Everybody’s fixated on the fact that I stabbed my brothers in the back, that I betrayed my brothers. And maybe to Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose we were brothers. But to me, they were just business partners. For two years, every night I came out here and I put my fist out and I said believe in The Shield. And every night what I meant is what I’m going to tell you right now. It’s that you and everybody else better start believing in Seth Rollins - 2nd June, 2014. The Shield implodes

Regarding TG:re Chapter 30.

Yo! So, I decided to take a break from editing my theme (I’m just missing one thing: classifying all my posts… yeah, quite a lot) and answer some questions regarding the latest chapter; I know I still have some other questions, but I thought these ones have a little priority because next chapter comes out tomorrow or so. So, here you go (by the way, to make it easier to identify the questions and answers I’ll be using a ton of Blockquotes from now on):

First, some random questions.

edogawa-conan66 said: Hey, What do you think happend in the recent fight between Uta and Hirako?Because we could see Uta while he was taking his mask down.. But Hirako? What do you think TG senpai? Sry for my english 

First things first: senpai? No one has called me that ever, so I’m not sure about how should I react; thanks though (#/。\#) Now, the Clowns had interest in Sasaki, especially Roma:

I assume they might quit the fight against the Doves and go see Kaneki out of curiosity. Still, Uta looks a bit sad or worried when he hears the screams:

I don’t know if he is truly “evil”, but I doubt he’d act (or allow Roma to do so) against Kaneki.

Anon said: Do you think that Takizawa is conflicted inside himself? In chapter 30 he was screaming “I didn’t eat, I didn’t eat” and bangin his head against the wall, while his kagune was disapating. Maybe his old self is still in there somewhere?

He seems to be trying to repress his Kakuja. He knows Hinami and talks to her lovingly (in a twisted way, of course), so maybe a part of him doesn’t want to hurt her.

qvietus​ said: We’ve seen that Hinami’s mask has switched the direction it faces, and in the new chapter the mask continues to switch and change drastically. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think each different phase stands for something different? 

At the beginning of the Auction and when she directs people it covers completely her eyes:

I assume that it is so that her hearing sharpens (we’ve seen that she closes her eyes when she was analyzing data).

Later, when she saves Sasaki it’s a little higher, probably so that she can see.

And then Seidou broke her mask:

Anon said: Judging from all of the things seidou said of kaneki being dr kanou’s forst and great creation, do you think this my make Amon hold a grudge with Haise/Kaneki when they meet? Considering all the hardships the two previous doves had to undergo for the purpose of creating a better Kaneki

Seidou and Amon are very different: Seidou always wanted to be number 1, while Amon never cared for that. The only thing that would make Amon could hold a grudge against Kaneki is that the latter cut off his arm, but based on this I doubt it:

Anon said: Just wondering if you had any theories for why Kaneki always has something bad happen to his ghoul eye (i.e. Yamori, Armia and now Seidou)?

I assume you mean this:

Don’t worry, his eye is fine; it was just some blood:

Now, about the eye… to put it simple, Kaneki’s left eye represent his ghoul side. When Jason injected him it was so that his body became weak; it’s in this state when the whole torture happen, including the centipede.

The Red Headed Chinese Centipede is known as Mukade and, in the myth, it’s one of the most dangerous creatures alive; they represent pure evil. In real life those thingies are quite dangerous too: they are huge, poisonous and agressive; they also eat other insects. In the myth, no one could kill the Mukade; however, Fujiwara no Hidesato managed to do so by shooting an arrow to its eye.

When Jason put the centipede in Kaneki’s ear he became a Centipede himself: unstable, dangerous and he even started eating other ghouls (lets say that ghouls are all insects). When Arima stabbed Kaneki in the eye, he killed the Mukade, or rather, the evil part that had taken over Kaneki. Ishida- sensei did all this not for the horror but for the symbolism (reasons to love Sensei).

Tarot numbers.

I got a couple more questions related to :re Chapter 29, so I thought I’d answer them here.

Anon said: I want someone to talk about number 3 that appeared on Mutsuki’s lips in chapter 29 (that one panel where urie said “woman”). Does that imply their future relationship? That Mutsuki will look after Urie since then?

More like they take care of each other from now on. 

Some things represented by The Empress: right path, prosperity, love, being loved and cared for, emotional security, protective, openness and peace.

And the most obvious thing, that Urie realizes that Mutsuki is a woman (now, don’t start it guys; we’re talking about symbolism, not questioning the fact that Mutsuki is a man).

@enigmaluce said: Oh, and one more thing. (I just noticed after sending the last one to you) In chapter 29, in that panel where Urie goes kinda depressed and his thoughts cuckoo, there’s some lines that seems to resemble VII above his eye. I don’t see any reason why there would be a wrinkle (which is impossible there), maybe another tarot card reference? 

