The sky made everything yellow tonight and when I tried to think of poetry to describe what it reminded me of, all I could think of was your nickname and my fingers through your hair, and that’s not where I wanted to end up but somehow it was. Good night.

Prompt: Danny & the gang never barge in on Laura and Carmilla’s tête-à-tête/seduction eyes session.


That was the only way Carmilla could describe this moment. There was an undercurrent of it buzzing between them constantly but right now it felt like a lightning storm.

They were connected only by the light touch of Carmilla’s fingertips against the lace sleeve of Laura’s dress. It was chaste but it still sent sparks flying through her. Laura’s eyes, which betrayed everything she was feeling no matter how desperately she tried to conceal it, hadn’t moved from Carmilla’s own since the last silky strand of hair fell from Carmilla’s hand.

Carmilla wasn’t bluffing when she said she ought to know better. Girls with light like Laura possessed only destroy. They waltz in, bright eyed and innocent, and they take a wrecking ball to every wall ever built in between light kisses and tantalizatingly teasing touches. Because they always leave when they realize what it is they’re dealing with. What kind of darkness they’ve let into their bedroom. And Carmilla’s done well in staying away from girls who were undeniably light. She convinced herself the only light that she needed was the starlight as she gazed up at the constellations. Until her. Maybe it was proximity. She could always blame the short distance between their beds for the way Laura invaded her soul.

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"I have been up for 24 hour so do not ask me questions like; why are you sitting on the counter, why does your hair look like that, or why does your breath stink….all will result in you getting punched"