I really love how each time we’ve seen a Gem regenerate after being “killed,” her new outfit reflects the way her old form was destroyed in a really defiant way. Like with Pearl:

She was stabbed through the torso from behind while she was off-guard by a hologram version of herself that was set to easy mode, something which would certainly have been an affront to her sense of sportswomanship, especially considering how skilled she is at sword fighting. Correspondingly, her new outfit has a ribbon reinforcing her abdomen, the colours are stronger, Rose’s star symbol is more prominent, and the material is less float-y. Overall, the outfit seems better for combat and more representative of Pearl’s fighting spirit. As for Garnet:

She was forced to defuse by being split in half, then had her two halves separated by Jasper, who had called her fusion a “shameless display” just beforehand and would have kept her defused forever if she’d had her way. Consequently, her new outfit is more symmetrical and is red and blue (i.e. Ruby and Saphire) rather than pink and black. The tones of the outfit are still overlaid with a dark pink tint, though, representative of the colour of garnets. Overall, it seems like a pretty big fuck-you to anyone who thinks fusion is just “a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.”

anonymous asked:

hey there! you must get this question a lot so sorry if I'm being annoying. feel free not to answer if I am. when do you think zayn will be coming back? I just feel like there's been a happening/changing since I last saw someone estimate this, despite there being posts about changes in HOW in would happen. is the current estimate still the next leg of the tour, or is it earlier/later now? thanks for keeping up your great blog; love your perspective and chill!

Hey nonnie. Thanks for the blog love. Wellllll, I still think the smartest thing to do would be to bring Zayn back for the Cardiff shows (June 5th & 6th). It would be a symbolic triumph for them. It all started in the UK–they weathered the storm and came back together in the UK (the articles would write themselves). And the ensuing media frenzy would be a good way to motivate European and American fans into buying tickets (since none of the remaining shows outside the UK and Ireland are sold out). And since they’re planning an updated setlist per Liam, it’s also a great time to replace some of those UAN and TMH songs with more mature sounding MM and Four songs to reel in those older fans. They have all the elements needed to pull off a hugely successful PR stunt. Fingers crossed it all comes together.

The weekends move way too fast. I feel like I’m always playing catch-up on days when I am supposed to be resting. I’ve had this sacred signs and symbols book that i love to pull out and look at every once in a while and I let myself just get lost in it… 

So, I was reading the interview where D&D excuse their idea of replacing Jeyne Poole with Sansa and besides the fact that they completely misunderstood littlefingers character there was also this : “You have this storyline with Ramsay. Do you have one of your leading ladies—who is an incredibly talented actor who we’ve followed for five years and viewers love and adore—do it? Or do you bring in a new character to do it? To me, the question answers itself: You use the character the audience is invested in.”

THIS MADE ME SO MAD!! This arc was never about Jeyne Poole, she is a tool in Theon’s arc, and a very important character in relation to Theon! Why are they pretending this is her arc? The point is that she’s a minor character that as a book reader we don’t know all that well, which is pretty symbolic considering the fact that in the world she lives in she’s politically undervalued. WHICH IS THE POINT! She’s insignificant in many ways to many people, but not to Theon, he values her for who she is! That is the point of her character. Sansa is pretty much the opposite of that!? Jeyne Poole’s storyline is dramatic because of Theon, it’s HIS arc! And what are they gonna do now, now all the sudden its Sansa’s arc! So either they’re giving her another damsel in distress arc, which she has already had and has passed by and grown through at this point OR they screw up Theon’s arc in favor of giving it to a character who wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place! And than D&D claim they love Theon, yeah right!!

Turn the Internet Red for Marriage Equality

With only one day left until the Supreme Court hears Obergefell v. Hodges, the historic marriage equality case, NOW is the time to go red in support of nationwide marriage equality.

In 2013, the simple red HRC logo came to symbolize a transformative moment for equality prior to the oral arguments in United States v Windsor and Hollingsworth v Perry.

