I don’t know how Rebs puts up with all the questions both anon and off they get from people asking about their gender.

Especially when it’s PLAINLY stated all over the blog. Maybe if you people would just take a moment to READ. You don’t even have to GO to the FAQ it’s literally on the description. 

And trying to phrase it differently doesn’t make you seem clever. Respect peoples pronouns and what they identify as.

It’s literally human decency.

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Some of the fucking <3 ”reasons” because I am not drawing recently… but I finished, those 120 pieces of clothing -w-/

You have no idea, don’t let me see Illustrator again in my life.


On sunday I’ll do a shooting of the real clothes, way more funny to do <3


FIC: Police Sirens

Another future fish AU where Rin’s a cop and Haru’s a mermaid.

Chapter 3

The officer tries to set some ground rules for the siren.

Read More on AO3

Rin grimaced in the mirror, tracing the definitely fading blotch at his lip where Haruka had licked. His other hand pressed the lip of the sink, and he narrowed his eyes down at his blood-stained shins.


He ran his fingers through his knotted, red hair with a strained sigh. After stepping inside the shower stall, he twisted open the faucet, letting the water turn hot as he tugged off his hairband so his hair fanned across his sweating nape. He made short work of peeling off his clothes, crusted with sand and sea, and the surrounding glass started to blur with steam. Water started trickling then gushing down, washing the cold sweat and dried blood off in rivulets down his body.

While Rin lathered his hair with cherry blossom shampoo, he began to think.

He supposed he’d just have to make dinner for two now. Ask what a siren’s typical meal would be besides human flesh, and then try to accommodate with the spartan insides of his fridge.

His red locks thickened to maroon under the shower flow, and he pumped some body soap into his palm.

Haruka had rendered him utterly useless. They were like a siren and incubus rolled into one; some hypnotic sex demon that spent their days in water and would probably haunt him in his dreams. Their face alone could make him reconsider total submission at the hands of death by consumption, and their voice nearly got his face chewed off. Added with their touch, and…

Haruka drew their slim, warm tongue over his lip, and his eyes blew wide.

He reddened at how heat pooled in his belly, grumbling as he grabbed his razor and shaving cream.

"What a fuckin’ weird day…"

Haruka sunk into the pool, deep in thought even though their gills felt a touch stifled. Water dragged down their hair, on their skin when they broke the surface. It spilled down their lip and into the pool again.

It is fun to watch Rin.

"…Yes," Haruka decided to themself. They lightly shook the water out of their eyes.

"Crap," Rin’s brows pinched, and he angled his head further into the cupboard. "S’it in the hamper…?"

Rin was starting to feel chilly just a towel slung around his waist, but his sweatpants were nowhere to be found. And to get his sweatpants, he’d had to go to the laundry room past the kitchen, which meant…

He heatedly readjusted his towel, scowling. “You gotta be shitting me…”

Before Haruka could say something immediate, a flurry of words appeared in their head—-names of chest muscles, which even bulged with their strength, and a towel when Rin came out of the hallway. With how many there were, Haruka wondered if Rin was much stronger than themself.

“…Hello Ri—-”

“Shut up, I’m just getting some pants,” he snapped, storming into the kitchen door while Haruka blinked.

They stared after the fading slaps of his footsteps. They idly wondered how Rin’s cheeks were so red when he seemed quite angry, and so pondered while enjoying the cool water.

Then they heard stomping again.

“Alright, you,” Rin came back into the living room. He was clothed this time, though Haruka enjoyed learning that the particular shirt Rin was wearing was called a muscle tee. “We’re gonna set some ground rules.”

Haruka listened to this, still thinking that he was fun to watch. They tilted their head. “Ground rules?”

“Yeah. Know what that means?”

They looked back to the water. “Yes.”

“Look at me,” Rin said, tone commanding. When Haruka obliged, directing their silvery-blue eyes up, they found his face very red again. “O-Okay, maybe not. Just—-listen up, alright?”

“Alright.” Haruka still stared at him.

“Alright…” Rin’s mouth opened half-wide, before it clamped again. He wiped the sudden sweat of his palms on the side of his pants, and started again. “Okay, ground rules. One, no…hypnosis.”

Haruka’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is I don’t want you to…lure me, kinda,” Rin rolled his hands, missing how Haruka’s tail stiffened in the water. “Like, make me all dizzy and stuff, so you can…eat me.”

“…That,” their lips thinned. They looked away. “Is difficult.”

“Wha—?” Rin’s teeth clicked in a gnash, frustration pinching his brow. His words came rough with disbelief. “I’m asking you to not try and eat me, what’s so fuckin’ difficult about—?”

