earlier this week was my school’s senior art banquet and along with getting our really cool canvas stoles that we get to paint and wear during graduation, we got a surprise gift from our professors. each of the professors hand picked an art book for a student based on their artistic aesthetic / desired career path. i was actually kind of nervous about it because i’m a transfer, and i wasn’t sure i had made a big enough impact on any of my professors for them to know what book to give me. anyway, i sat there and one of my graphic design professors, Becky, handed me a brown paper wrapped book and when i ripped it open i almost started crying. it was this really cool, beautiful contemporary illustration book called The Picture Book. it was so perfect. it was so me. i yelled over to Becky who was still handing out books and gave her a huge hug. i think she thought it was weird how much i adored the book, but i really did. it was just one of the coolest and most thoughtful things that has happened in a while and i was really thankful. and i’m just really thankful for her and for the rest of my professors and for my time at APU. i’m really going to miss it.