(I’ll be answering to your other question when I’m done with my Theme; sorry).

Anon said: OOh. Not sure whether this has been mentioned, but in the previous chapter as Urie is crying, there’s a 2 just above his eye… Also, do you think Haise and Kaneki merged or did he really phase back to Kaneki? AND WHERE IS ARIMA WHEN YOU NEED HIM T.T 

We have a problem here, because I don’t know which is true.

I personally think it looks like a VII, but I’ll leave both meanings here.

The High Priestess (II):

  • Upright: Higher powers, intuition, mystery, the subconscious 
  • Reversed: Hidden agendas, need to pay attention to inner voice 

The Chariot (VII):

  • Upright: Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination 
  • Reversed: Lack of control and direction, aggression 

About Kaneki, please keep reading (I mention it somewhere bellow there’s a entire section for it) and Arima’s probably doing stuff somewhere else.

There, now, these are from :re Chapter 30.

Anon said: Is there a number 2 or 21 on Seidou’s forehead (the panel with his kakuja mask)? Also the mask kinda resembles a plague doctor mask, I think

Since it’s supposed to be like Yoshimura’s I’d say he’s actually a Half-Kakuja (would explain the insanity). Anyways, The World (XXI) doesn’t fit at all (not even the reversed meaning, since it’s still quite positive) and The High Priestess (II) doesn’t fit much either. It could be a Reversed Hanged Man (XII), in which case it means  struggle to remain in control, obsession, making the same mistakes and lost faith in life.

Before I continue, I found something quite interesting myself (haven’t seen anyone mention it though): You guys remember that Shinohara is associated to the card The Hierophant (V)? Found this:

The Hierophant (V) Reversed means not accepting the reality, emotional disappointment, blind acceptance and “being kicked out of your mother’s physical/emotional nest” which fit quite nicely to Juuzou’s relationship with Big Madam.

@luckybluelife said: Is it me or do I see an 11 tarot card on Haise/Kaneki’s face on the last page of chapter 30? 

Does look like it, and the meaning fits.

Justice (XI):

  • Impartiality — Distance — Coldness — Justice
  • Objective mind — Criticism — Being clever — Insensitivity
  • Decision — Intellect — Analysis — Stillness — Curiosity
  • Responsibility — Rationality — Clear vision — Logic and reason

Guess Sasaki will fight with a lot of strategy next chapter (Separated your ask in two parts, sorry).


(Continued from before) @luckybluelife said: And who’s the question mark person heading towards Haise, Seidou, and Hinami on the auction diagram? (Could it be Floppy? Amon?)

Anon said: I think Amon is gonna bust in in Chapter 31 but more like at the end tbh. Cus it was kinda foreshadowed in a way cus eto suspected that “floppy” might show up. And guess who is showing up? Amon in my opinion.

Anon said: Who do you think that question mark person might be in the map. Also do you have any idea who the scarecrow guy might be?

I do think it is Floppy, and I’m pretty sure it is Amon (guess we’ll see soon). As for Scarecrow, a lot of people have theorised it is either Hide or Banjou; if I had to choose I’d say it’s Banjou (Hide’s body doesn’t match), but it could be a completely new character, like Torso and Nutcracker.

Suzuya Squad.

Anon said: What are the names of all the members of Suzuya’s Squad?

We only know Abara Hanbee so far.

Anon said: I read the recent chapter of tg and omg the feels was too much :’( I have two questions: Who was that guy in Suzuya’s squad that resembles kaneki? 

I assume you refer to this guy:

We still don’t know his name, but he was in Joker too:

Kaneki Ken or Sasaki Haise?

You knew this was coming.

(Continued from before) Anon said: Also, what do you think will happen to Haise-Kaneki? My theory is that instead of reverting completely to badass kaneki, the two personas will merge because in my opinion, Haise already had Ken’s original traits likenloyalty, kindness, levelheadedness, etc. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this and ty for all that you do. Much appreciated♡

sora-179​ said: What do you think about the next chapter of TG:re ? About kaneki to be exact ! He really came back ?

coolcatsunite​ said: Ahh this is my first time asking a question so first I just want to say this is a great blog! My question is how do you feel about ch 30 spoilers and the “new” Kaneki? (Your blog’s got a nice name)

Kaneki hasn’t really come back, or at least, he’s not going to be the same as he was before. I think that Haise’s personality will mix with Kaneki’s.

In the beginning, Kaneki was innocent, kind and loyal, but also naïve, skittish and, physically speaking, weak. As the story goes on he started changing, but nothing drastic. 

