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‘’Doffy!’’ well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.

I was working at Subway in Melbourne, I was a “sandwich artist”, that’s the preferred title. It’s my favourite ever job, it was so much fun and I was really good at it. But now I can’t go back to Subway because whenever somebody makes me a sandwich it’s so frustrating. I’m always thinking, “You’re doing such a bad job of this, you’re making such a mess of my sandwich. I want to get round the other side of the counter and do it myself.”

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I have a problem with my plot. I want to kill a character who has a large arc and his friends with the protagonist. However I don't want it to outshine or appear as the climax of the story, any tips?

In his incredibly useful book Super Structure, author and writing coach James Scott Bell uses a 14-point system as an outline of the necessary points every story needs and – this is most important – why they’re needed and why they don’t stifle creativity but release it.

Using his format, early in Act III, there’s a moment called “Lights Out,” that moment where it’s always darkest before dawn, where something happens that makes the MC think she cannot possible overcome the forces against her, a moment of sacrifice (in this case, of a friend) that spurs on the final battle. There are other points in the story where a significant death can be the “signpost,” as Bell calls them, but “Lights Out” seems to be where you are with your character. 

Something significant has to be sacrificed in order for the MC to achieve the transformation that this journey, your story, is all about. It sounds like you are right on about the need to sacrifice this character at the end of this long arc, so by all means, trust your instincts! 

Just make sure the death is important and relevant. YA author Kris Noel has some general tips here

As I’ve said before, I loathe recommending followers buy anything, but you can get JSB’s book for $2.99 and the Kindle app is free and I guarantee if you have plot issues or problems, this book will help. 

I will always mention to users that they shouldn’t put flutes on stands. I don’t care if that makes me obnoxious or if you want to unfollow me because of it. Putting flutes or any instrument on music stands is dangerous if only because it can fall off if the desk slips (and they are not designed for the weight of an instrument) or someone hits the stand or so many other things that could happen. Not only that, the way stands are designed, the instrument tends to rest on keys putting pressure on the mechanism which can bend and break and make your instrument unplayable.

I’m the kind of friend that definitely won’t make it to every party or hang out and I’ll be honest with you about it like I’m probably going to stay home and get some work done but when I do come out I definitely make up for my lack of presence by being ridiculously awesome/ so I always get really offended when a friend or someone gets pissy because I put my work and my projects before hanging out with them like that’s automatic cut off status for me 

“HEYOOO~! SO Glee has finally ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end too! Now It’s been a while, i’ve gotten lots of requests, i procrastinated on this like NUTS, BUT HERE IT IS! I PRESENT TO YOU:


 Starting June 1-7!

 A week choc full of 90s goodies?? COUNT ME IN! ;0
You want in on this party too? WELL Follow this schedule if you wanna join or just keep up with all the fun fic/art~!

*~Day 0 (May 31st)~*: MAKE A PLAYLIST! Now this isn’t necessarily part of the week, but i always find music a great motivator when working on themed things! Take the time to create a fun little playlist for the week! The 90s is the home of so many well known and bizarre hits, take advantage and get jammin dude~! (and don’t forget to share it!!)

☮ Manic Monday ☮ : Favourite fashion/trends! What was your most favourite trend of the 90s? the cool gothic chokers? the tacky glittery make up? GIANT PANTS??? Which would apply to klaine? you can draw or create a moodboard (if you don’t draw!)!

T.H.O Tuesday ☮ : INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS! Have you guys ever seen those dry/hard to watch instructional videos? Have you ever imagined if kurt or blaine had to do one of those?? WELL IMAGINE NO MORE! Why are these boys doing these videos? are they so desperate for their big break that this is what it comes to? WHO KNOWS! i wanna see what you guys come up with! (it it can be ANY instructional/employee vid as long as it’s from the 90s!) here are examples of other vids: x x x

 Wicked Wednesday  : 90′s music videos~!!  I want you Put klaine in one of your favourite videos! Whatever the situation is is all up to you! Video boy,  camera man, au within the video, DOESN’T MATTER! Bonus points if you can find the most ridiculous video! *v*

 Trill Thursday  : T.V shows! Pick a t.v show you love from the 90s,  Klaine is now a part of that world! how exciting!! This also includes cartoons, in case you were a baby thing like me and had no interest in boring adult shows >:D (you don’t have to remember anything from the 90s either! look up some shows, have a blast!)

