according to my mother you can cure any mental illness on your own.

Depressed? just try to be happy!!.                                                                       

eating disorder? just eat more/less and you’ll feel fine!.

adhd?well…everyone want to get up sometimes!! that’s normal!!

can’t sleep? if you just went to bed you’d sleep fine. maybe drinking some warm milk is what you need to do.

i just can’t even….. 

I always tell other people… when they’re breaking down and no one is there… that people are just afraid. It’s scary when someone breaks down, and you don’t know what to do….

So um… if you could like this post… just… if you’ve been here, reading… and you cared…. I think… it’d be nice

Do you think Greg knew he’d lose Rose when their kid was born or do you think she was secretive about it and it came to a surprise to him

To all of my fabulous followers and friends here on tumblr–

I am a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support, and positivity I’ve received since my grandmother broke her hip. If anyone ever tells you that reaching out to virtual strangers on the internet doesn’t really mean anything, I’m hear to tell you they are WRONG!! I have been very touched and absolutely blessed by all of you.

And I want to share that today has been the best day for my grandmother since her initial fall. She recognizes everybody, is speaking clearly, understands what’s going on, and has already been out of bed once (at her demand, seeing as this is one thing she has to master to get out of the hospital!) 

I cannot begin to thank you all for your kindness.

so work was miserable and I was 45 minutes late because I’m sick and I made the mistake of taking a nap a few hours before my shift started but on the bright side Kyle came and visited me and my coworker saw us holding hands over the counter and asked my other coworker who Kyle was and my other coworker told her that he was my brother which led to about the most amusing conversation I’ve ever had at my job

i finished the first episode of daredevil and was Pretty Underwhelmed

does it get any better or should i just move on?

also the guy they cast as foggy looks like if you took badger from breaking bad, dunked him in bleach, then deep fried him.

  • Me:*waits*
  • Roleplayer:*comes online*
  • Me:They're finally online! Maybe I can send them a starter...
  • Me:But wait... We've already roleplayed before... What if I'm bothering them?
  • Me:What if they think I'm clingy or annoying? Do they even like it when I'm talking to them? Or do they just reply because they feel bad?
  • Me:They are so much better than me. I don't want to bother them!
  • Me:Maybe I could send one and-
  • Roleplayer:*goes offline*
  • Me:Oh... They aren't on now... I'll just wait until tomorrow, I guess...

I feel better after crying, but I could not tell you what made me so sad in the first place. I honestly don’t think it was me or my emotions. I had to force myself to cry just so I could feel better…just so I could feel some kind of release because I don’t think these emotions are mine, but I don’t know if they’re anyone else’s either…

I didn’t even know that girl and I knew they would start a relation. Lmao


you know that feeling when someone just really fucked you up like worse than anyone before and you keep telling yourself you hate them and they’re disgusting and six months later you think you’re over it but suddenly you start missing them as a friend and you know you shouldn’t because they’re just generally a horrible human being and you deny it but you start to dream about them apologizing because apparently you want it to happen that badly but you thought you could care less

If you are sending anon hate to like, people you claim to be racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc… you know, and you tell them to harm themselves or worse yet, kill themselves, you are contributing to all the bad and all of the hatred in this community. Don’t think them inferior because you’re just as bad. Trying to force someone to delete their blogs, sending them anonymous hate, and the lowest point you could go, telling them to kill themselves isn’t going to solve anything, as I said, it’s just contributing to the problem. And have care before you before you throw around words like that, as they have power, and you can’t define who someone is by posts they make on a damn computer. I think we are so quick nowadays to jump to conclusions about people, when ignorance is essentially the problem with young people, a.k.a the majority of the people in the rpc. Instead of lashing outat them, why not try to inform them of their mistake? The good people of the community, the ones that will last, I trust will apologize and correct whatever problem it is. Make the rpc a more positive experience for everyone and, genuinely, a learning experience to some. At the end of the day, we’re all just people…and no person deserves to be called derogatory names or be sent hate. I don’t know where the correlation between directing unnecessary hate at someone and bettering society comes, but you’ll solve nothing by it.