Imagine a world where Janelle Monae, Rihanna, and FKA Twigs all collaborated on some kind of trippy dream hop dance hit

Pretty sure world peace would finally happen.

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I could ofcourse go read all the mpreg on ao3 but....I'm yearning for some serious body/belly worship of Stiles by his overjoyed and awed partner. Hugs, you amazing peeps.

Awww hugs to you too, Anon! I would post a bunch of hugging gifs, but because we’re pretty serious about our hugs, why don’t you just go take a look at all these hugs from yesterday. ;)

In This Together by TorchUnlit

(1,578 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles is pregnant, and it’s all Derek’s fault.

Cravings, Pack, and Angry Sex by Jumping_Jess

(1,953 I Explicit I Complete)

It’s a Pavlov response okay?! Pregnant Stiles + Angry Stiles = Horny Derek

Necessitate by elisera

(3,888 I Explicit I Complete I Part One of this series)

Derek’s juggling the kids – Noah hanging off his back, Ella standing on his foot while holding onto his jeans with a death grip and both of them still talking up a storm about their day at kindergarten – and two bags of groceries in his arms that evening when the sight of Stiles standing in the backyard makes him weak in the knees.
Stiles is in profile, ranting on his phone to Scott about the contract negotiations for the new construction on the Peterson property, and there’s a flush on his face, his ears pink and his mouth red from where he keeps biting it but the worst thing, the absolute worst thing is the round curve of his stomach, straining against the tank top he liberated earlier in the week from Derek when the heat wave hit and none of his own fit him anymore. It’s going to be stretched to hell by the time the kid is born but right now Derek can’t find it in himself to care.

Impatience Isn’t A Virtue by Annabeth_Crestfallen_LeMorte

(4,700 I Explicit I Complete I Alpha/Beta/Omega, Cycles/In Heat I This fic is locked for anyone not logged into an Ao3 account.)

Derek rushes to get Stiles home before his heat overtakes him…they very nearly don’t make it in time.

Long Overdue by tangowhiskey

(5,147 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles is pregnant with Derek’s pups. However, he’s now overdue, making him tired and irritable. He wants nothing more than for Derek to have sex with him in the hope that it will induce labour. Derek may or may not love the idea.

Plus Two by SushiOwl

(20,357 I Explicit I Complete I Part Two of this series I Alpha/Beta/Omega)

Stiles is pregnant. Derek is attentive. The pack’s about to get just a little bit bigger.

Settle Down by wearing_tearing and whatthehale

(153,181 I Explicit I Complete I Alpha/Beta/Omega, Cycles/In Heat)

Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet.
Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking.
Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.



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So. Not sure if you were aware, but the Tsu/Kaneki shippers had a "Shuukane smut week" awhile ago. I'm thinking Hidekane shippers could pull off a pretty amazing smut week *wink wink*. I've never put anything like that together, but you have done successful things like this in the past, so I was wondering what are your thoughts on it? I'd love to dedicate a week in the summer (when im less stressed/have time) to glorious nsfw Hidekane . :D :D *hides in trash can with the other trash *


I didn’t even have to think twice before nodding.

I’d love to help! Haisehide week is coming up like at the end of this month….but a Hidekanesmutweek would be an awesome summer event. It would be amazing! I could help you plan it if you want me to. Do you want me to tag this in hidekane so people can be more aware and we could reel in more helpers?

A hidekanesmutweek would be amazing to participate in right after school got out. Like, people are already pumped up for summer, and then hidekaneshippers can have some summer fun with this. Smut reminds me of the summer, so I have no objections with helping out!

Follow-ups? Yes, because my last post was a bit long so I had to separate it into 2 parts ! (That and maybe I fell asleep in the middle…). But on a serious note, I do want to say thanks to a few more people. I may do an FF if I ever reach 1000, but the last FF should have *most* of my current mutuals, you can check it out here.

Without further rambling on my part ( you can see my main rambling here), here’s part 2 of my thanks to certain people.

To messingo although we haven’t talked much, thanks for being around, you’re pretty rad and we should definitely game together like we said we would! there’s Payday and GTA V to play, among other things, just HMU when you’re free and we can!

