When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the 90’s, the Twin Towers defined New York. I loved seeing them out my bedroom window, looming like two giants, always watching over The City. Though tragedy took them away, I’ve adjusted and learned to remember them as a symbol of greatness, resilience and pride. Though the wounds may never fully heal, I try to remember the Twin Towers with a smile on my face. They make me remember The Way It Was.

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TG:re Chapter 34 asks

Putting the new investigator aside, why everyone is getting suspicious of Kuramoto?

I made a post a while ago about my predictions for Kuramoto in the Auction raid. Even though nothing really happened to him there, some of the points still stand, like his ‘kitsune no me’ (fox eyes) which are a sign of mischief and trickery. He has been associated with tarot card 10, the Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes change.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but Urie seemed a bit different to me but like a good kind of different Idk why

Probably cause he didn’t have any angry internal thoughts this chapter, other than calling Ihei a sluggish girl LOL

Those mysterious Washuus! The way I read the translation, I thought it sounded like YOSHITOKI is from the branch family (“pull it [the CCG] AWAY from the branch family,” implying the branch family is in power) & Matsuri isn’t. Maybe Yoshitoki had a child [Matsuri] or children [we know there’s at least another son, maybe Hide according to some theories] with a woman from the main clan, uniting the lines. Matsuri’s arrogance & coldbloodedness may stem from a main family upbringing.

Ah, I see where you’re coming from. For me, it seems more likely that Matsuri is from the branch family because he is so caught up in power and will knock down anyone who stands in his way to get the best results. Almost like he is compensating for the fact that he is from the lesser branch family.

And it seems more likely that Yoshitoki is from the main family, considering the Washuu name patterns, with the alternating ‘Yoshi’ (Tsuneyoshi, Yoshitoki, Hideyoshi).

I feel like Matsuri’s gonna try to kill Yoshitoki. Maybe he’ll form a coup or a rebellion within the CCG. At the same time, I think that if Yoshitoki goes, then Arima goes well, I feel that Matsuri is bitter towards both Arima and his father, so he may just kill two birds with one stone. And he has no qualms with killing people who are “close” to him. So I think Arima and Yoshitoki need to watch out.

It’s possible that Matsuri would try to Yoshitoki, considering how he treats people like statistics, but I’m not sure if he will stage a coup d'etat, mostly because Matsuri wouldn’t be respected as a leader if Yoshitoki was taken out in such a violent and forceful manner. He would probably use a more covert method of getting Yoshitoki out of the bureau director seat, that would stir rumours nonetheless but have no proof behind them.

As Arima, what makes you say that Matsuri is bitter towards Arima? If anything, Matsuri would keep Arima around, since he is the CCG’s best weapon against Aogiri, the only investigator who can stand against the One-Eyed Owl. Even though Matsuri doesn’t think about people, he can clearly understand the vast number of ghouls that Arima has exterminated, and he would be foolish to try to kill Arima.

So was ginshi’s dad trying to kill him at one point D : what’s this “ please die ” stuff? I’m very worried about him, Haise place protect your shark son!

I’m not sure about the “Please, die” part his father said, but I doubt Shirazu’s dad was trying to kill his own son seeing as he kept saying “I’m sorry” to Shirazu in that panel.

What are RC cells? Why only humans and ghouls have them? It’s really possible that there aren’t other sources for RC cells apart from the flesh of ghouls and humans.

It seems only humans and ghouls have them, although humans only have them in very small amounts. That would explain why ghouls can only consume humans and other ghouls as nutrition. (The above is from chapter 2 of :re)

What if CCG and V are allies and V is sending some of the humans they had trained to CCG for increase their military force to fight Aogiri? I’m talking about the really suspicious investigators introduced in the latest chapters.

There’s definitely a connection between CCG and V. Tbh that’s the first thing I thought when I first saw Kijima (because he’s dressed similarly to Kaiko, the guy from V who threatened Yoshimura)

cephalopodvictorious replied to your post:

However, avocado literally means testicle

DOES IT? Well, shit, I had no idea… What language is that? Welp, unless the Goddess has testicles I don’t think it could symbolize her as much… xD 

(I don’t mean that as disrespect to ANY goddesses btw, nor should it be taken that way; furthermore, there is nothing wrong with ladies with testes.)

anonymous asked:

On Saturday, a woman named Bree scaled the confederate flagpole at the South Carolina and swiped the flag off it. She was promptly arrested. Right after that, a bunch of people came out to support her heroic efforts to take down a horrible symbol as a form of protest. But the problem is that she trespassed public property and stole it. I don't care if you agree with the flag or not, but that was the wrong way to protest.

