I don’t know who I am under all of this skin. I bleed red like everyone else and my skin gets darker when I’m under the sun but I don’t know why my heart aches the way that it does. I don’t know how I look on the inside, I wonder what color my internal walls are painted and I wonder if they are decorated and if they are, I wonder what kind of decorations I have. And if someone were to open me up and roll me out and read me like a map, I wonder if they would be surprised. I wonder if all the directions I’m giving are correct. I wonder if I lead anywhere.
—  m.o.w

I am not freaking out, I am just mad as hell that Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha got this treatment. I don’t care about a cute SS moment if they get fucked in the process. There is no reason why Kishi had to do this and there is no logical way to take back those 12 years of additional suffering. Everyone talking about waiting and being analytical. I bet if it was your pairing where the guy left the girl struggling and never saw his kids you wouldn’t be singing the same tune. I am the last person you want to talk facts with because last time I checked I understood the manga and characters better than some of these educated, informed, geniuses who seem to know something that everyone else doesn’t. 

 “Kishi has a reason”. Yeah so? Does that undo anything? NO. So you all can take that reason and shove it. I still had to see Sakura like this. Even teasing Sakura and Sasuke in this state is beyond trolling it’s just nasty.

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i'm not sure if you touched on this at all already, but does it bother you that we didn't get a flashforward of chris and ann? like i understand logistically why we didn't and it wasn't enough to completely ruin the finale or anything but it just felt like a little piece that was missing. and i think it was always feel like that, even if the rest of the finale was perfect.

it does bother me, tbh. like, ann was on the show for  5 ½ seasons and she was incredibly important, so she shouldve had a flash forward to the same degree that everyone else got. to be fair, we got a quick peek into it when she and leslie met up again and it had a small look into her life, but it wasnt much.

but, you know, there might not’ve been much for them to flash to? idk that sounds weird but ann and chris weren’t doing like “important” things like everyone else? that sounds bad, but they were just in michigan, living their life. idk what they wouldve shown.

of course, it depended on rashida and rob’s schedules to be able to have a longer flash forward. if they did have the time, then they probably couldve taken some time away from craig or even jean ralphio’s ff b/c i dont think they were as important to the show as ann and chris. (objectively speaking. every character is important to the show and im not trying to say that theyre not) but if rashida or rob couldnt be there for filming for very long, then i understand


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Hey there :P soooo.. Vanoss' name is Evan right? Does someone know if Delirious' name is known? Ans tbh lately I'm getting confused on who's who when tehy talk to eachother with their actual names :'D help? Pls? (I've been watching their videos for 1-2+ week/s

Yeah Vanoss’ real name is Evan, it does get pretty confusing at the start but the more videos you watch and the deeper you get into the fandom the easier it becomes to recognize them :)
Delirious’ real name is Jonathan, but no one apart from Cartoonz has ever called him by his real name, everyone else just calls him Delirious.
Here’s a list of the main groups real names

  • Vanoss - Evan
  • Delirious - Jonathan
  • I Am Wildcat - Tyler
  • Daithi De Nogla - David
  • Mini Ladd - Craig
  • Moo Snuckel - Brock
  • Basicallyidowrk - Marcel
  • Lui Calibre - Lui

And other’s who are sometimes in their videos

  • Cartoonz - Luke
  • The Gaming Terroriser - Brian
  • SeaNanners - Adam
  • Mr Sark - Scott
  • Fourzeroseven - Scotty

Trust me it does get alot easier the more you watch them and then you’ll be able to recognize them just by the sound of their voices💕
If you need anymore help let me know 💕 xoxo

i want everyone here to know that even if absolutely no one else does and your family is shit and you feel alone i want you to know that i really really do love you and i would miss you if you were gone and you are absolutely amazing and unique. if you feel no one else loves you then just know that I love you so just keep on doing your best and i will always be proud of you

Jongin: I’m too hot
Me: like hoenslty what the fuck you really are its like looking at the fucking sun you’re beauty literally keeps me up at night like who the fuck asked you too look that good no one did no one asked you to look that good no one asked you to shit on everyone else walking out of your house looking like that shiyyttttt
Me: (hot damn)

HI GUYS IT’S ANNIE HERE. ok so tumblr has glitched hugely, recently, and people’s blogs are getting

  • deleted
  • unfollowed randomly
  • super glitchy, where the blog is still there but nothing works

and i KNOW how much effort the roleplaying community puts into their blogs and i’d hate for anyone to lose all their stuff so. QUICK ADVICE: save all ur stuff. this could literally just mean copying and pasting your theme, your sidepages, your headcanons and description and navigation ALL OF IT. anything you don’t wanna lose. because if your blog does disappear randomly, it would be nice to remember that all the stuff that matters is still on your computer. 

it’s what i’m doing and i recommend 500% that everyone else do it too because it looks like these blog deletes and glitches etc aren’t finished. 

