Here is a recent commission I just finished. They wanted portraits of Hozier and the members of his band that toured with him in 2014. They’re going to give him the original as a birthday present which is awesome!

Wish I had more time on this to make the drawings look closer to the original reference pictures but I only had a handful of days and I pulled something in my wrist right before I did started this commission Dx”’

Oh well. Hope he likes in anyways.

If you’re interested, I’m still open for commissions! Email me at LorinaMV@gmail.com and read this for more info!

sylar-frost asked:

Hey, so I just read your post on your thoughts about bisexual Clarke, which was really well put and explained by the way, and you mentioned the relationship between Clarke and Raven, soooo wanted to hear your thoughts on that as well^^ If you want of course. Anyway, thanks. =)

Oh absolutely!

For me, with Raven and Clarke, it all started with Clarke seeing the ship crashing and thinking it was a shooting star. She saw Raven before Finn did and I thought that was awesome. And in that moment, Raven was crashing to earth sent down by Clarke’s mother. It just kind of felt like Clarke was getting this metaphorical gift from the sky as she was looking up there. Stars and light are kind of a symbol of hope and Raven came down and gave Clarke that hope and once she did, from that episode onward there’s sort of a change in the dynamic of the delinquents. Things start to come together. She was like a missing piece. Go back and watch the scene where Clarke and Raven are helping each other set up for the rockets. Look at the way Raven looks at Clarke and says “I’ve never seen anyone love somebody as much as she loves you.” Raven almost looks intrigued through the whole scene, like she can somehow see Clarke with the amount of love Abby does, or she wants to. Raven’s face in that scene has always held a lot of value to me. Then in the later scene in that episode, Clarke looks over when she sees the shooting star. In the moment, I think she’s supposed to be looking at Finn. It was a cheesy, CW style “girl yearning for the guy” thing, or maybe yearning for the connection Finn and Raven were having. And in that moment, Raven looks back at her and catches her eye, entirely innocent of what Clarke is thinking and she smiles. Then Clarke smiles. That moment has also always been important. It feels like when people say to you “you don’t get what you want, you  get what you need.” The sky sent Clarke Raven, even when she was looking at Finn. 

In the next episode, Raven and Clarke went off on that trip together. Clarke was focused and determined, taking no time to stop and enjoy the world they were in. In episode one, Clarke did this same thing with Finn, Octavia, Monty, and Jasper trailing behind her. She insisted she had no time to enjoy that stuff. And yet as Clarke is walking in episode 6, Raven is trailing behind her smiling and nearly skipping and smelling flowers. “Hurry up and save the world, right,” she says and they keep on moving. 

After that, of course comes the Finn semi triangle stuff. I’ll always, always appreciate the grace with which that storyline was handled. Both Clarke and Raven had their dignity and their wits about them throughout it and were treated as real girls and not just plot devices in a love triangle. I couldn’t help, through out that but feel like Clarke cared more about Raven’s heart than Finn did. She spent a lot of that time pointing Finn toward Raven, reminding Finn that Raven cared for him. Clarke put herself and her feelings first by telling Finn no but she also put Raven first. And then later, Raven put herself first on her own by telling Finn she deserved better. It took her a little time to have that moment but she did it all on her own. 

Clarke and Raven’s relationship only went upward from there. They became friends, saved the day together, relied on each other’s differences and similarities, supported each other’s skills and ideas. People talk a lot about Clarke as the head and Bellamy as the heart and maybe in ways that is right but Raven is the hands, and beyond that, I think she’s a head and a heart of her own. She brings a different kind of thought to Clarke’s logical thinking that even he doesn’t. She’s imaginative and creative. She invents and she reworks. Her heart is different too. She doesn’t rally the crowds. She isn’t the voice that Bellamy is but her heart is fire and passion and strength. It pushes forward and it’s warm. It’s home base. People say Clarke and Bellamy need each other as leaders but I think Raven is as significant in that. I think Octavia is too but that’s an explanation for another day. Raven may make things go boom, but I think she brings a steadiness to ship and a different kind of brilliance. 

