Okay I literally just felt my heart shatter

This beautiful @passiontreevelvet gourmet eclair selection so lovingly photographed by @taramilktea has got me with love heart eyes 😍

Baby girl, when you look in the mirror, REALLY look at yourself. Don’t look at your body or your face or your hair…look at your SELF. Look deeper. See that? See that glow? That’s your kind, open, warm heart beaming out through the pores in your skin, your eyes radiate love, your smile lights up the earth. That heart is what people will fall in love with, not your body or your face or your hair. Baby girl, always remember how beautiful & precious your heart is. It’s not what you look like that matters, it’s what you love like!
Begin, not with a page, but with a book.
For your new love deserves the very best.
And careful not to take the steps you took,
Ensure that this new love can pass the test.
There was a time you passed by using cheats,
And every problem could be solved with fibs.
You told yourself white lies did count as feats,
Protecting what you had like fractured ribs.
Yet know that if you build your house with lies
Or don’t forgive your fabricated past,
The home you build will rain down from the skies,
And each new love will fail much like the last.
  The broken heart you had has come to mend.
  Obey the rules or this love too could end.
—  Sonnet 21: Rewritten Rule Book, © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy

Horohoro: “When I woke up, Yukimi was next to me (Heart throbbing)”

Horohoro: “Since the moment I woke up, I have been wasting time together with Yukimi but someone bring us outside if someone doesn’t bring us out we’ll end up having sex”

Horohoro: “Even though Akajam is coming to stay over today, my room is dirty to a disastrous extent… if you were to say how dirty it is, it’s the type of dirtiness similar to when you enter an empty house after returning from 3 hours of breakdancing” (T/N: What does this even mean, don’t ask me what this means)

Horohoro: “Eru feel asleep so I am drinking together with Akajam”

Horohoro: “Akajam & Eru are asleep I am with together with Yukimi nau”

Horohoro: “For some reason, everyone woke up and are super energetic lol”

Horohoro: “Hey wait a second I will tweet a super good photo”

@horohoro1112: 起きてベッド見たら雪見と赤じゃむが抱き合って寝てた

@horohoro1112: @horohoro1112 とんでもないふぁぼ数でワロタ

@akajamtan: オイwwwwwwwww

@yukimi2525: ??????????????

@nyappyerutan: 家出るときもこんな感じで寝てたからホモ

Horohoro: “When I looked over after waking up, Yukimi & Akajam were hugging each other as they slept”

Horohoro: “There’s a ridiculous amount of favorites lol”

Akajam: “Hey wwwwwwww”

Yukimi: “??????????????”

Eru: “When we were leaving the house they were also sleeping like this so they’re homo”

@nyappyerutan: 腕まくらしてる

Eru: “He’s giving (Yukimi) an elbow pillow”

Eru: “Jam the god’s elbow pillow & the Yukimi-chan being given (the elbow pillow)”

Fan: “Eru-san did you hug anyone while sleeping!”

Eru: “When I woke up, the Horohoro next to me was sleeping with his mouth open” 

Yukimi: “When I woke up, Jam the god was next to me”

Translation: http://haikaracorppark.tumblr.com/post/117397486795/haikaracorppark-someone-help-were-trying-to