Yeah, me, Emrys and Mari have violent tendencies! But so does literally everyone else in our group. And pretty much everyone else I know in real life… it’s fucking normal, get over it.

i think what makes breakups really sad is that you spend all this time opening up, letting the other person in and they do the same thing. you spend all this time intertwining. you learn what makes them smile, and how they like their tea and their favourite childhood memories. you share and you remember and then suddenly, you’re meant to retreat and forget. you know what makes someone sad, and you’re meant to pretend that you don’t; you’re meant to go back to being everyone else and believing the smile they plaster on their face. you know a way to help and you have to stand back. and i guess what i’m wondering is - do we stop knowing these things, or do we just get better at pretending? does letting go ever come to feel like standing still, like peace?
—  marina v., bruised confession #12.

Veep Season 4:
⤷ 4x02 - East Wing

❝ Any kind of obscenities that have been thrown at him from her, he just doesn’t hear it. He doesn’t see it. He’s got huge rose-colored glasses on. But when [the abuse] comes from everyone else, he does see it. So he’ll blow up at Dan or Jonah, but never Selina. But when she referred to him as “a middle-aged man who gets me my wipes,” he had to actually face what she thought of him. And that was in contrast to how he saw himself the entire time, which was as her “first lady.” Then he just lost it. […] Gary’s got a lot of secrets. Gary’s known her a long time and, as we know, she’s not the purest lady. He knows all the skeletons. He knows all the secrets. But that secret, whatever it is, trumps them all. […] In the heat of the moment, there probably was a realization in her mind that he’s more than just a lap dog. […] [T]he fact that Gary has been separated from Selina now that she’s President has been emotional suicide for him. He would rather be attacked and cussed at and abused than be distanced from her. After this [fight], they’re close again. He’s around her again. ❞  —  Tony Hale

Something I just realized… all we know about Author!Stan’s current mindset is the few seconds he was in the end of NWHS, right? Who knows what he’s gone through and been changed by from the 30 years. 

What’s the first thing he does, the moment he steps out of the portal? Greet his brother? Nope. He couldn’t have not seen him, considering the first thing he does is…

Pick up the journal that was lying on the floor. If he saw the journal, he saw everyone else. And to me, that just says he’s definitely still holding something against the Stan we know.

tbh i hate how akashi is mistreated in kurobasu. 

when i say that, i mean by the author and staff. t’s quite obvious in the anime that all they do is build him up as a “big bad boss” and cut out the other aspects of his life, but even fujimaki does it in the manga and it bothers me

i mean, he creates this character with a mental disorder, and makes it blatantly obvious that this character is suffering and broken inside, and makes everyone know about it but nobody does anything about it?

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I literally don’t understand at all when people go ‘You don’t defend Snape, but I bet you like the Marauders!” Because the Marauders, from the one snapshot we saw of them, were not exactly nice teenagers. They probably were bullies, and I’m not defending their actions. But Snape was literally involved in an organisation that systematically killed people that they deemed inferior to them. 

Bullying is awful, but I think condoning and being actively involved in mass murder is just a little bit worse.

Busting Preconceptions

I had one of those radical mind-bendy things happen this week.

You know how you just ASSUME something and never question it, until someone else does and then you watch an implosion happen in your own brain that unravels a ton of preconceptions?

Yeah. That happened to me this week. Over Titanic. And Rose.

She is an INFP, right? Totally. Everyone knows it. It’s accepted. She’s on INFP character lists, after all. I’ve even used her countless times as an example of a looping Fi/Si. Except… she’s not.

Crazy, yes? Or is it?

The person who casually and in passing exploded that preconception said, “Rose is being led everywhere she goes. She is riding someone else’s wave, not creating it.” And he’s right.