It is until the torture when he radically changes: while he is still kind with his friends, he becomes quite agressive and even a little sadistic with other people; he wants to get rid of his weak side so that he can protect others, but in return he became unstable and dangerous not only to his enemies, but to his friends and even himself.

When he is Haise, he is pretty much a mix of the black haired and the white haired Kaneki, being the first one the dominant side; yet, he can’t protect his squad. Why? Because he wants to get rid of his strong side so that he doesn’t endangers any of his friends, so that he doesn’t disappear. 

But he can’t just get rid of any of his sides, just as he can’t get rid of neither his human nor his ghoul parts. He needs both

In the end on Tokyo Ghoul, the ghoul part accepted that he had been wrong in his search for strength, that he had been fighting to protect people who would rather have him being safe and happy; he accepted that it wasn’t wrong to be weak

…and now in :re, the human part accepted that he had been wrong about his other part, that the other didn’t ask him to accept him just to take over; he accepted that it was okay if he changed:

Hinami realises this; she realises that the person standing before her is not only her “Onii-chan” or “Sasaki Haise”; he’s finally both.

a-time-to-end-things​ said: What is your opinion on Kaneki’s possible return? And also, what are your predictions for the next chapter?

I’m terrible predicting what’s going to happen, but I think we will get an epic battle and that Floppy will appear at last.

Anon said: Can you explain the latest chapter(30). What exactly does the last page mean? He will never remember being kaneki or???

Well, we can’t expect him to magically remember everything; I guess that after this he will start remembering stuff. 

Anon said: Can I just say that ask a while ago was pretty much 100% right about what was going to happen back in FEBRUARY.

I wouldn’t say “100% right”, but I’m glad that things ended up that way.

Anon said: I’ve heard that people remember everything, they just can’t recall it all. So, if that’s the case, then if Kaneki/Haise regains his memories, is it also possible for him to remember his father?

It could happen (would be interesting if it did).

Anon said: wait is haise a full kakuja? how do we know that again?

When he was talking to Donato Porpora there’s this panel:

Though not confirmed, it certainly looks like a full Kakuja.

Anon said: In the last page of chapter 30 from tokyo ghoul :re, do you think that Haise strangely looks like Hide. (If you imagine Haise’s having yellow hair instead of white)

I guess it resembles Hide a bit, but it looks more like Kaneki during the Anteiku Raid (more paralels!):

So, those were 21 questions and 25 pictures (see why I take a long time to answer stuff?). Hopefully the new Theme will be up tomorrow, but it could take me until Sunday (pulling out another all nighter if necessary). Hope you forgive me guys. You all take care -Ali.

anonymous asked:

Are you aware of/ supporting the Dreamworks Percy Jackson cartoon using your art?!

Guys, please, stop asking me about it and stop freaking out about it so much. As I understand it, at this point it’s just an idea, and there are multiple things that can prevent this “cartoon” from happening. AND I’m not sure it will ever even reach dreamworks.

So for now, yes, I know about this, and I am not too happy with people deciding to use my art and technically \me\ for something that in theory has the potential to go “big” without asking me first. Don’t do stuff like this.

Though as for now it’s just an idea and more likely than not a petition into void I don’t exactly mind.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any writer!AUs?

  • “I’ve been having a difficult time coming up with new ideas in the room where I normally write, so I’ve decided to go to Ikea and I’ve sort of…made a nest here? C’mon, you can’t blame me, there are so many desks here!” AU
  • “I’ve been RP-ing with someone for months and months now without fail, and we’ve created a world that is completely beyond belief. It’s almost…too good to be true? (First Ending: the two RP-ers continue to write back and forth for years and years, developing the most complicated and involved story since The Lord of the Rings. The two decide to meet in person in order to edit and revise, and perhaps discuss publishing. It turns out the two have seen each other many times before but never actually addressed each other.) [Second Ending: one of the two RP-ers turns out to be a witch and throws both themselves and their RP friend into the world they’ve created]” AU
  • “I’m studying at UCLA and I’ve been waiting for months to use the typewriter that Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 on in a three day period, but this person, this little snitch, has taken it from me on the most important day of my life so far. You can’t just do that. It is so on.” AU
  • “I’ve written so many screenplays in my life, but for some reason, I have no inspiration. I don’t know what to do. So, I’ve made a deal…of sorts. Ever heard of the Devil? He’s a much more of a fashionable man than everyone thinks - and more reasonable. The deal he’s given me made sense - I just had to write and cast him in the movie. Will that be hard? I hope not…Hm…” AU
  • “I’ve accidentally broken both of my wrists after falling down the dorm building stairs, so now I need to have a “partner” from the Aid Club whose purpose is to specifically help kids who accidentally break limbs, have difficulty in class, etc. The only issue is that I can’t…exactly…type. I’m a short story major. What in the name of sanity can I do?? It’s not like I can ask this really nice person to type up my homework of 12 pages a night!!……can I?” AU

So I’ve recently hit 1000 followers, so I decided to do a follow forever as a thank you. This will be split into 3 parts the first being my friends, and then A-APH, B-L, and M-Z. As to my followers, I’m really thankful to have all of you and I will be doing something in the future for you guys too.

