too. xo. going to bed see you in the morning🌼

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