Think about it. Rose is marrying a man she doesn’t love, because it’s the “done” thing to do. Society expects it and it keeps you out of the poorhouse. Until she meets Jack, the idea of making emotional decisions and being impulsive and spontaneous never entered her mind. The most rebellious she got was choosing purple for her bridal gowns because her mother hates purple – but she’s still going through with the wedding. Because it’s the practical thing to do. Oh, and she made a joke about penis size at the dinner table. Radical stuff, that. Earth-shattering. Wow, rebellion on a tiny scale.

And then she meets Jack, and forms a crush. Here is someone who does whatever he wants and doesn’t worry about the consequences. They will all work themselves out, after all. Who follows his heart. Radical thinking, that. Mind-blowing, even. He is everything she is not but wants to be. So she models herself after his behavior, mimicking him, but doing it clumsily and immaturely, because her emotions are under-developed (read: not a constantly utilized function in her life, so she spends a good chunk of the film acting like a child).

In the midst of a crisis, we see everyone descending into their lower functions. The only one of the main trio who becomes fully rational in the situation is Jack, who shifts into Te.  “Here is the plan, Rose. It’ll keep us alive.” Cal falls into Fi. Because it is inferior, the result is immature, petty, childish emotions. Ruth falls into Fi/Ne. Though emotional, she is in total denial about what is happening, choosing instead to live in a fantasy. And Rose… well, she’s not using Te, is she? She is making purely emotional decisions based on idealistic things – Fi/Ne. She is chasing a dream while the world collapses around her. Like Cal, she’s utterly insensible, consumed by romantic idealism and her sudden burst of assertive, irrational thinking: “I WILL NOT LEAVE JACK.” 

He is her only tie to the wonders of the world, to a life she wants but cannot figure out how to get without him. She goes on to have it, because she swore to him that she would, but he had to show her how to rebel against society first. “He saved me in all the ways a person can be saved.” How? He showed her how to follow her heart. She had to be taught that. 

Does an INFP need to be taught to follow their heart? To make decisions based on how they feel? No. ISTJs, however, do.

And this is where the stereotypes implode. They are true in some sense, but not in others. It is not that we do not WANT to change but that we are not sure HOW to change. ISXJs want to be idealists. We have dreams, but most of the time reality prevents us from actively pursuing them. We get stuck where we are, while desperately wanting to change, but we so rarely are our own catalysts for change that we are in an endless cycle of desiring more, but not being entirely sure what more is. Inferior Ne, remember? I just want… more. An abstract ideal. Fantasies of a better reality than the one we are living in. But there is no clear picture of what that looks like. So like Rose, we introduce novelty into our lives in little ways, however we can … by buying paintings that excite our imagination, by becoming well-read and intelligent… but we cannot throw all caution to the wind until someone else, another type, shows us how. Sometimes, they need to take us literally by the hand and lead us forward.

Like Rose, we are confined by what we know … until we see more. Until then, we crave it but do not really know what we want. We just want… something more than this provincial life.

I’ve been pondering this for several days, trying to wrap my head around Rose being an ISTJ … and this morning I hear from an ISFJ friend who is in that same place of frustration as Rose. Trapped by circumstances that she does not know how to alter, forced to wait, while craving SO MUCH MORE. She isn’t sure what it is she wants, but she’s stuck not having it and she HATES IT. She has reached that moment in life that all ISXJs do, and that Rose did, of wondering, with soul-crushing depression, IS THIS ALL I WILL EVER HAVE OR BE? Is this all there is to life? To be stuck here, in this bland existence?!

This is the same thing that made me end a romantic relationship. Surely, there is more… and I cannot stand the thought of stagnation… yet I stagnate. I long for more, like Rose, but don’t know how to get it, or what it even looks like.

The idea of Rose being anything but an INFP is staggering… but a reminder that everyone wants more than this boring existence. It’s just that some of you are so much better at figuring out how to get it. All I ask is that, please, if you are one of those free-spirits, don’t write off the ISXJs. Show us how to do it. Lead by example. Gently broaden our perspective. Take us by the hand if you must, because the unknown is less scary for us with someone at our side. You, in all your free-spirited idealism, may be the catalyst that changes our life.

Each year (routine! habit! tradition!) I watch Titanic on this night. This time, I will go into it with a different perception of Rose. And if my argument is sound, I’ll officially change her type.

Sorry, INFPs… there are so few of you in fiction that I hate taking one away from you but … it’s better to have real ones like Sybil Crawley, isn’t it?