To clueless777 thanks for being a long follower of my trashy blog, you’re an amazing guy with an even more amazing blog, we should definitely catch up, since i’m really really bad at starting conversations. I will always thank you for helping me with my waifu page, really can’t thank you enough for that!

To tsugumiseishirou who is clearly the most problematic person tbh. I’m kind of mean but just know I don’t mean much from it, I’m messing around most of the time. Maybe I’ll start a conversation someday, oops….someday. Thanks for being around, I guess, you’re alright.

To teamtsugumi who is probably also one of my best friends, and my pokemon buddy. I will smash you one day, i swear. I’m still actually EV training my pokemon so I can have the satisfaction of beating you without my legendaries or my great wall of lugia. Definitely can’t wait to meet up with ya soon, thanks for being an amazing friend, and my bad for kinda vanishing tbh. Much thanks for casually tagging me in suzuya images at times, it makes my day.

To barentzz I will redo alternative one day I SWEAR. I’m almost done with unlimited, I’ve just been really busy. Sorry ‘bout that. Thanks for being around man, you’re alright too.

Once again thanks everyone, I really do appreciate everyone. Thanks to everyone who has stayed along for the crazy shitposting ride, hope you continue to do so!

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What songs do you associate with Miraxus? If you have any? :)

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! Been meaning to make a post about this!

Okay, just the other day on the radio I heard THE BEST Miraxus song. Like, you won’t find a more Miraxus song than this it’s SO perfect.

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons 

I have always liked the idea of combining the Linkin Park and Marie Digby versions of What I’ve Done. I’ve always felt this song fits Laxus, and when I heard the Marie Digby version I realized it fits Mira in a way too. So a version with both versions together would just be AMAZING and if I had any video/audio editing skills I’d make an AMV for it.

My dear friend kagehime3 also made me aware of this song that fits them, Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson

These are all pretty strange choices for me (other than the linkin park) because I normally prefer metal and classic rock, so I hope this proves how attentive I am to their particular relationship.

Some stuff that is more what I normally listen to that fits:

Ghost of A Rose- Blackmore’s Night

Sleepsong - Secret Garden Okay, truth with this song is I just more see it as a song Mira would sing. I don’t like that in fanfics a lot of people have the characters singing modern songs, I find that weird. This is an old celtic lullaby, something that, to me, fits the Fairy Tail world and is something Mira would sing. I wanted a song Mira would sing to an ill Laxus for my fanfic A Demon and Her Dragon. I heard this song on my pandora one day and just stopped dead in my tracks and said “This. THIS is the song.” So even though the words don’t fit Miraxus persay, I can’t help but think of it as a Miraxus song.

Ah that got lengthy! I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones that came to mind. 8D

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I really wanna write this but I need to know if people would read it. Robert and Aaron go to a hotel and get into an argument because Robert has to leave. They drive back together and Aaron tells him to pull over. Aaron gets out and the argument continues in the road in the pouring rain and they end up making up there and then drenched and stuck together in the rain. Do you think would like this?

Hiya Melissa!!

Oh that sounds amazing! I would totally read that!! I pretty much live for angry makeouts, and in the rain!? Major Cinderella Story feelings ;) <3

But yes, I would definitely read that if you wrote it, and I’m sure everyone else would too :))

 I just want to thank everyone that has followed the blog and welcomed me into the fandom. Everyone is so sweet and amazing. I never thought I would get this many followers when I started the blog last October. I wanted to make something for you guys so I put together a little icon post. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t inspired by theliarsgifs whom I love. As always requests are open for anything and everything. Thanks again. Love you! Credit isn’t necessary. Likes and reblogs are appreciated. :)

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do you have any headcanons about rippen or larry?

