“Chef Shaun Brian Sells”

I meet Brian at the beginning of the dinner hour, right before sunset in the midst of his prep time. I wasn't quite sure the timing was right. I doubted he would have time to really get to me, but true to the dynamic he is, Brian continued to chef while I followed him around his kitchen. His passion is so serious in fact that he took the recorder out of my hand and basically just went for it. I have to preface with an admittance that I have known him since he was 9 years old. His mother was my midwife for my newborns 

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anonymous asked:

Hey!! So basically today for breakfast I had a 1 apple fennel, cucumber and lemon juice- snack two apples and 3 egg whites lunch 3/4 of a medium avocado, ha F a cucumber in 3 rice paper sheets snack two apples then dinner 1 block of tofu with half a teaspoon of coconut oil and sesame oil with three medium courgettes and then 1 box of blueberries - it all came up to just under 1200 calories so I feel like I'm eating too much and too much fruit!!😓 what do you think? Plus a4milewalk-im5'9&17💞

You are NOT eating too much at all! you need a lot more food! I would never say to omuch fruit because i used to eat SOOOO much fruit it was crazy and never had anything bad happen or saw weight gain, fruits are greta ofr you and your not eating too much fruit, but you are eating too less food in general! 1200 calories for a tall 17 year old who exercise! Not enough at all, please increase your intake xx

i-am-so-awfully-awkward asked:

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1. meaning behind url: it’s actually like a combination of inside jokes. my friends and i were trying to make adj-animal combinations like “fail whale” and we came up with “punny bunny” which I really liked. at first i was gonna use the url “punnybunny” but that was already taken, so i added “dew”, which was actually and inside thing my ex and i had, but i’m keeping this inside joke cuz it too cute

6. favorite band: (*whispers* i don’t have a favorite band???) idk i’m anime trash so i listen to a lot of anime theme songs and also like pop songs with sick beats? but no one artist/band

9. tattoos i want: oh god i’m so indecisive. i really want something on my thigh/forearm but i don’t know what yet. probably black and white doe

13. life goals: i guess a lot of people would say travel the world and shit but i get tired too easily and i hate leaving my house so really i guess my goals are just to beat my anxiety/OCD and get a job that i love going to everyday (probs in some design firm) and meet friends that i’ll always be excited to hang out with.

14. piercings i want: my body isn’t that great and i don’t heal fast/am prone to infections, so idk if any more piercings would be good for me? i already have three piercings in each of my earlobes, but if i can, i want an eyebrow piercing and a couple of cartilage ones (that bar cartilage thing looks so sick omg)

16. favorite movie: ooo this one’s hard. i watch movies all the time when i’m painting, but fairytale and animation movies always get me. top faves rn are probabaly maleficent, how to train your dragon 2, and some sort of studio ghibli movie (howl’s moving castle?)

thank you for sending me one of these .-. i really appreciate it ><