Since then, more than 80 cases have made their way through federal and state courts–and countless lawyers, litigation organizations and plaintiffs have worked tirelessly for decades to make the progress of Obergefell possible.

While a ruling is not expected until this summer, now is a crucial time to show your support for marriage equality. While the historic Supreme Court cases in 2013 struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act and brought marriage equality back to California, the current case before SCOTUS has the potential to allow for nationwide marriage equality. Go red today.

Show the world that Love Cant Wait and change your profile today at hrc.org/red.

Layered + Long Necklace

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share a special item that I’ve been wearing for the past couple of months that means a lot to me!  When I was pregnant with Brielle, I was searching Etsy for an artisan who could make a personalized necklace for me with the initials of our family.  I came across an Etsy shop called “Layered and Long” run by Chrissy Lavdovsky that has beautifully delicate necklaces that can not only be personalized, but also layered in gorgeous ways.  

After browsing through all her items, I settled upon the “Personalized Skinny Bar Necklace” in 14k gold fill and had it customized with the letters “rsmb” (Ryan, Stephanie, Myla, Brielle) and a heart.  You get to choose your chain length, what letter style or symbols you want, and where you want the letters to be positioned.  

I was so excited to receive my necklace in the mail and was very impressed by the beautiful packaging that included a tiny cloth and instructions on how to keep it clean!  My necklace arrived in November, but I didn’t start wearing it till after Brielle was born in December as we were keeping her name a surprise, and I didn’t want people asking what the “b” stood for :)  And if the ultrasound had been wrong and we were surprised with a son, then we would’ve had to scramble and quickly think of a boy name starting with a “b” (haha just kidding :P)…

This personalized, handmade necklace is such a dainty and beautiful piece that I wear all the time.  It has an understated elegance and is so versatile, and I love how it carries the initial of our family members who are dear to my heart!  For the time being, I just ordered one necklace, but I absolutely love how Chrissy layers her pieces with different chain lengths and shapes and how she has paired some of her necklaces together with her various layered necklace sets (for example, see HERE).

As you know, I love accessorizing, and I proudly wore some of my other favourite handmade pieces over the weekend and during this photoshoot: my earrings are by Dorian of CoutuKitsch from Calgary and my cream chained watch is by Jessie and Emily of Berg & Betts from Edmonton (don’t forget that you get free worldwide shipping when you purchase their watches till the end of April with code “ALLABOUTAMI”- see my blog post HERE for further details)!

I wanted to share my beautiful necklace with you all in case you want to have one made for someone special in your life or you want to have one personalized for yourself too!  Chrissy has a large selection of pieces available, and I’ve seen people gift these necklaces to their bridesmaids or personalize them with their wedding anniversary, a phrase they love, or even the geographic coordinates of a special location!  Check out Chrissy’s store HERE and also follow her on Instagram and Facebook!


Darren promised Cassandra he only needed one more sitting and her portrait would be done. So, Cassie left Caleb with his ecstatic grandfather and headed over to the Dreamer’s. 

“You look happy, Darren.”

“Oh? Well, so do you actually.”

Cassie chuckled. 

“I think you are confusing happy with sleep deprived” she replied. “I’m assuming things are going well with Brandi then?”

Darren didn’t respond immediately. His feelings for Brandi were still new. In many ways they had a lot in common and were well suited for each other. He really was happy and yet he couldn’t shake his feelings for Cassie. He hoped that when he finished her portrait and wrapped it up he could also symbolically wrap up all his residual feelings for her too.  

“Yes. We’re going to go out tomorrow night while all the boys hang out.”

“That’s great! Maybe I can meet her one day.”

Darren made a non-committal sound as he finished up the painting.

“It’s done. What do you think?”

“It’s wonderful, Darren. You really do make me look so pretty.”

“That’s because you are, Cassie.”

Vriska’s manipulation, or any Serket actually, has never been hidden from the reader, Hussie has always made sure to draw the Scorpio symbol above their heads to symbolise what’s going on. it would be weird, and honestly way too convenient to suddenly change that.


