on one hand im not a huge fan of no-homo-bokuto but then again i do love the idea of bokuto and akaashi finally getting together after years of pining for each other and they spend a whole weekend together and monday morning, akaashi’s still in pajamas as he walks bokuto to the door and they share a few last soft, slow kisses, smiling at each other between each kiss, before bokuto opens the door and steps out but before he leaves to go work or something he stops and says, ‘yknow, akaashi, this was probably the best weekend of my life’ and akaashi just smiles and leans against the door frame and says ‘mine too’ and bokuto leans in for one last kiss and gives akaashi a grin and says, ‘but no homo, right?’ before walking away and akaashi just.

then about an hour later, bokuto is back and rubbing a red mark on his cheek from getting some sense slapped into him and is like ‘okay so i was talking to kuroo and i have just been informed that bisexuality is a thing’

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*luke gives ashton the best orgasm of his life* “marry me”

IKR???? when ashton comes he groans out “marry me” and afterwards they’re lying there and cuddling and it’s quiet until ashton asks again “will you marry me, luke?” and tbh luke has already said that he would at least 100 times now, but it never gets old and he still gets butterflies whenever ashton says it, so he nods and answers “yes, i will”

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I just wanted to say tyvm for being the first phandom blog on my dash so far for still respecting dan and phil and other people's opinion. I'm really excited for the book even though the vip tour tickets are p expensive;-;. Idk my opinion gets changed a lot by others and i want to have my own. So this is rlly random but ty again

hey THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i try really hard to make sure im nice to everyone because in the end were all humans yaknow? lots of people on my dash are being very opinionated so dont let them make you feel bad for your opinion!! im still a bit wary of my own opinion esp as we dont know all the details so im trying to keep an open mind!!! anyways honestly THANK U im happy that im not offending anyone!! <333333 

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Maybe people have a beef with you cause you sometimes dont answer asks... a lot.. maybe. Idk im sorry

Don’t be sorry, I agree that’s a problem I have. :(

I’m sorry I don’t 

im sitting on 300+ and thats balls of me. tumblr just really wears me out but its nothing personal i promise

and sometimes i put things off for later especially if it requires thought and i honestly just forget…. sometimes i dont even know what to say so i save it for when i can figure it out…then forget again

those arent excuses still tho nor do they justify it and im really sorry. ive tried to answer all the ones ive gotten this year. and one of these days ive already planned to go backtracking through my ask archive to answer things. i shouldnt have let it get this far away from me


@ Casino de Paris


come on, mate! give it a bit more effort

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Okay, Hi! Please do not get offended in any way because this is not the way my question is intended. But, could you please explain me the difference between pansexual and demisexual? I have looked online but I still do not seem to quite understand it. A pansexual friend of mine says that he is only attracted to those with whom he shares strong feelings with. Then, what is demisexuality? Again, please do not get offended. And thank you for educating me.

you can be a demi-pansexual

Demisexual is when you feel no sexual attraction to a person until a strong emotional bond is formed.

Pansexual means you are sexually attracted to all genders.

You can also be demi-homosexual, demi-bisexual, demi-heterosexual,  etc. There are no specific gender you have to be attracted to be a demisexual. 

If you have any more questions (which im sure you do), here are some sources that can explain demisexual better than i can (and i am demisexual)

here, here, here and here

chrisi parrotiny​ linked me to this beautiful photoset and i really don’t have an explanation for what happened next..im sorry


"It still amazes me – " Niall says, lighting up his second cigarette as he watches Harry fuck around in the studio. He’s just done a few insane pirouette combinations and a solid triple tour en l’airagain. “ – how you can do all those tricks.” Eight pirouettes. Niall shakes his head. Show off. 

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Do you think Percy is ever gonna tell Annabeth he loves her at some point in the rest of the Heroes of Olympus books?

Friendly reminder that Usagi is ten years older than Misaki and smokes and is likely to die way before Misaki, leaving Misaki alone in their big penthouse for the remaining fifteen to twenty years of his life.

don’t let me say “i am fat”

fat is a substance in my body
not an outline

fat is natural and physical matter
not a body type

(( did you know
skinny isn’t found under the skin ))

i am not defined by my shape
or what my body is made up of

let me scream it on the rooftops


that’s exactly what my body is

i don’t need to be reminded i am beautiful
just because i’m aware of my size

i don’t need society telling me
what i am and what i’m not

—  i own my flesh - c.h.

I can sleep better at night now knowing that Sousuke is happy. 

So you know how Eugene left Bamon alone (eyebrow wiggle) to go and check on Steroline, like what if Eugene walked in on them while they was still gettin bizzay and Caroline looked over her shoulder and was like “I got the other brother, hope you dont mind.” I WOULD HAVE DIED