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They should just cancel teen wolf and let it die with what's left of it dignity before the whole main cast leaves

everything i cared about had died by the end of 3b, so, idc what they do with it now, like, i just moved on, and i guess if they still wanna put episodes out there, and people still watch and get joy from them then, cool, kudos, but i was done, a long time ago.

anyone else notice the absolute bullshit contradiction jeff gave about hoechlin being less involved because they wanted to focus on the teens (and that tied in nicely with hoechlin wanting to get out) BUT THEN SAYING PARRISH WOULD BE SUPER CENTRIC TO THE PLOT AND BE A SUPER MAIN PART IN THE STORY??? PARRISH IS NOW A LEAD but you know Lydia’s got some stuff in the first episode… so we can get it out of the way and make it look like Holland’ll be around loads. we TOTALLY love all the old characters #newwhiteboycastingjustin! #butwe’retotallytakingitbacktobasics #moredanny!1

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This may be an odd question anyway, you're really a great writer, it's like the language is fully alive. Therefore it would be interesting to know which moments/experiences in your life have shaped your language the most so far? P.s love your work

Thank you so much. I like how you compared the writing to being alive. This is a hard one to answer. I guess I could say moving to New York made a huge impact on my life. A lot of the things that have impacted my work sound awfully cheesy to say, but let’s just say we’ve all experienced it too.

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I'm in love with a guy who doesn't love me back and it srsly hurts - I can't get him out of my head :'( What do I do phoebe??

uhh basically my advice would be to let him know? like p much nothing bad could happen if u tell him? that way he knows and u can either do something about it or move on ya know? idk i find being honest and confident to be rly liberating and it just feels good i guess? plus u will feel like u got something off ur chest and thats always cool

but like
if he already knows then idk im sorry man theres not much you can do but maybe wait til it passes or find someone new?

but then again love and relationships develop due to time and proximity apparently so u could always use this to ur advantage i guess just be ur natural charming self and if hes not interested then the chemistry isnt there or its not meant to be ya know

march 14

I really need to go to the eye doctor. My glasses are not doing their job anymore. And my head is hurting more often now. Great.

On another note, I keep forgetting my laptop is touchscreen so I touch to clean it and then I mess everything up. 

Today was not the best day. I’m an awful person. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’m over-thinking everything. This needs to stop. 

This week is going to be miserable. Yay….

Oh, and I’m trying to convince myself I’m okay with moving on. I know I should move on from you but I can’t seem to let this go. I love you but I think it’s time. We are just not meant to be together forever, I guess. I always imagine we would but from the looks of this…I’m so sad. Do you even feel the same way? Because I just don’t think you do. 

My friend said she doesn’t like seeing me get hurt and I agree. I need myself back. I don’t want to one day wake up and not know who I am. 

You don’t understand me the way I understand myself. And maybe nobody will ever do but I think you’ll understand at all. I need art in my life. You don’t seem to be interested in it. I want passion, just not the sexual type. And I want vulnerability. I want to be my whole self with someone. And I don’t know if I can be my whole self with you.

What was I thinking when I started feeling this way towards you. It was three years ago, and I can’t seem to let you go. It’s time though. I’m really sorry but I need to do this for myself. I will miss you but hopefully one day I can look at you without feeling regret. Without feeling so dumb for sticking around for somebody who probably never felt the way I did. I wish well for you, but I also hope I never see you again. Not in the “I hate you” kind of way, but in the “I love you so much” I can’t bare to see you…I need to stop myself before you really hurt me. Before I hurt myself more. 

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Hiiii~ can you answer me these questions? 9,12,13,17,18,23,43 :D

yaaay my first ever anon ask! yyayy I’m so happy, I feel popular ^^

9.Do you wear jeans or sweats more? 

 I aways wear jeans when I’m not wearing a skirt. I sometimes even sleep in jeans. they are so comfortable~

12.If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say?

I dunno.. Good for them? I mean I wouldn’t get in the way of their love. I guess I would just accept it and then tell them let’s go get some ice cream~ I move on pretty easily.

13.Are you good at hiding your feelings? 

Yep. But only when I’m sad or down. I hide it on an insict, I don’t like it when people see me sad. I cannot hide it when I’m happy tho. I can’t shut up about it

17.When was the last time you cried?

I can’t remember right now.. I don’t cry a lot but even when I do I cry about fanfiction or some show… Oh wait, I can remember. We recenty went to this student union camp and me and my friend katsuichigo (is this how I tag??) cooked all the food for the camp. And last time I cried was because of an onion.