Forgotten Facts: Assassin’s Quest

A list of pieces of information I either never noticed or forgot about, gathered during my reread. Posts for the other novels to follow as I get through them.

(Previous: Assassin’s Apprentice : Royal Assassin)

1. One of the most famous of Lady Patience’s Ivy Runners was eleven years old.

2. The name of Queen Desire’s royal line is “Mountwell” (as opposed to “Farseer”).

3. In trying to break into Tradeford palace, Fitz did consider waylaying a nobleman and stealing his clothes but decided that they probably wouldn’t fit and they looked difficult to get on and off.

4. Rumour has it that Fitz is effectively a werewolf - and Starling goes out of her way to encourage inaccurate rumour, too. 

5. In Duchian puppet-shows, “the puppeteers dressed in the pure white drapings that signified their invisibility” (p246) - a lovely nod to colour symbolism when you think of White Prophets.

6. Burrich seriously considered taking Fitz to Chivalry once: “I should never have let them take him from me. When he was a boy. When they first wanted to move him up to the keep, if I’d put him on a horse behind me and gone to Chivalry, maybe they’d both still be alive. I thought of that. I nearly did it. He didn’t want to leave me, you know, and I made him. I nearly took him back to Chivalry instead. But I didn’t. I let them have him, and they used him” (p290).

7. There are (potentially) countries further inland, which are only very briefly mentioned/implied to exist: “Moonseye […] is a provisioning town and a traditional stopping-place for trade caravans using the Chelika trail to the Wide Vale pass and the lands beyond the Mountain Kingdom” (p386).

8. When Fitz collapses outside Fool’s home in Jhaampe, he believes for several lines that the approaching figure (the Fool, shrouded against the cold) is actually Death.

9. Jhaampe is older than Buckkeep (p423-424).,

10. In attempting (mostly out of curiosity I believe) to remove Fool’s silver fingerprints from his wrist, Fitz learns “a great deal about the life cycle of a horsetail fern” (p795).

Day 29: Yourself

Time to be slightly more introspective than we were yesterday. What parts of your world feel like they’re from you? What do you think someone would assume of you, the deity who gave this world life?

Do you feel like certain topics in your world are more emphasized for a reason? Did you make a conscious decision to change something from our world to this world because that’s the way you think things should be? Why do you feel that way? Is your world a place to find comfort and escape? Or to fight your own personal dragons?

Someone once questioned me about my inclusion of Dragons in a setting of mine. I tended to make creatures out of abstract concepts and emotions. I consciously did away with the inclusions of medieval fantasy as it had become conventional, yet this detail remained. I told them, that since my world dealt with the mind and emotions, that the dragon was still a strong symbolic icon to anyone. It is the final challenge, an obstacle waiting dormant for you to fight it and possibly fail. To call something a dragon was to call it a powerful and tall mountain, a test to toss your prior experience against.

So with that in mind, what have you set your dragons as? What must someone overcome to seek their fortune or victory in your world? Maybe it’s something more human, maybe it’s something looming and unsure.

You put your heart into this world, so maybe by picking it apart, you can see pieces of your heart that you may not have seen before.

Time to naval gaze, to meditate, and face yourself, time to…


Ufo No. 166

This feeling, have you / always been alone in
your cataract dimension? A / headful of gutted torso?
Has anyone told you / about the lamb that
felt every color of / socks it would become?
You think we give / too much symbolism to
rusted things. And your / friend is on his
way to take you / riding in his new
blood-red Mustang. Unfold the / wings covering the television’s
face and tell it / everything you’ve got, then
tell it some more. / (Have you always relied
on movies to teach / you how to act?)


I noticed something. The Crystal Gems all have stars on them, and Lapis, Jasper, and Peridot (LJP for short because I’m lazy) all have diamonds on them. Since the star symbolizes Steven in a way, I believe that is a way of saying they are loyal to Steven. LJP’s diamond could possibly symbolize their loyalty to Yellow Diamond, who Jasper said they needed to report to. In fact Jasper and Peridot’s diamonds are yellow.

In addition, while Lapis technically doesn’t have a diamond on her, I think that could symbolize she is a neutral character; loyal to both parties. She helped Peridot and Jasper, but also is willing to help Steven. In fact, Lapis’s “diamond” is split in the middle, possibly saying she is spilt on who to trust.

