ACV update

Sooooo I’ve been applying Apple Cider Vinegar on my face for almost 4 weeks now and y’all my face has been clearing up. My acne scars are slowly but surely fading away and my face is becoming less and less oily. I’ve also been drinking 2 teaspoons either mix with tea or my smoothie and let me tell you, my stomach has been appearing less bloated, my body stays being energized, and it cleans out my insides… Y’all need to get on this ACV train as soon as possible. It works miracles.

"How come you are so fearless?"

I haven’t seen a horror movie in 4 years


'All I want is to be a person who gets to say 'I love you' and really mean it, so…'


Dragons: Defenders of Berk - Episode 20: “Cast Out, Part II”

└ Astrid and Hiccup tag-team the chiefing

I will revise these designs soon. I still didn’t get over these feanorians and their weapons


team-ups that really, really should have existed pre-reboot ⇒ stephanie brown (nightwing ii) and tam fox (spoiler ii).


it made more sense to me that the fire ferrets became supermega popular after the whole saving the city from amon thing, so the best probenders in republic city are going all out trying to get a spot after korra and mako leave. bolin’s only taking the best, of course (none of that stuff in rebel spirit i mean whut).

this’d be after korra restored tahno’s bending and he mellowed out a bit. :D still haughty, but less of a jerkbender.



and in the end, that’s what it was all about, wasn’t it? As goofy as it all was, there was a statement somewhere in that comic. Love is great. Sex is great. Lesbians are great. Let us us not stigmatize, but celebrate.

Girly was a celebration of the best things in life. I hope everyone had fun. And those who still insist on crossing their arms and turning their noses up at the whole thing….

they can just…


That was Girly.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with it all until the very end. would it be too much to say you are beacons of hope in this perpetually crippled comic industry? I do not think so. I am thankful for all of you, and I am thankful for webcomics. A story this insane would have had absolutely no hope of surviving without them.

Girly was probably the last comic of this type that I’ll be doing for the forseeable future. That is, the goofy type… or I daresay, the “RANDOM” type… It’s not that I have anything against that kind o’ thing, but my mind has moved elsewhere, and I just gotta follow where it goes. But of course you’ll still see a lot of what I learned from Girly in You Suck and Princess Panic, and whatever other weird things I think up in the future.

And do continue following this tumblr for other things. SPECIAL Things. Possibly the most amazing odds n’ ends you shall ever see. I will not be reblogging Girly15 to my main tumblr from this point on, so all the forthcoming bonus material is for the most hardcore of readers. Are you among them?? Of course you are!!! So stay tuned! And hey…… enjoy.

i love you all!

-Josh L, Feb 14 2014