what love this must be;
like having my own sun.

i wonder, how does a
heart come to be aware
of the things it can hold? 

i would carry the world,
for him to feel this light.

i wonder, every day, how
a heaviness like mine is
made to feel this lightness,
this sunshine he begs from
within me. i wonder,
how a boy can hold the
entire sun in his palms. 

i wonder, how he can 
be so quick to share 
something so beautiful,
something that is only
his, has only ever been his.

—  “being given sunshine by the sun himself.” by Emma Bleker

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Part 2

And here we get to our point- if you fight Mamoru, if you KILL him, he will indeed give you a speech about how great his girlfriend and her ladygang is before he dies.


Galaxia is like “YEAH I KILLED THE EARTH GUY EARTH IS MINE!!!” and Mamoru’s like “haha what no. Are you kidding me, lady, I was always the least of your obstacles there. My girlfriend and her friends are AMAZING AGENTS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE and they are going to stop you for sure.”

On one hand it’s works zinger to a woman who killed him, like “yeah whatevs you took ME out but  you’re STILL going to fail,my gf’s gonna kick your ass with the power of love BYE”.

But it’s more than that. He’s does not actually sound that angry at all. Like, he’s dying, and he dies with a smile on his face because he knows it will be okay. He couldn’t do it, but she can. Usagi will be fine and she and her frineds will protect the earth. His belief in her is so profound and sincere that it brings him peace. He can leave it to Usagi. He doesn;t have anything to worry about. He just holds onto the thought of her, how she’ll be okay, how great she is, and that allows him to die with a smile on his face.

This sincere unwavering belief in Usagi, in the bonds that hold the Senshi together, to the point where he doesn’t mind dying because he knows Usagi can protect everything even if he couldn’t and he truly know in his heart she can do ANYTHING, is sincerely my favorite thing about Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship, and this is where the anime most blatantly showed that aspect of it. So it’s definitely one of my fave scenes for that reason.

Maybe I’m in love with the way he smiles, the curve of his mouth and the ever so subtle appearance of his dimples. Maybe I’m in love with the way he runs his hand through his hair nervously whenever he’s about to speak. Maybe I’m in love with his freckles that scatter his face like stars in the night sky. Maybe I’m in love with the way he talks, the way his lips form words and the captivating sound of his voice. Maybe I’m in love with the way he walks, confident but not cocky. Maybe I’m in love with the shyness that surrounds his exterior, but underneath, he’s the funniest person I know. Maybe I’m in love with the way he laughs, the incandescently happy and pure sound. Maybe I’m in love with his gentleness, his compassion, his intelligent. Maybe, just maybe, I’m in love with him. (But he’ll never know.)
—  things I hate to admit
Japhan ... Engaged?

Phil’s P.O.V.

Dan was very clearly taking a photo as I did under the blossom  tree. I pretended not to see him, then suddenly darted forward, catching him around his waist. “You need to be less obvious!” I laughed.

“I was trying!” His enthusiasm mirrored mine, wrapping his arms around my neck. “You know what I like about it here?”

“Quite a lot, I would guess.” I smiled.

“We’re alone. It’s so private.” I looked around, and saw what he meant - there was no one else in sight; just the endless gorgeous pink flowers, and the lake.

“Good.” I sighed. Spontaneous trips were something we should do more often - although only on this one could this happen. I leaned forward and kissed him. “I love you.”

“You too.” He craned his neck up. “So much right now. This was a great idea.” His eyes sparkled when they met mine again, and a rare smile found his lips. “Wanna walk?” He suggested.

“Wow. For once off the sofa! I’m proud.”

“Shut up!” He laughed again, shoving my arm as we took a path with branches curled over the top, the occasional petal falling on our heads.

“Pretty ducks…” He had his phone out again. I bit my lip, my stomach flipping over and over and butterflies - maybe birds at this point, actually - swooping around it. I used the moment while he was distracted.

“Help me think of a witty but ironic caption…” He mused, still not having seen me.

“Are you ever going to get off your phone?” I hinted. His eyes flickered to me and then back to the phone for a second, and then back to me as he realized.

“Are you-”

“Dan Howell,” I stood up, and suddenly he was falling back, the look of shock on his face now for a completely different reason. I gasped as a loud splash hit my ears, and jumped back, unable to avoid the tidal wave he caused. “Dan!?”

“Help me!” He yelled, trying unsuccessfully to get out. I reached down and grabbed his arm, heaving him up. He lay on the ground for a minute, gasping and dripping before suddenly rolling over to look up at me. “You were saying?” He whispered.

“Daniel.” I waited for him to get up, taking his hands and pulling him close. “Will you marry me?”

He didn’t answer straight away, just pulled ny into another kiss. “Of course.” He breathed finally.

“Only you,” I giggled, unable to stop myself. “Would fall in a lake as I tried to propose.” His finger found its way into the ring and he just started at me for a long moment. “And maybe that’s why I love you so much.”

“Is lake kiss nice?” He teased.

“Not really.” I made a face. I frowned then. “Are you crying?” I was amazed. He turned his gaze to the ground, and I moved a hand from his waist to his chin, making him look up at me. “It’s fine.” I wiped the tears (and probably quite a lot of pond water) away, pulling him into a wet hug. I didn’t care.

“I love you, Phil. I don’t say it enough. I really love you.”

“I love you, too.” I murmured in his ear. He shivered, and hugged me tighter. I pushed him back enough so that I could kiss him properly and no more, letting our lips meet in silence, my eyes closing automatically. His hands tangled around my neck, kissing me back gently. I ran my thumb over his cheekbone, smiling at the tears on his face

“You’re perfect just the way you are. Unrelated, but please never change.”