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So I’ve never posted a pic of myself here because I’m a very private person and also I am a bit apprehensive about sharing personal details and/or images in social networks. But since facebook basically owns me for life and the lovely captaintightpants90 tagged me in the 20 beautiful people thingy, I said what the hell? YOLO! (?)

So I decided to take a few selfies with a stake I recently found at home while doing some spring-cleaning (fall-cleaning would be more accurate, actually, but you get the idea) and it made my day because now I have this head-canon about how one of my female ancestors was part of the slayer line :P

You must overlook my awkward expressions, I honestly suck at taking selfies. But this is my face, in case you ever wondered. 

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story time???

so today i decided to wear my converse that i decorated twenty one pilots style. cool, right? representing the clique.
so i go about my day, no one says a word about my sneakers, fine. i’m cool. (well, actually my day to day life is a little sucky, but that’s irrelevant.)
school starts. school ends. i eat snacks. i go get my sister from the bus stop. i do the dishes. whatever. normal.
then i go upstairs, going about my business, blogging about tøp and food and stuff, normal things.
then my stepdad calls me downstairs with “severelyrainysandwich! did you leave the stepladder out!” (we use the stepladder to get into the cabinet above the refrigerator and he hates when it’s left out.)
i go downstairs, annoyed i’m being summoned and ready to blame my sister (“well, i was getting snacks for her, not me…and i thought she would use it again….”)
so i get down there, and he repeats the question. i just say “yeah” and put the ladder away.
as i’m taking the ladder into the laundry room, my dad glances at my shoes. “what is that?” he asks, weirdly condescending.
i look down at my shoes. then i curse myself for wearing band stuff in front of my dad (i am not a huge fan of my parents knowing my music taste). “uhh,” i say, sticking out only my left shoe on purpose (it’s the one with blurryface dots, unrecognizable).
“okay,” he says, inspecting them as if they’re microscopic space life. “dots. what’s the other one?”
i grudgingly show him the other toe with “TØP” written on it. “twenty one pilots,” i explain, kinda uncomfortable.
“what is that?”
“a band,” i answer simply, turning to go upstairs.
“what do they sing? crazy stuff?” (i assume by “crazy stuff” he is referring to screamo–which i guess they kind of are–or panic! at the disco–let’s just say my parents are not fans of i write sins not tragedies)
“umm.” i’m completely at a loss for words. what is twenty one pilots? can they be categorized? does anyone know what they are? are they even real? are they beyond our realm? “do you want me to show you…?” i ask, intending to show him isle of flightless birds or something with religious reference. (my parents are super religious, which is part of why they hate i write sins not tragedies–“as i’m pacing the pews in a church corridor” “goddamn.”)
he doesn’t hear the last part. “they better not sing crazy stuff.”
so i just roll my eyes in my head and go back upstairs. as i’m starting to message flower-pancakes and emo-recycling about the previous traumatic events, i hear a faint oooh-ing sound.
to my horror, my stepfather is listening to a song.
then i hear dark sounding weird computer beeps.
my stepfather is listening to fairly local.
i find myself afraid he’ll think it’s bad (my parents are like that about evil things–“i’m evil to the core….”–also they know about my depression, etc and they might think i’m relapsing–and they’re already overprotective enough as it is).
so i frantically text emo-recycling about this. she remarks on how terrifying it is.
then i hear holding on to you.
then i hear fairly local again. so either he hates it, or–even more terrifying–he…
likes it.
guys. my stepdad could be the newest addition to the skeleton clique. i am afraid.
i’ll update later if he shares his thoughts.

This damn hunt — Part 1

Summary/Request: Can you do a one shot where Dean really likes the reader but she has no clue. He could start to nicely flirt with her, like give her compliments and all that. He could worry about her more as well. Maybe she hasn’t had much experience so she hasn’t really got an idea what he’s trying to do. Just fluffy and protective Dean :) — requested by anon

Words: 1017

A/N: Okay. So this is the thing I’m working on about a week. It was really hard and I hadn’t any idea when I started and I wrote it in stages so maybe some parts differ a bit. I also decided to write more parts because I couldn’t get this story in one. Well, I hope y'all will like it.