 Fresh Friday  : Pick a Line, any line! Now I know you’ve watched movies and thought ‘KURT/BLAINE WOULD SO SAY THAT’, well now’s your chance to prove it! Find your favourite line from a movie, and have klaine say it! This can include conversations! Which part would Blaine say? Which part would Kurt say? please remember to include a clip where you picked your line from!

  ☮  Stylin’ Saturday ☮ : What is your all time favourite klaine au?? Ever imagine what it would be like if i took place in the 90s? *0* WELL NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Adapt a klaine au (or au’s if you’re feelin it) to the 90s!! Be it 90s!coffeshop au or 90s!superhero au, AS LONG AS IT’S 90S YOU ARE SET!

Be sure to tag entries with: Totally Dope 90s Klaine Week OR 90s!klaine (not 90′s, but 90s) 

 And tag the days as well!: ex. ‘stylin saturday’, ‘fresh friday’

ALRIGHT~! I hope you guys are just as excited as i am! The 90s is such an incredibly awesome/weird time! Try not to stick to just mid 90′s or grunge the whole time, expand the entirety of it, have fun~!! :D
 I’m so happy to be doing this again, and i hope you all have a great time!! I look forward to the PARTAYY~!


It took me a while to realize that happiness isn’t a constant state. It’s an emotion and like all emotions it comes and goes.

You will never ALWAYS be happy.

But at this point in my life I can truly say I’m much more positive and genuinely very pleased and content over all with my life and how I’m developing as a person. I’ve grown and have learned so much. I’ve really become my own person. I feel more defined and less like a shadow.

I used to be fixed on trying to be happy. Make me happy. Make me happy. I never wanted to focus on anything other than that because I couldn’t handle feeling down or upset.

Now I realize I’m allowed to go through every other emotion and really FEEL those emotions. I feel safe even when I’m vulnerable. I feel strong even when I’m weak.

I really think being with Skyler is a big part of this. I’m so grateful.

one moment that has broken my heart so many times in trc is when gansey is talking about adam and he says,

“Who has he ever had to love him? Ever?”

and i have three reasons why:

-gansey is always so concerned with adam’s well-being and he knows that means emotional stability as well. he wants to provide love and a home to his best friend, wants to keep him safe.

-adam has been through so much. i can’t ever fathom what it’s like to grow up in a house like he did, to work as hard as he has by himself. he’s been through so much.

-there is someone who wants to love him. there is someone who wants to make sure no one can say that about him ever again.


I’ve always thought it was a little disturbing how some people do things solely for attention. Some people feel the need to post their every move on social media and then feel some type of way when people don’t care. Then people assume that the people who don’t post their every move have no life. Everybody has a life. Things like graduating from high school, college, going to work/making money are things that you’re SUPPOSED to do. What, do you want a cookie for graduating and making something of yourself? You want a pat on the back for not being a babydaddy or babymomma and staying on the right path? You’re SUPPOSED to knock down obstacles and excel and do great things. Things should never be done for attention because when you seek attention, you never get it.

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Why do you call yourself a book snob? Snobbery implies not only personal preference but also judgment of things you consider inferior, but whenever the subject of comparing books or genres arises, you are always emphatic that people should read whatever they want and like whatever they want and not be judged for it. You are generally affirming of other people's reading taste. That's pretty much the opposite of book snobbery.

I’m a snob in terms of what I personally read. I have really high standards for my own consumption of literature. I am, in that sense, entirely a snob. I just choose not to inflict my snobbery on other people, because that would actually just make me a douche.

/my boyfriend is a super hottie and my boyfriend has ass of steel


It feels like a month ago I was thanking my first ten followers, it’s an overwhelming thought, that as many of you wants to look at my drawings ;u;
Thank you very much!

