i’m so sick of this fucking look at this


what does that even MEAN
you didn’t find any plot holes
but you expect someone to come up with plot holes

it’s so fucking telling of the entire moffat hate trend though
people don’t even find plot holes or sexism or whatever they claim moffat to do
but they “expect it” to be there or twist harmless stuff into sexism or plot holes because that’s what they expect from moffat
even when it’s not fucking there
because moffat hate is so popular and so trendy and so fucking toxic and fuck i’m just so tired of it

So um. loquaciousquark had a crap day, with save files and the like, so I tried to write something happy with Fenris. :| I have no other excuse. 


They had a plan.

Eighteen months after leaving Kirkwall, they would meet again in Amaranthine, in the alienage.  She would come, even if she hadn’t managed to separate Anders from Justice. He would be there. They would be together again. It would be all they needed.

Except after three months, Fenris finds himself without a purpose again. He does not have to look over his shoulder anymore; he does not need to watch templars for Hawke’s sake. He goes to Ferelden, and he sees the country. Lothering is a poisoned wasteland; Denerim still feels shattered from a war he cannot imagine.

It is less than a year when he realizes he misses having a home. He had thought once that it would be Kirkwall, as long as Hawke was there.

Now he thinks of what will happen in nine months, he wonders. He wants a home. He wants a home with Hawke.

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