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  • As always, Chicago was amazing. And Katy had a great time at CHSH, as I hoped she would. 
  • What can I even say about Katy? It’s pretty clear that you’ve found a winner when a travel nightmare scenario just becomes the chance for a new adventure together.
  • I’m taking the credit and/or blame for jscribe being on Tumblr now. You’re welcome and/or I’m sorry.
  • Although I was out of town for it, Sunday was my one year anniversary of moving to the District. It seems like it’s been so much longer because DC feels like home to me in a way that the Maryland suburbs never did.
  • I’m in the process of deleting all my old uploaded music posts for fear of being disappeared, but it’s gonna take a while. Close to eight years of archives takes some time to muddle through. (And thank goodness for the ability to sort your archives by post type.)
  • I keep thinking about the sandwich I had at John Barleycorn on Sunday night, and I may explore the idea of trying to recreate it at home. By itself, that sandwich made the canceled flight into a positive. (And kfedup, onesmallfire, badgopher, and nopantson helped as well.)

I was channeling my inner afatfox today while getting dressed and I tried to put together a look that I think she would approve of- how do you think I did?? ^_^

Ah, remember when Target had super cool plus size clothes? I got this amazing bib dress about four(ish?) years ago and have been wanting to wear it for a while now but couldn’t think of anything to pair it with- then I wandered into a Nordstrom Rack (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) looking for cheap name brand makeup and instead found a new favorite blouse. 

I got this one for a steal at $15 but I think it’s because it’s two seasons old. It is the Allie blouse from Pleione and though I can’t find it online in the floral- it is online in some other beautiful colors. I’ve never heard of this brand before, and looking online doesn’t yield many results. Anyone heard of them?

Leggings are from Rainbow, this pair (I DON’T recommend them- review here), and necklace is a Stylish Surprize from modcloth here.

Also, I get a lot of questions about my lipsticks- I can start listing them here too, if you like? Let me know! Here I am wearing an amazing matte lipstick from bornprettystore called Me Now Generation II in #25 (here) and boy howdy it’s the cats pajamas! It lasts all day- all night- through food, kisses, coffee and sex! HIGHLY recommend- best of all, it’s less than $4!!! 

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You said "A city world leans pretty Blue just as a jungle world would lean pretty Green." Correction! A city world is white. It doesn't just lean white; it is one of the highest expressions of white. When you think about all the diversity that makes up individuals, and all of the cultural and socioeconomic challenges, it's amazing that cities don't dissolve as quickly as they form. That is a testament to white. Only the logistical issues and the specialization of trades lean blue.

White brings people together for peace and connection. Blue brings them together for perfection and advancement. A White place would emphasize closeness of the community while a Blue place would emphasize technological advances improving functionality. Cities are much more the latter than the former. In fact, as cities get bigger, the personal connection lessens. Thus, White is much more about small towns or villages while Blue is about cities.

Calum Imagine - He encourages you when you're insecure

Requested: Yes

Word count: 764

Warnings: none (but you’re hot, better watch out to avoid burning ppl)


You’re feeling really insecure and Calum makes you feel better


I was so happy that my friends were finally back in Sydney after their tour had ended. I missed them loadsand they were away for so long, it was an amazing feeling to finally be able tohug them all and update each other on what’s been going on in your lives.

Since it was pretty hot at that timeof the year and they also missed the beach we all decided it would be a great idea to go swimming together.

I did that loads back when 5 seconds of summer used to be this little band with hardly 1.000 views on their YouTube videos but now that they’ve become as known as they are, I realized how many awesome and famous people they hung out with.

On our way to Bondi Beach, Ashton showed me the amazing photos they had taken whilst they were away. Along with them there were also some where they went to the beach with known models.

The familiar feeling of disappointment grew in your stomach. Of course you played it off, trying to tell you over and over again that you don’t have to compete with such people for their friendship.

Arriving at the beach, I spread your towels on the sand, setting up the beach umbrella and stereo, pulling out the sun cream.

Luke plugged his phone in and played some tunes when you sat down on your towel, going through your phone.

“You comin’?” Ashton asked, noticing I was still wearing thongs, shorts and a tank and didn’t show any ambition to change .

“Uh I’m good” I said, laying down on my towel.

“Y/N, I left the house just for you and now you won’t swim with us?” Michael groaned, pulling his shirt over his head and threw it at me.

I played with the fabric he just threw at me. “I’ll join in a few” I spoke, looking up at Michael again and he raised his eyebrow at me, motioning “I’m watching you” as the boys ran into the water, splashs and laughter soon coming from their direction.

After spending another 15 minutes with scrolling through my phone, I heard someone sit next to me.

Calum’s hair was dripping when he dried his face with a small towel, looking at me.

“Can you lotion my back?” he asked and I put down my black shades and the phone in my hand, crisscrossing my legs in front of his back.

When I grabbed for the sun crème, starting to rub it on his skin he turned his gaze over his shoulder, finding my eyes with his huge brown ones.

“I’ll lotion you as well” he stated, not really giving me a choice to argue since I didn’t want him to know why I refused to undress myself.