Well first off: THEY’RE GAY AS HELL for each other
Secondly Larry has a pet, something small and fluffy or maybe not maybe it’s super creepy evil, I just really think he has a pet and he takes amazing care of it and he loves that thing so damn much like that pet is his family.
Rippen likes Soap Operas and records them to watch at night, probably Spanish Telenovelas too. He would never admit it of course.
Larry takes Broadway dance and drama classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Larry goes with Rippen to all his family reunions and his family is pretty convinced that they’re actually together, but they aren’t fond of Larry because of his happy-go-lucky nature, even though Larry just adores them.
Rippen, Larry, and Phil (their portal technician) play canasta on Saturday evenings, always with a big bowl of M&Ms, after one particularly disastrous mission, Rippen told Larry he just didn’t think he could create havoc properly, so Larry attempted to prove himself by mixing in sour Skittles without telling anyone.
(I know these aren’t that great, I’m sorry, though I genuinely adore these two)

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Exo k and m ship please? 💗 I'm aprox. 170 cm european girl and i have blue-green-ish eyes and medium blonde hair+dimples. I speak 5 languages. I love cooking, traveling, dancing, drawing and watching movies/series. I'm a total brat XD. I'm such a freak about everything i like. I am pretty annoying when i'm exited or really hyper or happy. I have the most weirdest sense of humor and i feel like i'm the only one who laughs at my jokes. I can get really serious if that side is just needed. ✋🏻

you sound so much like me wow! 0.0 you sound really amazing :) 

*gifs/pics are not mine*


so i would have shipped you with Sehun but i wanna be a bit rebellious and not do that (even though you 2 would be cute together) i’m gonna ship you with Baekhyun because i could see you 2 out on a date or something and sitting on a bench in a park when some girl/boy comes over and sits on a bench next to you and start rolling her/his eyes at you (because you guys are so damn cute and romantic) i could see Baek looking at her/him with that really disgusted/judging face that he can make and you either rolling your eyes and sighing or saying something really sassy so that the person would leave you alone. i think you guys would have a blast pranking or making fun of the other members (poor D.O) but even though he would love all those times the moments he would cherish the most would be you drawing or being really focused in you movies/series that would make him crazy and him just wondering how lucky he would be to have you and he would probably go over to you and poke your dimples.


immediately i thought of Kris because i can see you 2 maybe learning or helping each other with languages and maybe take some classes i think that that would be like your moments together. of course when you learn languages you need to visit them too so i think you 2 would try and visit as many countries as possible. i think even though you have a average height in girl (it’s average where i come from i don’t really know about other places) you would be so short if you compare you 2′s height (he’s like 20 cm taller) and i think he would love to kind of make a little fun of you just to see you sassy reaction and the pinch you cheeks and kiss you. i think that Kris would love your hair. he would just use any occasion to touch or brush his fingers through your hair. i could see you maybe turning on some music or just being at a concert and you having a blast dancing around and he would at first be like “i may have been the lead dancer but weird dancing isn’t my style” but when he sees how much you’re having he would join you and show you his “amaaaaaazing” dancing skills. i think that even though he may not find your jokes funny (which he probably will) he would laugh at them anyway because he would love to see you become happier when someone laughs at you jokes :)



From the moment I met you 7 years ago I knew you would be so important to my life. I had no idea you would be this important though. It’s pretty easy to say you’ve changed my life forever and have made the greatest impact in shaping me into the person I am today. From being my loser friend and playing xbox together all the time, to my girlfriend that really only visited me to see the beach 😉, to now, the most amazing, beautiful, complicated, best friend I’ll ever have. We have been through hell and back probably 30 times and for some reason you’ve stuck by my side. You finally graduate this year and I’m so proud of you for earning your full ride to EKU and graduating top 25 in your class. You’re the full package and some girl is going to be so lucky to have you one day. I love you, always.

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The amount of thought and effort you put into all of your answers is really amazing. Could you tell me what some of the pros/cons of a gemini and aries friendship/relationship would be? TYSM

I will do my best~!! (Thank you so much dear, aww)

Friendship Pro’s:

  • As an Air and a Fire sign, they click almost immediately
  • Both are very “young at heart” signs, they have fun together and operate similarly
  • Both can be a bit mischevious!! As friends, they have a gift for getting into and out of trouble….and laughing all the time
  • Most arguments just come and go, both of these two move on pretty quickly

Friendship Con’s:

  • Both signs can be a bit careless with their words at times, hurting feelings
  • Being young at heart, they can be a bit childish at times….silly arguments can happen for no reason
  • Aries can be a bit domineering, Gemini just goes along with it because it’s easy
  • Gemini can be a bit tricky, taking advantage of the trusting Aries

Romance Pro’s:

  • Natural chemistry, strong pull
  • The relationship is almost always exciting and full of life
  • Gemini finds a partner who knows how to keep them engaged and interested
  • Aries finds a partner willing to do things with them
  • Both tend to be a bit restless, so they’ll help each other from getting bored
  • Lots of adventures to be had together
  • When things turn actually romantic, it’s like fireworks

Romance Con’s:

  • Pointless dramas arise from problems that could have been solved if they took the time to address them
  • These two can drift easily, or become bored in the relationship if they don’t take the proper time to invest in it
  •  Relationship may become one-sided

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I think David and Spike would be amazing friends, what do you think about the two of 'em?