“Y/N? We have to go now.” You heard Dean’s voice from the other side of your room door.

“Coming,” you answered and took your gun from the desk.

Dean was waiting outside when you opened the door. “You’re ready?” he asked and you nodded.

“I’ll take your bag.” He smiled gently and you handed him your stuff.

There had been some deaths in an old house some towns away. To all appearances a revengeful ghost. This would be a simple salt and burn hunt but you still had to get there to find the grave and talk to some people.

Sam had planned to accompany you but he got a really bad cold and Dean had decided that it would be the best if he’d stay in the bunker while you’d handle the ghost. Sam agreed after a long discussion.

“Should we look after him before we leave?” You almost left the bunker when you remembered that Sam maybe needed something he couldn’t get on his own.

“Naah, he’ll be okay, I guess.” Dean shrugged. “We’ll be back soon.”

You knew he worried about his brother but he don’t wanted to show this too obviously. So you just kept quiet and opened the bunker’s door.

Dean checked the trunk and you sat down at the front seat. It felt weird. Most times Sam sat there and you had to sit on the back-seat. You looked around to scan your setting.

You opened the glove box and looked through the things in it. It wasn’t like you wanted to disturb Dean’s or Sam’s privacy, you were just curious. And a glove box always kept some interesting stuff inside.

“What are you looking for?” Your head rushed up and you stared at Dean. You almost felt the heat in your face. Probably you were red like a tomato.

“Um…,” you stuttered. “I was looking for a map or something. You know, I don’t want to lose the way.” You gave him a sheepish grin and tried your best puppy-eyes.

Dean frowned and you almost thought he wouldn’t buy into your lie. To be honest this was a really bad lie so you wouldn’t be surprised if he wouldn’t believe you.

“The maps are here,” he said, still frowning, and pointed at the back-seat. “You should know that.”

“Oh, yes. I forgot.” You still grinned sheepish and grabbed the maps to cover your face with them. Dean started the engine and the gravel crunched when the Impala’s wheels drove over it.

“You’re cute,” Dean said after a while and you blushed. “Thanks, I guess,” you responded and he chuckled.

You hid your face behind the map and concentrated on the way you had to follow.

You recognized that Dean glanced at you a few times but you don’t paid attention to it. Maybe he just wanted to make sure that you don’t rifled through the glove box.

The motel wasn’t very chic or something like that. Actually it looked like a garbage dumb. Some empty beer cans were laying everywhere and you could swear you saw a rat at the car park. But unfortunately this was the only motel in the town.

You ringed the bell at the reception and an old lady appeared. Dean made a reservation for two days and you got your key.

“Let’s hope that we got separated beds,” you mumbled. “I don’t have any problems to share a bed with you,” Dean responded and winked. You rolled your eyes. Typically Dean.

Your wish didn’t come true. You and Dean had to share a full-size bed. You groaned when you saw it and Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Is it so bad to share a bed with me?” He truly looked a bit offended and you regretted your groan.

“No, it’s just…” You tried to find the right words. “It’s just that I need a bed on my own. I move a lot when I sleep.” This was the truth but you queried that Dean believed it. He shrugged and turned around to unpack his back.

“I’ll take a shower.” He just nodded as answer and you entered the bathroom.

It looked dirty, like the rest of the motel but at least the shower was clean.

You turned on the water and waited until it had the perfect temperature. Then you took off your clothes and entered the shower.

The warm water ran across your skin and you closed your eyes in enjoyment. This was just perfect. You began to soap yourself and in this moment the door opened.

You jumped back against the wall and tried to cover yourself with your hands.

“Y/N? Are you okay. I called for you but you didn’t answered so I wanted to make sure that you’re all right. We have to leave so-” He stopped when he saw you and looked at you with moon-sized eyes.

“What the hell, Dean?!” you shouted and grabbed for a towel. “At least look away!” Your hand found a towel and you covered yourself.

Dean was still looking at you. Then he cleared his throat and a smirk appeared on his face. “Anyway. We’ll leave in a half hour. So get ready. Nice body, by the way.” He winked at you and you couldn’t help but blushed.

When you were dressed you checked all your stuff to avoid eye-contact with Dean. You just wanted to get this hunt done, go home and hide in your room.

You heard Dean clearing his throat. “So, um, sorry,” he said and a small smile appeared on your face.

“It’s okay.” You responded without looking away from you gun. “But I was serious when I said that you have a nice body.”

You blushed again. “Thanks, I guess. But please do me a favour and don’t talk about this any more.” You looked at him and smiled suppliant.