Maybe this is not the kind of answer you wanted.. some sob story would have been better…

18.Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

Yeah, no. I mean some people I know in real life follow me on here… So all I’m gonna say I once thought I was in love with this person because they were the only one who realised I was so sad and lost back then and they gave a shit about me… but i know better now. It surprised me though

23.Are you nice to everyone?

well, I try to be. And most of the I am :)

But then there are mornings…

43.If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now?

Maybe the same thing I’m doing right now. Lay in bed but together~

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Can you post a picture of your boots, doc martens and toms/vans on your page? Would you wear cowboy boots and or rain boots

Sure! Let me round them all up! And I used to wear cowboy boots when I rode horses but its been a while since I moved! I love them! Never wore rain boots. I guess I would though.

Let’s be honest…regardless of how much we fuck, how much we say I love you, how much we try and resolve every arguments we have, we’re never going to go through with leaving each other, never going to stop pretending that our relationship is healthy and perfect. That’s how fucked we are. We’re smart enough to know what we should do, but I guess we’re both just masochists in this relationship….er…whatever this is.

We’re magnetized to each other and there’s no letting go of that gravitational pull that binds us together. In a way, the universe is telling us that were made for each other, but individually we both know this hurts so good.

I would like to hurt you the same way you did me, but I guess I just to to submit to you whenever you make a move to punish me emotionally for no reason. Call me any name in the book and it’s all numb to me now, it doesn’t phase me anymore. Hearing you talk, all I can hear in my head is “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit” and I still smile and go about my girlfriend duties (which is more than a wife would do for her husband) I’m so attached to you that, hurting me feels like it’s part of the cycle, that if it didn’t happen….we’d both feel out of place.

So please, make me feel less than I already do, make me more insecure, make me your slave who you like to call your girlfriend when it’s necessary for you. Keep hurting me like you do, I’m sure you feel more like a man.

At this point it would be easier if you just left me alone. At this point it would be easier to move on if I just remembered all the bad things you were and make myself believe you’d never love me. I was doing so good. I finally started moving on after you. I finally started living again without you.

I guess what I’m saying is, here I am. Six months later and still ridiculously in love with you. If I admit that to myself I’ll be crushed. If I let myself in on the truth of it all I’ll collapse so hard I won’t be able to come back up. I don’t understand why periodically you feel the need to check on me. I mean I understand. You love me, I know you do, you know you do. You have loved me since the second you saw me and probably even before that. You miss me. All the time. Probably everywhere you look. But maybe it’s been getting easier for you.

I’m trying to make it easier for me too. I’m trying to get over you. I’m trying so hard. Because in all the time you ignored me and took away from me I grew. I grew without you. And that’s what we both need to do. You need to grow up. And I need to grow up. And there is no was we can do that together.

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Any advice for people who have been cheated on? My boyfriend cheated on me and I'm struggling to move past it

At the end of the day my answer to this question is the same as my answer to this post. But that is assuming you broke up with them after it happened. (though some of it will still apply I guess).

I’ve been cheated on mannnnyyy a time. Like probably allot more than I initially realised. One incident involved a guy kissing his ex right outside my house, others where just hear say but i didn’t doubt the people who told me. The truth is I sometimes took them back. I kinda had this rule in my head. The person had one free pass, if it was a drunken kiss during the first 3 months I would let it slide. I’d never resort to revenge kissing or w/e. Thats just not healthy. Anything after 3 months I would seriously consider dropping their ass. But in all honesty breaking up with someone you still love is awful no matter what they have done to you. The hardest thing I ever did in a relationship was breaking up with someone I was still in love with (they didn’t cheat on me though, just wasn’t working). 

If your still with the person you need to make the decision if your going to stay or leave. You need to look at your mental stability, can you deal with worrying it will happen again? Sometimes being scared of something completely consumes us and we don’t realise how unhappy we are till we break free and step back. 

I know most people will always give the advice ‘break up with him! he cheated on you!’ And yeah, you should do that, but i know things arn’t always as black and white as that. Just make sure you can live with the choice you make and put your happiness above anything else. You have to live with yourself, the thoughts in your head. 

I dunno, i’m pretty crappy at advice really. 

Drop the pen. Close the book.

For months this break up was dragged on. Every one of my journal entries says ‘I’m moving on’ only for the next entry to start with ‘I’m still hurting’. Enough is enough.

