The X-Files │ Scully in Mulder’s apartment in Herrenvolk


“I don’t understand why you guys act so scared [about Australia] because, I mean, a little Redback spider you can squash with your foot but over here you can’t kick a bear!”
- Anna Torv

“Sie Sind Das Zombies Und Wir Sind Die Frauen”

Sylvia is a strong, independent INTJ who don’t need no Super Hardened Steel for killing zombies! Also, she has the same MBTI as Levi Ackerman.

Checkout “Aberford” - a game about ‘50s housewives going through the Zombie Apocalypse by sketchypandagames​. It’s currently in development and really deserves a lot of support!


super serious

Betty as Thor

Peggy as the 10th Doctor

Doris as Applejack


MY FAVORITE GEM…….. for a character design assignment where we had to describe a 2D character in a 3D manner, with an emphasis on the materials their clothing, etc. is made out of. 

Garnet is VERY SHINY.

Okay I’m sorry but I need Snow to learn something real fast and hard right now because this is getting ridiculous.

Emma is who she is because of the choices she’s made in her life. Snow did nothing in regards to that. 

I get that both Snow and Charming were afraid and simply wanted to ensure their child had the best possible future, but neither one of them gets to argue that any disgust Emma feels at their actions is a direct result of those actions. Snow saying it was worth it just made me want to scream because she is basically telling Emma that anything inside her that can’t imagine hurting an innocent baby is because her parents made it that way. That it wasn’t her choice. That Emma coming out still a good person despite all the terrible things that have happened to her isn’t because of her strength and the things she’s learned, but because someone else engineered her that way.

Snow is completely invalidating Emma and all her feelings by saying, well this is why we did it, because it made you into this wonderful person see!

I just. I’m so tired of people taking away Emma’s agency and making her feel like nothing, like she’s accomplished nothing. I’m tired because first it was Neal, then it was Regina and Rumple and now it’s even her own parents. At least her father has the decency to look ashamed of himself.

The only two people who have never invalidated and put down Emma and made her feel like nothing are Henry and Killian. And Henry is her child, he idolizes her, despite understanding her flaws. Because she’s his mother and his best friend and she is always there for him. To Henry, Emma is probably the strongest person he knows. And Killian, he’s a respectful fucking person because he understands that personal agency is important.

I honestly want Snow to realize that it doesn’t matter what she and Charming did. Emma is who she is because of her own choices. They didn’t decide her feelings for her before she was even born. And they don’t get to use her disgust at what they did as justification for doing it in the first place.


skyline-cosplay ( ) were kind enough to do a photoshoot of our dynastystuck group for us, so here are some amazing photos of me as Kanaya (with voldiesama​ whispering dirty things to me in that last one. she’s the best Terezi, it’s her). I’m seriously in love with how they’ve turned out!

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the lovely designs are by berrycoat

[ncis:la] from the same cloth (1/2)

Scene Rewrite / Character Swap ficlet – 2x15: Tin Soldiers
(in which “Esme” reads Deeks’ palm instead of Callen’s)
by: asthedayisfading // jessica237

“Time to bait the hook, boys.”

At Sam’s prompt, Callen and Deeks approach the bar. In his head, Deeks is running his lines - a collection of his typical clever, smooth, bar pick-up lines combined with a few well-chosen, incredibly direct, obnoxious remarks guaranteed to ruffle Kensi’s feathers and have her summoning club security and, invariably, getting the attention of Singh.

But before he has the chance to even open his mouth, Callen jumps a step ahead, doing to him what Deeks so very often does to his own partner during investigations - taking what they’d planned and changing it completely around on the spot.

Luckily, Deeks is much better at playing that game than Kensi is.

(He’s just annoyed that he’ll have to find some other opportunity to impress his partner with his clever lines.)

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Okay but seriously, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and we got to meet for the first time Friday night on the side of the road(omfg), but I seriously had the best time with her and we even got matching bracelets because best friends for life duh, but she came into my life at a really rough time last year, back when I wanted to die for being who I was. She’s there for me and I’m there for her, I couldn’t see life without her, and honestly I don’t want to live without her, I don’t know what I would do. But this picture makes me so happy, we were finally in the same picture. I love you so so much Tai😘💕