“Okay. Let’s go then.” You nodded and took your backpack before you left the motel room.

Dean told you that he discovered that the ghost’s bones were hidden in the house so you had to go there to kill the thing.  


I missed out on the first LE Elsa, so I picked up the singing doll a while ago with the intention of doing some customization, and now I’ve finally gotten around to doing it! today’s work was on the bodice, which is just some scrapbook paper. next up will be the sleeves & cape (as soon as I decide how I’m gonna go about that)


So, one of my friends (anphetamine) went to the states last month and I asked him to bring these Paper Mate pens for me (these babies don’t sell here in Brazil, at least not where I live).
Recently I’ve been trying to do the Cornell method for note-taking during my classes (I’m doing a medical residency exam preparatory course).
studypal is AWESOME and made me some Cornell sheets without lines or grids and without the bottom part when I asked for it, so I printed some and decided to try my own “rainbow-Cornell-note-taking” system, LOL.
I’m just LOVING these pens, and the Cornell sheets. It makes my notes so much more organized (not to say funnier). Right now I’m just putting color everywhere (you know, I’m mentally five years old), seeing how they look and trying combinations. Will later decided which colors will be used for what.
But this is SO MUCH FUN!!!
PS: for those of you on the US of A, my friend bought the pens on Staples, but I figure these must sell everywhere.

Beast: When his girlfriend tells him that she wants to be a k-pop trainee.

Hello there~ Thank your request and hope you enjoy!– I’m taking this as a serious topic since deciding to be a trainee is no joking matter. So I’m just going with how someone who’s experienced it for themselves (aka the members) would possibly react. 

Doojoon: Are you being serious with me right now?–You do realize that becoming a trainee doesn’t promise anything right? So what if that doesn’t work out, what’s your plan then?

Hyunseung: *Tries to get her name around different companies* If you really want to bring up your ratings I know just the girl who’ll be able to do that. She’ll be thanking me in the long-run of her career.

Junhyung: Are you really sure you want to do this? I mean I won’t try to stop you, I just want to make sure you’re ready for a commitment like this, because trust me, I know what it’s like and it’s not easy.

Yoseob: Remembering back when I first started, and how much being a trainee meant to me, I know I shouldn’t stop her…I should just be there for her as much as I can, when I can, just like she has been for me throughout my career up until now.

Kikwang/Gikwang: *Smiles* Is that right? Well, I’ll wish you the best of luck then. *Sighs to himself* I just hope you know what world you’ll be getting yourself into.

Dongwoon: If that’s what you want to do then I’ll be cheering you on okay? Just promise me that you’ll remember to take care of yourself. If not for your sake, then for mine.

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I'm laughing off my ass at all of the supposed R/K fans out there who is believing this BS of them being with whom they are supposedly linked to! I think Rob & Kristen deserves an Oscar for fooling everyone and having to fake relays because of the looney crazy nutty foolery of this Fandom I feel for them that they had to resort to this but in the end it's their life & their business so I will continue to support them and that's all as fans we can do for them so here's until they are ready! Lele

RK certainly deserve something for all the shit they’ve had to put up with…

I too will continue to support them.  Right now it’s a wait and see when and IF they will ever fess up to everything or at least come out of hiding…that’s for them to decide and as their fan I will choose to trust their judgement and in regards to the timing and how much they want to share.

But I’ll keep fangirling over every little tidbit that they do give us.

American Ultra looks fantastic.  Definitely looks like it has the makings of being a summer blockbuster.

I was laughing at some of the scenes in the trailer….I think it’s gonna be easy to see which scenes Kristen filmed before SP and which scenes were filmed after SP….Unless they used special effects to “hide” the obvious.  It can be done as anyone that saw the new Avengers movie knows.

I can’t wait to hear more about Rob’s films that have yet to be released. I think I saw something about Life coming out in September, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

Anyway, nothing but good things coming for those two!

Wildest Dreams (Ashton)

hi I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, but could you possibly do an Ashton imagine or blurb based off of wildest dreams by Taylor Swift?-theperksofbeingpaper

You are not being a bother! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you enjoy :)

I said, “No one has to know what we do,”
His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room
And his voice is a familiar sound,
Nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now

As you looked around the room, staring at the mess that was created, clothes scattered everywhere,you felt at ease. Ashton was playing with your hair as you laid on his chest, content with just the silence. You knew what Ashton was thinking about though, so you decided to speak first. “You know, we don’t have to tell anyone. This can just be between us.” You said quietly, like you would disrupt the peace if you spoke any louder. “But what about when I leave for tour?” Ashton asked just as quietly. “We’ll figure that out when it comes. But for right now, let’s act as if this could last forever.” You said, feeling a little sad knowing that this wouldn’t last forever. Ashton held you closer, bringing you closer to his side. This brought you comfort, just feeling Ash’s heartbeat or listening to the sound he makes. It made you feel like, just maybe, this moment could last forever.