Westmark, by Lloyd Alexander


  • A unique fantasy novel that raises more questions than answers them
  • Writing is direct, every sentence absolutely necessary and at precisely the right place; the kind of book where you want to take your time reading every single sentence and glossing over nothing. I don’t think I’m even worthy to comment on this
  • This short novel contains and effectively discusses all its parallelisms, contrasts, themes and symbolisms
  • One of the neatest, best-paced novels I’ve read
  • The characters are distinct from one another and are enjoyable to read all the way
  • The sweet relationship between Theo and Mickle is subtle and beautiful
  • For more info, seriously check Shmoop


  • Nothing

Rating: 10/10; a favorite

lemonykristen asked:

I have a question for you: I'm looking to get some text translated as close to Tolkien elvish as possible. I was wondering if you may be able to help?

Sorry this took so long to answer!

Depending on what you’re doing with this text matters the most I would say. If it’s just one or two words let’s say for a tattoo, that’s a bit easier than translating a whole sentence or paragraph while still being grammatically correct.

Another thing to keep in mind there are different forms and dialects of Elvish, so you need to pick one and stick with it. The most common are Quenya and Sindarin

Here is a page that you can manually translate yourself into the script of Elvish, but it’s just a symbolic form, literally using Elvish symbols for each individual english letter.

There’s another page from the same site where the author of the site just translates for you. It’s $30, but if you want a phrase it’s $3 per word. Not the most ideal way, and probably only useful if the translation is for a tattoo.

Probably the best way to get an accurate translation (though very time-consuming, but at least you’d gain a slightly useless yet interesting skill) is a site here that basically teaches you the whole of the Elven language, in this case in the Quenya form.

I hope that gives you some insight into what to expect, starting points, links for exploration, etc. I’m sorry it’s not a whole lot of help and that it’s not as easy as Google Translate lol. 

anonymous asked:

the civil war was fought about the state right to own slaves. soo there was no "main reason". it was state rights and slavery.

They went hand in hand, yes. But that doesn’t make what the Confederate flag stands for any less horrible.

I understand wanting the states to decide laws on their level; I really do. But this is buying, selling and using human lives as property we’re talking about, all founded on the grotesque, inhuman idea that because someone has different skin color than you do that they are less of a person. 

I also know that Africans sold their own people into slavery too, but this was still the mindset of Civil War era America and any symbol that was aligned with that way of thinking should be gotten rid of.

anonymous asked:

☾ france, Italy, and russia

☾ - sleep headcanon

Francis is not a morning person AT ALL. He HATES waking up any time before 9:00 AM and if you decide to wake him up good luck my friend. You will suffer a wrath worse than hell. That man needs his beauty sleep.

Feliciano is like a cat. He’s a very light sleeper but he can and will sleep anywhere, any time. Honestly if he’s not occupied with something he will just take a nap on the spot. Even if he is occupied with something he might get bored and fall asleep lmao. It’s not hard to wake him up though and he won’t be cranky if you do.

Ivan can’t sleep unless he has five blankets securely wrapped around him, a firm pillow to sleep on, and a soft pillow to cuddle. He feels safest that way, and he can only sleep if he feels safe.

Send me a character and a symbol and I’ll give you a headcanon

anonymous asked:

Alright my dear Philinda buddy, In honor of Philinda Appreciation Week, please do share: what is your favorite Philinda scene(s) and what is your fantasy "missing scene" :) Have a great day and a wonderful week!!

Oooooo this is gonna be fun ahem ahem *crack knuckles*

I think some of my favourite scenes involve May looking after Coulson when he is carving the symbol thingys THE MAP! that’s what I meant. I love when Coulson was telling her to kill him if he goes to far and May was telling him it was never going to come to that.

I think my fantasy missing scene was when May walked into Coulson’s office on the bus and made him show her the scar on his chest. I wanted May to hug him tightly and kiss him sweetly. Tell him that she doesn’t mind the scar that he is perfect just the way he is and then they make love. May keeps repeating that he is perfect and beautiful and hers.

I hope this was ok,

I actually find that terrible scare tactic headphones –> hearing aids PSA that’s going around again darkly funny and exasperating in some other ways.

At the most basic, hearing aids are called that for a reason. They’re supposed to be helpful. If you have a type of hearing loss that one of the varieties of hearing aids available will help you? That’s probably going to make things easier for you than if you don’t have them, or none of the kinds available will work for you. Same as with other assistive tech. Turning that into a scare tactic symbol is ludicrous, and supremely unhelpful.

What had me giggling rather nastily again, though, is that I am already hard of hearing for other reasons. (Medical neglect of a chronic eustachian tube problem, basically. With messed up auditory processing too.) I also use headphones a lot as a coping thing in public, to help block out some of the overwhelming and sometimes very painful background noise. So I can function a lot better.

