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The first time I met a foreign national of any race was when the Transkei government started hiring teachers from Ghana. The homelands had a dire shortage of skills, and so as we grew up, it was not uncommon to have both a teacher and doctor from Ghana. Actually, they could have been from anywhere in the continent, we just called all of them amaGhana. So ignorant we were, when one of our neighbours had a baby with a Ghanaian man, we were told by adults not to speak Xhosa to the toddler because he spoke Ghanaian – presumably from his father’s blood.

Dear brothers and sisters, it’s not you, it’s us!

On a personal note, my mom’s family are Xhosas from the Eastern Cape or what was then known as the Transkei, and just about every cousin of my who are at the very least ten years older than me, were at some stage of their lives taught by a Ghanaian. I’ve even got a cousin whose first name is Ghana…

Also, I do know many in the current ruling party , the ANC who lived in exile are married to Africans from outside South Africa. I wonder if they spouses have had to endure the ignorance and xenophobia so entrenched among most black South African communities, or does their class privilege protect them from the discrimination that every so called “foreign” Africans in South Africa faces.


Alright Apple an anon asked how all of Cherry’s siblings are doing

You mean I have to tell them about my life and I go first?

Pretty much!

Well I guess basically I started dating a girl after high school and well we ended up with a surprise bundle of joy.

I hope you told them about Cape!

I just did Lemon.

Haha well we may have gotten pregnant by accident but we love our baby boy so much! Apple and I also decided to get married!

Haha yeah my mom and dad weren't too happy that we kinda eloped but they were still happy all the same

Ohe Apple here comes Cape.

What’s my big boy up too? Haha are playing with the cat again? Oh you need a diaper change Cape..

So I guess this kinda concludes what Apple has been up to.

TMI Tuesday: We Could Be Heroes Edition:

1.) Do you read comic books and if so which ones do you read? 

Saga, Sex Crimes, The Manhattan Projects

2.) What is your absolute favorite comic book movie to date? 

Superman and Superman II

3.) Which yet-to-be released comic book film are you most looking forward to? 

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

4.) Favorite hero? 


5.) Favorite villain? 

Gargamel from the Smurfs

6.) If you had a choice, would you rather save the world or plot it’s destruction? 

Save it

7.) If you were a hero or villain, what would be your alias? 

Captain Obvious

8.) What would your costume be, colors, style, cape or no cape, etc. 

9.) Do you have a superpower or do you use gadgets to save the day? 

My left arm is a swiss army knife. Also, I can parallel park real good.

10.) What would be the name of your nemesis?

The Stapler 


Juliette Lewis was delighted when she learned that she had to kiss Robert De Niro in thriller Cape Fear, but her teenage crush turned into an obsession shortly before their intimate scene.

The then 18-year-old Lewis admits the kissing scene was so special because De Niro was so professional and caring.

She recalls, “I was like, ‘Should I use mouthwash? No, because then he’d know that I care.’ I wanted to be, 'Oh, it’s cool, he’s going to kiss me, whatever. Hadn’t even thought about it.’ But I was a wreck.

"I walked on the set and I smelled this minty fresh aroma coming from Mr De Niro and it dawned on me that that’s professionalism. It was a lovely experience. Whenever I get down I can always say to myself, 'I’ve kissed De Niro.’”


What is this? A center for ants?!

Today the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders is delighted to share Postcards for Ants, an awesome ongoing project by Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Lorraine Loots. Every day Loot creates one exquisitely detailed and utterly itty-bitty painting. The project began on January 1, 2013 as a personal 365-day challenge, which means she’d created hundreds of these amazing miniature works of art.

When Cape Town was designated as the World Design Capital 2014, Loot decided to do a second year of tiny paintings, 365 Postcards for Ants, this time using her home city as the theme for each piece. Although each original painting has already been spoken for, Loot creates 5 prints of each day’s painting, which can be ordered through the project website.

To view more of Postcards for Ants visit Lorraine Loots’s website or follow her on Instagram, Facebook or right here on Tumblr at paintingsforants.

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Harry during Ready To Run - April 1, 2015.


Can we just talk about this for one second? Can we just talk about how Peeta is always looking after Katniss, and how he always pays close attention to how she’s doing. How he worries about her and how she’s his first concern. Even before knowing of her night terrors, he still glances at her to make sure she’s okay. And Katniss is always with a poker face, but he still tries to read her because he knows that even if she appears to be strong, she’s as terrified as he is, and perhaps that little glance is a way of comforting her. Of letting her know that he’s always there and that she’s not alone.


citrusfluegel‘s come and get lost with us is an angst road trip and i have spent days rereading the entire ongoing fic but every time i think about it i find some way to make sure everyone has some unnecessarily detailed rpg belt-whopping outfit and i have gone though pages trying to get them right t


i was SUPER BORED so i made a cape but realized that some people might not know how to make the bestest cape ever! Your basic cape is just ‘tie a blanket around your neck’ but that never really ends up right, does it? Heck, you could even mark out where you put your fasteners and sew in buttons and buttonholes for a more resilient blanket cape!


Aurora pls (spoiler: she totally knows what she’s doing)

based off this little ficlet!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