Me: I’m gonna go to bed early today so I can have a super productive morning working on finals! Gonna get everything done early! It’s gonna be great!
Me: /gets home and play Mass Effect
Me: /looks at the clock - it’s 4:50AM
Me: well I can’t say I’m surprised this happened.



Our ninth and final contestant is Phlox Nova.

Hey Phlox! Cool name, by the way. How are you feeling right now?

Hey Pewter. I’m feeling pretty good - it’s always nice to talk to you. And doing well in the first real challenge helped a lot too.

That’s the last of the mini-dates - so now we’re on to the elimination.

Is it weird that I find comfort when I hear the deep voice of Blurryface singing

Like, it’s not just “oh hey yeah this is nice” it’s like “I feel at peace, no more worry or fear or anxiety just me and that voice that seems to settle all my thoughts” but he’s evil and terrible and the fact that his voice helps me scares me

A lot

I while ago I googled as many keywords to try and find as many old neopets people who still have semi-intact Sonic the Hedgehog roleplay pages. So now I have a folder full of people’s old Sonic OCs, but sadly a lot of stuff was deleted off their photobuckets or imageshacks, or they removed their pages entirely.

It’s kinda sad, cause Sonic the Hedgehog roleplaying was a huge part of who I was back in middle school. I didn’t make a lot of close friends on neopets, but I looked up to a lot of people. But that kinda shattered when everyone started to move to deviantart, and quite a few people pretended to commit suicide for page views/sympathy and it just started to fall apart?

I didn’t roleplay as much as other people on neopets though. My roleplay character was Cynthia ‘Cynn’ the Wolf, and she was my main. She was brown and had black hair, though originally it was blonde. She had control over water and ice powers and had one blue eye and one purple.

I wonder a lot how them are.. They were usually kids like me, if not a bit older. After Sonic I eventually moved onto roleplaying Warrior Cats though. I miss my old neopets guild though, our clan was Jungleclan and eventually split off to form a 2nd clan, Breezeclan. But the guild fell apart, and I tried to move us onto freewebs but it didn’t work.

I also had an xat group of people for Warrior Cats, but that was much more cliqueish and tons of drama. There wasn’t much structure, the owner of the chat was never online, etc. There were tons of clans, and there was an unneeded co-leader rank in every clan. I tried to push one of the leaders to convince people we needed to start fresh but it fell apart and everyone eventually moved onto anime. I was Jadewolf/Jademoon early on, but eventually tried tons of names but everyone kept calling me Jade.

A few xat friends I have added on facebook, but it’s just, I miss middle school and early high school roleplaying a lot.

anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on otherkin ?

ayyay otherkin are cool beans

yknow now i kinda wanna vent…. i never understood why people are so anti-otherkin. its always the same “0Mg ur humamn u rxxtard ur not a plant !! pls get medical help u freak LMAO !!1!’” bullshit. like,?? no shit we’re in a human body. most otherkin dont believe they are /literally/ that thing. and if they do then.. who cares?? they aren’t hurting anyone, its their own belief, let them be bro..

and also most otherkin are mentally ill so calling us that is like.. yes thank you for reminding me im mentally ill, gee i almost forgot. being kin w/ something is usually a coping method thing. its like “hey man.. this thing is nice, i like this thing, i feel an emotional bond with this thing, i wanna be like this thing please associate me w/ this thing so im closer to it” and that’s nice to feel!! especially for people with personality disorders like me

so yea, otherkin are coolio and anti-otherkin need to chill and call an exterminator to get those bees out of their ass

ourfallenillusion asked:

You're post about some Darks not fitting in really hit me. My Dark, Cheshiplier represents more of the darker, mysterious side of darkness. He also represents what's waiting in my own darkness. But I feel like he doesn't fit in, mostly cause of the way I portray/draw him. I feel like I don't fit in.

Hey Friend! Nice to meet you and your Dark.

Please know you’re definitely not alone, Boss, myself and others have kinda felt the same way so we’re making our own group, because hey, if you don’t fit in find other people who don’t fit in and make your own little family. And you and Cheshiplier are totally welcome to join us. The more the merrier :3.

Your Dark sounds really interesting and he’s a cool take on the other aspects of darkness that exist besides evil. I look forward to learning more about you if you’re willing.