About the last thing I am actually worried about? The possibility of losing more hearing from that. That particular boat sailed a long time ago. And any causation there was exactly backwards from what someone would assume based on the fearmongering.

lotrlocked asked:

Hi Bronte! I read your play really enjoyed it. The writing is very balanced and emerges in a very well rounded complete way. I can picture the action perfectly and I can see how each movement fits into the larger scheme. I especially like the idea of the rotating stage because I see it symbolizing the turning of the world and the turning of time (this would be difficult for performances purposes but it so lovely to envision!)....

Thank you so much!! Yes, that was the idea with the staging! Since it would be difficult (and expensive) to actually do, though, if and when I stage the play at uni I think I’m going to rewrite it so that the play is just separated down the middle with one side in darkness and the other lit by a spotlight, the light switching sides between scenes. It will rely on quick and quiet scene changes but I think that’s the best way to do it.

I found this moment quite symbolic as I stumbled across these two girls intertwined with each other, hiding underneath a Pride rainbow flag as they shared a private moment together. In a way it shows how they feel protected underneath the rainbow, free from prejudice and labelling. In another light it could show them hiding from the world underneath what they find safe, but either way I think this is my favourite photo from London Pride, 2015.

Some of you have requested that I show you my note taking technique. This is in no way a proven technique, but it really works for me and many of my professors have applauded my structure. So try it, and if you like it and it works for you, great! If not, I commend you on having a more structured system! These are my general rules when I take notes:

1. Leave space. A lot of space.
While going through previous notes, whether it be right after class or a month later, I always found that I had information that I wanted to add, and cramped pages never allowed for that. Plus, it’s a bit less daunting on the eyes when there is some room between ideas. I do realize that this is not very eco-friendly, but hey! 

2. Use the margins in a smart way.
I have developed a “legend” of symbols to draw in the margins so that when I need a quick scan of what pages in the textbooks I referenced or vocab, I can find what I need easily. It might not seem useful on this one page, but when you have a whole 3″ binder full of notes, it’s a blessing.

3. Write on one side of the page.
Again, not a eco-friendly option. However, I’m sure there are those of you (my past self included) who have wished you just had another page to write down book notes or additional thoughts without having to get a fresh paper. This solves that! 

4. Make it pretty later.
I know this page is visually appealing, but keep in mind that I was in my nice warm room by myself and listening to music while writing this. My notes straight out of class aren’t color coded and they definitely don’t have cute little decorations on them; just get the information down, worry about aesthetics later.

5. Put yourself in the classroom.
You might think: “but I’m physically in the room what the hell are you talking about”. The concept is weird but it works. I always try everything I can to make sure I place as many visual cues in my notes as I can so that when I look back on them later I remember exactly where I was and what was happening. Are you not paying attention and thinking of food? Write it down. Did someone fart? Write it down. Placing yourself in the room is the most beneficial thing you can do for future you.

6. Keep it short.
I can’t tell you how many times I freaked out when I first got to college because I was trying to write everything down. I was certain I was going to miss something. WELL HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU. You aren’t going to miss anything if you keep your bullets to a minimum of one sentence. It’s proven that short phrases in your own words help memory better than full sentences that the professor gives you. 

Finally, make it yours. This is a system that works for me because my brain is weird and can’t take notes the Cornell or outline way. The most important thing to learn in school is your own flow of things. Experiment, be creative! I hope I have helped those of you who aren’t traditional learners realize that there isn’t just one way to process information. If any of you have any questions or need specific examples, let me know! (I realize there is a typo on this but hey don’t worry about it) 🙈 

anonymous asked:

u vape?

no, but I do feel pretty bad for the guy that invented the vaporizer/e-cig, If you look at it as a means to quit smoking it’s a pretty great invention but something got lost along the way and morons got their greasy cheeto dust fingers all over it and turned it into a symbol of neckbeardism 

Dispatch From Charleston: The Cost Of White Comfort
At a prayer vigil for victims in the recent South Carolina church shooting, professor Chenjerai Kumanyika found himself unable to join hands with a white woman — and he wondered why.

“I have reached across the aisle. I have broken bread. I fully believe we all need healing in these moments, and that night, the symbolism was clear: a white person and a black person holding hands in the face of horrific racial violence, singing songs of freedom. What could be more comforting?

“But thanks to something I experienced the previous night in Charleston, I couldn’t shake a paralyzing feeling: When black people and white people clasped hands in the arena that night, the comfort wouldn’t be evenly distributed. The healing wouldn’t flow both ways.“