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Since the first day I met her she’s just happy and she brings a lot of warmth every day here on set.

tbh i could care less if ppl think that zayn is being ”’over-hyped”’ and stuff bc outside of tumblr and occasionally twitter zayn IS underappreciated so i don’t have one single problem with ppl hyping the hell out of him. and treating him ‘better’ than all the other boys get treated (which doesn’t rly make sense when you think abt the fact that right out of the gate he gets treated much worse) but honestly i just want to think abt all the desi ppl who aren’t rly interested in 1d but KNOW abt zayn malik and what he’s doing, and all the desi parents who have to hear abt zayn ALL THE TIME and all the desi siblings who hear abt him enough to go and do things LIKE TRY TO MEET HIM AND GET MESSAGES FOR THEIR YOUNGER FAMILY MEMBERS BC THEY KNOW HOW MUCH IT’LL MEAN TO THEM. BUT ALSO TO LET ZAYN KNOW HOW IMPORTANT HE IS AND HOW THEY APPRECIATE HIM JUST BEING HIMSELF??? 

Welcome back winter once again.


"sometimes it all feels like too much, doesn’t it? and even trying to just shut it out…that ends up hurting people too .”

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You are such an amazing and inspirational artist, like wow all your work is breathtaking. You probably get hundreds of asks like this but the chance you may see a nice message and it makes you smile outweighs me not typing this. Anyway, stay amazing, and keep blossoming with your drawings ^_^ xoxo

I JUST GOT THIS MESSAGE and I just want to thANK YOU ALL ANYONE WHO HAS EVER SENT A NICE ThING I’m sorry I hardly ever reply it’s just that I like to keep them around in my Inbox forever (kind of like holiday decorations that I annoyingly never take down)

It’s a new day and you are so alive.

my name is luna, i’m 18 and struggle with mainly borderline personality disorder, among other things such as EDNOS, anxiety disorder NOS, mood disorder NOS, bipolar II, and depression. bpd took everything away from me. in the past few months I have dropped out of college, lost most of my friends, and ended up isolated in my apartment for months. however, i will not let bpd take control over my life as i have in the past.