“You did not ask that.”

Rin blinked, suddenly unsure of whether to be annoyed or confused, and decided to go for both. “Huh?”

“You did not ask that,” Haruka repeated. At seeing Rin’s waiting uncertainty, they sighed. “You asked me to not lure you. I cannot help that.”

The sounds of the living room receded into the gentle sloshes of the pool water. Rin spotted how they studied the translucent webs of their fingers, and a new irritation pursed his lip.

“I still don’t get what you mean, y’know,” he informed dryly, hands set on hips. “Care to enlighten me?”

Haruka shot him a piqued look. “A siren chooses their lure like a human chooses their face. I cannot control how you react to it.”


"I can make my lure stronger," they kept explaining, and rolled over in the shark-plastered pool. "But I cannot stop you from being attracted to me."

A high blush rolled over Rin’s face, and his head whipped aside in a scoff.

"W-Well, I—” Rin’s lips tugged down in a pained grimace. He nearly growled in his self-consciousness, before he looked back at them with renewed resolve. “Okay, fine.”

"You were not fine with it a moment ago." Haruka squinted.

"Yeah, no, lemme finish," he ran his fingers through his hair, thinking. "…Alright. Ground rules," he repeated, and before Haruka could roll their eyes he pointed down at them. "If I’m being…lured, then you gotta snap me out of it.”

"Snap you—?"

Not literally,” Rin tacked on in exasperation, running a palm down his face. “If it looks like I’m glad I’m losing it, just…splash some water on me, slap my cheek a bit, something,” he clarified, starting to rub his nape. “All I’m asking is that you try not to hurt me, okay? I wanna actually help you here, and me losing it ‘cause of your lure—”

"I said I cannot help your attraction—"

Your lure.”

They cocked a brow. “…Stop interrupting me.”

"Stop interruptin’ me,” Rin retorted, a desperate sort of chuckle coming loose from how ridiculous the situation was. “Anyway, you get the point, right?”


"Good, that’s good," he nodded. He pulled up the side of his hair, and blinked aside. "…Right. Next. No…No kissing.”

Haruka sulked. “Why?”

"—Shit, you can’t ask why,” Rin clawed his scalp, fisting the locks as his lip tightened in a wince. “J-Just, could you not? Please?”

"I did not kiss you, though," Haruka replied, cocking their head. "I healed your lip."

At Haruka’s clear enunciation of the word ‘lip’, Rin swore he could feel the hot stripe of their tongue on his lips again.

"T-True…" he cleared his throat, and blinked up at the ceiling. "Thanks for that, I guess."

They nodded. “Is it better now?”


"Oh," Haruka paused. Their head tipped up curiously. "Can I see?"

"Jeez, honestly—" Rin looked down, scowl weakened by his impressively pink cheeks. "See? Better.”

Haruka took in his distant behaviour. Their eyes cast aside.

"…You said you did not scare easily."

Rin blinked rapidly. “Wha—? Yeah, but—”

"We already agreed I would not hurt you," they mumbled. "You do not have to be afraid."

Rin chewed his lip. He swore their voice tinged with hurt, of all things.

"…Yeah…" he exhaled through his nose, “Yeah, you’re right. You’re not like a ticking time bomb or whatever.”

Haruka nodded, agreeing. “Yes. I am a siren.”

“Gotta work on those similes, huh?” Rin jutted his chin in a chuckle, before he knuckled his jaw in earnest. “But yeah, what else is there that I oughta make clear—?”

A shrill sound rang out, startling Haruka.

"What is that?" they jerked their head, and watched Rin head back into the hallway.

"S’just a phone call," he looked over his shoulder to tell them, before disappearing fully from their sight. "I’ll be back in a sec."

Haruka realised it was an abbreviation for second. They promptly counted.

"…That was a lie," they mumbled, before turning back to watch the ceiling fan again. How confusing.

They closed their eyes, and listened to Rin’s voice after the ringing stopped.

"Hello, Matsuoka Rin spea—…oh, Sousuke! What’s up?”

Haruka frowned at the ensuing chatter, still closing their eyes. This time, however, they weren’t confused by how Rin seemed to be speaking with someone that didn’t seem to be in the apartment.

"Matsuoka…" they murmured to themself, brow knitted as their eyes fluttering open. "…I have heard that before…"

But when?

They found themself stuck on the question. After the few minutes of Rin’s call, after the list of rules that they mostly paid attention to, and even when Rin went to prepare their favourite food (which was called mackerel, a strange name) Haruka still found themself firmly rooted in the passing question, a pressing realisation.

I have heard that name before.