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Hi. Im here. Im ok.. sort off. First of all, again sorry for worrying everyone and i just went though my ask and i want to say thank you because you guys are so kind to me and just lovely overall and im very happy to have such amazing people here who actually care about me. 

I have come to the conclusion that tumblr isn’t fun anymore for me. I don’t feel as safe anymore. So i decided i will take a “mid break” from tumblr. I will still be here, i’ll reblog things post things but maybe like, once or twice a day. I don’t want to be here more than i need to. I’ll be on twitter more, so if you want to see what im up to just in case its MeliTerlecki. Anon will be off until i feel safe again. I don’t know when i’ll properly come back, but i’ll let you know.

So, if any of you want to know what happened, (tw self harm)

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Honestly, i think that this guy johnnie thing should be solved between him and the people involved. Yes, those comments are real (though he never said ‘kill yourself’) and if he apologized and never done those things again, why are we still talking about this? You say that he only apologized privately, but he doesn’t have to make a post apologizing for acting like that. The problem was between him and this girl (and I don’t think that she should even care about what he said in those comments, because stalking her and other people’s accounts just to say mean things doesn’t seem really mature, does it?) 

Saying that he didn’t deserve to get a package or meet Taylor and sending hate to him won’t solve anything because in that situation you are being the bully. I’m sick of people saying other people don’t deserve to be noticed by Taylor. She does whatever she wants and she is the only one to have control over her actions. You say that you like her being independent, but you don’t even let her be. 

And I don’t think that the picture that Taylor posted on instagram was mean or even defending him. You can hate him for something that happened in the past and he even apologized for. Or you can just accept the things the way they are and move on. So please, consider the second option.

i’m crying because i’ve watched the handshake at least five times and this is actually not a handshake, john shakes sherlock’s hand once then for almost two seconds they’re just holding each other’s hand before sherlock shakes john’s hand one last time, then lets it go in a lingering touch.

they’re holding hands for one entire second. this is for me the briefest and most romantic touch they ever shared.


@ Casino de Paris

Sexuality: Elise Bauman in flannels
Sexuality: Elise Bauman laughing
Sexuality: Elise Bauman kicking a guys ass
Sexuality: Elise Bauman in tanktops
Elise Bauman playing soccer 
Elise Bauman in the Fifty Shades of Gay trailer
Sexuality: Elise Bauman with a side braid
Sexuality: Elise Bauman eating a carrot
Sexuality: Elise Bauman swearing
Sexuality: Elise Bauman being extremely adorable yet annoyingly hot at the same time

Sexuality: Elise Bauman


come on, mate! give it a bit more effort

i hate having that relationship with someone where if you ever saw them again you dont know whether you would punch them in the face or run straight back into their arms

I can't ship it, I'm sorry.

I honestly don’t agree with the clarexa kiss at all, because when you think about it Lexa has brought nothing but pain so far.

First she makes Clarke kill the boy she loved, something that was literally haunting her and she’s still not over it obviously.

But okay, to be fair, Finn did kill a lot of people for no reason, he was out of control, so let’s take that one off the list. Made her kill the boy she loved.

Then she starts saying over and over again that love makes you weak and based on that she lures Clarke into selfish actions that are so not Clarke such as killing 250 innocent people, when being fair and merciful is what had always defined Clarke as a person, so it’s obvious that the change didn’t go unnoticed

And at last she goes and orders one of the grounders to kill Octavia (one character I LOVE) when she obviously knew Clarke would disapprove and be very very angry about it. If it wasn’t for Clarke Octavia would be dead now.

So after all that she goes and kisses Clarke and says she cares about her? I’m sorry but for me is just not that simple.

The truth is;
Since you left me,you took a part of me
And I’m not sure what it is
If maybe that was the last of all the love I had to give and now I’m just left feeling empty.
I have Nothing left.
I don’t smile anymore.
I used to laugh till I cried.. But now
I cry myself to sleep and pretend I don’t, I lie and say I’m alright when I really wanna go to sleep and never awaken again
And when Im not crying myself to sleep alone at 3 in the morning I’m either drugged out high or drunk.
But yet I feel you in my bones
And the thought of you smiling every day makes me happy because I would never want anyone one to feel the way I feel. Yet it’s still not fair.
And I can’t bring myself to hate you and at the same time I scream it every night while the tears fall from my cheeks and I can’t breath anymore.
I hate you for making me feel this way
For sucking out all that I had left when I warned you there was so little left to even give in the first place
And I watch myself diminish away as I only eat every few days when I feel I can eat without a pain in my stomach. I sleep until dark and awake for the moon to rise so I can cry till the sun comes out again.
My days hurt.
And yours are beautiful.
So much better without me right?
Don’t forget you wanted me though you asked for me
You smiled in my direction and asked me to be yours only to abuse my love, you invaded my space and something inside me stupidly allowd you in.
But hey? What can I say… Who would ever love me anyways In a world that only looks for beauty on the outside and no matter how many times I’m told I’m beautiful I will never believe it. Because with the love I give… If I were really so beautiful people I love would stop leaving me, there simply would be no need am I right? Who am I asking anyways. Everyone says the same thing,” your gorgeous, and your so strong, no man can handle you because you intimidate them, your admirable.” No I refuse to believe it anymore, I never did in the first place so until the day I’m proven wrong or until the day I get a sincere apology or an explanation to all the heartbreak and hurt and beatings my heart has had to take from everything iv ever given myself to il just argue them until they realize il always be too stuburn to listen. ~ and that was the day she learned she was all she would ever have.
—  Poetry by erica Lynn

why do i keep getting followers for my music when i haven’t posted a real song in 7 months

damn you homestucks are serious about out-waiting hiatuses aren’t ya…


"If I was not myself,"

"And you were someone else,"

"I’d say so much to you."

"And I would tell the truth."

“‘Cause I can hardly breathe,”

"When your hands let go of me."

"The ice is thinning out,"

"And my feet brace themselves."

"I’m there in the water."

"Still looking for ya."

"I’m there in the water,"

"Can’t you see, can’t you see?"

"You’ve seen this all before."

"Life left on the shore."

"We’re smiling all the same."

"You sail away again."

"I’m there in the water,"

"Still looking for ya."

"I’m there in the water,"

"Can’t you see, can’t you see?"

"Oooooooooooooh oooh oh." x4

"Oh yeah,"

"I’m dead in the water."

"Still looking for you."

"Oh still, looking for you, for you, for you."

"Can’t you see, can’t you see?"

"I’m dead in the water,"

"Still looking for ya."

"I’m dead in the water,"

"Can’t you see?"

"I’m dead in the water."

"Still looking for ya."

"I’m dead in the water,"

"Can’t you see?"

"Can’t you see."

Do you think Percy is ever gonna tell Annabeth he loves her at some point in the rest of the Heroes of Olympus books?