so the guy that I'm currently seeing

is so smitten with me and it’s the cutest thing ever. I’m like halfway excited for the moment when I decide to have sex with him because he’s probably gonna eat my pussy for 72 hours and after a year of no sex that’s needed.


“I used to be really really insecure and awkward and I just feel like because of the girls and this whole experience I definitely came out of my shell a lot more…I’ve just been learning to feel comfortable in my own skin. I can’t even tell you how releaving it is. I was just scared of everything which I’m not anymore and I used to kind of be scared of what made me different and everybody has their own little quirks, but I think I’m just accepting them now..which doesn’t mean that I’m staying the same because I think you should always get better and continue to improve yourself as a person which I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to be the best version of me, but that doesn’t mean I’m changing for the worse.” -Camila Cabello (March 3, 1997)

i’m gonna need to draw y'alls attention to a subject matter i kno so many of u have been sleeping on. wake the fuck up.

we’re gonna talk about calum’s lips.

now i would put in that “read more” thing but i have no idea how to do that shit and anyway look at how plump his lips are the fuck??

did u see the way they brushed off the microphone? are you seeing this?

he licked them & idk how to feel but to thank the lord ……

someone get a hold of this boy please get the child a chapstick or something thx


u see you little bitch you think im playing don’t you alright ok be a bitch idc did u see how he bit his lip? okay good 

anyway now that we’ve reached the end of my thirst post i can only hope that u can now give calums lips and calum in general the attention he deserves 


“Y/N, there’s something I never told you,” Cas said as you made your way to the dance floor for your first dance as a married couple.

“What is it?”

“I prayed for you,” he said. “When we first met, I prayed that I could be something more to you. I have no idea if my father was listening.”

“But here we are,” you smiled. He wrapped his arms around your waist and started to sway, slow, with you to the music.

“Here we are,” he murmured. “Thank you for making me believe again.”

x x x

a lot of super amazing fantastic successful black women end up alone so I’ve already made peace with the fact that the odds are that I might just be one of those women and I can definitely be super okay with that  and live a super happy and fulfilled life with my ten kids :)