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Hey Jirard + TOVG gang. Caught the latest episode. Odd not hearing Greg. Kinda like getting a new pair of shoes. A little weird but once it breaks in, it's just fine. Gonna miss Greg but will remember all the good times. I don't mind change and I'm really eager to see what kind of direction things move from here. All the best, Beardman.

thanks for sticking with us man

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Hi, last update was amazing, thank you! And heartbreaking as well but i'll stick to positive parts, hense reading! Can you tell us more about Bucky reading to Steve? Like what kind of books did he read? Or was it books at all? Did he make voices in dialogs? It's somehow became really important for me to know. Thank you in advance!

They liked the Harry Potter series so much that after theyfinished it, they went on to other fantasy adventures that they missed: the Narnia books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Simmons tried to convince them to read The Silmarillion, but Bucky got to the first thicket of genealogical detail and said, “Fuck no.”

But as Steve got worse, Bucky mostly read books that he had read to Steve years ago, when Steve was sick: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s dinosaur book and Sherlock Holmes stories, adventure novels by Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

(Just a few months after Bucky’s return, when Bucky was still doing pretty badly, Steve managed to entice him into watching John Carter, which adapts Burroughs’ Barsoom stories. Bucky usually refused to watch movies, because movies are designed to give you feelings and also because at that point he had trouble relaxing enough to focus on non-mission-related stuff, which of course he didn’t want Steve to notice. But he couldn’t resist Barsoom, and they had a very rare golden afternoon.) 

Bucky did do voices when he read, especially if he attracted an audience larger than Steve, which he generally did when he read in the common area. “It’s going to seem like there’s something wrong with you if we hide away in your cabin to read, Steve,” Bucky explained. Besides, Bucky’s convinced – he has always been convinced, even when they were boys – that Steve would be happier if he had more friends and less time alone to brood.

Skye in particular liked to plop down on the floor and listen (she didn’t get read to very often as a child, what with changing foster homes all the time), but most everyone on the Bus dropped by at some point or another. Even Coulson came occasionally, especially later on: he grew up on Sherlock Holmes too.  


hello again ((:
thanks for sticking around with me, here’s some more wallpapers / backgrounds for your phone or laptop that i made! i have a couple previews if you wanted to know what it looks like! like or reblog if you use / like it, and do not repost. thank youuuu!

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Hey there! I've fallen in love with your blog after just five minutes of searching through - it's beautiful and so well organised <3 I've seen your printables and absolutely love them but have to ask exactly what you do with them? Do you usually punch them into a planner or a binder - or even stick them in a notebook? I'm currently using a Filofax, but I'm trying to think of how to incorporate your beautiful planners into it! x

hello! thank you so much, it means the world to me to hear that. I’m so glad you think it is organised haha, sometimes I worry that I like my theme but others might think it is just hard to get on with. I usually put them in a binder or even just slip them in the front of my notebook {esp for the daily planner so it is with me on the go!}. I like to stick the weekly planner on the side of my wardrobe, and I usually take a photo of it on my phone so it’s with me on the go. You could really just use them any way that you like! for your filofax you could maybe just print it out smaller and trim it down to fit :) when I have more time I might make some filofax pages! xo

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Gosh Andie I really want to see your art now! I totally understand feeling bad to show it to other people, but I bet its super nice! Just forget about us and draw whatever you like, okay? Draw your OCs and doodle! Have fun!

୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨ honestly its been a goal of mine for almost the last year to start being able to get past my own insecurities and post my art online - but i have a horrible habit of comparing myself to other people who were successful hah„ this really means a lot, thank u bab… im going to try hopefully hrm  ; ; ; i haven’t actually touched my tablet in a little while and i’ve been sticking to traditional stuff so if i do, it wont be pretty hRM,

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You almost lost your dad? :(


He was in a really bad car accident a week ago; on his birthday of all things. He’s really lucky he made it out alive. And by lucky, I mean lucky. Tried making light of it at the time, joked around. One of my many coping mechanisms. But it’s put a lot of stress on all of us, I think. One of his ribs is dislodged and sticking up above his collarbone. His entire chest is black and purple. It’s terrifying.

But he’s here, and I think we all need to keep telling ourselves that. Things can only continue on from here, and he will recover. It’s not his time yet, as much as he himself might think it is.

Thank you for the concern.

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Hey Jirard, huge fan of all you work and I just wanted to say even though I'll miss Greg and all he has done, honestly I teared up when I heard he was leaving. But I just want to let you know your great on your own, the resident evil episode was great. We will all miss Greg a lot but you will do great on your own. Wish you luck keeping that completionist charm and here's to many more episodes in the future!

