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every time I see vinny warms my heart, because something about it just makes me smile and feel happy inside, especially when he's happy, though i might be just feeling happy that he's finally in a good and safe place now and is doing good thing and things that make him happy, I'm glad Vinny exists in night terror :)

He’s happy too


I love your blog. It brings back happy thoughts of my first dog Misty, who sadly died a few years ago - Old Skook looks quite like her. Here she is with my parent’s other dog Buster (he’s a rescue) playing snowball catch with my dad. She’s the one on the left who gets distracted partway through, but she does at least manage to get some of them…

Give your Skook a hug from me. Pets always end up breaking your heart in the end, but they are so worth every minute of it.

The line “and thats why i’ve spent my whole life trying to put it into words” means so much to me. Theres so many things that just capture your heart and no matter how hard you try, you never find the right words to describe them. Thats how i feel about you, Taylor. 



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Choreography - JoJo Gomez
Music - Run The World  by Beyonce
Dancers - JoJo Gomez, Macy Jewelinski, Mady Jewelinski, Jeremy Copeland, Tevyn Cole, Marissa Heart, Tessa Brooks, Lexee Smith.


Castle Ficathon 2015

CFPromoter’s master list for all 2015 castleficathon fanfics

  1. Heart of Stone (Rated: M) by A.K. Hunter
  2. Another Life (Rated: T) by airbefore
  3. All The World’s A Stage (Rated: T) by Annie Coomes
  4. Finding A Purpose (Rated: T) by caskett1960
  5. 40 Things I Love About You (Rated: T) by cassiebones
  6. I’m Still Here (Rated: T) by CassieCastle47
  7. 595 Broome St. (Rated: T) by nic6879
  8. Saisissant La Vie (Rated: T) by Darkhours
  9. Ancora (Rated: T) by encantadaa
  10. To The Void (Rated: T) by farewellblindgirl
  11. Sword of the Witcher (Rated: M) by thewriterinthebatcave
  12. Stowaway (Rated: T) by n-p-y-d
  13. Private Eyes 2: Psycho Killer (Rated: T) by lordofkavaka
  14. Operation: White Whale (Rated: T) by lousiemcdoogle
  15. The Nightcaller (Rated: T) by madreag
  16. Living Is Easy (Rated: T) by katiehoughton
  17. No One Can Hear You Scream (Rated: T) by shutterbug5269
  18. His Biggest Fan (Rated: T) by supermandy1977
  19. Womb With A View (Rated: T) by WRTRD
  20. Renovatio (Rated: M) by xx00meg00xx

I owe this all to Taylor. I turned 18 during the Speak Now Era. I’ve always known that I was adopted but was never sure if I wanted to find my biological family. I was scared of rejection, which is normal, but it almost made me not reach out when I found my birth mother on Facebook. Taylor inspired me to reach out because in the long run I knew I would regret it if it didn’t. So thank you taylorswift, you helped me find a whole other family. I owe you so much but I hope you see this and I hope you know that tonight as I’m laying in a hotel room with my birth mother and little sister that my heart is so full of love.


If you’re feeling upset about something or having any sort of strong feelings, write about those. Not only has writing a story inspired by my worries helped me have a lot of catharsis, but it also created some of the work I’m most proud of. It truly comes from the heart then. So if there’s something bothering you then just let that inform your writing and it will make you better as an artist and feel better as a person.

For what it’s worth

You were my backbone when my body ached with wearyness
You were my hometown when my heart was filled with loneliness
Just as the dark was rising I heard you close the door again
Just as the lights went off
I know who I dream of
You, my everything.

Fandom playing cards

Oh my gosh guys, my twin just had the BEST idea!! My sisters and I talk all the time about making our fandoms into playing cards and chess sets and who would be what and whatever, pretending that we’ll make them someday. Anyway, my twin was talking about how great it would be to be able to mix it up and put more than one fandom in the same deck, like using a different fandom for each suite when she thought of this:
Instead of making full decks of the fandoms, or assigning each fandom to a particular suite (which could cause repeat suites), make each fandom their OWN SUITE with THEIR OWN symbol on their card instead of the traditional ace/heart/clover/diamond!! Then you can just pick four of your favorite fandoms to make a full deck!! Danny Phantom could have the DP insignia, Supernatural could have the anti-possession symbol, Percy Jackson could have a trident, Gravity Falls could have the six-fingered hand from the journal, and so on! And then you’d have thirteen main characters (plus maybe a joker card) from each series! This idea was originally for chess sets, where you’d have fandoms be the different teams and you could pit them against each other. Anyway, yeah, I really like this idea a lot!!

I’m attracted to a free soul, expanded mentality, not necessarily within my boundary of expectations, but one true to their own nature. Raw in the heart, pure in its desires.


Some people leave in your life but new people enter and heal all your wounds and make you whole again. You heal each other, you are each other’s anchors And it’s all because some blonde PPP star brought you together. It’s fine I’m okay. I’m emotional. Here’s to no more heart break and new beginnings.


I felt so ugly, asked for affirmation
He gave me all the wrong information
He didn’t say that I was beautiful
His compliments unsuitable

He told me that I have a lovely mind
That to injustice I’m not blind
That I excel in every bind
That my thirst for knowledge lacks decline
That my zest for art is refined
That my imagination quick to ignite
That I read between the lines
And that my heart can’t be confined

It was only then that I realized
My appearance shouldn’t be criticized
When my soul and heart are idolized
And that I shouldn’t be surprised
Because what’s important is inside