He said, “Let’s get out of this town,
Drive out of the city, away from the crowds.”
I thought heaven can’t help me now.
Nothing lasts forever, but this is gonna take me down

When you woke up in the morning to the smell of breakfast, you knew Ashton was up to something. You have spent the couple of months with each other, learning each other like the back of your hand. Usually you would make breakfast or he would wait till you were up to make breakfast. When you got to the kitchen you were greeted with a shirtless Ashton wearing sweatpants that hung very low. “Well, good morning to you too.” You said as you wrapped your hands around his waist. Enjoying the feeling of his warm skin  meeting your cold hands. “Morning love. I made breakfast.” Ashton said all happily. “So I can smell. What’s the occasion?” You asked, moving yourself so you could help him get plates. “I have made breakfast plenty of times before without reason.” Ashton tried to act all offended. “Yeah but always with me.” You joked back. Ashton walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Would you join me for a day, just to go somewhere out of this city? Just the two of us?” Ashton asked as he drew circles on your waist. You placed your head on his chest, trying to forget that Ashton was leaving for tour in a couple of days and that this soon would be over. “Of course I will.” You smiled up at him. “Great! So let’s get eating and then start going.” Ashton dragged you to the table so you could sit down and he could get the food. 

He’s so tall and handsome as hell
He’s so bad but he does it so well
And when we’ve had our very last kiss
My last request is
Say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress,
Staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you’ll see me again
Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams, oh, wildest dreams, oh, ah.

You and Ashton got out of the city and just drove, not caring where you went. You two had found a nature trail and decided to see if there were any good spots around to watch when the sunset. You weren’t really dressed for the woods, wearing a sundress and flats, so Ashton volunteered to carry you half the time. Soon you two found the perfect view just a little bit off trail and spent the rest of the day there. You two were so comfortable that either you two mindlessly talked about nothing or just sat in quite. You would take in Ashton’s tall body when he would walk around, seeing if he could get a better picture of the view. When Ash came back over to you, he sat behind you so you could rest your head on his chest. “Will you remember me?” You asked Ashton, voicing your concerns from when he will be on tour. You felt Ashton’s head look down at you, probably wanting you to elaborate. “Like, when you leave for tour, there are going to be a lot of girls and I understand, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t understand that. But like, I’m just me, and I just don’t want you to forget this when we have to say goodbye.” You continued, now looking over the hill to watch the sunset. Ashton was silent, probably enjoying the sunset before continuing your conversation. “I’m going to remember everything. I’m going to remember how you looked today, your cheeks red from all the walking we did. The way you stare at nature as if you could spend your whole life just staring at it. I’m going to remember everything, even if it’s just in my dreams.” Ashton responded, moving you so you were now facing him. He quickly attached your lips together, and you may not know what the future holds, but right now none of that mattered.

You’ll see me in hindsight
Tangled up with you all night
Burning it down
Someday when you leave me
I bet these memories
Follow you around

You never got over Ashton, you knew you wouldn’t. The memories you two shared were just memories, but they still brought butterflies to your stomach as you thought about them. You decided to not keep track of what Ashton was doing while on tour, not wanting to see what girl he was with or what rumor was getting started. You wanted him to be happy, and if that wasn’t with you then that was okay. You were sitting on instragram when you saw him post a picture that struck a cord. It was the view he had taken a few days before he left for tour. “No picture could capture the beauty that was next to me, but this picture was the next best thing. Man do I miss the view.” You felt a few tears escape, but you were happy. Happy he remembered you, and he still felt the same. Since you guys kept secret of your relationship you weren’t afraid to post a picture of your bed and posting it. “My bed is too empty, and it seems to wrong to sleep on the side that was once yours.” You knew he would see it, he would be the only one to understand. After an hour there was another picture he posted. It was of the tour bus he was on. “My heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you.” Soon the picture was replaced with a caller I.D. You smiled as you read the name. “Hi Ash.” “God I missed your voice, memories can only do so much.” 

Hey guys, hoped you enjoyed this. Like always requests are open :) 

hey y’all ppl wanted me to talk about my skincare routine changes last time so i thought i’d do it again! i made some changes again bc i wasn’t satisfied so i decided to try a couple things from lush and they’re working wonders! 

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Hey all! 

So vulcan-science and I both really liked Mad Max: Fury Road and we decided to do creative things with that love. We are proud to open our new shops, both named Basil Lemonade!

