He’s Going to Kill Me -M







Context? What context?


Makoto: This is all for me?

Nagisa: During the preparation, Rin-chan was really revved up, you know? Even the hiding until you came in to surprise you was all Rin-chan!

Rei: Even though he’s busy, he’s always so early to prepare!

Rin: (sputtering) I only came because you were annoying me to come!

Everyone: (laughing)

Rin: (grumpy) What?

I’m kinda low-key worried, well worried isn’t really the right word, maybe more like curious, what’s going on with Mark. He’s seemed really distant? Like he was doing really great with his upload schedule and all that, but ever since the livestream it’s been really random and there have been a few times he’s only uploaded one video a day, and I hope everything is okay with him.


Okay… Am I the only one who thinks this scene was ultra CANON for these 2??

First off, let us look at these screencaps. We know for sure that this is in fact a fake motorcycle, right? Yes? 


Look at the first screencap… We know that Howard can easily sit here holding on to little to nothing. (AKA, Randy’s shoulder)

Look at the second one… He wrapped his arms around Randy’s waist. But… is there truly a reason to do this? He doesn’t HAVE to, right? So why is he.

Don’t even get me started on the 3rd one… THEIR FACEs ARE TOUchING, cheek to cheek. Notice how Randy is pretty neutral to this. If this wasn’t an everyday thing (contact wise) wouldn’t he be nervous, blushing, trying to pull away, etc? And don’t just say: “Oh, maybe he’s the kind of guy who just doesn’t have personal space?”

Ahem… notice he seems angry/pissed. However, we know he was already slightly peeved in this scene. Like, he wasn’t all happy and up-beat… He wasn’t in the previous screencap either, though… I’m rambling, now, i’m so sorry. ;V;

Weinerham is already at LEAST 85% canon, imo, tbh–

*flies away*

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my friend is turning 16 and she's in a relationship with a 26 yr old guy and she wont listen to me when i tell her its not okay or a good idea??? she thinkss he loves her but i doubt it, he's nearly 30???

shes TURNING 16 so shes 15 now omg???

well, i hope she has a way to drive to the jail he gets sent to for visiting hours

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okay but what about the last post (with steve getting help from pietro) except it's post-serum steve? cause i think he'd act different from pre-serum steve. thanks.

The other post, with skinny!Steve, is here.

Since hitting his growth spurt the summer between the end of high school and his freshman year at college - a surprise to everyone who knew him, including himself - people had taken to staring at him.

It was disconcerting.

People would just… look at him, and it often made the artist extremely uncomfortable and self conscious, mainly because he couldn’t figure out why. And sometimes, like now, people would follow him, for a bit. He was usually pretty sure they were headed the same way he was, and just used the opportunity to stare at him - Bucky promised he’d explain once it stopped being funny, which apparently hadn’t happened yet - except today.

It was the guy who’d asked him out after class the other day. Steve’d turned him down in the nicest way he knew how. The man, Jeremy, had asked again a few days later, and Steve had said no once more. And now, Jeremy was following him. Steve tried to tell himself that it was just coincidence - but Jeremy was still there after ten minutes, regardless of how many turns Steve made on the busy, unfamiliar Harlem streets. 

Up ahead was a small cafe with outdoor seating and a man sitting alone, facing away from him. Steve slid into the seat opposite, plastered a huge smile on his face and said,

“This guy won’t take no for an answer and keeps following me, could you pretend to be my date?” The handsome man blinked, raised an eyebrow, but before he could answer, Jeremy was at their table.

“Steve! What a surprise seeing you here.” He lied, and then turned to glare at the man whos table Steve had commandeered.

“Who’s your… friend?” Steve felt a bit offended on the other mans behalf.

“Sam.” The man said, and reached across the table to hold Steves hand.

“And I’m his boyfriend, actually.” Sams smile was serene, like he couldn’t see the way Jeremys face twisted into a scowl.

“We’re on a date, actually, so if you wouldn’t mind…” Steve trailed off, awkwardly, but Sam stepped up to the fake boyfriend plate.