As I left myself only in my bikini, handing Calum the crème, I covered my belly with my arms, as I turned around to let him work on my back.

“Thanks” I murmured when we both lied down, letting the sun tan the skin on our backs.

“I’ll set a timer to get the ultimate tan” he grinned at me and I just nodded, trying to figure a way to push the thoughts of feeling uncomfortable with my exposed skin away.

After 5 minutes, Calum’s phone vibrated. “Aaand turn” he spoke, now facing the sun as he put on shades.

“Turn” he repeated, when he realized I wasn’t moving.

“I… I think I wanna go home” I murmured, getting up and wrapping my towel around me.

“What why?” Calum now got up as well and made me stop walking.

“I don’t feel too well…” I whispered, avoiding his eyes.

Calum lifted my chin, giving me the most loving smile I ever saw

“You have a lot of talents Y/N, but lying is not among them”

I looked in his warm eyes.

“Why are you insecure about your body Y/N? There’s nothing unlovable about it” he moved on, taking the towel between his fingers making it drop.

His eyes now gazed down my curves and he pursed his lips, finding my eyes again.

“I mean have you seen these boobs?!” he hovered his huge palms over them, not daring to touch.

“Stop it!” I laughed out, gently pushing his chest back, feeling my cheeks heat up.

Calum put his arm around me, leading me towards the water. “You’re beautiful, remember that” he whispered in my ear and I smiled widely. He was there for me after all that time of being gone; Calum was the best friend imaginable.


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Ok but…. Eren and Levi buying a house together, but as room mates kinda. And them forming an actual relationship, with actual feeling in both sides, but none know how to tell each other. Some day Eren decides to enlist into the military. Before he leaves he asks Levi if he would miss him, Levi says nothing. Eren smiles before leaving out the door and promises he’d come back.

About four years later he comes back, to the same small, white house in the city, with the pretty little garden out front. Eren goes inside, it’s clean as ever.

He finds Levi out back, and Levi just looks at him, amazed. Before Levi can do anything Eren rushes to him with a big smile, and swoops him up and envlops him in a hug.

Levi says he thought he wouldn’t come back, but Eren tells him that he promised he’d always come back for him, and Levi just hugs him back really tight.

Alt ending: Levi wakes up one morning, and turns to the side of the bed, looking for Eren. But he’s not there, instead lies a small white flag ontop the beige sheets.

Eren died years ago.


Johanna couldn’t help but smirk when he stopped her from storming out.  Especially when he told Effie how their time together was amazing.  She crossed her arms and smugly grinned over at Effie.  Anything Capitol grated her nerves and the fact that the escort had so rudely interrupted them hadn’t helped any.

"I guess that pretty much settles how I know you two aren’t together, don’t you think?’

She turned to Haymitch and planted a long lingering kiss on his lips before finally pulling away.  She locked eyes with him and smirked, raising an eyebrow. “See ya soon?”  The answer would be an obvious yes, but she still asked.

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Dries can't shut down Bamon without Plec, and Julie seems like she likes writing Bamon scenes, maybe not as much as Delena. But she and Dries are aware of the chemistry and the amazing storyline that Bonnie and Damon have together, so no way they would stop bamon now. They have been writing them lately more similar to the book canon, they have that emotional and spiritual connection, and in the book they did everything but have sex so, they were their own little B/D/E love triangle.

Exactly, I think JP is pretty much neutral about everything. Actually I think she stans SC more than she does anything else on the show. But you’re right JP wont shut Bamon down because she knows she can’t afford to. Bamon is the most interesting and refreshing thing on the show right now. And them incorporating Book!Bamon into the fold is welcomed and long overdue.  

Do it Together || McCarthy Twins

This week at McKinley honestly hadn’t been the best week for Mason, people in school were starting to harass and bully him and he was pretty stressed out about having to be honest with his parents about his sexuality. It honestly wasn’t something he thought would be okay with his parents, but luckily he had Madison by his side and she was amazing. 

She made sure he knew that she still loved him, that he was still Mason McCarthy and nothing was going to change that. It was nice to know that she cared so much about him, that he really could rely on her for anything. Madison was the greatest sister ever and he would honestly would be lost without her. 

Mason honestly just wanted to go home after school today, but he had Cheerio practice; but he just wasn’t in the mood, every class he had involved the jocks that were messing with him and his mood was honestly low by the end of the day. He was tired, anxious and just wanted this day to end. But he couldn’t let Madison see him like that, so he fixed himself up, got what books he needed from his locker and went to wait for her at her locker area. 

Wincing as he was slammed into a locker on his way down, but he just brushed it off and smiled when his twin came into view, doing his usual jog over to her and smiling. “You ready for practice?” He asked happily, seeming like there was nothing wrong as he had the usual pep in his step. 

"I can finally teach you the aerial!."

Mison would also say that the show still had “interesting stories to tell.” “I think there are still lots of exciting stories to tell. I think rounding off this season with the core group - with me, Nicole, Lyndie and Orlando - all together, that’s a pretty exciting foursome to send off and be brilliant. I think there’s lots of potential there. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of watching Lyndie run around and kick people. Lyndie has been our secret weapon. Jenny is such an amazing character… I hope if there was a third season, that she’d have an awful lot more kicking people.” the actor said.
fanfiction :: for a minute it all stops :: pakbritsy

im excited, i love this uhc already. title is from this song

i guess pak kinda has a mild anxiety attack in this so be warned.