Raven has a moment, in episode 12 or 13 where she’s really feeling what her life has put on her. She talks about being picked first and how important that is to her. Finn didn’t pick her first and she knows that. Now she can’t use her hands to help as she usually does. It’s a low moment and Clarke says “I’d pick you first.” You could look past this line but it has so much value. It’s rare we see a girl look to another girl and say your skills, your head, who you are, what you are is important enough to me that it would be my first choice. And this isn’t just an off hand affirmation or a comforting gesture to Raven that Clarke offers. It could be, but it isn’t because it’s no where near hollow. Clarke picked Raven first when she walked away from Finn. She picked her first when she kept trying to tell Finn to listen to her and care for her. She would pick Raven first for her apocalypse team because she recognizes the value that Raven brings to it. And after that, Clarke continues to pick Raven first. When Clarke kills Finn, it’s to protect her entire people. And even if Raven hates her for it, Clarke chose Raven first. Clarke chose Raven’s safety over Finn’s. She sacrificed the possibility that Raven could hate her because Finn needed to die. It was the only way. After that, when Raven did hate her, Clarke offered her hand but she didn’t force it. She understood and once again, she backed away.

After Finn’s death, Raven lashed out at Clarke. She didn’t do that because she thinks Clarke is a terrible bitch. She lashed out at Clarke because she trusted Clarke with every single fiber in her body. She says to Abby “I know what Clarke would do.” When she first hears about Finn’s sentence, she immediately is calmed by Clarke’s promise that nothing will happen to him. She has enough faith in her to assume that the plan will work when she gives Clarke that knife. A huge amount of Raven’s sadness and heartbreak comes from the loss of Finn, her family. But I think a definitely significant amount of it also comes from the loss of her trust in Clarke. In Raven’s eyes, Clarke let her down. Clarke didn’t save Finn. Even if in our eyes or Clarke’s eyes, she did save Raven. 

Now we’re nearing the end of season three and Raven is of course, grieving. She’s taking a back seat in some ways in the story because Clarke is off somewhere else and as we know, this story mostly follows Clarke. But she’s there at the radio. She’s still home base. She’s the hug before Clarke leaves, the voice when Bellamy calls, the brain of the operation back at home. That hug broke my heart. Raven is definitely a feeler, as unfeeling as she sometimes appears to want to seem. Even though Clarke broke her heart, she cares about her a lot and they need that moment. Just as important is the one before it when Clarke is panicking and they’re challenging each other and yet even though they’re doing that, Raven reminds Clarke she can still do it, just like all the times Clarke reminded Raven she could. They push each other, they challenge each other, but they still have faith in everything the other can do. No other characters in the show have shown the unwavering support for each other’s skills and choices that Clarke and Raven do, while still making sure to check them on their crap when they have to. 

I will always see Raven as a sort of beacon to Clarke. She’s a light. She was the shooting star, and the beacon that brought Clarke back to Camp Jaha. She’s home base. She’s a protector. imagination, creativity, hands and heart where Clarke is courage and logic, leadership, and righteousness. She’s the one holding Clarke back to smells the flowers, hugging her before she leaves for danger with no uncertainty that she can do it and will return. But in being that, her own skills aren’t negated. She is just as valuable to the cause and Clarke values her just as much. Clarke is the person that picks Raven first, that values her skills, protects her heart. Would I love in some way to see them maybe end up together when it’s all over especially since now Clarke is bis? Oh heck yes. But even with that, I see a love story all over them. Ever since it began, I see so much between them, in symbolism and context. It’s already there and built and the love between them is super significant to me. 

(I realize this definitely turned into a shipper trash ramble or something. It’s probably not ver cohesive or coherent but that’s my thoughts in a sort of long nut shell).

Sakurai Reika Official Blog Translation (2015.02.28)

New single “Inochi wa Utsukushii” Jacket shooting is extremely cold
(the jacket shooting) conducted in the Kujukuri Beach!

