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Luke looks like he got his eyebrows done 😍😍 but he looks so good in that fan pic you just reblogged oh my goodness those are my fave types of pics of him. Imagine if you were secretly going out, but you wanna take a pic like how the fans take pics with him bc you haven't, and all you have are sleepy selfies with him, so you ask a random lady in the street to take it but he starts kissing you and she's like 'omg luke hemmings kissed a fan' and your just there like 😏 not just a fan but okay. 😉

Yeah I think he got his eyebrows done and got a shave 😍 I just imagine someone shaving him James Bond style like the scene in skyfall with the knife like really seductively. Ok I’m done now.

it looks like it doesn’t it? I got a thing for thick eyebrows im so heart eyes. The blue undertones of the area they’re in and his eyes make him look so beautiful even though he always is anyway. Fan pics are my favorite he just looks so soft. I’d fuck with him all the time if we dated like. “Can you sign my boobs??” and we’d go on ice cream dates and he’d try to throw away his spoon but id snatch it from his hand like “LUKE HEMMINGS ACTUALLY PUT THIS IN HIS MOUTH”

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Tell me about your feelings on jinkook like why do you ship it, I'm curious.

honestly i ship anyone with anyone in bangtan its just i biased them more~ ahhaha BUT this may sound really CREPPY BC~ I NOTICE THESE THINGS LOL

i just think they are really cute to each other!, jungkook chose jin as “if he was a girl who would he date?” and Jin chose jungkook as his favorite bc~ he’s the one that helps him the most. like helps jin with dancing and cooking. the way they care for each other omg. and plus they act really cute together.

jin said he likes jungkook more than pink~ :o <3

(must show with pics lmao)

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Can we still expect anymore Valdaya interactions? I mean the show is over so no more let's see if we can find z in the audience. And plus he's gonna be hella busy with sway and the tour. I can predict that tag looking dry as hell :( from NOW until DECEMBER at least. 😭😭😭😭😭

Yeah Anon, I mean look how dry the tag was over his last tour. I mean, the liking of fan drawings of her and photos of her and the liking of Ben’s photo of her Vogue cover (really Val, that was a fucking stretch!) and all her comments about his shirtless pics that she hates him and he ain’t cute and that they’re in sync and she misses him, along with his praise of her KCU party and he was the only on missing? It was a virtual desert of no intereaction between the two that we saw. 😏 Never mind all the times they talk or text we don’t know about. I don’t think we’ll be bored as a tag this summer. But thanks for your concern for us. 😘

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Why is kai in LA with his family and why are fans calling him an asshole?

Sadly nobody knows why Jongin is in LA for nor why Sehun and Chanyeol are in Japan. They assumed that those three might record for abother pathcode for the upcoming album but I doubt it. And secondly, why that retarded girl called him an asshole, okay so like when he arrived to the airport, he wanted everyone to NOT take picture of him because his reason to arrive to LA is private. But apparently those ppl are deaf (i suck at being sarcastic) so they continued to take pics of him and Jongin was really displeased about it and he looked disappointed and all and so he was called asshole for being annoyed by those dumbasses. So yeah, some EXO-L i don’t get like do they know what privacy or respect are? Like ughhh

i was sitting outside of the library earlier reading some books and then i went to my friend’s place and some guy messaged me on grindr and was like “hi, were u outside the library today?” and i was like yeah and then he sent me a pic and  he was cute smh and then he said i looked really focused so i replied telling him i had a lot of research to do. and then i said i liked his picture and he didn’t respond? and then i was like??? bitch what did u want then? just to see if it was me outside the library? to see if it was actually me??? and that’s why i’m dead now.

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I'm honestly don't understand all this PDA stuff with Taylor and Calvin like she's never done any of that stuff before with instagram and stuff, like i get its a new Era and all that but it's just.....weird.

Yeah i feel the same way. I’m happy she’s happy and stuff but I would really love if she wouldn’t give up on her friends for him. When’s the last time she liked something haylor related? Not even as a relationship but as a friendship. I know she saw the post where she touched her chin. It’s impossible not to see it. It was reblogged by many blogs. And what’s so wrong about liking a pic of your friend? She likes pictures of her other friends but not Harry. It’s like he’s just one of her exes she ignores and after chasing her for so long and fighting for her, he deserves at least her friendship. He’s the ony ex who cared so much about her even after the break up and I just don’t think it’s fair. Like go out! Have lunch together. She could even go with Calvin, Harry and her other girlfriends. No one is going to say anything bad about them now. She made sure of that. There is literally nothing to be afraid.

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What are your favorite pics of jahar?