Ok Tumblr we need to have a little talk. This is called the Hamsa; it is a religious symbol and cultural symbol for those who are Jewish, Arabic, Hindu, and from Northern Africa. So here’s the issue way too many people who have no connection to these cultures or religions are getting them tattooed or wearing clothing that have the Hamsa on them. I’m sorry to tell you folks, but the truth of the matter is what is being done is culture appropriation and extremely wrong.  

anonymous asked:

Have you ever read the Book of Enoch? Any opinions either way?

I have! It has that monstrous strangeness and dense symbolism that you can only really get from early Jewish mysticism, with a kind of emphasis on Gnostic/Hermetic twist you won’t see until medieval angelology and demonology picks it up again a thousand years later.

I’ve used it as background for some of my writing (primarily the Book of Watchers, and then mostly for my Nephilim pieces) but otherwise I don’t have any strong feelings on it, and it definitely doesn’t figure into the Christian canon or my personal beliefs.

anonymous asked:

hi there! not in an accusing way or mean way or anything; but i am kinda confused on why the blurryface thing is not good for ppl? like why did it bring u back to smthing bad? i just dont really understand and im trying to. its ok if u dont want to answer though, but thanks ! (:

What’s been the most distressing to me personally is the aggressive way that Blurryface types, the sporadic posting, and the clear mal-intent. To be honest, I’m not even sure how it managed this, but it brings me back to my own feelings of anxiety. Blurryface is a manifestation of inner demons and i guess its scary for me to see something like that, even if logically i know its a symbol, having so much influence. It’s hard for me because even though i know that Blurryface is only a marketing tactic, i still feel threatened by it and it’s really scary to feel threatened by something and not have any way of predicting or controlling it. I think maybe what is disturbing me and others is that Blurryface is a frighteningly accurate depiction of inner demons and how there is no control over them, so it brings back memories and feelings of my own struggles with that. 

Im sorry, I probably did a really crappy job explaining that. and thank you for asking so nicely!

i'm so tired of this shit. :/

I seriously hate the SS fandom for IGNORING all the shitty and bad shit about their crappy ship and NOT admitting how horribly terrible their ship is at this point. why keep being in denial about how bad your ship is? why do you guys think its the “best ship ever”? because sakura “loves” sasuke? that’s it? why is it so hard for you to accept the harsh reality that sasuke DOES NOT LOVE OR CARE ABOUT SAKURA IN A ROMANTIC WAY?

I just find it sick that all most of you care about is that they had sex and sakura is wearing the uchiha symbol (which by the way she DOES NOT deserve to wear.) and that you don’t really care about shit your ship is or how unhappy everyone in your ship is. then you guys have the nerve to hate and trash on sasuke because he doesn’t live up to your fantasies, i’m sorry, but this is SASUKE FUCKING UCHIHA, WTF were you EXPECTING???? he is a TRAMATIZED AND MENTALLY FUCKED MAN, NOT SOME “BAD BOY” THAT SAKURA CAN “FIX” WITH HER SELFISH “LOVE”. god WAKE UP PEOPLE, PLEASE.

Moe Satt, F n’ F (Face & Fingers), 2009, black and white photograph with text. 

Myanmar-based artist Moe Satt began to explore performance by understanding his own body -as a symbolic field in which explorations of the self manifest. For his work F n’ F (Face & Fingers), he learned the daily hand gestures of people on the streets of Yangon, registering they way people communicate with their body without the use of speech. He then choreographed a sequence of these movements, giving each pose a descriptive meaning, which he used as titles for a series of photographs documenting the process. 

Some of these face-hand gestures, like the one labeled “Gun,” embody a reminiscence of fear and repression. However, most of the meanings of the poses are rather subjective, related to feelings that Moe Satt associates with his personal memories.

Deal with the Devil

It had taken weeks of tireless research, following one dead end lead or another, leaving behind charlatans, superstitious nonsense and even a few bodies in their wake. Kathrine was a patient woman however, she would find what she sought, one way or another.

