So how about Androids?! Android!Jean just got the newest emotions software downloaded, and Marco is there to help make sure everything is in order, testing that Jean is able to successfully interact with organic and non-organic beings. During this test, Jean develops feels for his companion. Made by Doctor Hanji of course from M.R.S Co. asjdfklajsdlkf god why is this happening to me. 

your arms are not around me

the ultimate playlist for feeling sad about a lame crush. put your self-pity party hats on and get ready to wallow~

I decided happy pre-company-picnic stuff was required

so have some Uncle Cecil teaching Janice all about proper hair appreciation techniques


Miloe Immortality AU

Chords of Progression

A/N: Sequel to this. You should read that first if you want to read this, but if for some reason you don’t want to but still want to read this, just know that Levi plays piano, Petra plays violin, and they met when they performed together.

I don’t know if this makes much sense to people unfamiliar with music theory terms; I tried to explain things but idk. Like seriously, this fic ended up being almost like a theory lesson. And theory is terrible. And the structure of this is also terrible. And this is cheesy and clichéd as all hell. Oh well, you’ve been warned. More notes on this fic at the end.

Word count: like 9000-something words. this got way out of hand.

Fanfiction link here; let me know what you thought? and if this made sense, seriously.

Levi’s not sure how she wormed her way into his life.

He’s always been a bit of a loner: people who know him for his playing admire him from afar, then recoil and stay away once they really get to know him—him, not his music. He knows perfectly well he is generally a rude person, someone who can’t keep his mouth shut when he should, someone whose sense of humor leaves most people blinking awkwardly as they try to think up proper responses to his shitty jokes.

Levi knows himself very well, knows that he is not a friendly or nice person, but the world disgusts him enough that he can’t bring himself to care. Hanji understands and is able to deal with him, Erwin for some strange reason likes to spend time with him, and he has his Steinway grand piano and fast Internet on his computer, and that is enough.

He doesn’t know how Petra got into the picture.

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I am not a hero
Heroes don’t do such things

Not as I wanted it to look like (orginal version looks whole different, too..)
I think I need to draw another one but haha ha wait no I can’t because I have too many feels

momtaku asked:

Since your beautiful Historia sketches were so wonderfully received by the fandom, can we anticipate more?

omg thanks!! X3
momtaku knows how to make a person blush lol 
I published them on a whim, glad people thought they were nice enough.
well I was practicing because I certainly want to draw more of her! I’m feeling strongly about her lately, Ymir also! <3 

and since we’re talking about it, idk.. but it’s like I love a character more after I draw them?
of course it’s not about my art, but I think it’s that time you spend alone with that character trying to grasp their features and expressions that makes them closer to you somehow! 

erens-jaeger-bombs  said that she felt closer to Mikasa’s character after she wrote her meta, so I suppose it’s probably the same for people who write ? 
it’s both interesting and great :D 


Ho w do you sidewalk chalk

yellowdelaney said: How could celebrating the anniversary of the day the world was blessed with Snowbunny ever be lame? How, I ask??

Aww my precious VP, come here you Australian beauty and let me shower you with love!


“And you think that a fake mustache and a trench coat is going to help you blend in with others? Seriously? If you want to go out in hiding, you should learn how to disguise yourself properly. Now you look like a complete fool, and, well…” she scoffs quietly–no harm meant–and gestures to the entirety of herself. “Now I’m a beautiful woman next to a creepy guy that would probably get the cops called on him if he even steps within a mile proximity of a park. All I wanted was to go shopping! Tch. I should just stick to online shopping with you, huh?”