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So people are getting pissed at Bryan for doing Korrasami fanart for the Avatar art show....?


  1. The art show includes all of the characters and places in the Avatar universe, including ships. Remember this isn’t just a show all about Korra.
  2. If he’d done Aang or Korra or any other character(s) there wouldn’t be as much backlash or Bryke hate in the fandom… again *sigh*.
  3. This is the first Korrasami fanart he’s posted. He clearly likes the ship and wants to express that with his artistic talent.
  4. It’s GORGEOUS. Like I don’t even ship Korrasami or even like it that much for that matter, but it’s a beautiful piece that obviously had a lot of effort put into it.
  5. All proceeds are going to an LGBTQ suicide hotline, which is AMAZING.
  6. It’s just depicting them on a cutesy boatride date… 

But no. He’s clearly trying to force this ship down our throats and stuff. He can’t do fanart of a ship he ships, that’s gonna be in an art show for his tv shows. 

I thought that fandom was about being united over common love for a universe. Sharing thoughts, ideas and emotions with your fellow fans. And that nobody should be ostracized or hated on for what they enjoy about the universe. Not for their favourite characters, ships, episodes or whatever other aspects they get the most enjoyment out of.

And I think that should include the creators. It’s Bryke’s baby after all. Let them enjoy what they want too, even if you don’t.




 No. I may not love this fanart as much because I don’t ship it, but I still appreciate it. 

Let him draw what he wants.

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# 38 "You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes." please.

Anonymous said to monicashipscoliver: Number 38 in a highschool au?

(from this meme)

Connor loves the walk from 3rd to 4th period and the end of the day by his locker - because those are the two times a day he gets to see upperclassman Oliver Hampton. Those are the two times a day, Connor gets to make Oliver blush.

Oliver has the best blush. It spreads right up to the tip of his ears, and sometimes down his neck. He stumbles a little, and clutches his books tight to his chest.

It’s the most adorable thing Connor has ever seen. And all he has to do to see it is smile.

Lately, though, he’s been throwing on his A-game. Last week, he’d slowly looked Oliver up and down, eyes landing on Oliver’s throat just in time to watch him swallow. A day later, he pulled out a smile and said, “Hey.”

"Oh, uh - hello." Oliver blushed particularly bright that day.

Today, Connor’s going to ask him out. It’s been a long time. He’s certain Oliver will say yes.

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Bryan the first Korrasami shipper

You know… Bryan really wasn’t kidding when he said that he’s the first Korrasami shipper. =D

With one official art he managed to a) give half (maybe even more) of the fandom heart attacks b) send KA fans into a pure state of bliss c) make KA fans start rambling incessantly reminiscent of the night of the LOK finale d) all of the above.

Bless this man, Bryan K. 

And BTW, that official art is perfect in every single way.  It captures the essence of their relationship, and of both characters.  You can tell that it comes directly from the creator, because it really gets both of them.

*cough* “I feel so safe with you”. *cough* 

The bestest part?  They both appear to be truly happy. 

EDIT: anchirotleep reblogged this from you and added: Let’s not forget he’s donating all of the money he gets from it to fucking LGBT suicide prevention!!!

Yes indeed.

four years

Ten/Rose |  You taught me the courage of stars before you left / How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
prompted by billpipes - thanks!

Her eyelashes brush against the glass eyepiece of the telescope as she blinks. She can’t see what he’s trying to show her: it’s too blurry. He reaches around from behind her to adjust the dial; the points of light grow larger, sharper. That one there? She points and he nods, chin against her shoulder. He tells her that it takes four years for the light from this star, Sirius, to reach the Earth. She’s amazed. She’s never really thought about it before—the way that stargazing allows us to see an image of the past.

She thinks that four years sounds like a long time.

Their legs hang out the doorway; she kicks her feet into the vastness of space around them and he grins. He’s brought her to see Sirius. They’re a safe distance: about as close as the Earth is to its Sun. He tells her that it takes eight minutes for the light to reach them here. And to think, she says, if it burnt out now, you wouldn’t know on Earth for another four years. Even after she realizes this, she’s surprised to learn that hundreds of stars we can see from Earth have already died; that their light carries on for thousands, even millions, of years before reaching its surface.

Four years doesn’t sound so long anymore.

She finds Sirius in the parallel world. It’s silly but after the stars start going out, she checks for it every day. Tonight, she’s preparing for her final jump before they force her to shut down the operation. She looks up through the telescope. She can still remember the feeling of his arms around her—the feeling of safety she hasn’t known in so long—and blinks back tears. It doesn’t take her long to find what she’s looking for. As she’s watching, the very last of its light reaches her and it gives in to darkness; she won’t do the same. She stands abruptly and leaves the room. She’ll carry on alone.

It’s been a long four years.

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Connor trying to propose for months but something always go wrong, until he had enough and just drags oliver to get married???

It’s not totally it but I tried Nonny! I tried! I’m sorry!!

Tonight’s going to be the night, Connor thinks as he pulls into the parking garage. Those other times he tried to propose and it didn’t work out were just…trial runs. Practice sessions, if you will, for tonight’s success. Tonight he is going to finally ask Oliver to marry him if it kills them. Which, considering the outcome of those other dry runs, is not necessarily that unlikely of an outcome. But, Connor rationalizes as he heads up to their apartment, the failures of the past are behind him and tonight is definitely going to be the night.

The apartment is quiet when he walks in. Which is a little odd, Oliver normally has the TV or music on for background noise. “Oliver?” he calls out, setting his keys and briefcase down. He peeks into the bathroom to check if Oliver’s in the shower and it’s empty. “Ollie?” He walks over to their bedroom and his tone turns singsong, “Ollie? Where are you?” Connor stops in the doorway, taking in the drawn curtains, the tissues littering the nightstand, and Oliver burrowed under the quilt. No. No. No. “Oliver?” he asks gently, making his way over to sit next to Oliver on the bed and touch a hand to his forehead.

The gentle touch wakes him and Oliver opens his eyes with a groan. “Hi,” he grumbles out.

“Hi,” Connor replies, his tone still low and soothing.

“I’m sick.” Oliver turns a little to burrow closer.

“I can see that.” Connor smiles to himself. “What happened? I saw you this morning and you were fine.”

“Remember that throat tickle I’ve had all week?” Oliver asks and Connor gives a quick “Yeah” before Oliver continues. “It exploded around lunch.”

Connor hums in sympathy. “Do you need anything?” Oliver mumbles a no. “Maybe the shower will help you feel better.”

“Don’t wanna shower,” Oliver mumbles, drifting off as Connor cards a hand through his hair.

“Okay. You want to take a bath. I think we’ve got enough time.”

The tone in which Connor says that causes Oliver to lift his head. “What?”

“Before the reservation,” Connor says. “If you want to take a bath, I think you have enough time before we’ve got to leave.”

“You still want to go to dinner?” Oliver asks, propping himself up on an elbow.

“Well, we’ve had this dinner planned for weeks. I don’t know when we’ll get another reservation.” Even as he’s saying it, Connor knows it’s ridiculous. Oliver’s sick; they can’t go to dinner but they have to go to dinner. He cannot wait any longer to propose to Oliver. He just can’t. That’s not an option.

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