But Damon was held in a prison world for 4 months where he had to live the same day over and over again

Everyday there’s an eclipse

This time there was an eclipse too, But just as he kissed Elena the sun came up and filled the world with light

Just like Elena did to Damon’s world

He was finally Home


chu learns how to gif: bo/tamsin in 3x12

A letter to Markiplier:

I never do this kind of stuff because…I prefer to draw art, I am not good with words. But I don’t want to bottle up my feelings so here it is:

Hello markiplier:

I am sorry if you’re busy and you cannot read this now but I wanted to write this for you.

You may know me, my friend serenamidori recorded a video about you saying “hi” to me, which it was the sweetest thing and I am really happy for that.

What I wanted to say is that I am really happy that I discovered your channel and started watching your videos, they really can make me smile. Even cry, if they are sad, but you always find a way to make me smile at the end.

I am suffering from depression and anxiety, and honestly there’s a lot of times where I don’t see if I matter to this place or world anymore, I did really bad shit time ago and there’s sometimes that there’s a part of me that wants to end it all. But at the same time I want to stay here because of this community and you. I live far away, in Barcelona. And meeting you or any of my friends on this amazing community would be the best thing. But I have no money to travel.

That’s why I am writing you this letter. From the bottom of my heart and the stupid tears im dropping right now; thank you.

For being such a wonderful human being, for helping me smile or cheer up when I really need it. I am really happy that you like my art and I intend to keep on doing fanart for you.

I didn’t want this letter to become such a sad thing, I wanted to make you see how wonderful you are and that you truly make me want to keeo going on life.

Thank you Mark. For everything.

Lala (Monodes)


Max Irons as Henry Lazar in Red Riding Hood (2011)

Hey girls!

Shinya is waiting for Sumireko but she gets nothing to do and thus she flirted with the girls passing by. Sumireko wished she can slap Banba when she is in this mode, but her hands have better things to do.

Shorthaired!Banba AU if someone still remember this lmao

When was the last time I posted a picture of my face on tumblr? :O anyway, it’s almost friday!! Which means you got through your first/second week of school!! Good job! I’m super tired running around between uni and the house hahaha but it’s just this semester… Hopefully…