Sew didn’t share that confidence, in fact, after her last experience with it she wanted nothing to do with magic of any kind. But she would follow Kathrine anywhere so follow she did, fulfilling her role as an assistant and bodyguard.

All their research seemed to keep pointing them to an old legend about a magical family line deep in the coldest parts of Atlas, after sifting through several old library’s and breaking into at least one museum they’d managed to find a symbol similar to the ones Liddy had branded them with.

Research suggested that the symbols were inexorably linked to a specific person, so Kathrine planned to draw out whoever was connected to this new symbol and negotiate or coerce them into helping her learn more about this magic.

It all came down to this, with a steady surgeons hand Kathrine recreated the symbol on a large bare wall in their rented cabin, stepping back once it was complete. “Now, we wait.”

  • me:*writes fanfiction*
  • me:*works in low-key and subtle symbolism pretending like I'm some super-deep and complex writer*
  • me:...
  • me:*instantly wants to explain all the symbolism to everyone without the least bit of tact or subtly*
4/22/15 Upd8 P2: Vriskagram


Ahem, apologies. Favorite character and all that. SQUEE! *cough*

Reaction and speculation below!

First thing of note: Vriska has a new symbol! Oh come on, there was no way this *couldn’t* be her symbol. It’s a very well-done looking one too.

And here we are, new Alpha!Vriska, to the tune of “Moonsetter” no less! What’s she up to?

An Instagram parody? Interesting. I’ve never even touched Instagram (thought I’ve heard of it), so this probably doesn’t have as much impact for me. That aside, looks like we’re getting a ‘montage’ of her time on the meteor. Hell yes!

Heh, Karkat still got clobbered by John’s ‘bucket message’!

Unfortunately, this becomes mildly depressing when you realize that shortly after this, THIS happened:


Bwahahaha! Rose looks very unimpressed. This is just so…Vriska, it’s hilarious!

Uh oh, Gamzee…But wait…I thought Terezi came to Gamzee in the original timeline…?

Let’s see:

Whoa, it was never said Terezi was the one to make the ‘first move’. It just…happened. See, THIS is why I make a point to check EVERYTHING when writing this stuff. If Gamzee was coming onto Terezi like he was here, given her absolute *crap* self-worth after killing Vriska…Dang, I knew it was an abusive relationship but this just makes it creepier.

Unfortunately for Gamzee, Terezi in ‘this’ timeline is far less open to his advances.

And of course.

Given the tension that defined their relationship for so long, it’s heartwarming to see that the ‘Scourge Sisters’ are finally back together. Vriska had been trying to mend bridges with Terezi for a while, right from their first conversation actually, but Terezi was understandably resistant:

And during Alterniabound:

When Murderstuck happened, as we know, in the original timeline Terezi tried *really* hard to convince herself that Vriska was the bad guy who needed to be brought to justice. But it also began to become clear that despite her best efforts, Terezi still cared for her:

And in the original, ‘doomed’ timeline where Vriska survived occurred because Terezi couldn’t go through with it:

Sadly, Paradox Space forced Terezi’s hand, leaving her the wreck we knew in the original timeline. In THIS timeline, however, John’s retcon powers gave her a ‘third option.’ This panel really says it all:

Moving on:

Hey, Rosemary!

Oh, hi Vriska. Check out the ‘Light Aspect’ coffee cup she has.

Kanaya and Rose look un-amused that she killed the moment. Look at her face though, what a dork (though isn’t everyone in Homestuck a dork?).

So, does this mean Vriska’s presence interfered with Rosemary? Very possibly. On thinking about it though, that would probably be for the better.

…Oh god, please don’t kill me Rosemary fans. But remember what Karkat said in the ‘old’ timeline concerning Rosemary?:

Rose and Kanaya became worrying codependent on each other, to the point it damaged Kanaya’s relationship with Karkat. And was implied to have interfered with Rose and Dave’s relationship in turn, given one of Dave’s lines at the end of the trip:

Rosemary is a nice pairing, definitely one of the more compatible ones. But if a relationship gets to the point where it starts damaging your other ones, that’s probably not a very healthy relationship. Vriska’s disruption was needed to prevent the above from happening.

