Day 365 - Cresselia | クレセリア

Cresselia drops particles associated with the moon as it flies. Its bright rings glisten at dusk. Its said to bring good dreams on nights with a crescent moon. Pokémon that evolve with a Moon Stone are often awestruck at the sighting of a Cresselia.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day! IT’S BEEN A YEAR!! Nice to have the year milestone be a Legendary!!)

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Awhile back, Giselle aka fancyglasses asked some questions. Here they are, with my answers:

Things that make me irrationally mad: Off the top of my head: 1) Those stupid little bows or lame tiny ribbon roses on lingerie. You know what I’m talking about. Hate ‘em. HATE. I want to replace them all with badass little lace or leather skulls, or just remove them altogether. Stop it, lingerie companies. Be better.  2) The terms “hubby” and “date night”. When used on social media, anyway. It comes off so smug and braggy. If used between the couple themselves and I never have to hear/read it, then it doesn’t bother me. Obviously. Otherwise, inner rage and eye rolling.

What else are you doing while reading this?: Waiting. Living life, but also waiting. You know?

Silly turn on: Here’s a couple: 1) Folded up dress shirt sleeves, to just below the elbows. I don’t know why hands and forearms are hot to me, but they are. 2) The right look from the right person could get me to leave any gathering (or any anything) earlier than intended, and in a hurry.

farashasilver asked:

But what if Bilbo does bury the acorn in Dale because he can no longer take it home to remember "the good and the bad" when he looks at it because the bad was just TOO MUCH and he can't stand the thought of remembering Ravenhill when he sees it :(

:( what if he no longer feels lucky to be able to go home; or feeling lucky only makes him feel worse because thorin, fili, and kili weren’t lucky at all in the end. (makes me think of thorin’s line - “i don’t believe in luck”)

if bilbo plants that acorn in dale, it’ll be subtextual confirmation that he left his heart behind :’(

hello83433 asked:

Please write a one-shot/headcannon where Alyssa goes to ask Hope out on a date but then Lightning shows up from the end of her shift and hope is trying to explain to Alyssa that he and Lightning are dating and then Lightning gets all in her face.

I’m just gonna headcanon this because I can see it so perfectly in my mind~

I bet either Hope’s kept his and Lightning’s relationship a secret (probably at her request), or they just very recently got together and he wants to keep that knowledge to himself for the time being. It’s a little thought that makes him smile at nothing throughout the day :D

Naturally, since Alyssa’s had her eye on him for quiiiiiiiite some time - who wouldn’t notice the handsome Director; he pretty much had his own fan club - she notices the little smiles and thinks that HEY, maybe he’s smiling at her!!!! Maybe she should make her move!!!!!!

As she works up the guts to do it, Hope smiles again when his phone buzzes, because he knows it’s Lightning texting him to say she’s on her way. He starts organizing his stuff so he can leave for the day, but then Alyssa approaches him. He stays, thinking this is about a work-related concern.

But then she blurts out the words, “Wanna go out tonight with me?” just as Lightning’s rounding the corner to see him.

She stands there and stares - more like glares, really - as Hope sputters that he can’t, he already has plans, pretty much tries to come up with every excuse in the book without revealing his ~secret~, and also trying to let Alyssa down as gently as he could. It’s not as though he’s had much practice at this; after all, the only woman he’s ever had the eyes for has been…

Lightning walks into the room with her eyes blazing with fury and annoyance just as Alyssa says that herself and Hope “would make a pretty good pair.” Lightning immediately gets between Alyssa and Hope, and Alyssa just sputters and takes a few steps back, totally confused and maybe a little bit terrified.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Lightning hisses out. Never mind that she’s never thought of herself as a particularly possessive person and clearly Hope had the situation under control, but…the thought of someone else trying to take her place in his heart just completely pissed her off.

Alyssa blurts out that she didn’t know that Hope was taken and eventually backs off, but not without a glare or ten at Lightning. Hope just stares all taken aback, amazed that Lightning would make their relationship public just to yell at Alyssa.

“Go ahead,” Lightning says when Hope later mentions as much. “Shout it from the rooftops. I know you’ve been wanting to.”

“Yes, I have,” he replies with a grin. “But the door to the roof of the building is locked, so I have to do this the modern way.”

He then pulls out his phone and goes on every social media website he’s signed up for so he can change his relationship status:

In a Relationship with Lightning Farron.

The year is 2076 and I’m still not over how good of an adaption the Catching Fire movie is

anonymous asked:

I know you dont like taylor but if you at least read the lyrics to Style, Out of the Woods, Wildest Dreams (def listen to it, its so good) This Love, I Know Places, Clean and Wonderland. All about Harry, all off 1989. You really get an idea about her and Harry. Ya hes a bit of a Casanova and has a big thing about girls and winter but i dont think hes necessarily scared, i think him being famous screws it up tbh. and ya i obsess over haylor but i think he said something to get her really mad

you know she already had 5 songs from 1989 written in her head right at this moment

melty94 asked:

Hi! :) *waves* I thought I'd ask what you are passionate about?

Hi! *waves back* You are one of my favorite blogs (your art is awesome) and your ask has made me feel very honored! :)

Well, I’m passionate about a lot of things. Fandom stuff, equality, music, tap dancing, photography, art; But one of my biggest passions right now, is filmmaking. Either animated or live action. The fact that you can conceive an entire world, story, and characters, and then bring them to life, is just beautiful. Because the story can affect you as a creator, differently than it will others. The details placed in the scene might not be noticed by many people, but you see them, and you put them there for a reason. And the day someone notices, it brings you joy. The characters you wrote taught you new things, because of the research and development you had to go through to give them the proper characterization. The way you move your camera, or set up your lights can impact you mood and setting, and affect your story

so yeah… i’m a massive film/animation/cinematography nerd. With a big big passion for story telling. I love writing as well, but getting to see it played out, is beautiful. 

that urban fantasy thingy I'll never write because of lack of skill

When feverish I was thinking out the whole plot to a urban fantasy novel isn’t that great…I mean if I could even remember half of it now…

coming out fics always hit me so hard like


broadway trash strikes again 

in today’s edition, cutejolras and me went to see ‘the curious incident of the dog in the night-time’ and man, it was goooood