Well I’ve only been posting gifs of Spike because of that reason. Oh yeah!! I think they’re a lot a like, so I call them distant relatives, ha ha. Even though Spike has a lot more quark than David. David is a more serious trickster and to me pretty proper when it comes to speaking. But damn, get these two together over a pint of blood and beer and I would sit in the corner and watch. Hell I would even record it! Best night ever! Yeah I think they would be great friends. One would always compliment the other. Not necessarily vocally, but with mannerisms, intent and actions.

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Is there anyone that has helped you stay here and how?

My best friend. By both supporting me unconditionally and by being one of the only reasons I’ve fought so hard to stay. She’s constantly checking up on me, offering to listen if I need to talk. She can tell when I’m not okay so I don’t even have to say anything, she just knows. She gives me hugs when I need them, puts a smile on my face and I know if there was anything else she could possibly do for me she would. Without her I would not have made it through the last year. She’s been there from the word go and hasn’t left my side. She’s beyond amazing, words cannot describe now special she is to me. We’ve had a pretty rough time and together have gone through more than most friends would be able to overcome, but despite everything I’ll always love her because she’s more than just my best friend, she’s family.

So I know I don’t have many followers but I’m asking you all to pretty please take a few moments to reblog this post for me because it’s really important.

So I have a super great guy-friend who lives down in Haverhill Massachusetts and he’s in a band called The Tritones. They have six original songs already in the two months they’ve been together as a band and I think they’re really pretty great.

I think it would mean a world to them if we could grow their fan base a bit.
They’ve done three shows so far and they have many coming up.

They definitely deserve all the attention they can get so look them up on soundcloud, like their Facebook, and hey, if you’re in the area, why not go to a show?

I think they’re working on a record at the moment so that’d be pretty cool. I’ll keep you posted.



I was tagged to do the 11 Questions tag by bookviking because she’s a delightful little darling!

Rules: Always post the rules. Answer all the questions the person who tagged you came up with, and write eleven new ones. Tag eleven people and link them to the post.

1. How you doin’? No, really.
I think I’m pretty good. I’ve been having some anxiety issues lately what with coming to the end of my degree, but I think I’m holding it together. Kinda…

2. If you could choose only one place (on Mother Earth) to spend the rest of your life, where would you go?
This is a hard one because there’s so many amazing places I haven’t been to yet, so I don’t know what’s really out there. But I’m all about beautiful and breathtaking natural landscapes, so give me trees and rolling hills and I’m happy.

3. Dream job?
Real dream job would be an author, but at the moment I’m planning on going into teaching.

4. Fondest memory you can recall?
My fondest memory is the day my sister was born, because I saw an airplane flying over the hospital (it was dark!) and my five year old self was convinced that it was a spaceship and that aliens had swapped a baby alien for my real sister. We still joke about her going home to her own planet now.

5. Favourite hobby?
Does reading count as a hobby? If not then I love to draw when I’m feeling inspired, and I recently taught myself how to crochet, but I’m not very good!

6. Favourite musician?
I think my favourite band might be Blue October, but my taste is so eclectic that it’s hard to pick just one.

7. Favourite piece of clothing?
Hmm, I don’t think I have a favourite really. I love most of my wardrobe!

8. A skill you wish you possessed?
I really wish I could play an instrument. Preferably violin or piano.

9. Favourite snack?
Either strawberries and cream or Texas BBQ Pringles! Yuuuuuum.

10. The last song you were listening to on repeat?
Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty Waltz (I’ve never told anyone but I would totally love to have this as my first dance at my wedding one day. I’m sad and I wish I was Aurora)

11. Favourite quote?
“Draco Dormeins Nunquam Titilandus”

My Questions:

1. Favourite movie?
2. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. Which book character do you see most of yourself in?
4. Any superpower in the world, what do you pick?
5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
6. Did you enjoy your time at school?
7.What language/s do you speak?
8. If you could learn a language in 5 minutes, what would you pick?
9. Hogwarts house?
10. Favourite cinema snack?
11. Are you happy right now?

