best part of babysitting: cartoon theme songs that I never thought I’d hear again, yet apparently still have memorized word for word


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"What is strong enough to drown out your own conscience?"

once upon a time; accepting!

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           “Whiskey,” he replied, unable to keep himself from joking despite how serious he knew Hange was about that question. “I hear whiskey is good for a lot of things these days.” Erwin chuckled, downing some of the whiskey he kept in a small bottle flask in his desk drawer before placing it down upon his desk and capping it. He could already see the look of annoyance that quickly appeared upon Hange’s expression without even looking at her, and so he gave a long sigh, leaning back on his chair and instinctively reaching to pull out a cigarette. “I don’t think anything is. I mean, you could drink yourself into oblivion and your conscience will always whisper at you whether you want it to or not. There’s nothing that can permanently shut it off…even if we would love that.”

          He sure would love it.

          His own had been rather vocal as of late, but that was for a lot of reasons. Hange was losing trust in him, he could feel it. The way those browns watched his every move as if expecting him to do something—to lash out like a ferocious beast and claw her face; it was unsettling. Considering how high-strung he had been as of late, her anxiety was quite justified.

UR SURVIVAL: 4 Tips for Surviving Post-Graduation

UR SURVIVAL: 4 Tips for Surviving Post-Graduation @philadelphiamft

This article was originally published on PhiladelphiaMFT.com. Be sure to check out their site for professional relationship and sex advice. Graduation season is upon us! Everywhere I turn I see pictures of people donning their cap, gown, and a huge smile. Students have spent so much time drowning in class work, with the only thing keeping them afloat is the prospect of graduation. Now that the…

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