Anonymous said: I think Carmilla would totally underestimate Laura at first and think she has some tiny, cute Pokemon (like she is tiny and cute, but pssst) and then Laura just has this badass team, Arcanine, Nidoqueen and Onix, and Carmilla just stands there with her mouth open when Laura feeds them one evening. Also Onix likes cuddling, which is sometimes a bit problematic for our tiny heroine, but Onix always gets enough patting and cooing before sleeptime.

This is awesome. I love this so much, especially the Onix cuddling. I’m positive Laura spoils the hell out of all of her pokemon. (Also, apparently Nidoqueen’s only 4′3″, which means that she’s actually shorter than Laura??)

Bucky hating his metal arm and only thinking of it as a tool for destruction and loathing the fact that that destruction will always be a part of him. Steve picking up on Bucky’s hatred and starting to pay more attention to the arm in bed and in daily life. Steve casually brushing his fingers along the arm when he passes Bucky in the hall, kissing the shoulder when they’re in bed, and linking his fingers with the metal ones when they’re cuddling or watching movies. It all comes to a head on the day Steve proposes. When he goes to put the ring on Bucky automatically puts out his right hand but Steve shakes his head and gently pulls Bucky’s left hand towards him and slides the ring on, kissing away Bucky’s tears as he rubs his thumb over the metal knuckles and smiling when the ring clinks against Bucky’s finger.

Bakasayu : I think if they went straight to making out and endlessly rub against each other and have the sexy time in bed. THAT my dear would make everything HWAT~!

Together again: Blackhawks' Toews, Kane a potent duo


Tue Jun 2, 2015 5:50pm EDT

If the Tampa Bay Lightning have triplets, the nickname coach Jon Cooper gave his second line because they have played in sync, then the Chicago Blackhawks have twins in Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

The dynamic duo were born 205 days apart in 1988, but they play in concert like they’ve spent their entire lives together, not just the past eight National Hockey League seasons.

Even with their shifts on the same line limited these days, when Toews and Kane were reunited for last week’s Game Six of the Western Conference final against Anaheim they immediately connected.

Kane had a goal and five points in the final two games, including the game-winner in Game Six. Toews scored twice in the series finale that sent Chicago to their third Stanley Cup Final in six years.

The Lightning and Blackhawks are set to open the NHL’s best-of-seven championship series in Tampa Bay on Wednesday.

“There are no two guys I’d rather have on my team coming into a big game,” said Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith.

“They have that ability to rise to the occasion and just find a way no matter what, whether it’s just that belief, but always just knowing, you know, they’re going to get it done, they’re going to find a way.”

But despite being in harmony on the ice the two have different personalities. Kane likes to have fun and long ago nicknamed his more unyielding teammate ‘Captain Serious.’

Toews, drafted third overall by Chicago in 2007, is a Canadian who played college hockey for North Dakota. Kane, who was selected first overall by Chicago a year later, is an American who played junior hockey in Canada.

They both made their Chicago debut during the 2007-08 season. Kane was named the rookie of the year and Toews won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player of the playoffs in their third season, when they won the Stanley Cup.

The two have been key components in the Blackhawks rise. They already have 10 postseason game-winning goals apiece, even though Toews is only 27 and Kane won’t celebrate his 27th until Nov. 19.

They already have played in 111 and 110 Stanley Cup playoff games, respectively.

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville likes the luxury of splitting up the two and reuniting them. It is difficult for the opposition to pay attention to both of them when they are on different lines. But when they reunite, like they did last week on a line with Brandon Saad, they flourish.

“A great strength of our team is the depth and the balance,” said Quenneville, who added that the pair gets excited when they play together.

Judging by his play in the West finale, Toews, who matched a postseason career high with nine goals this year, certainly was excited.

“My job was easy,” he said. “I had to win draws, play smart defensively, watch those two go, create space for those two guys.

“It was a nice spark for us and a nice spark for the team.”

(Reporting by Tim Wharnsby; Editing by Frank Pingue)

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i finally started reading orange (like literally 20 mins ago - only read 2 chapters so far) bc of u and how u would say it's so cute and all BUT U FORGOT TO MENTION HOW IT RIPS UR HEART OUT how could u do this to me ( T^T )

ohh but i didn’t forget, i just omitted it

Back from Vacation!

^ q^)9 I promise I haven’t ditched, I’ve just been away the past 3 weeks!

On June 11, I left on a vacation to go up to San Jose, Monterey, and Santa Cruz, let me tell you, it was a blast!

//closes eyes– took some pics so ya!! ^ q^)9 My long vacation from 6/11-6/29~ Me and Rieka spending time with Amber!

Some pics under the cut! STUPIDLY IMAGE HEAVY.

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What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?

     Dear GRRM, please put to rest all of these ridiculous secret Targ theories because I cannot take it for even another moment, jfc, make it stop.

the mun's interpretation

I have a really random, irrelevant headcanon that while they were staying at the Macalania Travel Agency, the group discovered that behind the shop, there stood a rickety stable where the locals housed their Macalanian Sled Dogs. They were so cute that everyone (save for Auron, who gave 0 fucks) couldn’t resist but to pet and play with them for awhile. But long after the others got bored and went to rest (as they should) Rikku and Tidus stayed. They hung out with the puppies FOR BASICALLY THE ENTIRE NIGHT, even after Lulu scolded them for not having their priorities straight and getting the proper preparation that a guardian should. The trainer, amused at how enamored the two guardians were with her litter, promised them two free puppies, if they brought the Calm. After that, Rikku and Tidus never shut up about those puppies for the rest of the pilgrimage, much to most of the party’s annoyance. Returning to Macalania to get them was one of the first things they were going to do after they beat Sin!

They beat Sin, but Tidus wasn’t around to collect his puppy. For Rikku, it was too painful to go back there alone. It reminded her too much of the friend she’d lost…

But for his first birthday after he returned, Rikku surprised him with someone that, after everything that had happened (finding out the truth about Yuna’s pilgrimage, finding out the truth about himself, D Y I N G), he kind of forgot about: his promised puppy!

Meet Vneaht, named for Rikku. c: