(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ shoulder smooooooch ♥

And here is dashingicecream‘s lovely piece and birthday gift for kokkoro! I know you like shoulder kisses, Ash! Happy birthday! 

Thank you soooosososoo much for doing this Dash! ^~^


April 27th, 1984: Patrick Vaughn Stump was born as Patrick Martin Stumph

Happy birthday, Patrick! Thank you so much for granting everyone with the gift of your music. You have truly made an impact on thousands of people’s lives and I’m sure all of us can genuinely admit that we wouldn’t be the same without you. From being the drummer in Arma Angelus (for a little while anyway) to becoming lead vocals and rhythm guitarist in Fall Out Boy, then transitioning to a solo career, and finally back off hiatus with the others again, we’ve loved you all the same. Hope you’re having a great day! xo


Happy 16th Birthday Daz Nitschke ( troyeboyish! )

Happy Birthday babe!! You’re honestly the sweetest most beautiful person (both inside and out) I have ever met. You never fail to make any of us smile and give the bestest advice to anyone who asks. You’re so kind to everyone, including your followers, and have such a beautiful voice like how are you not famous yet?! You inspire not only me, but all of those around you to be a better person in every single way because you’re such an amazing person and I’m so damn lucky to have you as a friend. Please never ever stop being you and I cannot wait to meet you hopefully in the near future and spend our time catching up over a nice latte in a cute lil cafe. I love you so much and I hope you have the amazing day you deserve <3
P.S I cannot give you a happy birthday without saying you’re finally legal! ;)

Happy birthday princess! I love you so much, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I would be lost without you.


mads!!! we got her her favorite coffee, an alcohol awareness pamphlet, made her a crown and I made a video with all of our friends + our art teacher saying what we loved about her!!! we love you Madeleine! guys it would be really great if you sent her a nice message or just some birthday wishes! her (hella amazing) blog is eurthey !!!! 💞💞💞hope everyone has a great day and happy birthday Madeleine!


MANYA, (i’m SUPER late uploading this but forgive me (:~)

i cannot belieb…….. that you’re finally 21 it makes me so happy for u yet sad that i can’t be there to party with u in aus :( BUT! i included all of ur favorite things/ppl in this birthday photoset <33333333 i love u so much and i’ve never had someone make me laugh as hard as u have ever in my whole life/you’re one of the few people on this website that i know i’ll be friends with for a long time! and i love that you’re one of the only people on here who get my sense of humor because the things we laugh at are not normal///i’ve border line peed my pants laughing at the stupid shit and i know we haven’t facetimed/skyped as often as we’ve wanted to but i know we will this summer I LOVE U MANYA STYLES TOMLINSON BIEBER/I HOPE JUSTIN AND HARRY VISIT U THIS WEEKEND AND ;-)

dear elton zissou adams, the connection we share is undeniable. i’d be lying if i said that with every year passing by, i don’t get nervous you won’t need me so much anymore. so for now, i will welcome your cuddles and requests for my attention whenever i possibly can. in return, i ask a tiny little favor; can you please slow down with the getting older bit? just a little? happy third birthday, bub. i sure do love you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGSTUMP! (get it? like youngblood, oh whatever) YOU ARE MY FAVORITE SINGER AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE ALIVE! You are probably never going to see this but whatever. I love you so much and you have changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for being an amazing and incredible human being. I hope this video is good because I procrastinated on my homework to get it done.

I was tagged by the wonderful ducky17  to do this get to know me tag. So thank you so much lovely! xx

Name: Alexis

Average hours I sleep: like 4, but lately it’s been anything from 1-10 hours.

Last Thing you Googled: when blur tickets go on sale :D

Nicknames: lex, lexi, lexis, leki.

Birthday: 8th of February

Sexual Orientation: straight

Height: 1.64m i think

Favorite Color: mint green and black

One Place That Makes You Happy: home, more specifically my room.

How Many sheets do you sleep with: most of the time just 1, but since it’s been getting really cold lately i have to use 2 really thick ones.

Favorite Film: This one’s always difficult to answer because there are so many, but Harry Potter movies are always on the list.

What Am I wearing Right now: uh a green singlet and black shorts and well, does a blanket count? because i’m wrapped up like a burrito right now.

Last Book Read: last book i read was for uni and it was ‘The Cherry Orchard’ by Anton? Chekov…. i know Chekov was his last name :/

First Word that Came to mind: cat, because mine just came and sat on me.

Last Thing you said to a family member: “get her” to my brother, because my cat’s rubbing her face all over my laptop so I can’t type.

Favorite Beverage: it’s probably juice

Favorite Food: pasta? i don’t know, it depends what mood i’m in.

Last thing I watched in theaters: The Avengers: Age of Ultron  :D

Dream Vacation: Well, anywhere overseas really but I’d prefer somewhere that snows or is at least cold.

Dream Pet: a dog! i used to have one, but now i’ve got a cat and bunnies instead.

Dream Job: I want a job in the film/tv industry, on the production side.

and I’ll tag these lovelies:

kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting happyfrasers im-a-seriesholic borntosik lethallylauren

don’t feel like you have to do it though and i’m sorry if you’ve been tagged already, i tried not to tag those who were. If i didn’t tag you and you want to do it, by all means go for it! i’d love to read them if you do :)

Happy birthday to my most precious of loves! It seems like only yesterday and not half a year that I fell in love with you. We have so much in common to the point it's almost scary. Even though I'm not a beautiful smart detective. Anyway I look up to you so much and with all my heart I say thank you for giving me amazing moments and amazing friends! Happy 20th Naoto. Keep on being a wonderful person my queen.💗