The experience of Prophet Yunus `alayhi sallatu wa sallam (may Allah send his peace and blessings upon him) is so crucial to internalize. When he was trapped in the belly of the whale, he had only one way out: turning completely to Allah, realizing Allah’s oneness and his own human frailty. His du`a’ encapsulates this truth in such a profound way: “There is no God but You, glory be to You, I was wrong.” (Qur’an, 21:87)

Many of us are also trapped inside the belly of the whale of our own desires and objects of worship. It is our own selves which we become enslaved to. And that imprisonment is the result of putting anything where only God should be in our hearts. In so doing we create the worst and most painful of prisons; because while a worldly prison can only take away what is temporary and inherently imperfect, this spiritual prison takes away what is ultimate, unending and perfect: Allah and our relationship to Him.

i really want to shoutout and pay my respect to everyone who vibed out on this joint called ‘feels’ with me…really took a chance to write from the depth of my heart and although i was nervous to perform this yet excited and my voice shook with emotion and pain…i really thank miami, any other state i perform this in and anyone who decides to respond positively to this song i wrote much appreciation and love on my behalf.

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How does your coloring process look like? I rly love it omfg

[[It’s really fuckin’ random lol
But here’s the thing

1. Here’s yo sketch (on Strathmore drawing paper, btw)

2. Here’re yo tools. Hello Crayola wc set and #6 round

3. An instructor once told fish, “If you don’t know where to start, orange and white is a p decent skin color.” Indeed it is, thanks Reid. So, get yourself some red and orange–

4. –and plop it onto where your skin would be the darkest. Don’t worry too much about precision; just kinda make sure it’s generally in the area? Casual painting is good for your heart. It’s okay.

5. Soften the edge with water

6. Take a watery blue–

7. –and add it to where shadows would generally be.

8. Draw it out with water, yeeee

9. Take red–

10. –for blushies!

11. Start from where you want the darkest color, make strokes that run across the surface as the cloth would.

12. Like so.

13. Add highlight color and soften and bleed ink with water

14. Same with hair

15. Add some blue bc why not. It’s your painting. Rainbows are great. Have fun.

16. After the paint dries, go back and fix whatever you need to, redraw lines that you want back, color in eyebrows and whatnot, and darken colors with a second pass if you need to

17. U done, congrats gg gg

That’s it man that’s the thing that’s how the asks on this blog are made, even the digital ones. Now you know =<=)9]]

tfw u get bouts of craving intimacy but also don’t bc u recall u don’t wanna have your heart eviscerated and impaled in the end again lol

I hate the US military with all my heart but I will never EVER celebrate the death of young soldiers, young people, no matter what flag they died under. this website seems to have taught a whole generation of folks that spouting hateful, dehumanizing, toxic and vile rhetoric is totally fine so long as you’re on the “right side”, so long as we are united against some Great White Enemy. miss me with that. I’d rather be called a useless liberal ALL DAY than throw in with “radicals” on here that can’t be bothered to show basic human decency and kindness. if you’re revolution doesn’t involve kindness and compassion I want nothing to do with it.


taylorswift hi taylor, i’m emma. i just wanted to tell you that without you i don’t know where or who i’d be. i feel like i’ve grown up with you and you’re like an older sister that i never had but you’re also like my best friend in the whole world. i love you with all my heart and because of you i’ve met some of my favorite people ever and i’ve embraced who i am fully and i learned to love myself and i’m also writing a book?? all because of you which is amazing and i love you so much and i just want you to know that.

all the love in the world, 


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I'm in love with feels like it's touching my heart

wow thank you. i really appreciate it. it’s a song i really sang from my darkest past so i’m glad you caught the feels and can relate.