Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

Should You Return - Prologue

After much deliberation over when I should really start putting this story out- I’ve decided to go ahead and post the sneak peak to the first angsty story from me, my Kaiji Akizuki fic ‘Should You Return’. A story about ties between friends, new loves, and a rivalry of a lifetime, in more ways than one.

Special Thanks to:
isasa-li for always being my guinea pig beta
therandomgoddess for all her support and wonderful ideas to jump start this story
sapphiremegane and otome-musings for the song lyrics they threw at me lol.
thornsandbloodiedroses for the super duper art you made (not the one included here, that’s a dolly maker lol)

Also tagging pham-tastical, starvina, orchid-tea-party, ninja-shinigami, because I know you guys were interested in the story. If you’d like to be tagged on updates let me know, I will certainly do so!

Prologue - Sealed With A Kiss
I wanna break every clock, 
the hands of time could never move again,
We could stay in this moment,
for the rest of our lives,

Is it over now?
I wanna be your last first kiss, that you’ll ever have.
Anberlin -Inevitable

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Walking Out Into The Dark (2/5?)

Spec fic for the S4 Finale! Where everyone gets their lives reversed. My first (and only?) Dark!Emma fic. Here be Captain Cobra, Naval!Killian, and Captain Swan. Started as a one shot but now probably 4-5 chapters. special thanks to always-comment-on-the-mutton for running head canons with me! On ff.net. Part 1 No beta all mistakes are mine!


Emma eyed the two strangers as they struggled to their feet and felt a stir of curiosity. The upright naval Captain and this strangely clad and fearless boy on the cusp of manhood were an unlikely pair. They weren’t related. Emma guessed that they had only just met; most likely brought together for their foolish quest. Yet the man was quite protective of the boy; a heroic tendency. After helping the child to his feet the Captain retrieved his sword. He only sheathed it after giving the boy a quick look and a nod. She thought of the way the Captain had struggled to not look at her body, the way he had caught her wrist as he tried to resist her charms. It had been a long time since a man had successfully repressed his urges around her. A slow grin appeared, accompanied by excitement she hadn’t felt for a long time. It had been ages since she had corrupted a hero and now she had an intriguing and handsome specimen coupled with a little hero-in-training. Her mind whirred with the possibilities.

The Captain returned to the boy’s side and placed a comforting arm on his shoulder before facing her. She expected fear or resentment but she didn’t see either. He seemed curious. His sky blue eyes swept across her and then bored into her own eyes. His scrutiny made her uncomfortable but she refused to look away. She channeled anger and darkness into her gaze but he didn’t flinch.  Something like pity flashed through him and she blinked in surprise. Then she felt angry.

"Your time is wasting." frustration made her voice low and menacing. "Tick. Tock."

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My mum told me to go out.

I told her I didn’t want to go out.

My mum then told me to go out and be social.

I rephrased my answer to ‘I am a hermit crab who is forced to socialise with school peasants five days of the week and that I enjoy weekends where I can wear old t-shirts, pyjama bottoms, and not be judged when I accidentally forget to eat because I spent the past five hours playing a video game.’

I think my mum has has given up on me now.