I haven’t looked into Rosemary much, so I can’t really say much else definitive. Does this mean it won’t be a thing? Not necessarily. But Rose and Kanaya *cannot* shut themselves away from the others like they did in the ‘original’ timeline. And Rosemary didn’t get off on the most ideal foot either in the old timeline, considering Rose kissed Kanaya while *drunk*. How drunk? Drunk enough that as soon as the kiss finished she started falling down the stairs with a smile on her face, seemingly oblivious to what was happening:

What’s more, Rose remained drunk for most of the trip, and Kanaya refused to address it until the end. What’s worse, it’s stated Rose *lied* to her about alcoholism being a thing:

I don’t know guys. I can see the appeal of Rosemary, but looking over how it occurred during the ‘original’ timeline…Starting a relationship while inebriated is already shaky ground, there’s the implication Rose was drunk to some degree for most of it, and then there was the ‘not leaving each other alone for less then a minute’ mentioned by Karkat which probably contributed to the failure to acknowledge Rose had a problem…

Again, I haven’t done as much looking into Rose and Kanaya as the other patron troll-kid pairings, but I’m seeing enough red flags here that Rosemary not being a thing in this timeline over the course of the meteor trip was probably for the best.

(Again, don’t kill me Rosemary fans! I’m just the analyst, and aside from JohnVris I’m indifferent to pairings.)

I wanted to stop at this panel to note Dave and Karkat are getting along FAR better in this timeline then they did in the old timeline. But then again, a lot of the tension between them in the old timeline came from the fact that they were in a ‘love triangle’ of sort, with Terezi being a mutual romantic interest:

But in this new timeline, John advised Terezi not to date Dave OR Karkat:

Seems she took his advice. Considering how her relationship with Dave crashed and burned in the original timeline, and how she and Karkat…just weren’t going to happen, it was probably for the best. Also, it allowed the two boys to be friends from the start.

Case in point. But look, Rose is drinking. In the original timeline, this was where her problems started. But as we know:

Rose didn’t become a drunk in this new timeline.

And that would be why. Vriska has never been one to ‘tiptoe’ around an issue. That kind of brutal ‘There’s a fucking problem here’ attitude was something the meteor crew needed.

THIS is where I went ‘Wait, fuck, I RECOGNIZE THAT ART STYLE!’ That’s the style of the Homestuck fanartist, ikumaru! Holy crap, they actually got draw for an HS flash! Must be a hella proud moment.

Congratulations, ikumaru! You’ve always been one of my favorite fanartists, and I’m so happy you got to contribute to the comic like this!

On another note, damn the DaveKat is strong in this one…

Oh, HEY, I was wondering about this after ‘She’s 8ack’:

Also in the ‘new’ version of the scene, Terezi still has her glasses, which means she’s still blind, which in turn means Aranea never got to her. I wonder if this version of the meteor encountered the A1 trolls at all…

Guess this easily answer that question. Also, watch the numbers I added, they’ll be important in a few here. These are some absolutely *adorable* pictures, and it’s great to see the A1 trolls again like this (Hey, I rarely dislike a character and the A1 trolls are no exception):

That Scorpio symbol…You know, I thought Gamzee was initially talking about Aranea in this scene (give her [S] GAME OVER stunt) but he’s probably actually talking about Vriska. Either way. Kurloz doesn’t look happy at the news (And Cronus giving Mituna a hard time as usual in the background).

Oh wow, the other Vriska’s ghost wasn’t erased. We FINALLY get an answer to that question.

Oh yeah, about the numbers, it was mostly to make sure and also show…I count only ELEVEN Pre-Scratch trolls here. Why is that significant? Well, are we forgetting?:

Where the hell is Aranea!?

