Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

Laughing with a Mouth of Blood (From a Little Spill I Took)

A mix for Milton’s Lucifer

1. Devils and Gods - Tori Amos | 2. Hej, Me I’m Light - Phosphorescent | 3. Man of a Thousand Faces - Regina Spektor | 4. Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills | 5. Comfort Me - Feist | 6. What Makes a Good Man? - The Heavy | 7. One Day/Reckoning Song - Asaf Avidan | 8. Play with Fire - The Rolling Stones | 9. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) - The White Stripes | 10. Hollow - Remy Zero | 11. Disappear - R.E.M. | 12. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed - Los Campesinos! | 13. Laughing With a Mouth of Blood - St. Vincent | 14. God Makes No Mistakes - Loretta Lynn | 15. Middleman - Bright Eyes | 16. The Lion’s Roar - First Aid Kit | 17. Apres Moi - Regina Spektor | 18. Blessed - Simon and Garfunkel | 19. Thin Blue Flame - Josh Ritter

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It’s either him or Heidi.

kiniyakkii asked:

so if TRC!Fujitaka is an adventure archaeologist what does this mean for CCS!Fujitaka. Is he too an adventure archaeologist. He is a archaeology professor but he wasn't always one. Did he go on adventures. Does he still go on adventures. Does he have a secret second life that his children know nothing about because he doesn't see anything odd about them.

I never thought about the possibility of this at all. Now it’s blowing my mind open. Fujitaka Adventure Archaeologist Extraodinaire in every universe. 

For CCS I would vote against him currently being an adventure archaeologist, because he’s so family orientated. And while he’s away from home often enough that there’s space for it, if you wanted him to be, I don’t think he’d willingly leave his kids alone for such long periods of time. But backstory adventure archaeologist? HELL YES. I can’t remember how old he’s supposed to be, but I could easily see him out doing all that before he decided to change his career, or perhaps even doing it while training in teaching. Which, if you go with that last idea, opens up the possibility for Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Adventure Archaeologist Extraodinaire Team Adventures while they were dating. AND TELL ME THAT’S NOT BRILLIANT. 

And what if he took it up again once Toya and Sakura were old enough. What if Toya volunteered to go too. And then Yukito would have to tag along, because there is no separating those too, and then Sakura would probably insist on going as well because she would get jealous of being left out. And then we would have Kinimoto Family Adventure Archaeologists Extraodinaire Incorporated and holy shit. Where is my mind going with this.

according to my mother you can cure any mental illness on your own.

Depressed? just try to be happy!!.                                                                       

eating disorder? just eat more/less and you’ll feel fine!.

adhd?well…everyone want to get up sometimes!! that’s normal!!

can’t sleep? if you just went to bed you’d sleep fine. maybe drinking some warm milk is what you need to do.

i just can’t even….. 

I always tell other people… when they’re breaking down and no one is there… that people are just afraid. It’s scary when someone breaks down, and you don’t know what to do….

So um… if you could like this post… just… if you’ve been here, reading… and you cared…. I think… it’d be nice

Just gonna get soppy

I was just looking at my boyfriend this morning and wondering how I’m so lucky. I honestly never thought I’d feel like that. The biggest obstacle for me was wondering how anyone could look at me and feel the same. But he does, and I know he does, not because he constantly compliments me and tells me, but little things like kissing my forehead when he thinks I’m asleep, making plans a year in advance because he knows we’ll be together, remembering passing comments I’ve made and using them to plan future dates.

I just don’t understand how I’m so lucky.

i finished the first episode of daredevil and was Pretty Underwhelmed

does it get any better or should i just move on?

also the guy they cast as foggy looks like if you took badger from breaking bad, dunked him in bleach, then deep fried him.

I’m still debating whether or not I want to get Story of Seasons next week for my birthday. I’ve seen that it appears to be a lot like A New Beginning, but nothing has really grabbed my attention in it as of yet (aside from maybe the great choice of bachelors) from what I’ve seen in a Japanese-version LP and very few reviews/input so far.

Could anyone tell me what you think about the game/what makes it worth it for the purchase/not worth it for the purchase?

I feel better after crying, but I could not tell you what made me so sad in the first place. I honestly don’t think it was me or my emotions. I had to force myself to cry just so I could feel better…just so I could feel some kind of release because I don’t think these emotions are mine, but I don’t know if they’re anyone else’s either…

I didn’t even know that girl and I knew they would start a relation. Lmao



as much as I love love love choir, holy frick learning new music is so frustrating. and not just because it’s new and hard but because of freakin solfege. I’m not a music major. I can sing solfege, but I can’t just look at a note and know the solfege. I have to remember what note equals Do, then basically count up/down from that note. same thing with the hand signals. and it’s still hard especially with those cause my brain mixes them up sometimes and I can’t think that fast. It probably works for a lot of ppl (especially music majors), but that’s not how my brain works.

so it’s super frustrating when trying to sight-sing a song, and I know the notes but the director/TA tells us to sing on solfege and I have to take ten minutes to figure out the notes and write it in and that’s the only way I can do it. it’s easier for me just to remember what note a G sounds like rather than remembering the solfege of that and the surrounding notes. 

anyways, the whole reason I’m writing this is cause in choir today we were looking over a relatively new piece. I already had some solfege written in from what we went over last class, but we were going over a new section and while the TA was telling the sopranos to sing their part “on a neutral syllable”, she wanted the alto section to not sing our part, but to do just the solfege hand symbols. like no. I can’t do that. even if I already had the solfege written down for that part, I can’t translate that to the hand symbols that fast and I was just so tired and frustrated and long story short this is why I’m not a music major.