Quick song I recorded this morning. I’ve been feeling frustrated over my progress and decided to write a small song about it. 


I’m so sick and tired
Of trying to figure out my path
When there’s so much to gather
Gotta figure out what I am after
How do I figure out the secrets
That everyone else does?
I stare to figure out the questions
The answers don’t seem to come

There’s more to my talent
I’m pressing my luck
It’s hard to tell myself that I don’t just suck  

So can someone please tell me
How to make my way to the top
Because lately I’m failing
To make my way god knows I’m trying
I wanna the best person I can be
Someone with a message that you’ll believe
So can someone please tell me
How to make my way
Cause I failed at trying

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I feel like i'm a bad bisexual. I'm in a happy relationship with someone from the opposite gender yet I can't help thinking what it would be with someone from the same gender. Everyone says that bisexuals are greedy and can't make up their minds. I don't want to make bisexuals seem bad but it's really hard to suffocate that side of me that yearns for same sex relationship. I don't know who else to talk about this because people are so judgemental. Does anyone else struggle with this? ;___;

Some bisexuals like monogamy, some bisexuals don’t. Some bisexuals love threesomes, and some don’t. There are bisexuals that fulfill stereotypes, and that doesn’t make them ‘bad bisexuals’ or harmful to bisexuals everywhere. The problem is when people assume that all bisexuals are like that, and that those things are inherently negative. You interacting with your sexuality and your own thoughts isn’t going to reflect badly on bisexuals as a group unless somebody is already determined to look at bisexual people in a negative way.

You’re not a bad bisexual, and many other people experience feelings like you are now and struggle with them. It’s ok to be confused, especially when you’re likely surrounded by so much homophobia and biphobia in your everyday life <3

Edit: somebody has pointed out that you used the term “opposite gender”, which I overlooked. In general, it’s best to avoid terminology like that because of the implication that there’s only two genders :)

happierstill replied to your post: I think, in retrospect, one of my favo…

Yes. Sherlock is going to have to do a real apology to John at some point. Tears, begging, the whole nine yards. John’s heart broke when Sherlock jumped. John knew Sherlock could not be trusted with his heart again after that kind of betrayal.

Interesting. I think I disagree with you here. I think Sherlock already got his apology on the train in The Empty Hearse, and I think it was legit. John does forgive him. I think John even trusts him again. I don’t think it’s decision, it’s just how he’s built. John has trust issues he struggles to overcome with everyone else, but he default trusts Sherlock from the moment they meet. I don’t think it’s a choice, I think it’s a compulsion. I think he trusts Sherlock even when he doesn’t want to. Even when he knows he shouldn’t. He trusts Sherlock again way too fast in series 3, not because Sherlock has earned it, but because John can’t help it.

When he discovers that Mary’s being lying to him, it’s Sherlock he feels safe with. Sherlock says, “bring your gun to my parents house for Christmas dinner,” and John is like, “What? That’s CRAZY!” but he does it anyway. For all his caution and cynicism, John trusts in Sherlock the way other people trust in gravity.

But after the Magnussen incident John has every reason in the world to trust Sherlock; he knows Sherlock sacrificed his great self and everything he could have done in his life for John and his family, which I’m sure John can’t begin to fathom. 

No, I don’t think there will be any more apologies. They’re not necessary. But there is no apology that can remove the consequences of Sherlock’s behaviour.

My fear is that the real consequence of Sherlock’s behaviour is this: he will make the very logical deduction that he was right in the first place; emotions cloud his judgement and prevent him from doing good work. And he wouldn’t be wrong. Being in love with John is a problem for Sherlock. It makes him sloppy and it blinds him to the obvious. He makes bad choices because of it. So maybe he needs to stare those feelings in the face, acknowledge them, and swallow them. And never let them interfere with his head ever, ever again. 

He’s wise enough now to really understand the danger, and not just in the abstract. He might look at John and think, yes, I love you, I’m in love with you, I always will be, but that isn’t the life I’m going to get to have. It’s too dangerous, and it’s too complicated, and I’m married to my work. So I need to be satisfied with the fact that I love you, and you love me, but we’re never going to do this. Because I can’t, and because I choose to solve crimes instead.

It would be horrible. But it the wistful and melancholy understanding it would give him would certainly make him a better detective.