marauder-in-warblerland asked:

I just started Gilded Cages and, my lord, what have you done to me? I hit "Have I been such a wicked influence on you already?", squealed like a toddler, and dropped my laptop on my foot. Seriously though, this is delicious and I look forward to next Thursday with unladylike alacrity.

Apparently *I’ve* been a wicked influence on *you* …. I’m ok with that. ;)

I hope your foot is okay, though. I will try to make Thursday come more quickly as recompense.

My Aunt tried to defend 50 Shades tonight after I said I wouldn’t read it (and neither can my Grandma who got half way and said nope) because it is abuse.

She was like no it’s not, it just has BMS in it and thats supposed to be rough (even though I have seen several BMS members on this site say otherwise) and I quote

“She changes him. He was in the dark and she brings him into the light. You just have to read it to understand. It’s not abuse.”

A book where a girl has to sign a contract on what she can eat, drink, and how many times she can work out for her to be with a man is ABUSE. A book where a man gets so paranoid over a woman’s life outside of him that he follows her and buys the company she works for is ABUSE and STALKING. A book where a girl uses the safe word but he keeps.going.anyways is ABUSE. A book where a man forces himself on her multiple times is ABUSE and RAPE.

And we are just going to add this to the list of reasons why my Aunt and I don’t get along.