The band were supposed to simultaneously blow Hubba Bubba bubbles – but youngest sister Alana didn’t know how. “We settled on the sunglasses thing,” says Boud. “My pitch to them was, imagine you’re Luke Perry in the 90210 opening credits – and I think they got it.”

Laneway Moving Portrait by Daniel Boud


does anybody else want to bet that sam, after road trip, wakes up every morning and runs the tests on himself

holy water, silver knife, angel blade, the works

he has to differentiate between either if it’s him or someone else wearing him after all




smileyixing for my wifey♥

So I took this picture of my brother...

We currently don’t have an oven so we had to go to our nan’s house

and I found it funny that he was outside with pizza so I sent it to my friend and he started editing and I felt the need to share them

I have no idea what’s going on here

Is pizza or lord and savior? personally I think yes

But it gets better

hahaha what? Cas likes pizza

inception haha

it continues

and my personal favorite, this one kills me

hahahaha oh dear salmonkitcher thank you for these 

Here’s a happy Franky for everyone!
Hope I drew him super enough

yo so someone brought up the idea of a Firefly!PJO AU and I am so pumped about it and I just had a question - Captain Jackson or Captain Grace?


Why are people still making defensive posts outta the blue screaming about how people need to stop hating on Slytherin on this website? Last I checked, people were so infatuated with and stuffed up Slytherin’s ass that Salazar will never need another colonoscopy in his damn life.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 31


But in all of this there is only one element which can be said to be truly remarkable. Would anyone like to make a guess?

The camera pans to Major Sholto first after this line.


rainbow bonnie: day 2 » au 

au where bonnie and her girlfriend, elena, hit the road. grand heists ensue.

“Do you realize that this would make such a great movie? Queer girlfriends on the run, pulling off some of the best heists the world has ever seen; partners in crime. If I’m Bonnie, doesn’t that make you Clyde? Nevermind; we’ll rewrite the whole thing, and make it better. Cute queer girls, a.k.a us; it would be everything, right? Movie fades in on my birthday party from last year, whenever we got wasted and started talking about how we could totally make this thing happen. Oh, and the song in the trailer has to be that one M.I.A. song that you love so much.”

“Bonnie, when you’re excited—even though it’s my favorite thing; yes to everything you just said—you drive like we don’t have seven-million dollar paintings in the trunk.”

“Fine. I’ll slow down once you concede to Bey’s Blow being the first song on the soundtrack.”

People saying that the Qunari are a racist and sexist society but conveniently forget that humans have a heavily gender-biased patrilineal monarchy (where an inexperienced bastard son can easily replace an established queen), humans committed mass genocide on elves TWICE, and the only humans who don’t lock up their mages are the SLAVE-owning Tevinter Imperium…