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scanavino fandom politely and reverently requests Sonny paper dolls to go with the Barba ones...

I’d be very happy to oblige.
Just give me some ideas for the outfits for Sonny.

It’s the same with Barba (if there is any outfit that is still missing. I just took some of the ones I liked best)
This has actually been so much fun, so I’d love to do both ^_^

Just a quick sketch to show I’m still alive and kicking 😉

Been super busy with work and commissions. Commissions = yay. Work = boo. Currently I work a non art related job….definitely not the highlight of my days 😞. Sitting at a desk not drawing…not fun.

I always throw around this crazy idea in my head about doing freelance art full time. It’s a scary idea not having that job security. Honestly I would just love to have a job where I can draw all the time. If anyone out there know of any studios that may be hiring artist or if you have an opinion on doing freelance for a living I would totally welcome your thoughts and opinion. 😄

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hey sorry this isnt parent!phan related (loving those btw) but i was just really confused about something. its a stupid thing but it bugs me a bit so might as well go ahead. i ship phan, not a lot kinda romantically sometimes but mainly in a bromance kind of way. but i do ship it. however i dont think its real. like at all. which is fine to think. but does that still make me a part of the phandom? or do i have to ship it completely and blindly to be in it. sometimes i feel like an outcast...

hi there! I’m glad that you’re loving the parent!phan! hm I guess its quite alright for you to just ship em as bromance? I feel like there are also other people who ship them in that way! You don’t need to ship them romantically to be part of the phandom and I believe you can always just support them as bros; how they actually want to be seen i.e: gaming bros. So you dont need to think its real, you dont need to ship them, all that matters is that you support them and love them for whatever relationship they might have, go enjoy their main content without prying into the nitty gritty details! enjoy them as they are! its a good thing to ship em as bromance! :) you dont need to follow others, you do you bro ship however way you want!

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Name: Bianca
Nickname: Bibi or B
Birthday: july 15 (almost here yay)
Star sign: cancer
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Favourite color: baby blue, pink and burgundy
Current time and date: 6:39pm / June 29
Average hours of sleep: 7-9, i love to sleep
Lucky number: don’t have one
Last thing I googled: the best horror movies to watch
First word that comes to your mind: food bc im really hungry atm
Place that makes you happy: my room i guess
How many blankets I sleep with: 1
Favourite fictional character: oh from ‘home’ for right now
Favourite famous person: Rihanna
Celebrity crush: idk if he’s considered a celebrity but laurent bourgeois ;-)
Favourite book : go ask alice
Favourite anime: don’t have one unless sailor moon counts
Favourite TV show: the vampire diaires, the originals, american dad and reality shows
Favourite musicians/bands: rihanna, chris brown, beyonce, nicki minaj, ariana grande, jay z and asap ferg and rocky
Favourite games: grand theft auto (anyone)
Last movie I watched: Jurassic Park 3
Dream holiday vacation: in either Dubai, Hawaii or Paris
Dream job: dancer
Currently wearing: t-shirt and sweatpants
Last book I read: haven’t read anything in months

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Do you see sasuke as an asexual that is still willing to have sex? ( i believe that was a thing but don't remember what it's called?) Since he made sarada, i do believe sakura would marry sasuke without sex, but idk

yes I do. I don’t see him as being sex-repulsed, I just picture him as being highly indifferent to the idea of sex. asexuals still can have sex for many reasons: cause they want to, cause it feels good, cause they’re trying to conceive–really for any reason that anyone else would want to. the only difference is that asexuals dont have the attraction part down.

(for example when i was in a relationship I would have sex cause it was fun,  it felt good, and cause I loved my boyfriend; but I did lack the general attraction and urge to actually perform sexual acts)

I can picture sasuke being in love with sakura and seeing her as beautiful and all, but I don’t picture him being sexually attracted to her, only romantically.


Marvel is crushing it with the new books coming out after Secret Wars. 

Ultimates: Almost entire minority team with Galactus as a member.  Also Ms. America and Captain Marvel on the same team!

The Totally Awesome Hulk: Is totally going to be Amedeus Cho. God I hope.

Hawkeye: Still gonna be about Clint and Kate, as well as Kate from the 1602 Universe and Old Man Hawkeye.

All New Wolverine: About X23 taking over the spot of wolverine. Tom Taylor showed he could make diamonds out of garbage with the tie in to Injustice (and another female lead comic is great)

Ms. Marvel keeps on doing her thing. I have Muslim students that I teach who love Ms. Marvel and I don’t want that to end for a while. Fun comic for teens. 

Scarlet Witch for Byron.