“Bye.” Sam said, leaving no room for any argument, and Jeremy only hesitated for a few seconds before leaving. Steve sagged with relief when Jeremy was out of sight, and beamed at Sam.

“Thank you so much; how can I repay you?” Sam grinned, leaning forward over the table.

“Buy me a coffee?” They’re still holding hands, Steve only realises when Sam rubs a thumb over the back of Steves knuckles. Steve can’t help the blush, and nods.

Okay but has this AU been done? Rhodey drags a disgruntled and unmotivated Tony Stark to the gym (because you don’t exercise enough, come on, its three days a week, tones) and Tony hates it, like no, are you kidding me with this, but when they get to the gym Tony notices a gorgeous blonde weight training with his squad (an equally handsome man with a prosthetic and quite possibly the most gorgeous redhead he’s ever seen that he’s quite sure could kill him with one punch) and suddenly Tony’s like you know Rhodey I do need to work out why don’t we make it five or six days a week? And eventually the gorgeous blonde notices the weird goatee guy who deadlifts 10lbs dumbbells incorrectly almost everyday and just just just stupid gym AU okay

jeff winger is the biggest dork 

he tells annie ‘the heart, which some cynics say is code for the penis, wants what it wants’

we know that that he’s been sexually attracted to annie since debate 109 (hell s3′s opener and ‘we’re gonna sleep together’ is HIS fantasy) but he refused to admit that he felt anything more than that because he wasn’t ready to admit it to himself let alone to annie

jeff refused to believe he loved annie because he didn’t believe in love

he’s the cynic he’s telling her about, he’s the one who refused to believe anything but the idea that his feelings for her were just sexual attraction

until now 

it wasn’t until now that he was ready to tell annie that  not only does he WANT her, but he LOVES her in every sense of the word 

and he’s pretty much admitting to her that he was an idiot before because not admitting he felt more than sexual attraction for her pretty much ensured he had to let her go

what a dork 

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Rayman.... I accidently tore your sweater..

-“Oh, its okay sweetie, all we make mistakes.” -He chuckled the boy as he stroked her hair.

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"Unidentified wilderness, no contact with my unit, and strange creatures i can't identify. Okay Andrew, you've woken up to worse." He was currently standing over a dead Varren, the quadruped bleeding from a single neat gunshot wound in its head. (Is this okay? Like a weird time travel thing?)


“Hello?” Tali said as she cautiously walked up to the being that seemed to be talking to himself. She presented herself nicely though under her tinted mask a serious expression made way. She held a gun in her hand as she saw the lifeless victim on the ground before the human.


Photos: an actual PDF attachment my mam sent to me via email, my face, my best meal lately of toast with marmite and beans. My boss was like ‘a last of what’s in the cupboards meal??’ And I was like no dude I have a ridiculously full fridge and freezer. I chose this life voluntarily and idegaf.

• its my Friday! Aka I’m off for two days after today. Doing all kinds of crazy exciting things like seeing my GP, washing my clothes, writing to my nana #offthechain.

• Realistically tho I am also going on a POF date tomorrow i think. I don’t know how I feel about that. At last contact we were talking about going for a full sit down meal but I’m like yak save me the discomfort of that plz. We will see if it occurs or not. He seems okay. I liked him at first then my interest dwindled as it always does? I haven’t met him in person? He similarly works shifts and seems a fun dude. He does crossfit!

• i am feeling much better about the guy that was mean to me. I don’t want to dwell on it anymore except to say the following really really did make me feel a zillion times better 1) reminding myself that actually nothing had changed. People who loved me still do people who didn’t still don’t. He either said it to be a wanker and hurt me (likely) or because he really thinks it but either way it has no larger ripple effect. 2) he wants me to be upset. I thought about texting him to get a coffee and talk a little more but then I was like why act like I’ve given it any further consideration? He wants to be that powerful and influential but he’s not deserving of it. Sack that off. 3) my sister telling me he’s an irl internet troll. I showed her a pic of him and she was hilarious and mean but I needed reminding that he’s just a boy and not this all knowing figure who saw all my flaws.
I’m not a machine sometimes I feel weak and sad and wonder if I’m all these things he said I was but those things really help me not to focus too hard on what he thinks or says.