I’m thinking about making a giveaway, but maybe after my finals c:



Modest Medusa Loves Legend of Korra!

So today Bryan Konietzko (The co-creator of Legend of Korra) was in Portland for an event at a local comic shop. I was pretty excited. I’m a huge fan of the show. In addition to doing a whole bunch of Modest Medusa strips about it, I also do a semi-regular fan comic. That’s how I engage with stuff I love. I make comics about it!  So I was super eager to meet Bryan. I wanted to have him sign my DVDs, which is super lame but I actually don’t really own any other LoK stuff, and Bryan is one of the few people who I’d be totally excited to have an autograph from. Plus I wanted to ask him some questions about Su Beifong and the Red Lotus, because I always suspected Su was a bad guy (all teh clues are there!). More than all of that, I wanted to give Bryan a copy of my first Modest Medusa book. LoK has been a real inspiration for me, and I thought it would be neat to share something I’ve done with someone I respect. Plus, I always like it when my readers give me stuff they’ve made. That’s always a nice feeling. So I did a nice little sketch of Medusa dressed as Korra on the inside cover of one of my books and wrote a ridiculously sappy inscription to Bryan on the inside. I don’t normally do stuff like that, but I was excited. I even laid out one of my two Korrasami shirts to wear!

I didn’t make it to the event. Nothing exciting happened to keep me away, but events conspired, and in the end I just wasn’t able to make it. Which was disappointing. I went out to dinner and a movie with some friends instead, and that was fine. I ended up carrying the signed book and DVD around with me all day though, and felt a little silly about it. On teh way home I decided that instead of feeling down about the whole thing I’d spend the evening working on a new Korra fan comic. It’s not done yet, so I decided to re-post these older Modest Medusa strips instead. I hope you dig them!

- Jake


        This was by an Anonymous request, and after writing this and re-reading the request I realized this story strayed slightly from the prompt and sort of took on a life of it’s own.  If whoever sent the request in wants the story to be more like the original request don’t hesitate to message me and ask me to re-write it!  I feel kind of bad but I didn’t want all this writing to go to waste so I decided to post it anyways and see how you liked it.        

It had been weeks since Stiles had called in the biggest favor he had yet.  In a list ditch attempt to make Lydia jealous he asked you to be his fake girlfriend. Prom season was quickly approaching and Stiles wanted to try to get Lydia to be his date by making her so jealous she would finally say yes to his advances.  At first you hadn’t minded being a pawn in his little game.  You both were close friends and Scott always told you both you acted like a couple anyways.  But recently it had gotten harder to just pretend being a couple with him for you.  Your feelings of friendship were changing into something more and it hurt you to know that Stiles still had his eyes set on Lydia.

        Because of these evolving feelings, you’d tried to distance yourself from the situation as much as possible.  You stopped answering Stiles’s phone calls all the time.  You of course would still act lovey dovey when with him around Lydia, but you were a little less enthusiastic about it.  Your detachment didn’t go unnoticed, either.  Stiles noticed almost right away.  He always knew when you were upset, that’s why he was your best friend. He tried asking you about it but you would just brush it off, trying to minimize your feelings so he wouldn’t realize that you were falling in love with him.

        Prom was a few days away and Lydia still showed no interest in being ‘involved’ with Stiles like how he wanted her to.  Surprisingly, Stiles didn’t seem to be as broken hearted about it, as you had thought he would have been.  In fact he didn’t seem fazed by it at all.  One night you were both at his house, watching movies after your homework had been done when Stiles paused the movie and turned towards you.

        “Do you have a prom dress yet?”  He asked suddenly, making you narrow your eyes slightly in trepidation.

        “Of course I do.”  You answered, wondering where he was going with this.  He remained quiet for another couple of seconds, thinking over whatever was going on in his head.