Squadron Supreme: Really I am just glad that Namor didn’t kill Doctor Spectrum when the Illuminati totally blew up the parallel Justice League. I like the idea of a team made of castaways from other universes banding together to protect their new home. 

Doctor Strange: It’ll last like six issues but I am always down for more Strange. 

Howard the Duck: Remains great. As long as Zdarsky is writing it. AND it has the second Gravity Falls tie-in with Stan’s Fez. The cover artist just loves Gravity Falls. 

There goes my wallet with the new relaunch. 


I was tagged by the lovely argentwings to post 6 selfies. Thank you very much sweetheart ! I actually had a lot of fun going through my old selfies (and seeing myself back when I had long hair)

I tag idkwhatusernameishouldtake casisonfire rxleyblve earthtoskaikru and if anyone else feels like showing their pretty face, feel free :) Also, if you don’t want to do it, there’s absolutely 0 problem, I still love you xxx

lets freefall and see where we land

prompt: “AU where Killian and Emma are actors and were in a movie together, and they had to kiss and now they’ve won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, and “have” to do it again on stage. Only this time it’s different, it’s real, and things shift from then on.”

word count: ~4500

rating: k for kisses and r for rip-my-heart-out-angst

an: the ever lovely katherineswan came to me with this prompt a few weeks ago- sorry it took so long my dear! Thank you so much to thejollypirate for beta reading this with such fabulous side commentary. You make me swoon. <3

Rule One: don’t take roles that involve a romantic interest

Rule Two: if there are no other roles available, then ensure that everything stays professional on (and off) set

Rule Three: don’t make things out to be more than they are

Rule Four: love is nothing but pain, never give into it

The rules are written neatly, tucked away in the top drawer of the bedside table, and its existence only came to be because of a few mistakes Emma Swan would like to forget.

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Ah!!! Aah!!!! Zill and Kayla with 12 (or whichever one was Eskimo kisses ahh) I'm sorry sorry sorry

I got a few asks that aren’t my chars, but I think this is the only one of those that I’m gonna do, cuz they are friend vivziepop ‘s characters and I naturally love them c: I hope I didn’t butcher them too badly, even if it’s just a doodle.

I still don’t know what Zill is.


The best thing you can do for tomorrow’s episode is schedule tweets for the entire episode and ALSO livetweet (10-11p EST, 6/25/15) . But since I know that can be drag, I present the fun way!!!  

Below are 60 prompts, one for every minute of the show. Just copy into tweet deck, fill in a short answer, and schedule!! (Hashtags already included ^^) I suggest doing ten and taking a break and continuing. Can’t wait to see your responses!!! USE TWEETDECK  https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/#  - PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR INTERACTIONS (LIKES/REPLIES/RTS) ARE AS IMPORTANT AS OUR POSTS OR MORE SO, SO YOU STILL HAVE TO SHOW UP!!!! but this will help tremendously!!!

  1. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Hannibal is the best because… 
  2. #Hannibal #saveHannibal I love Will because
  3. #Hannibal #saveHannibal My favorite episode is
  4. #Hannibal #saveHannibal I couldn’t love Hannibal anymore than
  5. #Hannibal #saveHannibal I think it would be incredible if
  6. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Season 3 is so
  7. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Hannibal has the best stories and
  8. #Hannibal #saveHannibal I love Alana because
  9. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Bedelia’s face is the best when
  10. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Will is poetic and creepy and
  11. #Hannibal #saveHannibal The cutest face on Hannibal is
  12. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Without Hannibal I would
  13. #Hannibal #saveHannibal I wish they would cook
  14. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Without Hannibal I would be
  15. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Bryan Fuller is
  16. #Hannibal #saveHannibal The only thing cuter than Hugh is
  17. #Hannibal #saveHannibal The best Hannibal is a
  18. #Hannibal #saveHannibal During commercials I
  19. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Thursdays are the best Bc
  20. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Cannibals are
  21. #Hannibal #saveHannibal If only Will would
  22. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Fannibals are
  23. #Hannibal #saveHannibal I love when Chilton
  24. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Jack has a really great
  25. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Winston is
  26. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Hannibal has the best
  27. #Hannibal #saveHannibal The most wonderful part is
  28. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Fannibals love
  29. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Mads makes me
  30. #Hannibal #saveHannibal Is that a cannibal pun or

Rest below cut!!! 

