So far, Lizzie does not follow Fitz and Gigi on twitter. While I find this nonsensical, as she’s friends with them, it does mean she doesn’t see their conversations about her. So that makes sense.

Darcy, however, follows both Fitz and Gigi. I tend to think the D doesn’t use twitter that often, but. He definitely can see the conversations that his BFF and little sister have about him.

Which is endlessly amusing to me. 

The Signs as DAI Characters (ACCURATE EDITION)

Aries: IRON BULL (loves to fight, loves to fuck, thinks dragons are the sickest shit, but having his beliefs brought into question: NOT the sickest shit)

Taurus: JOSEPHINE (values cooperation to a fault, loves the finer things in life without going overboard, unlike SOME PEOPLE)

Gemini: VARRIC (easy breezy, cares more than he lets on, terrific liar)

Cancer: VIVIENNE (“people person” ie Queen Manipulator, ambitious, hidden depths of emotion)

Leo: CASSANDRA (direct, crusader for a cause, won’t quit until she gets her way)

Virgo: CULLEN (constantly fucks up and will either never apologize or will apologize so excessively it seems fake)

Libra: DORIAN (one vain motherfucker, excessively open about his shallow self, terrified of showing his inner self)

Scorpio: LELIANA (loves secrets, shadows and a good roll through silk sheets, familiar with conviction and depression)

Sagittarius: SERA (arrows, loves a good time, arrows, interested in the metaphysical but not too fussed about it, did I mention arrows?)

Capricorn: SOLAS (convinced he knows best, sometimes he’s right, loves the sound of his own voice, all-around insufferable shit)

Aquarius: COLE (idealistic, bad at explaining thought processes, generally off-putting behavior)

Pisces: BLACKWALL (good pal in a pinch but all the self-esteem of a baked potato)

Secret Gemini

Inside anyone who has strong Gemini influences is a person who secretly longs to find his or her true soulmate, the mysterious twin who will make the Gemini feel complete. The more self-aware Geminis will realize in maturity that the wholeness they seek is to be found within, by gathering together their many parts, especially the earthy twin with the spiritual twin.

Few people listening to a confident Gemini talk with that quicksilver, pucklike charm would ever imagine that the inner Gemini is often feeling desperately alone and lost.

Communication is a lifeline to Gemini. Contact through words, ideas, gossip, or philosophy makes Gemini a happy, inspiring, and devoted person.

The Secret Behind Law Of Attraction

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Trauma executes its purpose through certain standard forms of a process that peels away the authenticity of its victim from the inside out…. Arguably, this is Trauma’s most important step toward the demoralization of his inmate. Trauma, the warden, put me to bed, where I would meet his keeper of the keys: Isolation.
Isolation exacts Trauma’s plan distinctively. ‘One important element which keeps people locked in their loneliness is the conviction that their real self, the inner self, the self that is hidden from others, is one which no one could love’ (Rogers, The Lonely Person, 111). She repeats her promise that nobody will ever know what happened there. She tells you that your secrets are safe within the impenetrable walls of her leader’s institution. She is oddly comforting. She has a rather mystical way of implying that loyalty to her promise will keep you safe. It makes her special. So you follow her instructions because you are enamored by her power. You abandon love because you are scared of dirtying it up.

hanyounomiko asked:

♡ , ۞

♡ : Is there a certain scent that brings about nostalgia? If so, describe a memory this scent brings back.

Old Spice

But no–but yeah actually, Isa’s smell is nostalgic, and different with that thicker, strong-smelling layer of the cloak.  The original hearkens back to sleepovers and quiet secrets in the dark and the roughness of a branch on Lea’s knees and the cold glass of Isa’s window (warmer, somehow, than the glass at his back in the Grey Area).

And the smell of sea salt counts here too in two different ways, whether it’s sun-beaten cobblestone or brick and bare hands or thick gloves working open the plastic package.  Either way has a long gone bittersweetness to it.

۞: Are there any inner demons they can never seem to get rid of? What are they?

Axel struggles a lotttt with his upbringing and certain self-esteem quandaries that brought up, and also some emotional stunting from, uh, his eleven-year no-holds-barred emotionally stunting cult camp.  So more specifically he has the odd issue with his temper, and a dark streak that he accepts more than tries to root out of himself, and a real problem with understanding that he’s not (quite) as bad a guy as he tries to convince himself that he is.  Expressing himself during and after the Organization is a brutal test of will, and he is haunted sometimes by the things he’s done, but more often by the things that he couldn’t stop from happening.