I did a character movement!



Even though it’s small, i’m doing my best for the shoot!!

Footprints of beach bird

Manager’s footprints

Inochi wa utsukushii

The beach in the winter is really cold

But anyway,
The jacket picture was already released, right~ 

I really love the current condition at this time!
Even everything has makes me like something, but I’m really attracted with something right now

The scenery and atmosphere at the shooting time,
I wonder how come the giddiness mysteriously hampers me at that time??

I wanna back again to that time once more!

Even though it was introduced in Misa’s blog,
But for now, individual PV is a pair works!!

I’m with Misa, two of us~
The description is….. I’m doing various things with Misa already so please look for us there (´m`)

Looking forward for it〜♪

I always look like death in these pics thanks to the quality of my webcam. Anyway, did a ponytail in a hopeless effort to control my hair. Felt a bit nauseous after taking my weekly dose of metothrexate and messed my stomach up. Hopefully this cold or whatever doesn’t start to act up.

Today is Rare Disease Day. Did a post about it on my Finnish blog and shared the post on our national rare disease advocates’ Facebook.

omg guizeeee

Tonight was awesome. So I went to a slam poetry competition on campus. My application was totally last-minute, I wasn’t feeling 100% confident to do it, but did it anyway, and I WON. Which means I get to record the winning poem — I will very much post it here for all you lovelies to hear.

I’m just so flattered. I feel so validated and loved. A lot of other awesome stuff happened this week too, and I just feel like things in my life are looking up and I’m just so, so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That is all!  

Mini Rant

I was really looking forward to my nutrition class this semester, but I didn’t realize how triggering it would be. My professor recently assigned a project where we had to track everything we ate for a week, then write a reflection on it. Obviously counting calories/fats/etc. while trying to recover from an eating disorder is a pretty bad idea…but I did it anyway, and it fucking sucked. On wednesday we were learning about lipids, and my professor pulled this yellow blob out from under her desk. At first I couldn’t tell what it was, then she said, “This is a model of what 5lbs. of fat looks like.” I almost cried.

It hasn’t triggered me into restricting again, but I’ve started feeling so guilty after eating again. I put on about 3lbs this month which I was proud of, but now I’m feeling kinda gross about it. Blah. 


That’s it, that’s the hair cut. The lady cutting it deserves a medal because she was so patient and took her time with me. Every time she cut she double checked how much short I wanted it to be, and I could tell she was trying really hard. I couldn’t ask for anyone to do it better, because this turned out really well, and I’m very satisfied with it. 

My mother was a bit stunned, and she’s making jokes about how she’s always wanted a son anyway. Step-father didn’t even say a word which is perfect. Step-mother really digs it, and we’re going to see how my dad reacts next time I get on Skype. According to my mother, I look like my dad did when he was in his twenties. 

Yes, I know the pictures look blue. No, I am not going to take the time to fix it. 


makoharu + otp tags

↳ specially for kintokie​, Happy 3 months belated Birthday Qistina! ♥


Suzuya Juuzou, the adorable Investigator (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


episode 12: if this feeling isn’t love, then there is no love in the world


Get to know me meme | (1/5) actresses → Rose Leslie

You know what? I don’t necessarily want to shed my Ygritte character. I absolutely love her; I really, really, really did love her. She holds a special place in my heart. I think that’s an obstacle that any actor who’s fortunate enough to work comes across; it’s really making sure that you play characters that vary, and that you’re able to show your range, and do something that’s not predictable.”


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After a THOUSAND things getting in our way, believeinbritboys and I are finally posting our collab!! These OT5 babies are sooo overdue, let me tell you. But I think I can speak for both of us when I say we had a lot of fun doing this! Hopefully, the first of many ^^

Fetus Direction (on top): lines by believeinbritboys // colours by 1d-likes

Manband Direction (bottom): lines by 1d-likes // colours by believeinbritboys