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"How much have you had to drink?" René looks slightly impressed, but also distinctly worried. "You're going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow."

“No, ‘m not,” She argued, pausing before taking another sip, “Only had a coupla’ bottles so far.  Just get some wa’er, or juice, or some’in later, and I’ll be juuuust fiiiiine.  Or maybe just…only kinda fine, but, eh, who cares?”

Satisfied with her argument, she tipped her head back and engaged in another long draw from her drink.  Tonight was just made for getting drunk.  But, really, any night could be if you tried hard enough.

One Year

It has already been one year! It doesn’t seem that long ago, but then when I look at all your accomplishments today it reminds me that you’ve come a really long way. 

Thank you for staying strong. Thank you for believing in yourself. Thank you for knowing how to love yourself. Thank you for taking care of your health. Thank you for making sure your mother wouldn’t have to worry about you for much longer. Thank you for making sure WE wouldn’t have to worry about you too much. Thank you for holding on to your dignity. Thank you for working hard for your dreams. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your smiles. Thank you for your laughter. Thank you for your determination. Thank you for giving us things to look forward to. Thank you for making us proud.

May you have a bright and successful future ahead. 

When I first heard We Don’t Believe What’s On TV, I thought Tyler was comparing his relationship with Jenna with the ones they portray on TV. “If you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds and we’ll make money selling your hair”, saying that that relationships shown on TV are very much based around how a person looks/their style. But he doesn’t care about the way Jenna’s style or anything, he just cares about what she’s like inside “I don’t care what’s in your hair, I just wanna know what’s on your mind”. “I used to say I wanna die before I’m old, but because of you I might think twice”; he wants to grow old with her. “We don’t believe what’s on TV, cause it’s what we want to see”; regardless of the fact that the relationships on TV are perfect, he knows his relationship with Jenna won’t always be perfect, so they can’t believe what’s shown. I don’t know, when I first heard the song that’s what I thought of

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but would you ever dress hipster?? they look so silly sometimes and get so much shit

I want to dress like that because it makes me feel good. Others probably feel the same. I’m cute as hell and don’t think I look silly at all

Dressing how you want without caring about other’s opinions increases confidence and happiness tenfold. Who could have known???

very good last night out! celebrated my friend’s birthday and saw most people who I wanted to seen before they left (except for like 3, but whatever)
Freshman year is over and this is kind of surreal. I can’t wait for the new people I’ll meet and new relationships I’ll make over the summer.

~insert goofy comment about how I do not intend to speak on behalf of jc penney (because there was so much stuff in my training about being careful on social media to remind folks that my opinion is only my own and not theirs)~

in less serious news, i’ve developed a minor obsession w deadly premonition over the last few days?
i want to play it SO BADLY, it looks so beautifully bizarre and hilarious and fucking awful And Yet

like you can just tell how much the devs cared about making a world & characters that are super quirky and feel really alive and detailed, and how little they cared about everything else (except the apparently super mindscrewy plot)
it’s so unique & so perfectly up my alley   
and i think it goes without saying that york is already My Beautiful Flawless Son
and i’d probably have a ton to say about the game but… i have to wait… until the summer sale… and hope it gets at least 70% off

as strangely charming as it is, i cannot justify buying smth that looks and runs like you’re emulating a glitched ps2 iso on a mediocre office computer for 25€ in the year 2015, especially when i, WAIT, HOLY FUCK, IT’S THE FUCKIN FIFTEENTH!!!

ive been looking for jobs pretty much constantly for the past few days and every single one the requirements are like “must be organized! must be on time always, reliable, and able to follow directions! must be able to multitask! have be able to get things done in a timely manner” and answering these job postings is basically an exercise in how thoroughly i can bullshit. 

Okay, but imagine if Inukashi had actually poisoned the ring they scratched Shion with when they first met because he’s so happy and carefree and anyone who can walk around West Block like that must be a devastatingly dangerous person especially with how much said person sticks out and looks vulnerable AND they’re walking around with Nezumi?? Imagine Inukashi’s instinct and will to survive and in order to do that such an obvious threat has to be taken care of so they poison Shion and it takes a while because they’re smart enough not to make their target die immediately so Shion and Nezumi head back to their bunker and suddenly Shion dies and there’s nothing Nezumi can do about it so the boy he’s been trying to save suddenly dies in his arms and it takes a minute but Nezumi figures out what Inukashi did and he flips out and fights Inukashi but instead of stopping like he normally does he just kills Inukashi and they’re left to bleed out and panic because their worst fear is being realised and the one they were hoping could ease the pain is the one that wants them dead and Nezumi becomes colder and more distant than he was before and oh my gosh why did I have to think of this


A haircut update for anyone who may want to know… it happened. I am so happy with how it looks and am proud of myself fot doing it. I already feel so much more confident. I didn’t realize how much my hair made me feel invalid or dysphoric…but now I do. So there it is, I cut it off. I also cried. It may seem really insignificant, but this was a huge step for me. My heart hurts just a little bit less for the time being. Thank you to the people who responded to my last post about it, you gave me the confidence I needed to just fucking do it. It is nice to feel like someone is there for you, even in a little way.