smog from the continent + Sahara dust clouds have made the coast so murky, I should mention that this was taken at 4pm in the middle of a blistering heat wave, there are just huge stretches of smog and murkiness

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I just really want to know how the ray break up was handled. We know he initiates it but i need felicity to actively say she wants to break up to. Like i dont want her at any point to try to convince him not to break up you know? Can you please ask the twitter lady how the break up is handled? Also what are your thoughts on this?


My thoughts are that Ray is going to confront Felicity about her feelings for Oliver, and this time she may not deny it at all.

Listen, even if Felicity tries to fight the break-up, I don’t think y’all should get upset about it. I mentioned in a previous post that, while Oliver and Felicity are growing close again (Thank GOD), Felicity is still under the impression that Oliver is “permanently unavailable” and “emotionally unavailable.”

She has had no reason to think anything has changed. Oliver has told her time and time again that he can’t be with her and save the city. He tells her several times that he chooses Starling City over her. The Arrow over her (as recently as 3x17, really).

Not to mention the moments she has with Oliver where she sort of, you know, MENTIONS to him and REMINDS him, “hey buddy, you chose this.” In a way, I think she’s putting out feelers to see if he feels any differently.

I’m all on Felicity’s side on THIS one. I’m a girl. I would like to be someone’s first choice every once in a while. Felicity understands and is herself committed to saving the city, but she doesn’t see that and a relationship as mutually exclusive things. But Oliver does. And Oliver chose the city.

With that in mind, can you blame her if she has no interest in breaking things off with Ray? With that in mind, why would she?

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okay prompt: Bill discovers he doesn't need a vessel to have a body, so he conjures up his own and Dipper thinks hes hot af so one thing leads to the next and eventually they end up making out (no smut please) I love your writing by the way!

Thank you so much! C: Also, thank you for specifying no smut - I never mentioned to everyone but maybe I should that if you want it to be specific in those ways feel free to say so!! I aim to please with these requests so :3

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My latest “What was I thinking?!” moment was my decision to make tie dye shirts with my 30 4th graders for our school’s talent show (and to wear at school the day after, because if we’re going to go through all that effort, gosh darn-it, we are going to wear them more than once).

I should mention I’ve never made tie dye before.  It seemed like a pretty awful idea while I was trying to google directions, and when I was getting dye all over my classroom, and then when I had to take home all the shirts to wash in my apartment’s laundry room and got lots of weird looks.  But seeing 30 “too cool for school” kids super excited in cute matching shirts made it all worth it.

The Top 10 Reasons Most Blog Posts Are Formatted As Numerical Lists

1. People now have the attention spans of humming birds. Listed blog entries that are comprised of only a couple of sentences each are perfect for Generation-ADHD.

2. The presence of “white-space” in a blog post has been scientifically proven to be easier on the eyes and minds of readers. And also subliminally convince them of the sexual prowess of the writer (Ladies?).

3. Um. This is starting to get hard…Let’s see…

4. Nope, got nothing here.

5. Wait, What? We’re only halfway through?!

6. Maybe you should reread #2.

7. Did I mention it was easier on the eyes?

8-10. I’ll probably delete this later.

My official response to the UNDERAGE RED controversy

My official response to the UNDERAGE RED controversy


I have never expected everyone to understand or see things the way that I do.

With that being said, I can understand why some have found reason to be offended in regards to my choice in naming a lipstick “Underage Red” – but I feel the need to correct those of you who have clearly misinterpreted the name itself, and the inspiration behind it.

I should mention first, that I am the…

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except i should not have mentioned rabbits in tactical gear because i am now imagining shield gathering a small army of fluffy bunnies, putting them in vests, and using them to storm hydra with cuteness and epic burrowing talents. Jemma controls them with nose twitches.

actual footage of jemma simmons fighting


My name is Korn and I’ve been having very bad luck getting jobs due to some personal issues and I want to help my mom out so I’m taking commissions!!!

Skype: korngrass

Paypal: imnotfunny@hilarious.com

As this is my first time taking commissions, I’d like to note that these are examples of my own art and I only own the character in the rough sketch example!

Will do:

Genderswaps ( dfab – > dmab and dmab – > dfab )



Gijinkas ( humanized designs of non-humanoid characters )

Won’t do:


Fetish Art

Not practiced at ( I’m working on it and will update when I’m confident enough ) :

Complex Backgrounds 




Prices are as shown, but there are some additional things I should mention!

If you happen to commission two things at once from me, you get the most expensive commission half off! Also, the prices shown are for single character commissions, but each additional character is only $5 more! ( $10 if it’s a painting )