Don’t promise forever if you’ll give up halfway. No one said it was going to be easy. We knew it would be an uphill battle from the start. I just didn’t see you as a quitter. I just didn’t see that you’d be influenced by the background noise and let them determine us. I just couldn’t believe how easily you were willing to deem this unfixable.

Now you’re just another notch on my belt, another has been, another ex that turned into why. Another reminder of my mistakes and another reason to stay up at night wondering where my fairytale ending has gone.

Three years is a long time to be in love. I knew it would fade, I just didn’t know you’d be faded. I guess I never thought we’d end like this. I really thought it was us against the world, but now I can see clearly that we were never on the same team.

I hated that you went to community college. I hated that you refused to work out and take care of your body. I hated that you would never talk to me and let me know what was going on in your life, but love forces the hate to fall silent. I made exceptions for you because I thought you were worth it, because we would never give up trying to be together.

Life sucks sometimes, but maybe you had to go to make room for someone greater. At least that’s what I tell myself at night when I lay in a puddle of my own tears.


I should’ve known that it would end like this. But I didn’t know how much it would hurt and how much you wouldn’t care and disrespect me. Well I guess I should cause you do it so easily. Seeing you just easily “move” on while I’m here trying to put the pieces back of what heart I have left is so hurtful. I know it’s for the best to leave you alone but to see you unwilling return to her like I never even existed or was there a week ago fucking hurts and you are acting like you don’t care. Maybe cause you don’t. Never cared or even loved me. I knew I should have said something to you but I didn’t want create a scene or embarrass you in front of your friends which who prolly think I’m just sum poor girl anyway. I let myself be stupid and blind cause I didn’t want to be with anyone else. Right now I don’t even wanna think about starting over. I don’t like the men here or even in the city. They are all the same. Wanting to be players. Which shouldn’t be far from you anyway. To me if you don’t trust yourself then why have me or even her. From the start you were the who asked me and forced me express my feelings about you. For what? To be treated like this? I thought if I continued to help you whenever you were in need you see what you have and to continue to support you in your music career. I’m just overwhelmed on everything. I think about everything and I’m like wish you get your shit together and realize what is in front of you. But you will never realize it. You wanna be with a scrub. All she does is smoke and drink but hey that’s what you want. As much as it hurts I gotta let go. You never in your life will you say to me I’m the one for you and you wanna be with me forever. Never. Selfish person. You won’t be able to do what you want in life dealing with her. I’ve been the one to help you when you needed. I just wish you could do the same for me. Never. That in itself hurts. I cry knowing you are not in my life anymore. For 4 years you were my everything. I sacrificed my relationship with a good friend for you. And he passed away not knowing the reason why. I did that and you never could. You will never be a man and love one woman. I want it to be me but it’s not. I’m not gonna make the sacrifice of moving there if I’m gonna be played. Not gonna sacrifice not seeing or being with family because you are not ready. You were never ready. I love you with everything and you know that but enough is enough.

Yesterday, you pulled down the collar of your shirt to ask me if you had a tan line on the back of your neck. I let my fingers trace your skin for a second before telling you there wasn’t one. I almost wish I hadn’t lingered, because in that second I thought about the way I used to kiss the back of your neck just to tease you. The way you would move when it tickled & the way you’d laugh about it. I thought about the way you whisper my name the first time I kissed down your back, I loved the effect it had on you. I guess the worst part about yesterday was, I didn’t get the same reaction that I used to.

i miss you

its been three weeks since i last saw you and i hurt
at first i didnt have time to miss you then i just didnt let myself
i convinced myself that you were childish and never truly cared about me
those things may still be true but i realized thay doesnt mean i didnt love you
maybe i wasnt inlove with you like i thought i was but i sure as hell was on my way
i know that february 2nd was the day you kissed me and that was 39 days ago
39 days without you
lately everything reminds me of you
when i lay in my bed i remember what you look like laying there too
we said i would visit you when you moved, i guess that wont be happening now
im going to get my license soon, you used to talk about how i could drive when we went out instead of you, i was really looking forward to that
there are so many things that make my heart ache for you in my life
i truly think i am over us romantically but i am certainly not over us completely
i love you regardless, you are someone i need in my life
it was not fair what you did and how you treated me but if i can get over it, cant you too?
i just want to talk
to hug you and stuff
your hugs were the best
and to hear you laugh at your stupid jokes
i said it was annoying but it was actually really cute
my thoughts are a mess when i think about you
but we were a mess
i want to clean it up
but i do really miss you