• Also since then I’ve seen him with others and he’s made weirdly partly flirtatious suggestive comments and I’m like ??. Like I wish I could show you my wide eyed disbelief when I’m like you’re doing this?? What???

• Got some great feedback at work today and feel pretty nifty. Proper clever clogs 👞👟

• I’ve been eating pretty poorly but that’s okay. I’m not worried. I’ve been getting to the gym and my clothes still fit.

• I went to my new flat last night and had dinner with my soon to be housemate and a couple of her friends and it was really nice. We drank wine and ate chilli. We talked about boys and girls and dating and food. Is this my sex and the city moment? Then we went on tinder and compared matches. Most hilarious were the matches who had sent us identical messages and she was like shall we send some identical messages back? It was a bit of a cringe but so so funny. I really need more single girls in my life who 'get it’ so it’ll be nice to live with one. I’m looking forward to being there although I’m still happy where I am and spending a bit more time with the boy housemates lately. One of the boys gfs is pregnant and she’s 41 (he’s 36) and she was giving me all this pregnant 41 year old advice about being young fun and single and not settling for a rubbish or bad boy. I can dig that!

• and now I’m off to order a curry and drink a beer. Haters gon hate but it’s Friday bitches 😎

What if Sherlock knew about John’s feelings for him in the end of trf

Look at it this way: Sherlock lies on the ground pretending to be dead. He sees Johns reaction. He witnesses how John’s entire world falls apart because he just saw Sherlock jump. 

The next thing we know he saw was John’s little speech at Sherlock’s grave. Sherlock watches as John basically begs him to come back to life for him. Let’s assume that is actually the last thing Sherlock sees of John before he vanishes for two years. 

When he comes back after this torturous time he appears to be extremely convinced about John’s feelings: 

“What life? I’ve been away.”

Until he enters the restaurant and sees John. Suddenly he stops and and looks a bit helpless. He has probably just deduced that John is here on a date and about to propose to someone. I mean Sherlock notices such things. 

What does he do now? He panics. 

I can’t really believe Sherlock didn’t plan his reunion with John in great detail, so why did he fuck up so badly if not because there was something he didn’t see coming that made him panic. 

After that evening he is convinced that even if John has been in love with him two years ago, he certainly isn’t now. Not anymore. So he decides that the best thing he can do is make John live a happy life with the person he loves now, because he failed to do so last time.

Dengeki Daisy-Age Gap

I want to just shout out Dengeki Daisy for how appropriate the artist displays their relationship. Unlike other mangas where there is a large age gap, Kurosaki knows his limits and does a good job controlling his urges. As you read throughout the manga, there isn’t a point where he pushes himself on her or forcefully makes her do something out of her own will. He makes sure that he waits until she has graduated until he can lay his hands on her. There’s barely any makeout sessions, no touchy touchy-ness going on. Their first kiss isn’t until around like chapter 60, which is near the end of the story. 

Sometimes when i read stories with the same situation, and the male protagonist is already having sex with the young female protagonist, i’m like yo… she young as hell. I feel like when young girls read these types of stories, they start to think its okay to date an older guy and do intimate things with him. When you’re under 18 y/o, this is your prime, go live your life while you don’t have priorities and responsibilities. Television and stories like these prioritize finding a significant other as soon as you can, lemme tell you homegirl, it ain’t!! I’m not saying you’re not supposed to have a boyfriend/girlfriend before you turn 18, but don’t center your life around one person or being in a relationship so soon. 

I know some of ya’ll are gonna be like “Calm down its just a story,” but frfr though, i can admit that because of reading so many shoujo mangas i dreamt of having a “shoujo manga relationship” and having extremely high standards. It influences a lot of us! 

Let me know your opinions about large age gaps, or share a story about being in a relationship with a large age gap!