        “Would you want to maybe go to prom… with me?”  He asked, turning in his seat more to look at you straight on and gauge your reaction. It took you by surprise for a minute, and then you got a little bit angry.  How dare Stiles make you his backup plan after using you to get to Lydia. He had the balls to ask you to be his prom date only days before prom, and when you knew he didn’t actually really want to go with you?!  Your blood started to boil and you crossed your arms, huffing as you slammed backwards into the couch.

        “You know what I’m kind of getting sick of being your fake girlfriend.”  You snapped.

        “I’m not -.”  Stiles started, but you cut him off.

        “It was fun in the beginning sure but I can’t keep watching you fall for a girl and try so hard knowing she won’t ever like you back like that.  It sucks having this pretend relationship with you when you deserve so much better than Lydia blowing you off all the time.  I can’t pretend to have a relationship anymore.  I want a real one.”  You argued, taking Styles by complete surprise with your sudden outburst.

        “Well, would you like a relationship with me?”  He asked, rushing forward before you could argue once again. “I know that at first I wanted you to pretend to be my girlfriend to make Lydia jealous.  But we work so well together.  I’m more comfortable around you than I’ve ever been with Lydia.  I think… I think I’m starting to really fall for you.  So we could go to prom as our first shot at a real relationship.  Not a fake one.”  He offered up quickly, flinching backwards into the couch slightly in anticipation of your reaction.

        You were shocked into silence for a couple minutes, letting his words sink in.  “I…. what?”  You asked, blinking a few times in confusion.  His confession had come completely out of left field to you. Instead of repeating himself however, Stiles took a leap of faith and pressed his lips onto yours in a kiss.

        “Go to prom with me, Y/N.” He repeated once he had pulled away, reaching down and taking hold of your hand.  Mutely you nodded, a wide smile cracking across your face.  What better first real date then prom.

lost in your sound || [listen]
“i’ve always been drawn to that side of you. you put on a good-girl face, but inside you’re actually really distant. it makes me want to peel that good-girl skin off of you.”
(it’s a confession of love)

i. young  - vallis alps ii. panther  - made in heights iii. perfume - ji nilsson iv. take me to church - ellie goulding v. riptide - dwntwn vi. stillnes in woe - purity ring vii. compass - zella day viii. replay zendaya


He makes me smile. When I have bad days he can always make me smile. And yes he can be a really silly little shit sometimes, but I still love him.

He does what he wants with his life, supporting his family and friends, his fans, charity’s. He has worked hard and is able to fulfil his dreams. Which for me is a beautiful thing!

And sometimes you forget that he’s still a person. But then he posts or say something that’s “more serious”. Like that time he talked about his grandma. It was a time when I had forgot that he was a person just like me, and then I watched that story. And my heart broke for him, because I’ve almost been in the same situation.

He shows that you can achieve your dreams if you work hard, that life has its ups and downs. But still remembers to smile.

I love the little shit, because he’s an awesome person who makes others smile. Maybe even when they don’t feel like smiling.

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au: soul is homeless and makes his money by playing guitar on street corners, maka gives him a dollar on her way to work every day.

I’m gonna assume this is for the 3 headcanons for AU thing I reblogged last night.

So 3 headcanons:

  • Maka slowly becomes Soul’s favorite person and he always looks out for when she walks down the street – his heart beating faster. One day he notices that she doesn’t come by and starts to worry about it; since he doesn’t have her number or name, though, he wants until he sees her next time. He finds out she was sick.
  • On Maka’s way back from work, she stops in front of Soul and asks him if he wants to grab a coffee or dinner. She knows he’s been out there for weeks playing his guitar and trying to get money, but Soul doesn’t want to be a charity case. Maka tells him it isn’t because she feels sorry for him; she finds him and his music interesting and wants to get to be friends. 
  • Eventually, Maka offers her spare bedroom to Soul – free of rent – to help he get shelter and his feet out into the working world. At first, Soul didn’t want to work, he just wanted to play his music, but eventually he finds a job with Maka’s help. He starts working as a musician in a coffee shop where a talent agent finds him, and he becomes the guitarist for an upcoming band.

Did I just create a fic?