Right now we only have a few shirts up, but we are already working on new ideas. Our Skreened store has a few Star Trek designs as well, so please check them out!

Skreened is also having a sale right now, so you can take advantage of that!

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Some things about Meryl’s family background

I’ve been meaning to write this out, and since there’s a chance it might come up in some way in the kid-Meryl threads it’s best I make a post about this now.

So I’ve decided for a while now that Meryl is from a family of Estonian expats (she’s third generation herself). It’s definitely plausible, since according to different estimates some 80 thousand people fled to the West during and immediately after WWII, around twenty thousand or so reaching North America. I even have some distant relatives in USA and Canada.

It’s not gonna play a huge role in her character and is more of a flavor thing. She identifies as an American first and foremost and isn’t very fluent in Estonian (she was a bit better at it as a kid when she spent more time with her grandparents), though from now on she might drop a swear or two every now and then. Her family visits Estonia maybe once a year and beyond that she doesn’t have many ties to it.

Also, the reason she’s my only Boss without a last name is because it’s pretty distinctive and she legally dropped it when the Saints started gaining serious attention. It’s better to maintain some distance from the rest of her family to help keep the media’s and rival gangs’ attention away from them. Her relatives want to lead relatively normal and safe lives, though they support most of her gang endeavours.


I am oficially back!

Yes, that’s it, no more hiatus, however, I didn’t come back alone, and that means, in order to be able to remain here and not go on hiatus anymore, I had to set up several new rules in my blog.

By all means, please read. I wrote very important things, so if you’re following me, this concerns you.

So, to all my followers and RP partners.

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I was tagged by itsbecauseshesblack to do the “pretty people” tag, thanks babes! Rules: Post two pictures and explain what they mean to you, then tag other hotties! OK so both of these pictures are of me and my friend Alexus (shorter hair and sunglasses) just fucking around in gym. These pictures mean a lot to me because the school I go to is very strict and barley let us do anything remotely fun so the one time they let us go outside for gym we decided to make the most of a good thing. I don’t hang out with a lot of people because my school is full of jerks so I just have my little group of maybe four or five people I hang out with and she was the only one that wanted to take a picture with me so -_-. And also just look at those clouds they’re beautiful! I now tag: star-of-the-rising-sun throw-some-cake-into-the-mix phan-superwholock-emo-freak myblogisweird rainydestiel disasterrificas hushedcourage praeternatural-fangirl textingforscones   internetsouls  pancake-planet  dil-thepickle  my-chemical-beat  kaactiel  Ps: you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to =) Pps: if you don’t feel comfortable posting a selfie you can just post something that means a lot to you =))

When I was a child, I had a storybook that included “The Three Billy Goats.” The illustration of the mean troll was so scary that I avoided the whole book. So my father drew a picture of a less scary-looking mean troll and taped it over the illustration. I’ve decided to do something like that now for myself for ep 4.20, ‘Mother’, which I just don’t seem to be able to get out of my mind. I’ve rewritten the two devastating scenes and will 'tape’ them over the original ones in my memory. I figured I’d share them here, in case this is helpful to anyone else:

Less horrible bar scene:

Regina: I feel terribly hurt and disrespected. I understand that you were incredulous, but how could you possibly trust me so little as to dismiss my actions as a fit of jealousy?

H: I’m truly sorry. There is no excuse for my behavior. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me and that you’ll consider taking me and my son back with you to Storybrooke.

Regina: I appreciate your apology. And, yes, of course, I’ll take you back to Storybrooke.

H: Do you have any ideas about what we can do to make this situation easier for my son?

Regina: Yes, I think a memory potion would be best, even though he’ll lose some time.

H: Good idea.

Regina: And we need to figure out what to do about Zelena.

H: I’m just so confused about that. I was excited about having another child, and now I don’t know what to think.

Regina: I suggest that we bring her back to Storybrooke as well. We can put the armband on her so she can’t do magic. You can decide whether to bring her up on charges of 'rape by fraud’. And you can also think about whether you would like to play a role in the child’s life.

H: That’s a good idea.

Less horrible scene between Regina and Zelena (H is not in this version of the scene. Neither is the author, who took the ink from Lily himself and went directly to Rumpel.):

Zelena: Well, one thing I have that you don’t have is a child.

Regina: No. I have a child – Henry.

Zelena: You’re pathetic, though, thinking of your happy ending as a man.

Regina: No. My happy ending is not a man. I used to think like that, but I’ve changed. Things may or may not work out between me and H. We’ll see. But I’ve come to realize that my happy ending is feeling at home in this world. And I would love to have a sister as part of my world. I hope you’ll reconsider what I said before about a second chance.