Heres to hoping! Thanks for watching and sticking with us

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I'm doing gcse art and I love your art style. Would you wind if I used you as an artist that I take inspiration from on my course? This would involve sticking in some of your work and doing copies and inspired drawings. Hope you say yes but I understand if you say no xxxx

Thank you! Of course you can use my art as inspiration, no problem :)


whoa holy fucktard, I really had no idea I would gain so many followers and love after just a month of having Sarah as a muse! So thank you lovelies for giving us love and rolelplaying with us. Here’s to many more threads & Sarah sticking around for a bit!
love lexi & sarah.  

mini follow forever; lovelies I love & so eternally grateful for.

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Tom Hiddleston leaves the Donmar Warehouse after performing his play Coriolanus to sign autographs for his fans on Thursday evening (December 12) in London, England.

There’s really not much else to say about this one. As part of its own interview series with Barack Obama, BuzzFeed got our commander-in-chief to use a selfie stick (don’t knock it ‘til you try it). You can also watch Obama play imaginary basketball, draw cartoons, and try to eat cookies and milk. (Dear Ezra Klein: All I’m saying is, I’m just a little disappointed.)

And now a list of actual pull quotes:

  • "Thanks, Obama." — Obama
  • "Can I live?" — Obama
  • "YOLO, man." — Obama


Woke up this morning to find that everyone is reblogging the Valentine cards we sent out last year (made by the wonderful inchells) so I figured I better get on the stick and post our wonderful valentines from this year!

Many thanks to the delightful rutobuka2 for making these super adorable valentines for SSVCE 2015! We sent out 36 of these babies to all of our participants and hope that they all enjoyed them. Now we are sharing them with you!

And to keep the love going, we’ll be making a Valentine post every hour today, so if you need a love fix, just come on back and visit us!

So Happy Love Day! Be you single, a couple, or a polyamorous hoard, I hope you will all feel the love and share it today!


Sorry I’m not tagging anyone as I can’t remember names. And I’m so truly sorry to those who aren’t in it but made a sign. Too many didn’t give me theirs back and it made me stressed. Thank you to those who all made a sign for me. I love you all so much. It’s been nice getting to talk to so many of you. Taylor, this was supposed to be the full song but things happened. I planned on giving you this to either on Valentine’s,my b-day which was the 18th or to cheer you up during the whole drama thing but that didn’t work out. I just wanted to do something to say thank you for everything you do for us. Your music has gotten me through some tough times and I want to say thank you. Although I have yet to go to one of your concerts ( maybe the next one!)I have been with you since Tim McGraw and I plan on sticking to the end. I hope you are happy whenever you are and congrats on your FIRST Brit award!Love from a British Swiftie Megan xxxx taylorswift

Thanks for reading Tiny Cartridge! ⊟

We just reached 10,000 posts somehow. I can’t believe how much our lives have changed since that first post, six years ago. I think I’ve gone through five jobs in that time? JC and his wife had twins! We both became homeowners! We started podcasting! Last year, we took our first step toward making this blog our main hustle, and launched the Club Tiny program — it isn’t perfect, but we’re refining it and hoping to make it even better this year.

JC and I never expected so many would latch onto this odd handheld gaming blog (we hit 300,000+ followers not too long ago, credit to Astrid for the pic), or that you’d stick with us this whole time, but we made so many friends through Tiny Cartridge. Thank you for being the awesomest readers, and thank you for supporting us all these years. We hope to hit 100,000 posts with you one day!


thank god your chandelier days are long gone. that sounds odd, i know. but let me explain. it used to scare your mother witless because when you were about five or six, you’d stand just underneath the chandelier in your living room, staring straight up at it with all its elbows sticking out like that, it makes you wonder how it remains so graceful when you’re all elbows and knees and not even close to any semblance of graceful.

sometimes you do this right before you go to school so you’ve got your pink little backpack weighing your little shoulders down. and sometimes there are people who come to your house. they’re all grown-ups. men, mostly. and they’re all talking to your mother. they don’t pay much attention to you and after a while you learned to pay as little attention to them as possible. because after you tell them your name, they often ask about your older sister who’s not often around so you often wished it was you who wasn’t often around instead.

but one time there was this man who looked like he just stepped out of a hitchcock film and he stared at you as you stared up at the chandelier while your mother made coffee in the kitchen. the bulbs blinked and you turned around to see the man flicking the light switch up and down, up and down just like that.

he asked you in a lazy kind of way why you kept staring up at that chandelier and just as your mother stepped into the room, you tell him you’ve always wondered what it was like to be dead.

now there’s this coffee stain on the carpet even after all these years and whenever you visit your mother, you can’t help staring at it.

—  MJL