Everyone’s comparing Big Hero Six to Frozen (In terms sibling relationships), but personally I think it’s more like Lilo and Stitch

Exhibit A: POC Older sibling who acts like a parental figure because their parents are dead, wants the best for their younger sibling 



Exhibit B: POC mis-understood younger sibling who gets into trouble from time to time



Exhibit C: Adorable “sidekick” who has close bond with younger sibling



Bonus: If you look closely in bh6 you can catch alot of Lilo and Stitch referances thrown everywhere, for example, there’s a picture of Stitch on the walls of the Hamada household, and I think there’s a Stitch plushie somewhere in Tadashi and Hiro’s room.  

let me tell you guys a few key things abt the VIXX Chicago concert (i’m gonna upload a fanacc later when I’M EMOTIONALLY STABLE):

  • all the stuff about VIXX being hotter in person?? VERY TRUE
  • softest hands: hakyeon
  • hongbin and hakyeon were about my height in heels, ravi, hyuk, and ken i had to look up @ but ESPECIALLY hyuk
  • there was this part where ravi was listing in english the reasons he thought we liked vixx and he said “hm… concept…. visual…” and then he stood up and motioned to himself and said “body~?” and we all SCREAMED SO LOUD that he had to shush us and bashfully said “sorry :(” and all the other members were laughing
  • they initially showed up on stage in those terrible bowling alley carpet hex sign suits and it took me like 3 songs to even register that that’s what they were wearing and i GOT SO MAD
  • the other outfits they were wearing were those white suits/sweater things from error and then they switched out those tops for baggy white sweaters and they were SO CUTE
  • i told hongbin he sings like park hyoshin and it took him a second but then he did his crazy wide-eyed face and said “oh, thank you!” and him and ken (who was next in line) cracked up it was cute
  • i got to ken and held his hand and said “wink?” and he said “wink?? OH WINK!!” and winked at me and i winked back
  • during one of the talks my roommate and i were screaming ken’s name and he looked directly at us (we were in the 4th row so we were easily visible n very close to stage) and he fake screamed and mocked our faces and then laughed 
  • DON’T GET ME STARTED ON HONGBIN the first time he smiled my knees actually gave out and i fell onto the chair in front of me it was incredible.
  • hyuk sang part of GR8U to my friend whats-all-this-hyukus-about who was holding an “I <3 Hyukddi” sign like hyuk read the sign and then stayed on that side of the stage to sing at him!!
  • hongbin saw my sign and smiled and made a little heart with his hands at me!

there’s a lot more but i’ll write it all out later!!! but in general!! it was AMAZING I AM SO HAPPY!

Bellarke AU: Life on the ice (Part II)

Clarkes a figure skater, and Bellamy is a hockey captain that both fight over who has the rink on a dailey basis.

Clarke grunted as her hip smacked against the ice cold floor of the rink, yet again, losing her footwork while attempting a difficult move that she can only master on a good day. And Clarke, was not having a good day, which was an understatement, because in fact, she wasn’t having a good year.

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This will probably make more sense if you read this post

[in case it isn’t obvious, it’s read R-L]

Easily one of the most ambitious fan-things I have ever tackled (and completed!). This comic is 100% traditional media, save for minor touch-ups to erase all the areas where I coloured outside the lines. It was meant to be a one-off, short, fun piece that got crazy out-of-hand, and as such there was like zero research involved so there’s a lot of things likely out of place (like that skyline, woops)

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this, and who sent in heartbreaking ideas to try and help me out (and make me cry).