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Today makes exactly one year since I looked at myself in the mirror and decided it was time for a change. One year ago today I got my gym membership and I haven’t stopped since. I started at 230lbs and now sit comfortably at 148. I went from a size 18 to a size 5/7. I learned being healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself or spending your entire life on a treadmill. It’s all about balance. Besides the fun changes like getting to shop at Victoria’s Secret and feeling comfortable on the beach in a bikini - I can breathe when I sleep at night without having to wake up and use my inhaler, I no longer have pain in my knees and feet when I get up in the morning, and I’m able to enjoy doing physical activities that I couldn’t do before. I’ve learned to love my body despite the harsh words of others around me. I still have so much more I want to achieve so the progress doesn’t stop here. Thank you to my family and my friends for always being supportive and keeping me motivated. I couldn’t have done it alone. #progressnotperfection #weightloss #fitness


I cant stress enough how much I love long flights. I finished Chrysalis but I rather do a scan of it once I get home. Derpy was a lot of fun, think I’ll be adding even more to it. AJ/Dash, still like to touch it up a bit more.


I took dance for 12 years and I’ve only been out of it for a year now, but I miss it so much. I was never really any good and I’m still not, and I was not blessed to be naturally flexible and I’ve never been able to do a split or even a cartwheel no matter how hard I try. And it makes me kind of sad because I love dance so much and whenever I listen to music I’m constantly making up choreography in my head.
So what I’m trying to say is…
Thank you taylorswift for writing ‘Shake it Off’. To this day it is my absolute favorite music video you’ve ever made and it’s because even though you are being silly and the song is really playful and fun, it has a message that even though you might not be the best at something, you should still continue to do it if you love it and it makes your heart happy. That’s kind of what dancing is for me and you, right Tay?
You should also know that I cried when I saw the music video for the first time. Of happiness of course. That was the first time I’ve ever cried happy tears. ❤️

xoxo Juli

More to Me

Based on an awesome Anon Prompt: “Could you do one where the reader is plus sized and trains the Indominus and the other guys make fun of her and Owen gets really protective and is like “that’s the Indominus Rex trainer” and they kinda shut up? And Owen just kinda tells the reader he loves them a lot and that they’re perfect?”

A/n: Thanks for this request Nonnie, I really enjoyed writing this one. I struggled with my weight for years and I still have to fight every day to remind myself that I am defined by the person I am, not by how I look. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Please don’t ever forget that <3

You stand in front of the full length mirror looking at yourself. You don’t hate your body, really. You’re overweight, but so what? You exercise and it’s not like you eat badly; plus you love your curves. You give yourself as smile, telling yourself that regardless of what the losers at work say to you, you’re beautiful exactly the way you are. 

You head towards the monitor room once you get to her paddock. You know she acts like a sweetheart to you, but she doesn’t seem to like everyone else as much, especially the jerks you work with. Last week she actually tried to break the glass when they were laughing at a joke one of them made about you. 

She’s hidden away in the trees when you call out to her over the speaker, “Indi, where are you girl?”  She doesn’t come out of hiding for her food or when you call and you begin to get worried. 

“Why don’t you hang a piece of cake out there? That would work for you!” Andrew says and everyone begins to laugh. You ignore it calling her name again when she comes rushing at the guys behind the glass, letting out a loud roar. They jump in their seats, terrified, but you just look into her eyes silently thanking her. She’s always trying to protect you.

You go in the paddock before lunch to make sure she’s okay. The only time you see even the slightest respect in their eyes is when you walk into her cage. You’re not afraid of her, though. You often held her egg to keep her warm and sang to her. You were there for her birth, imprinting on her, and you raised her almost all on your own. She might be full grown now and able to kill you at will, but you know she could never hurt you.

After checking her out, and petting her head for longer than usual, you headed to lunch. You decide to go to Jimmy Buffet’s today, as they have a new Southwest Caesar salad that you’re in love with. However, you groan to yourself when you see Andrew and his friends walk in. They walk by your table  to find a seat and see you sitting there with your salad. 

“Finally working on that weight problem, huh?” Andrew asks sarcastically.

 You clench your fist, looking down, refusing to let your eyes get watery. You try to think of something smart to say when you hear someone behind you. 

“How about you, Andrew? Are you working on that bloody face problem?” Owen Grady, the raptor trainer comes and pulls out the chair next to yours, sitting down. 

Andrew seems caught off guard and asks, “What bloody face problem?”

“The one you’re going to have if you don’t start showing Y/n some respect.” 

You turn to him and give him a small smile. He’s always been so sweet to you, a real gentleman. He’s bought your lunch more than once and is always coming to your rescue. 

“I mean really,” he begins, “She’s got quite some restraint. She has that Indominous wrapped around her finger. If I were her, I would have already let her eat you guys.” You can’t help your small laugh at the looks on their faces.  

Owen lets out a heavy sigh, “I’m sick of telling you guys to stop being idiots. If you say one more thing to her that isn’t one hundred percent respectable, I will have you transferred—” he pauses for a second, “actually no, I’ll just have you fired.” Andrew just nods, still looking fearful, and walks away. 

