i’m convinced harry doesn’t button his shirt all the way just so he can show off the swallows and the butterfly tattoo each of which has a relation to louis

i’m gonna need to draw y’alls attention to a subject matter i kno so many of u have been sleeping on. wake the fuck up.

we’re gonna talk about calum’s lips.

now i would put in that “read more” thing but i have no idea how to do that shit and anyway look at how plump his lips are the fuck??

did u see the way they brushed off the microphone? are you seeing this?

he licked them & idk how to feel but to thank the lord ……

someone get a hold of this boy please get the child a chapstick or something thx


u see you little bitch you think im playing don’t you alright ok be a bitch idc did u see how he bit his lip? okay good 

anyway now that we’ve reached the end of my thirst post i can only hope that u can now give calums lips and calum in general the attention he deserves 


"I have lost a lot of important things in my life. I am not about to do it again."

Requested by: @steverogerstinybrokenpancreas


That’s a little inappropriate, don’t you think? I just stumbled across this site by accident. This is a very bad representation of fans. On the contrary, a lot of us are very happy -even ecstatic- on his engagement. So to say ‘call off the wedding, out hearts are broken’ seems a little extreme. It seems the media coverage on Benedict’s marriage expects us sobbing like babies and wanting him to be single forever…

a lot of super amazing fantastic successful black women end up alone so I’ve already made peace with the fact that the odds are that I might just be one of those women and I can definitely be super okay with that  and live a super happy and fulfilled life with my ten kids :)

That feeling when you manage to muster up the courage to leave the house and go to work, even if it’s only for an hour, after several days of feeling low and terrified

and then you’re on your way home, having been to work and done your errands afterwards, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself because you’ve made progress and you feel proud of your achievements

and then you’re waiting at the bus stop and a bunch of guys cycle past you at a good 15mph, holler misogynistic slurs at you, and one of them punches you

newsflash: it fucking hurts being punched in the back of the head by someone going very very fast when you’re standing still 

I honestly just

this week is a fucking write-off, I give up trying to make anything good of it