FYHM’s Challenge 28: Growth

"Evil isn’t born, it’s made… and so is good.”





150314 (and indefinitely) psa:
  • i’m taking down a lot of personal stuff from this blog, however i might still post (personal) stuff hereafter anyway
  • i think i’m turning off anon for good (or for a long while) now
  • i read all my messages and you’re ttly welcome to send them if they’re respectful and nice (please do, i need them…)
  • but i probably won’t answer. not even friends. just once in a blue moon.
  • maybe if it’s only about exo/yifan/luhan
  • i’m not talking to anyone in replies etc either and i’m basically only staying in the xiumin/luhan/yifan tag so i won’t know a lot about what’s going on with y’all
  • i’m only focusing on exo or whatever
  • don’t tag me with female pronouns tyvm
  • no i’m not ok and i don’t know if i will be
  • but i’m doing this to try and help myself/not make it harder
  • i don’t care about your negative opinions on this or me. if you can’t be fucking nice or respectful this is what happens
  • basically you should be happy because now there’ll only be exo/luhan/yifan on this blog and no personal bs
  • hiatus(es) without any kind of notice(s) might happen at any time, the queue is at most on for a day
  • sorry

Sooo I was asking my advisor about senior projects and he was like “well is there any type of literature you’re particularly passionate about” and I was like “ummm well young adult books” and he was like “yes perfect”

Yo, okay real talk though, do you ever just totally adore the hell out of someone in a completely platonic way even though you don’t know them very well? Like, beyond all reason? I know we all talk about having an irrational instinctive dislike for people, but what about the reverse? People you just meet and immediately decide to like beyond all reason. You see their selfie, or you run into them at a grocery store and chat for a bit, and the whole time is just like “yes yes good this person is good.” 


ghostofcrux asked:

whispers do any of your ocs wear glasses and if yes, do any of them ever accidentally break it

I actually have two OCs that wear glasses— Tanya and Adam. Tanya is pretty good about keeping them intact, since she only wears them when reading— Adam on the other hand breaks his at least five times a month. ^^; He’s a bit of a hazard, actually. Also he has a bad habit of throwing them across his room when’s he’s upset… he’s twenty and it’s hilarious once he realizes what he did

About the whole book thing

Why can’t everyone just calm tf down about them being advertising their book? They’ve worked hella hard on it and they want people to see it? Is it so bad that they want people to buy their stuff? D&p want to express themselves in a way that is different than just talking to a camera and that SHOULD be a very good thing that we all support. But APPARENTLY the only way that they can express content it through youtube and nothing else or else they’re “sellouts”.
If you wanna be negative about it okay cool but dONT SEND HATE TO DAN/PHIL BECAUSE THEYRE PEOPLE WITH EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS?! Don’t be an asshole please and thank you.

I feel a little sorry for my English Literature teachers because when they ask me about feelings about a character I’m all ‘yeah I think we’re supposed to pity these characters but I don’t” and “I don’t feel sorry for them at all” because I’m heartless and have no feelings. I think they only ask me those questions now because it makes them laugh

screaming-till-im-numb asked:

damn can I just say your tags are so amazing, like they're always so freaking cool and poetic. And I love your robot one, and the one for angles. And how do you do it?

the way that i do it is that, like: i steal them

it’s fun!! to find slots and themes for stuff and to Therein Amass, like some featherless fleshy magpie fuck except it’s about pixels and you can’t fly and this was not a good analogy. if i put half as much effort into organising the rest of my life as i do my crater of this blue website i know, i can tell you that i would go up two grade boundaries, i would be by a variety of definitions slightly more wealthy, the density of my wardrobe would triple width-wise, I Am a Parody, And I Am Taking Your Hands, Very Serious  


the one for angels is from the mumford & sons song broken crown which i can only interpret as from the perspective of an understandably bitter seraph in the modern age who is still p sore about the Fall and/or their new dumb awful horrible meat prison, that they would hate, if they could figure out how to do that, it’s all very frustrating. i noticed it’s getting cool to not like m&s but i have also noticed that i, myself, am uncool, and a total Ground Sucker for anything you can implicate to be at all allusively religious (like the first time i heard hozier in a public place i got so excited i forgot who i was for a second and almost punched a stranger) and??? it’s like a 4 minute and 21 second “fuck you dad” and marcus mumford was really cagey about the source material. i’m not saying folk sensation marcus mumford may have an association with the great adversary but also i’m not not saying that. (the line itself, how dare you speak of grace, is so petty and weird?? like you can’t be used to verbal confrontation and come out with something like that, that’s so odd, imagine an unwillingly humanoid flesh-ball with terrible very bad personal – personal!! fuck! –hygiene huddled intensely over a laptop and replying to every single dick post on the comment section of youtube. they only use the two pointer-fingers of each hand, but they are ferocious, they are the rage unquenchable)

another example is that my tag for?? i don’t even know what you would call it man like. the universe in relatable terms. ive never been way into (systematised educative~) science but it’s repetitive forms and causation are i think fascinating to everybody but I, CLEARLY, HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO EXPLAIN THIS, but a stoppard play called Arcadia can so my tag is a modification of two characters’ exchange in re: a similar thing:

Valentine: She didn’t have the maths, not remotely. She saw what things meant, way ahead, like seeing a picture.
Septimus: This is not science. This is story-telling.

ghost tag is part of the the lyrics to a mother mother song, about ghosts

And this is why I have decided
to pull these old white sheets from my head.
I’ll leave them folded neat and tidy
so that you’ll know I’m out of hiding.
And this is why I have decided
to leave your house and home unhaunted.
You don’t need poltergeists for sidekicks.

monster tag is quoted from french philospher jaques derrida, as seen in his work Some Statements and Truisms about Neologisms, Newisms, Postisms, Parasitisms, and other small Seismisms:

“Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: ‘Here are our monsters’, without immediately turning the monsters into pets.”

