" Even as a fictional character, Storm is a feminist symbol for Black Women the way that most assume Wonder Woman has been for women all these years. Storm has always been powerful, goddess-like and African. And no, not Charlize Theron, South African. Her dark complexion has always been part of her appearance and it’s not by accident. The same way it isn’t an accident that Storm has become a beacon and symbol for women with darker skin for decades now. The unwillingness to recognize that is just another thunderbolt in the side of a demographic of women who frankly, are plenty used to it by now. Still not understanding the public contempt for this casting choice? Ok…"

- williamevanswrites in his newest written piece on Bryan Singer casting actress Alexandra Shipp as a young Storm for the upcoming the X-Men: Apocalypse film, titled "For Dark Skinned Girls Who Never Get Asked To Play Storm"

Fuck It I'm Saying It Anyway...

WE HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. So many, SO MANY people get butt hurt when people dislike The Bella Twins. WE’RE FUCKING ALLOWED!!!! Cause I’m sorry their characters are stale. They do the same ass shaking, loser symboling, cheat ways! I liked when they were on their own because they were their own characters!!! And here’s my thing and this is what I’m gonna get screamed at and hated for…WHAT HAVE THEY WORKED FOR?! Until 2011-2012 THEY DID NOTHING! Brie held the title for 3 months and Nikki held it for 6 days!!! They are just now giving Nikki a better title reign?!? Really?! Cause especially on Total Divas, Brie can be controlling to Daniel and Nikki and oh yeah, Nikki, sweetheart, WE GET YOUR FUCKING CENA AND HE BUYS YOU THINGS SHUT UP!!! And Brie, you pride yourself on “Brie Mode” when little kids are buying your stuff you fail to mention that “Brie Mode” is you BEING WASTED!!!!!! I see Nikki Bella posting pics of herself in the gym all the time, SHE NEVER GAVE A FUCK ABOUT WORKING OUT UNTIL SHE DATED CENA!!!! Not one “selfie” of her was taken when she was with Dolph or when she was scrawny. No one gave a FLYING FUCK about these two until Total Divas and their men came along. They were getting their asses beat by Kelly Kelly every week and were gone for almost a year!! Thats when the Divas like AJ Lee and Kaitlyn and Layla were getting the spotlight!! Now the Bellas are getting shoved down our throats and I don’t want that!!!! I apologize to those who are Bella fans but then DONT READ THIS. THIS IS MEANT FOR THOSE OF US WHO DONT LIKE THEM!!!! WE CAN HAVE A VOICE TOO!!!


okayophelia: “loki loves the power of violence. becoming thor’s dog of war is a return to that pure delight and glee - like a weapon you just unleash in the right direction.”

Dreams and Curses - [re-edit inspired to snk manga ch 65] 
a color story - Humanity's Hope pt.2

purposely trying to ruin my own probably favorite edit

original here


↳ Arya Stark remembering significant others through Needle.


Dragon Age Inquisition: Color (Symbolism).

Blue is seen as conservative. Red is power and aggression. Brighter colors such as yellow and orange represent warmth not only with emotions but also with temperature. 


Look, I could never forget about what happened that night…but trust me, I am the wrong horse for you to bet on. I’m the one they take out back and shoot before the race even starts. But that other guy; that’s the one who actually might win it for you. [..] I’m going to walk away and you’re going to go back to your room…and, we’re not going to make a big deal out of this moment.


Hal according to character tropes

I’m not entirely sure what they’re fighting over… Anyways, this is me as Homestuck and Supernatural from Fandomstuck.

More Cosplay Photography

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Background Halo

A holy halo has a lot of symbolic value attached to it, chief among them being saintliness, purity, and status. However, it isn’t always appropriate to the genre for a character to sport an actual holy halo, even if it’s very appropriate for them as a character. What’s more, it’s also very obvious, which is not always a good thing.

Enter the background halo. A background halo is a stylistic visual technique where a character’s head will be put in front of something shiny or below a circle or oval. It benefits from being fairly subliminal and subtle — provided directors don’t turn on some sort of holy backlight.


look the outside of my new disciple book is done i’m doing shit i’m makin progress hahahaha i leave really fucking soon kill me now

took an old children encyclopedia i had lying around the house, ripped out like a third of the pages, glued it together in a certain way so mike can rig up the back for me with lights so i’ll get a cool glow-y prop yay and so i can have pages of alternian text in another section heheh

i gessoed the entire thing all over several times, painted it, and made the symbols out of paperclay and sanded both it and my fingertips off and then stuck everything together with tears, blood, and tacky glue yay

back to work for me while crying about the update ;u;

*edit: inside pages can be seen here!

**edit: finished book can be seen here!!