[vigorously rubs hands together] oh boy

this one, because he looks so chill, and his fingers are so pretty. he has really slender hands/fingers, and thin wrists and i can see his tendons and thats so hot oogdbye

my icon, of course, because he just looks so handsome.

this gif because hes doin a thing that makes me wanna tackle him and again, hands. 

his body language is so “i don’t give a fuck” and it’s like rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

so yeah! those are my favorite pictures of Dzhokhar 💖💖

dazzlingkai replied to your post “WHAT ON EARTH DID I WOKE UP TO. F..FOOTBALL UHM LOV E ME RIGH T..WHAT…”

sm said he was going to be on the album but not promote with them.. but yeah, it’s weird that he’s not in the pictures. they were probably taken recently?

Yeah but like I’m confused are those the mv’s teaser pics? If they are, then Tao is not in mv either, then not even in the song? They made a song without him? Like I’m so confused really, and mad.

I had a dream me and Meeshka went to see Stromae in Philly, but the venue was clearly made for a tea party bc all of these older women and teen girls were there. Anyway, Stromae made everyone take sheet music for the song Nobis Pacem and sing it to him and he was really impressed by my sight reading. After the show I was like “hey may I have a photo” and he was like all “ oui oui. I can’t believe you knew that song” and I was like “yeah I learned it from choir” and he was so into it. So we are taking like a billion pics and he is getting really annoyed bc my camera isn’t working. Then I used my phone but there wasn’t any memory. Then he left and I followed him to the tour bus crying “I failed you! I’m so sorry”. Then he flipped me off and went back to Brussels. Then I woke up and realized that my subconscious only associates Stromae with past choir directors.

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6,19,27 and especially 28 xD

28, huh! 

Okay, here I gooooo!

6. What is your favorite picture of the brothers?

Hmm… The one I can think of right now is…

Cause I totally love their outfits in this one! (*ノ▽ノ) I also have a Kou towel thingie (where you can his outfit properly <3) hanging from my wall so… yeah w I’m like pretty fond of this pic.

19. Which brother would you trust the most?

Judging from the games… Shu would be the one I’d prolly trust the most. Sometimes he really acts like the big bro he is, so I think he gives off nice-ish and lazy-ish vibes.

Even so… I find him so boring I don’t think we would be good friends ww

27. Who was the first brother you fell for?


Tssssuuunnnnbaaarooooohhhh! All the way. To be honest, if it weren’t for Subaru I’d have never been really interested in the series. The other Sakamakis weren’t really… my type? So it was because of Subaru that I ended up playing the first game.

But then some stupid trash idol came into my life and ruined everything.

28. Would you ever show your parents DL?

Ooookay! HERE IT GOES. 

To be honest, my Mom knows I’m crazy, so I have told some stuff about the series (stuff concerning the bro’s childhoods, for example)… And I gotta say she said it was kinda… interesting. But my Mom is cool, she used to read manga some years ago so??? I guess I expected her to like it and beg me to tell her more.

Funny thing is that… One of my jp friends sent me a Christmas card this year, and she had printed a lot of Kous to decorate the card and even the envelope (IT WAS TOO CUTE). When my Mom got home and she saw the letter she muttered:

“Who’s the blond guy. He’s hella hot.”

I laughed. Hard.

I love my Mom so much. www

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Hair anon~ LOOL one hour is definitely not enough. There could be like a whole week of panels for Jensen talking abt Jared. Yes I remember abt the GG reunion and it's in Austin too. Idk it's like it'll be easier bcs it's there but also he might not be ready to be out to public so I don't want him to push it >< O GOSH I'd so come out n flood your inbox w/ j2 headcanons like everyday if it's possible.... 1-

Ah yeah right. Well at least it would be easy for him to get there and he wouldn’t have to travel. I’m really curious… I think if he goes there he’ll tweet something before, first a tweet that he’s feeling better a few days prior, and then some pic from the reunion. I just :(( really miss his dumb tweets and dumb selfies and the absolute silence is completely nerve-wracking. I just want to know if he’s better, I love him so much and I literally can’t stand the thought of him still feeling horrible. :(

//sigh welllll let’s talk J2. :D

and aww… Jensen would act annoyed but he’d actually love having Jared so close and getting hugged even more often than usual. And YES the storm! maybe they would open one of the windows a little bit and then sit down in front of one, Jared between Jensen’s legs, leaning against Jensen’s chest, and listen to the rain and thunderstorm. And they’d have cuddly blankets and pillows and hot chocolate, and maybe they’d not even talk but just cuddle and kiss from time to time. :) and ngl they’d definitely have nice, slow, cuddly sex at some point

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i met g and got barricade and cried a lot and when i met him i said i was sorry for crying so much during the concert and that he probably saw me crying bc i was barricade right in front of him and he was like "yeah i did haha! but you shouldn't be sorry at all." i told him that i tried to commit suicide when i was 12 and he just went "oh my god" really sadly. he signed my lyric sheet "thank you! xoxo g" and i hugged him and said thank you and it was amazing. pics are on my blog if u care

dude that’s so rad! sounds like so much fun, meeting him. and of course i care dude. i hope that meant a lot to u! thanks for sharing too!

send me asks abt the concert last night!