I’m tagging: j-k-reading mychemicalbooks bookstorey thereaderinourstars laura-silvae octoberreads

Have fun guys!

Hungover (Part 2)

Requested by an amazing girl on Wattpad 😊

It was 1968, almost 5 years since you and Paul dated. You two were still friends, and things were pretty cool. You two would still have friendly lunches together, sometimes with Jane. Jane was a kind woman. Sure, she was so work oriented, but Paul loved her.

Anyways, it’s now 1968, and you were reading your book when you herd a knock on the door. You answered it and saw Paul standing there with a rise in his hand.

“Paul! What a pleasant surprise.” You said joyfully. Paul handed you the rose, and you smiled. “Y/N, I want to tell you something.” He said, and you nodded and let him in. “So, where’s Jane?” You asked. “I… broke up with her.” He said, and you looked at him wide eyed as you put the rise in a case with water. “Why?” You asked, totally surprised. He was talking about marrying her for a while, what happened? “I fell for someone.” You remember those words. “Hmm, where have I heard this?” You asked, and Paul chuckled. “Yeah.. But this isn’t a new girl, it’s a girl I still have a special place for her in my heart. A person I wish I never left.” Paul said, looking like he was in a dream. “Hmm, and who is this girl?” You asked out of curiosity. “It’s you, baby! It’s always been you! I made a horrible mistake leaving you. I love you!” He admitted, and kisses you.

You kissed back.. You were completely shocked, and happy. You still had feelings for this man. You never stopped having feelings for him! He pulls back and smiles at you. “I should head out. I need to get an early start tomorrow at the studio.” Paul said, and you nodded. You walked him to your door and opened it. You two kiss again. As he was about to leave he looks at you for a few seconds. Then you but your bottom lip, and Paul picked you up an kissed you deeply.

You let out a soft moan as he started kissing your neck. He slammed the door, and rushed to the nearest soft surface, the couch, and started undressing you. You did the same, and Paul quickly entered you.

“Mmm- I missed you!” Paul moaned out as he started thrusting into you quickly. “Ah! I missed you too!” You sad, trying to meet every single one of his thrusts. He’s a dream when it comes to sex. He placed rough, open mouth kisses on your neck, sucking on your sweet spot, leaving hickeys on your neck. He kissed the purple patch on your neck and continued his thrusts.

You felt your stomach turn as you were closer to your climax. “P-Paulie…” You moaned out. “Come for me, baby girl… G-God!” He screamed out as he came inside you. “Paul!” You screamed as you came. He collapsed to the floor, with you still in his arms. “Oof!” You said as you both hit the floor. You both laughed, and wrapped a blanket around the both of you. You then started cuddling, and kissed. “I love you, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear “I love you too, Paul.” You whispered back, and you both kissed once more.

You were happy to be in his arms again.

Yuzu soft serve 💛⭐️🍋

This was the first time I had yuzu ice cream, for those who don’t know yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit with a very distinct flavor. It is sweet, tart, bitter and very spicy with the zest. In the ice cream all these notes stood out, and it was creamy in texture. It was amazing! It balanced out together really well, but it was a pretty witty ice cream..the average person may not like it, or assume it would taste like lemon. It doesn’t, but that shouldn’t mean its not worth a try  💛

90 Day LDR Challenge: Day 42

Day 42: If you’ve been together in-person for an anniversary how did you two celebrate the day? If not how would you want to celebrate it?

Wilhelm and I haven’t been able to see each other in person for an anniversary yet, but we’ve been able to have some absolutely amazing and memorable celebrations through Skype for those milestones. When we are able to celebrate in person, I think a romantic night in would be our choice. Making the room nice and pretty and curling up in bed for a lazy day of movies and food with some candles honestly sounds like heaven to me, and Wilhelm is lazy so he would love this idea! It just seems much more personal and intimate than going out somewhere.♥