No but seriously, the greatest bookstore in the world.

The entire second floor was a literal labyrinth of books, each priced for only $1. They had shopping bins that you could use to carry your finds.

There was a book tunnel and book-art and everything smelled good. I want to go back and live there.

My original goal for Research and Investigation was to begin organizing my content with monthly themes. I researched which option would be best for my readers this month and chose Women’s History-focusing on the past and present targeting African- American women.  My goal was met and I was able to streamline topics by choosing quality subjects based on a solidified plan.  

 The expectations set for students was sometimes a challenge, but not difficult to obtain.  Throughout the duration of the course the three expectations I valued the most were:

-Deadline Submissions

-Research and investigation


 Deadline submission is sometimes the toughest challenge of this program, but the benefit behind the submission is that there is no lagging time to complete work.   You have to stand firm in your topic decision, have a back up plan if needed, then go out and research.  I do wish we could submit assignments on Monday morning at 7am versus 11:59 est time, but the expectation teaches students the valuable lesson of planning ahead and always having a plan b.  I am satisfied that for this course I was able to plan interviews with my subjects then having a backup plan within the same environment of my subject.

I am lover of history, so this month researching various topics on ancient African spiritual deities, therapeutic techniques and now the evolving Caribbean population in New Orleans was an exciting adventure! Every publication I had a goal not only to provide my readers with facts, but inspire them with a motivating closing statement that suggested thought/change.  I began thinking out of the box and reached out to the Regional Census Office in Atlanta, Ga in efforts for researching the number of Caribbean citizens residing in the southern region.  Unfortunately, I was not successful at reaching the Partnership and Development Administration, but it created the feeling of being regional journalist who can research.  

 This course I have learned that my chosen style of interviewing is conversational.  After watching the Katie Couric video and searching the web for a few others like Oprah, Robin Roberts, Bryant Gumble and Barbra Walters, where I fit in the mix is a conversational tone.  I like for the focus to be on the subject and I am the connecting vessel for my audience.  Typically, when you see a host interview you see them sitting next to the subject. For the sake of experimentation, this month I chose to go for a documentary style of interviewing, placing myself behind the camera, choosing subjects who had experience in their fields or strong opinions.

 In the approaching future and throughout my career I will use the elements taught and adapted throughout this course for success.  Creating a theme will always keep me focused and organized, researching topics that are intriguing, questionable and explorative will always be great for my audience and rewarding to me as journalist, being on time will provide a stout reminder that finishing projects by deadline time is professional and penalties may arise when not.  Everyone views time in a different manner, even if there is an extension, so the best option is to streamline the project, get to the point and be on time!  

 This mastery journal is a great reflective tool also.  I can sit and think about what I’ve done this month and how I will make things greater for the future.  

Final Business Card Design

PDP task 2 completed!

After much deliberation this is the design that I have ordered from moo.com for my business cards. Out of all the submission components of this module I thought this would be the easiest and most enjoyable but actually my indecisiveness made this very stressful as I couldn’t imagine only having one image to represent your entire work on the business card. Because of this I made the decision not to have just one image to represent myself..

I chose three images to act as a small taster of my portfolio and I have the choice now to cater my business card to whoever I am giving it out to. There is a variety of colour and content between the three and is from completely different locations. I ensured the business cards still make sure it is obvious what kind of photographer I am and all my relevant contact information is on the other side as well as my base location. I will have to remember that if any of my contact details change I will need to print more business cards. I am pleased that I have stuck to my signature style of having everything minimalistic and neat as that is what I will carry across all of my platforms. 

I will use moo.com again for my degree show maybe getting some leaflets printed to give information about my degree show. Another thing I want to do in the future to progress my travel photography is to print my own postcards once I have visited more locations. This could be what I put on my future PDP for when I finish University.

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Are u satsfied? the state of dreaming <3

Are You Satisfied?: Are you content with your life? i guess for the most part. I’m liking school so far and I’m happy with the major I chose. But I’d be much happier if I lived closer to Melody and saw her more often.

The State of Dreaming: Last dream you had? I dreamt about the house I’m getting with my three other friends. The first floor of the house was rather plain and small but when you went downstairs it was gigantic. It seemed like a completely different house underneath with so many rooms and shit. it was very exaggerated and spacious with a bunch of expensive things. It was rather unrealistic but it was still p cool.