Nebris had many talents. He was a great fighter, pretty decent builder, amazing survivalist, and, of course, was a UHC champion.

So Blame should have guessed he would’ve been good at this too.

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So I was on a Pokemon craze where I wanted to get Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby...


I go on Amazon to check the prices and find some pretty interesting stuff

Yeah, I wasn’t enjoying Black or White at all, so it would make sense for Version 2 to be cheaper.

Wait, no, why is Black Version 2 so much more expensive?

What the fuck!? Why are SoulSilver and HeartGold $125?

and the trade this game in for $16 bit, amazing

Again, a bit of a price difference…

120 and 70 bucks!? Platinum was great—it combined Pearl and Diamond together—but really, that much?


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Why did you choose your URL?: Because I’m in love with Elounor both individually and together

What is your middle name?: Marie

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?: A motherf*cking dragon or Squirtle

Favorite color?: One Direction


What are your top three fandoms?: One Direction/Carmilla/Pretty Little Liars

Why do you enjoy Tumblr?: Everyone that’s on here goes hard af. Also I can be out here which is amazing

Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too) all-time-rian-dawson floral-narry horan-daworld taylorisabaker illusions1d potionica poisonlouis zouanor piecesoftommo

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Is it just me or would people like to see Nick and Jess pull a Cece and Shimidt, secretly together? It would be so much fun to watch and we would see more scenes with them together. It would be so funny to watch how they act like around everyone else in the loft because you know they would say some pretty funny things to cover up tat they are romantically involved. The writers were so good at the Nick and Jess build up this could be kind of like that maybe?

eeeee! OMG that would be SOOOO amazing! I really really miss them having fun and being friends. I think it would be fun because only we would know but not their roommates and I just ugh. SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA!!!!

It was so easy for me to totally cut ties with this amazing guy who was pretty much perfect but that wanted no hand in raising my son. We’re a package deal and even though it hurt like a bitch to let go of that fantasy that we could be together, there was no reason for us to continue talking at all. It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that he claimed to care about me so much but would never be able to help raise my child as his own. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I respected his honesty but I can’t entertain someone who can’t accept my son but insinuates that they would still want to work something out. Like dude, my kid isn’t going anywhere. And this is totally about BSG. It’s whatever. I guess everything happens for a reason.

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I definitely agree with your standpoint. I went to their Sydney show and was pretty bitter about the fact that we were getting mostly MM when I wanted Four. Like, I didn't pay $150 just for them to play your old album when I think Four is amazing. McBusted were more put together, rehearsed and engaging than the boys. I'm going to see Ed Sheeran in a month and paid only $99. From how I remember his last concert, it will be amazing. The reality is is that the boys are up against acts like Ed (1)

(2) who is absolutely amazing. Ed has literally sold out all his shows in Australia in the span of a couple of days. I would happily pay $150 to see Ed. I was pretty bitter about only getting MM, and the show was okay, definitely not as good as TMH. So really, their management needs to realise that unless they change tactics, figures are going to continually downslide. They need to space out the albums, do more promo, more fan engagement, more engagement between the boys. So much needs to change

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Top 5 anime girls you'd like to see get hammered

Gasai Yuno (Drunk yandere would be amazing)

Eri Sawachika (Curious how she would act)

Megumi Shimizu (Her and Natsuno in a room together drunk would be interesting to see.)

Rana Linchen (She is a thirstanator so her behavior drunk would probably be amazing)

Tokisaki Kurumi (Pretty much the same reason as Rana) 

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Back when I was a young one OH GOD I’M ALMOST 30 Hercules was one of my favorite animated shows, and not just because I loved the movies - but also because as a kid, I absolutely adored greek myths, so I was always entertained to see how the show would handle and interpret them.

The Aladdin/Hercules crossover was an amazing thing, and pretty smart - in Aladdin’s show, there were tons of Greek/Roman references, so them coming together like that didn’t come off as so random or far-fetched. (I also loved Aladdin’s show to death. Can I just say I loved every Disney 90’s toon ever?)

Plus that crossover showed Hades is pretty pragmatic compared to most villains. Instead of getting upset by the first defeat, he takes it in stride, using the loss to come up with a better plan instead of letting pride overwhelm him.

Jafar: That’s it? Aladdin humiliated you! Don’t you want your revenge?
Hades: How about I rule the cosmos first, and then I’ll take it?

Best shows + villains ever.

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hi'ya. first off youre like really pretty. second i cant ship bc you could literally be with any of the guys. at first i was michael opposites attract def then i was like maybe ashton bc they seem really similar then i was like no absolutely luke bc they would be amazing together, then i was like but calum and her would be goals so in he end i ship you with all of them. sorry this was long but also can i have a ship? umm ok im awkward, k bye - grace

hahha thanks cutie!

Boyfriend: Ashypoo

Bff: Mike

Secret Admire: Cal

Frenemy: Luke