(suck it)

people tag, an excerpt from a 176 page commentary on whether or not you should think céline dion is cool:

“Real humans are connected with one another whether they like it or not. They are awkward and dumb and wave their arms around if they get upset enough; real humans all have personal touchstones that are “off the map” because there is no map. We are so maplessly, ridiculously uncool that whole cultures and subcultures, whole personalities even, have been built to hide our ridiculousness from ourselves.”

my robot tag isn’t, alright, from anything at all. it’s just the sound i associate with them and it’s a good one, you know, like when you first boot up a tv or computer and it crackles a little bit like it’s stretching or is generally unsure whether or not it can be bothered with your mess today, and then there’s that whhirrrrrrr. and it’s sort of like it takes a deep breath, and that’s always been up there with big empty rooms and making-good-coffee-when-you’re-really-in-the-mood-for-good-coffee in terms of everyday perks to this whole doughy living-type schtick, SO

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Okay, all right, I’m breaking down, we’re going to have to talk about Harry Hart/Mycroft Holmes.  Y’all knew this was coming.

They’re so alike, obviously, that’s what draws them together in the first place, this shared love of good tailoring and a fine Scotch, but then they’re not.  Mycroft is the government; prim and proper, all straight lines and manners, not an anti-establishment bone in his hyper-establishment body.  The worst swear word he ever says is “bloody,” and that is in mimicry of John Watson.  Mycroft is a distant handler of people, unemotional and uninvolved, content to pull the world’s strings from behind his desk.

Harry Hart is proper manners, all right, but he isn’t all prim straight lines.  He swears; he argues against a culture of inbred aristocracy; he uses phrases like “having one’s cherry popped,” and even if he does use it mostly ironically, Mycroft would be just slightly scandalized by it nonetheless.  He gets his hands dirty, frequently and without much reservation, and he isn’t one to leave the legwork to his underlings.

Mycroft would be the only person in Harry Hart’s whole life who has ever made him feel like a clumsy idiot, and Harry Hart would be the only person in Mycroft’s whole life who has ever successfully convinced him to make out in the back seat of a car during a shoot out, and it would be glorious.

Ties That Bind Chapter 2

Spoilers below, so click only if you’re prepared!

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I had a dream that there was a hairdressers in one of the rooms in my house and one of them was buzzing the right-hand side of my hair and I was like “wait I’m not sure if I want all of it done or just this half” and she was like “ok, go try it out and come back tomorrow” so I did but then she’d only shaved like a strip instead of a whole side and it was just ridiculous and I tried to go back but the room was now a physical manifestation of a chatroom where people were doing drugs that turned them into monsters.

anyway someone tell me I shouldn’t shave half my head.

Today I talked with my chem professor about grad school and she was really supportive even though I struggle with her class sometimes. She really stressed that it’s ok if I don’t have straight As, a lot of schools don’t care about that one detail only. my grades are mostly good and i have research and that’s what matters for a lot of science programs. I still have a TON of anxiety about exams and GRE’s and finances an my future but it’s rly reassuring my professors (in my department at least) are encouraging and push me without discouraging me

Also it just hit me I will be in college until I’m at least 32

formerfurry replied to your post:formerfurry replied to your post:formerfurry…

If only there were people to make proud… I feel like a lot of my friends don’t really care about me at all. And I guess there’s my boyfriend, but… eh. [shrugs]

If that’s how you feel…it sounds like you need better friends. A good friend would definitely care, and you would know it. Or maybe your friends do care and they aren’t sure how to show it. …Maybe you should talk to them and figure it out.

Friends and Fandoms

Has anyone ever had that moment when you’re talking to your friends about a certain fandom your into and all of a sudden they interrupt you to talk about what’s going on in their fandom.

And being a good friend, you wait patiently for them to finish and then you try get back to the topic about your fandom. 

NOT EVEN 5 seconds into the conversation they interrupt you AGAIN about their fandom. 

On the outside you’re like: 

Cool friend that sounds interesting. Please tell me more.'

On the inside you’re like:

BITCH. I hear about your FUCKING fandom every GOD DAMN DAY let me talk about mine for once.’

anonymous asked:

wow, so that's how you do things??? that's pretty impressive!!! i've done things a bit differently but i think those are really good methods like, i'm always a fan of treating characters like people, you can learn a lot about them and what they do!! gosh it's only like morning over here but it's a great start to my day being able to talk to you

mmMMm it’s eight am for me right now. mornings are a menace. or maybe i’m just saying that because i haven’t slept yet. if i suddenly disappear for a few hours, that’s the reason, and i’ll show up again just as chatty

and yeah, i think it might be either a slightly or very unusual method, i’ve never been all that sure on that. i’m just very fluid and non linear about it all, along with being pretty intense about the getting into your character’s head thing. 

i’d take an interest in seeing just how many different ways people have of making characters, if it’s pretty ‘you either do this thing or this other thing’ or a lot more varied. character creation and study is definitely my expertise as both an artist and a writer & general character appreciator. 

i’m also glad you find my sleepy ramblings on this subject interesting and not super boring. i think i actually get more wordy and overly thoughtful when i’m tired, and i don’t know how to feel about that.