Oh man, after [S] GAME OVER, the fact she’s currently unaccounted for make me hella nervous.

Vriska looks a little in shock, and can you really blame her? *That was supposed to be her original fate.* Yet it’s only through the effort of her ‘other self’, John, and the ‘other Terezi’ that this version of her was able to live. While the original Alpha remains in the dreambubbles, dead and never having gotten the chance she did. It’s a version of the ‘who’s the ‘real’ self’ dilemma we’ve seen reoccur across the comic. This meeting had to have had an impact on her.

Why are we suddenly with Jane?

Vriska!? Having apparently taken over Gamzee’s role in the B2 session, apparently:

I still wonder where those time boxes came from…

Tavrosprite! Which means Jane in this timeline actually got a proper sprite. Interesting…

It looks like Vriska is making sure the B2 prototypings get done.

…Wait a second…

If we assume that Fefetasprite:

And Erisolsprite:

Are still a thing in this timeline, and we assume that ARquisprite is about to become a thing in this timeline as well:

Combined with Tavrosprite, and…

I actually made a visual to help represent:

Guys, assuming the other B2 sprites are the same, all the trolls are going to be alive in some form for the first time since Murderstuck.

And considering how we’re now approaching the ‘endgame’ with this being the final ‘real’ Act…I am smelling something epic in the making here, if I’m right.

It does look like Vriska learned her lesson and matured over the course of the three year trip. Look at her expression when she curls up with Rose and Kanaya. For the first time *ever*, she was actually hanging around with friends like a normal teenager. No ‘game’ hanging overhead, no Spidermom to worry about, no ‘blood caste reputation’ to worry about, no nothing. Look at how *relaxed* she looks for most of the Flash. The scene with her in the lawn chair, a drink, and Gamzee fanning her was kinda symbolic in that way: For the first time, she’s no longer under pressure, and can focus on being herself, instead of focusing on what she thinks other expect her to be. As she told John towards the end of A5A2:

Though she wasn’t able to fight Jack, it seems like she followed through on the rest of this.

I do wonder how exactly her encounter with her ‘alt self’ went down, considering it was immediately after that we saw her with her trademark driven smirk. However, the fact it immediately flashed to helpful Tavrosprite (in the process helping Tavros, who she regretted killing) shows that it’s different this time around. She’s assumed more mature, and is hopefully closer to actual ‘hero’ now. I wonder what’s she planning…

I just saw the upd8 schedule and it looks like we’ll get a week break before the comic will start upd8 every week day, with the occasional week break. Oh man, I am going to be *busy.* And I am going to love every second of it.

Hope you enjoyed!


bells on low, on high
will you ring for augustine tonight?

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 9: a graphic that has any of the kh symbols on it
Stoppage Symbols in Qur’an

I received a message earlier this week asking for clarification on the symbols which are presented above and below verses in the Holy Qur’an.  Please keep in mind, while all Qur’ans have these symbols in one way, shape and form, the Uthman Taha script is the one which uses it in a consistent style.  These symbols are placed in specific places allowing you to recite without disrupting the meaning of the verse.  

(لا) Laam Alif: You cannot stop here. 

(م) Meem:  You must stop at this symbol and continue with the word after the symbol.

(ج) Jeem: You have the option of stopping but it is not mandatory.

(قلي) Qalee: You may stop, or move on but it is preferred if you stop than to continue you onward.

(صلي) Salee: You may stop, or move on but it is preferred if you continue than to continue stop.   

(س) Seen: You must take a short pause without taking a breath. You will sometimes see the Seen above a Saad (ص).  In this case, it means you will pronounce the latter a Seen instead of Saad.  But if it is under the Saad, then pronounce it as a Saad.

Three Dots: 

Whenever you come across a pair of 3 dots, you can stop at one of them but not at both.  Meaning you can stop at (ريب) but not at (فيه), but you can not stop at (ريب) and (فيه) but just at one of them.  Your choice.

Insha Allah this is helpful.  If so, do share!