“I won’t.” He said quietly against my lips, letting our foreheads meet. I stared into his eyes, and everything around faded - the beautiful surroundings, the distant voices, even the dampness of the boy I held in my arms. “If you don’t.” And just when I thought my heart could hold no more love…


So here is some Japhan inspired fluff.

I actually wrote this on my wattpad about a month ago, but this is the first fanfic that I’ll have on tumblr - yay! Special clap for me! It’s part of my one-shot book. So Yea… read that and all my other stuff.

Lovers For A Day.

requested by: deangirl28 request: 25-”I can’t believe you talked me into this”

You were asked by a couple of old friends to come to a restaurant with your boyfriend for a catch up, since you hadn’t seen them since you went to one of your many schools with them. Little did they know you were single but, instead of saying that you said yes anyways.

“Sam, you know how you love me?” you asked with your cutest puppy dog eyes you could do.

“What do you want, Y/N?” he stared up from his laptop with a hesitant tone.

“Okay, so a couple of high school friends asked me to go to a fancy restaurant with them”


“Well they asked me to bring my boyfriend…and well you know, I don’t have one so would you do me a massive favour and pretend to be mine?” you blurted out. He looked at you like you were asking him to go a killing spree with you or something.

“Please, Sam!” you begged him “I’ll owe you one, I promise”.

“Fine! But whatever I next want you to do that you normally don’t you’ll have to” he quickly said, smirking like he was suddenly king of the world.


Later on you were both dressed up nicely, you were wearing a small black dress and some nice black heels, you curled your hair and put the best jewellery you had on. Sam was wearing his FED suit. You both set off to the restaurant.

“Looking good, my lover” you said playfully winking at him.

“Bite me.” he laughed. “I can’t believe you actually talked me into this!”

The night went pretty well, they were asking all sorts of questions about you and Sam, quite frankly it was great. You haven’t had a normal night out in forever. When your friends were getting up to leave, Sam started looking at their arse, which wasn’t good as you were meant to be together.

“Sam!” you whispered, elbowing him in the ribs “Stop it, you’re meant to be my boyfriend!”

“Sorry!”he whispered back “I can’t help it, babe”.

And that is how you started dating Sam Winchester.


4x23 // 1x01

#I can’t tell you how much this means to me #her son Henry will find her #in any realm #any place #any time #he approaches Emma thinking she doesn’t know #like he is reliving his past #but then she remembers this time #she knows its him #i love family relationships #and this parallel makes me cry

Today, I fucked up... by telling an attractive stranger I loved him

I was working at the grocery store, stocking shit, when an attractive guy comes up to me and asks me about a particular brand of canned tomatoes.

He says, “I could use these tomatoes for salsa, right?”

His attractiveness was making me nervous. I mean, I really wished he could’ve approached someone else to ask. In my head, I’m like a teenage girl replacing his last name with mine and naming our future children. I reply (thinking wtf how am I supposed to know if it’s good for salsa?), “Yeah! haha they’re great. I love you.” Clear. As. Day.

He pauses for a moment and furrows his brow. “Did you just say I love you?”

Why couldn’t he have just brushed it off?? I honestly don’t know why he said that but at this point, I can feel my face absolutely burning red and I feel lightheaded with embarrassment. Being the socially-awkward dummy I am, I ramble off: “Tomatoes. I mean I love tomatoes hahaha why would I say I love you? So weird right? I meant to just say ‘them’–not you. I don’t know you hahahaha.” (I can’t remember the exact rant, but it was definitely along these lines and probably twice as weird)

He looks absolutely creeped out. I think it was mostly my ramble in explanation. Looking back, I could’ve totally just laughed it off and told him, “Sorry, long day. I meant the tomatoes.”

So he just says, “…Thanks…” awkwardly and walks off. I hear him asking a coworker the same question.

I’m gonna be hearing about this from my brain before I go to bed for the next ten years.

I don’t remember the last time I saw him because I didn’t think it would be the last. The last words I said to him in person was simply “I love you.” The last kiss I gave him was when I was saying goodbye for what I thought was for the night but little did I know it was for the rest of my life. The last text I sent him was “It’s been awhile now, I hope you are happy, you deserve it.” The last time he grabbed me from behind and whispered in my ear, “you’re mine” is so faint in my mind. The last time I looked into his big brown eyes isn’t clear to me anymore and that kills me. I get sadder and sadder as time keeps progressing but he seems to be doing fine without me and that’s what really gets to ne, because I look like a fool for still being completely in love with him.
—  B.L letters I never sent

anonymous asked:

What's the story behind the love people have for No Control? like why this song out of all the other ones Louis wrote on that people really wanna show their support for?

A few different reasons but mainly I think because Louis is the lead vocal the entire way through. Louis, who never used to get solos. Louis, who has said time and time again that he’s self-conscious about his voice. Louis, slaying it for all of No Control, making the chorus work for him, writing about his fucking morning sex for christs sake!

People go hard for it. I go hard for it. I’m so proud of him.

Fictional Characters
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Me at thirteen:</b> OMG dis guy is so hot OH bAby b mine 4eva dont U LEt nobody touch U unless dat somebody's mE.<p/><b>Me now:</b> No you don't understand. I don't want him like that. He's obviously in love with his male best friend and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.<p/></p><p/></p>

Goodbye Stelena Event

Day 1 → Why do you love their relationship

for me this was all i needed to hear in this episode, stefan admitting to himself and to caroline that he loved elena in a way that just couldn’t be described. he’s lived for over a century now yet he’s never experienced love like that before and while we all know that everything has changed and he’s moved on, this is basically him saying that no matter how many times he meets someone new or falls for somebody else no one no one will ever compare to elena gilbert, she was one of kind, the love of his life and for me that’s more than enough