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Theres this guy that I find so attractive and I've dropped hints to him indicating that I'm keen (I liked his Instagram pics) but nothing has happened???? I wanna message him but idk if I wanna make the move. Realistically, what should I do?

I’m not really sure why liking his Instagram photos equates to you dropping hints that you’re keen? I like my friend’s Insta photos all the time but that doesn’t mean I’m keen to get with them. If you want something to happen or at least head towards that direction, then talk to them. So yeah, definitely message them!

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Hey! I've some questions! What's the name of the poem Alex wrote ? Is the pic in one of your last posts with a paper and the handwritten poem the original? And... Have you ever met Alex? Btw I love your blog!

I’m so sorry I don’t know the name of that poem, but yeah I think that’s the original because that really looks like Alex’s handwriting to me. And no, I’ve never met him *sets self on fire*

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hmmm so tao friend went to japan with sehun? interesting.

yes. The owner of Jambo^^ but also Sehun’s friend Hyunbin though it feels like they lost him somewhere because I didn’t see him on the pics of Sehun coming back to Korea XD

they all belong to the same clique.. Hyunbin, Sehun, Tao, Jun, the owner of Jambo, Donghwan (who we assume to be Suho’s boyfriend), and some others.. so, Tao’s friends are Sehun’s friends because I think Sehun only brought Hyunbin into this group XD idk XD maybe someone else as well.. but the owner of Jambo (I really don’t know his name..) was Tao’s friend before he was Sehun’s^^ but yeah.. interesting XD I talked with some friends and we think that they might have organized this trip to cheer Sehun up a bit^^ but that’s just a guess so be careful! XD

I found a thing in my drawing folder!! That’s criedwolves ( wolfprince.co.vu/ ), totally love him!! I just wanted to learn how to draw shirts in general, so I didn’t draw the pic on the shirt, but….yeah….it is actually more like a badly painted sketch….

I met a guy on the cruise on the Great Barrier Reef that works for the company and he was so funny. I kind of fell in love when I first saw him because he was actually one of the most attractive people I’ve ever met. Well, he started talking to me on our way back to the mainland and he actually turned out to be a person I really liked☺️. He is like in love with fish, which I found totally hilarious. His Facebook profile pic is him hugging a huge grouper. Yeah, he’s actually obsessed with fish. He literally goes around and trains fish that he finds and befriends and hugs whatever fish will let him. He hugs them!! Idk if it’s cute or weird but I’m leaning towards cute tbh. I guess that’s what happens when you spend your whole life in the ocean haha. I met so many amazing people on this cruise, I never wanted to leave.

The day after the cruise, my mom and I didn’t have anything planned for the first time since we got to Australia and so we just explored Cairns and the surrounding towns. It rained that whole day but it was still amazing. It was a really relaxed day and I enjoyed it almost as much as the days that we are running around like crazy.

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people are really thinking we are the same way in everyday life? omg sure I'm running aroung screaming "I WANT ATJ'S DICK SO BAD DONT Y'ALL AGREE??" isn't that what everyone does??

that’s all i do 

i tell everyone my crazy quotes of what i want to do with him like “OH YOU KNOW YESTERDAY I SAW THAT SUPER HOT PIC OF ATJ FROM GODZILLA PRESS HE LOOKS LIKE A VANILLA SMOOTHIE BUT I’D REALLY PREFER HIM TO GO NOT SO VANILLA WITH ME AND WRECK MY VAGINA ALONG WIHT MY BED” yeah i have those conversations on daily basics

okay this is from my instagram but…

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#Repost @the5sosfacts
Get better lukeeeee🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 Hes like really humble and down to earth and i personally think hes a beautiful person inside and outside lke he still stopped for pics with the fans and is on tour despite this so pray for him and yeah since hes already come this far and has influenced the 5sos fam greatly ina positive way, the 5sos fam needs to support him when hes in a hard situation and im probably posting something like this on my tumblr tomorrow but yeahh #getbetterluke okay i need to calm down i sound so dramatic

yupp but he sounds amazing still and wormstein omg