“Thanks,” you say smiling up at him, “You didn’t have to do that.”

“They’re just jack-asses. They pick on other people to make them feel less shitty about themselves. Besides,” he pauses again, “You’re beautiful.”

You almost snort at this, but refrain from it and just laugh. He looks at you with his eyebrows raised. 

“You really are, you know. You’re beautiful and smart and, Hell even I wouldn’t step in there with Indi. Why do you think I haven’t had the nerve to ask you out?” He looks at you with a flirty look on his face and your eyes get a little wide. 

There’s a small voice in your head that says he’s joking. It tells you that there’s no way that Owen Grady actually likes you. But there’s another, louder voice: the one that you’ve trained yourself to listen to more. That one says that he does like you because you’re amazing. You’re more than your weight; you’re all those things he said about you and more. This voice tells you to not be nervous or doubtful.

“Well, I only have to deal with one dinosaur, you have four. I think that’s much more impressive.” You smirk at him before taking a bite out of your salad. 

“Well, let’s just say were both pretty awesome.” The one thing you’ve always liked about Owen is you always feel comfortable with him, even now when he’s just basically said that he likes you. “And, as such, we should probably go to dinner. Just us, you know, to celebrate our awesomeness.” At this, he winks at you and your heart flutters. 

You smile at him and ask, “Owen, are you asking me out on a date?”  

“I am most definitely asking you out on a date, Y/n.” He says smiling, “Are you accepting?”

He wiggles his eyebrows at you again, causing you to laugh. “Yes,” you say, looking away from him to hide the huge grin on your face. “I would love to go out with you.”

Dating Youngjae would be like...

Inspired by <—-

  • dropping hints about what you might want him to get you as a present
  • engrisshhhhhhh
  • “baby I like you baby I love you”
  • awkward sex (but he gets better with practice ;))
  • him being nervous to meet your parents
  • singing all the fucking time
  • him asking you to do everything with him
  • blushing :))))))))))))))
  • nervous laughter
  • man-ing up for you
  • asking you all the time if everything is okay, if he’s still good
  • shyly holding your hand but doing it all the same
  • lowkey but highkey showing you off to his friends
  • watching you do your thing with proudness
  • falling asleep on your chest
  • sticking to your side when he’s shy
  • having lots of fun
  • sunshine smiles everyday :))))
  • tries very hard to cheer you up when you’re sad
  • watching your reactions to see if he’s making the right moves
  • lots of reassuring and cute partners in crime relationship

Jaebum // Jinyoung // Mark // Youngjae // Jackson // BamBam // Yugyeom

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harry potter trash - anonymous

I’m doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time

“Look Minerva, Mr. Potter and Miss Granger are getting rather close.”

“Albus, they’re 11 and 12 years old, respectively.”

“Yes, but they won’t be so young forever.”

“I am still not convinced, Albus.”

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The contest continues. I am giving away 10 tickets (7 left) to my Photography Workshops this summer on Warped Tour! Rules are at the bottom of this post. More info on workshop available at www.adamelmakias.com

Like I said in my previous post, I ended up on a bus with Bring Me The Horizon. I tried to do as many photo shoots as I could with them cause I really wanted to work with them. Three of these images were taken in Milwaukee and one was in Indianapolis. The cool thing about Warped Tour is there are plenty of outdoor locations so you can walk around and do some shots very easily. It was fun and they ended up using the images for Myspace and tour art. 8 years later I still work with the band, although I think they all secretly hate me or love me… I still can’t quite tell. Regardless, thanks for letting me ride with you even if you didn’t have a choice. I think we call this networking.
Want to win a ticket to one of my 27 workshops all over the USA at Warped Tour this summer? It’s easy - just post a photo that you have taken and write about why you want to learn more about Music Photography. Make sure to follow and tag @thinktei, use #Any1CanBeAPhotog so we can find your photo, and write the city you want a workshop ticket to in the description. You must already be going to Warped Tour to win a ticket. See you at Warped Tour!


Here’s my outfit for 1989 Glasgow - first ever Taylor show after loving her since I was 12! I’m a poor uni student so I can’t afford anything fancy.

Also this is a sign I made (which still needs printed out). I thought it would be fun to get to know other Scottish fans so I thought I’d set myself a challenge as I’ve always wanted to do a Free Hug sign! 

I’ll probably be around the venue at some point before doors open so come find me so I can reach my goal of 1,989 hugs! I’m super friendly and would love to make some new pals so please don’t be shy :)

I’m sitting in Block 002, Row U, Seats 34&35 so if you are around there then hit me up!


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