i forget where we were | harry/niall, harry/liam | 70k, amnesia au

“You,” he says thickly, swallowing. “You don’t - you don’t remember.”
“Not the last three years,” Harry tells him simply. “Sorry. What was your name?”
“Niall,” he mutters, face suddenly dark. “I’m Niall, I’m Liam’s assistant.”

Harry wakes up to find he has retrograde amnesia and a perfect life - seemingly.

the most important kagehina first kiss headcanon tbh

theyre both awkward fumbling nerds like hinata kisses kageyama on their way home but he has to lean on his tiptoes over his bike and his nose collides w his jaw first before he pulls him down to kiss him and kageyama yells at him for being so clumsy and hinata yells at him for being so uselessly massive and tries again and yanks him down some more but ends up head-butting him instead

and kageyama falls back and ends up pulling hinata w him and gets crushed by both him and his bike and hinata tries to apologize and help him up but kageyama gets embarrassed and mad and he yells at him and punches him hard in the gut before storming away in embarrassment but bc they were walking home they were right in front of the foothill store and the rest of the entire volleyball team and ukai is standing there watching hinata wheezing and trying to yell at kageyama for being a dick and punching him so hard

and then tanaka lets out this obNOXIOUSLY LOUD SNORT BEFORE HE BURSTS OUT LAUGHIng until suga punches him and tells him to shut up and hinata and kageyama are so embarrassed they end up not trying to kiss for like two weeks and when they do its much better than their first try BUT THEIR FIRST KISS WAS A DIS AST E R and its so great i love it so much this is such an important thing to me ok im kagehina trash doNT LOOK AT ME

i had a dream that dan and phil took me out to dinner and then bought me loads of books at the bookshop and. i need a minute

fic idea, maybe?

(unless it exists already - in which case point me in that direction?)

arabian nights-esque howince au where vince is mistaken for a woman by the king (howard) one day in the market and is brought to the palace. on the night the king is to sleep with vince, he tells the first story to keep the king from discovering he is man and killing him on the spot. on the 1001st night, vince has no more stories to tell and is forced to reveal that he is a man, but the king has fallen in love with him (and vice versa). stricken by the conflict this creates within himself, the king sends vince away to be locked  in a cell. he is counseled by his shaman (naboo, of course) and reminded of the stories vince told, how they conveyed that love doesn’t have to be about gender or sex or someone’s genitals, how that message doesn’t only have to hold true in vince’s stories, and asks him to consider how/why he fell in love with storyteller.  the king goes to vince’s cell and (insert happy resolution & ending here).

bonus if you include the 1001 stories

extra bonus if its all really one story cos vince is the juicy dangler

otterandterrier asked:

Ron/Hermione and... I think you've already written with "Strikhedonia"? (or someone has) so I'm going to say "
Ayurnamat - The philosophy that there is no point in worrying about events that cannot be changed."

Thank you for the prompt! And sorry it took so long (I was saving them all for today >.<) 

Ron couldn’t help but gawp slightly as Hermione droned on and on about her latest exam. Apparentlyshe was worried she’d mistranslated a rune or something, he wasn’t really paying that much attention to be completely honest. Worrying was what Hermione did. Besides it was one bloody question- like that was going to make a difference. Over the years, Ron had learnt the best way to deal with Hermione was to just let her have it out- at least it wasn’t him she was shouting at, right?

But there came a point, almost three hours later sat in the Gryffindor commonroom, when he came to the conclusion that she was just not letting it up. Maybe she was looking for an argument? Who knew what went on inside that head of hers anyway? He certainly didn’t.

“Hermione, give it a rest. It was one bloody mark. It doesn’t matter.”

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