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You're giving me hope about the fact that Crowley won't die to be honest and I can really see your points :3 it would be way too out of character for Crowley to die after surviving for so long...he's self preserving and doesn't underestimate or let his guard down and he never will! I just wish people would stop saying how he's going to die though, cause Crowley shouldn't be underestimated either.

Hello there! Again. *waves* I’m glad I’m instilling hope because there’s too many people fearing his end because of all the haters who want him off the show. Don’t let it get to you (and Mark - that lovable bastard’s doing it on purpose - didn’t help either). Like you said, Crowley’s self preservation is key! If he’s going to die, he’ll see it coming and he’s not just going to sit there and keel over when it’s time, you know? Unless he wants to. And it’s just not his time yet. I know for sure he’s not gonna die, I JUST KNOW IT. Is something big going to happen to him? Yes, of course but he’ll be alive. People are saying Mark wasn’t at the end of the season party or whatever too which means Crowley’s not in that episode… it’s definitely not the first time he’s missed out on something like that. It doesn’t mean he’s not in the finale. Even if he isn’t, it doesn’t mean he’s dead. Locked up somewhere? Bloodied? Injured? Probably. Not dead though.

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~Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade Brief Informational~

ヾ(・ω・`。) Yahoo~! Many of you might’ve noticed some scans going around about this new game.  I saw it in school and was all (・□・;) WHAAA ALSKFJDSL’;LASF. Anywhoo, I just want to inform you guys on what it’s about. (Scans: K704)

From what I read on the scans, it seems like another Vandead Carnival, but with the addition of Carla and Shin this time. 

Three Points:

1.) Minigames: If you’ve played Vandead Carnival, it also had minigames and there was one that popped up during the main story. You can play them all from the main menu though.

2.) Main Story & Sub Scenarios: In Vandead, there was four chapters, a general ending, and then an ending of the character you chose. I’m not sure if it’ll be the same this time, but it wouldn’t be a bad guess. Also in Vandead, there were Sub Scenarios featuring two guys and Yui that you can play between the four chapters. They’re typically short, comical scenarios.

3.) Special Scenario: After clearing the main story part and getting through an ending, you unlock a special scenario. Just like the Sleeping Vampire scenarios in Vandead. Details on what this scenario will be about have yet to be revealed. 

In Short: Lunatic Parade seems to be similar to Vandead Carnival in aspects of the minigames, sub scenarios, etc. An extra game to Dark Fate. The general plot hasn’t been announced yet, but you might be able to guess from the tittle that it might involve a parade or something? I can’t say for sure. More details will come in the future~!


River & the Doctor Appreciation Countdown challenge - April 17th. colour me in: that painted backdrop

Steven Moffat: I love those Powell and Pressburger movies. And there’s a certain atmosphere you get from that. It’s slightly different. It doesn’t look unreal. It doesn’t look the same as real. It’s sort of heightened. Do you know what I mean? It’s story-book.

Frances Barber: And viewers feel like a voyeur. Kind of “you shouldn’t be watching”.

- The Wedding of River Song Audio Commentary

Ask me to think of a colour for River and the Doctor and I will see an impossible sky from the end of time. Red and oranges, purple to navy blue. A continuous canvas, interrupted by soft dark mounds in the distance and punctured by blinking whites.

I will see this painted backdrop.

And because Moffat is right and this is very Powell and Pressburger-like, I will also see a room hung in the sky, open for confession and wind. The air is so clear that nothing keeps you from seeing straight into yourself. Life and love put on trial. Stairway to the afterlife. Sacrificial altars where lovers meet. I see egoism and trust concatenated, desire and death interlocked, interlude and reality married.

All that from reds and blues merging.

I really love this painted backdrop.

Lady of the Night

Summary: When Killian Jones loses both his long-term girlfriend and his hand in the same night, he wants nothing more than to forget. In a moment of weakness, he calls Mr. Gold’s Escort Service. For the next few weeks, Killian enjoys the company of the woman Mr. Gold calls, “The Swan”, but what happens when he finds out she’s the younger sister of his best friend from college? CS Client/Prostitute AU, CS Best Friend’s Sibling AU. There is no smut in the story, but there are implied sexual situations. Rated T.

Sneak Peek from Chapter 01:

Killlian roamed the dingy motel room, back and forth, back and forth. He glanced at his watch every few minutes, scratching the back of his neck with an unsettling anxiety.  He even took out his phone a couple of times to cancel altogether but, in the end, he always shoved it back into his pocket to continue his pacing.

Modern Ginchiyo more like otome game addict.

House of Cards: *entire season is released all at once* 

Daredevil: *entire season is released all at once* 

Game of Thrones: *first four (or six?) episodes leak online all at once* 

I don’t have time for this ir7amoni 

Which of my friends should YOU fight

Kelsey aka stealst 
Who wins: You, probably
Look. Kelsey is a tiny delicate princess. She’s sweet. If someone tried to take her purse, she’d probably lay down on top of it because injuries heal and you ain’t getting that money back. But why fight her? She’s tiny and delicate and sweet. You’d end up feeling bad about it. And then you’d have Gina to fight.

Gina aka donytello
Who wins: Not You
Gina is a server at a sports bar. Gina is on their feet all day. Gina can and will tie you into a pretzel. And if you just beat up their girlfriend you are going to get found in a dumpster the next day. Don’t fight Gina. It’s not worth it.

Scully aka stonerscully
Who wins: Scully
Scully is probably bigger and badder than you. Scully used to look like the Undertaker ghosting through the halls of her highschool. Do you remember that kid? That was Scully. Scully is bigger and badder than you and you will not beat her. Do not fight Scully.

James aka shinyumbre0n
Who wins: You, probably
James is a scrappy little shit, but he’s got bad joints. On the flipside of that, his pain endurance is great. Add to that the fact that he’ll probably enjoy a good roughing-up and you’ll probably win, let’s be honest. If you’ve pissed him off though, you’re probably gonna lose. And it’ll hurt. It depends on his mood for the day, really. 

Ryn aka saintofbeasts
Who wins: Ryn
Listen to me. Ryn has eaten alligator and absorbed its power. Ryn is Mighty and if you tried to pick a fight with them, you would see the ‘nothing to lose’ look in their eyes and you would realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake. And then you’d be looking up from the floor, at the ceiling, and realize that now is the time to beg for mercy. DO NOT FIGHT RYN. 

Lux aka luxlurks
Who wins: ???
Lux is tiny. A stiff breeze can knock them over. All the same, they are FILLED WITH RAGE. Do you really want to fight an angry Hobbit? We’ve seen what angry Hobbits are capable of. GINA is a Hobbit. I mean, just think about it. It’s probably best to avoid fighting Lux.

Avery aka transosaurusrex
Who wins: Avery
Avery lives in a place where it gets upwards of 100 degrees in the summer. Avery has SURVIVED that. Avery has also survived working at a convenience store. Do you want to risk it? Do you seriously want to risk it? Don’t fight Avery.

it really hit me in school today that a year from now I’m never going to ever see these same group of people ever again. the last time we all gather together will be at graduation and then that’s it. we’ll all pursue different paths and go to different schools and live separate lives. high school will be nothing but a short 4 years and the memories I make will be so little and insignificant compared to the rest of my life. 

why do people hate crowley but love meg y’all don’t remember meg from season 1? hell even parts of season 5 like she’s the reason why??? jo???died???? she killed hunters she almost killed sam and dean and few times she possessed sam almost really killed dean and killed those hunters oh but it’s okay because she was okay in the end and she liked cas like?

and then people who looooveee abaddon but hate crowley i’m in the same boat here she’s a knight of hell all but killed the woman she possessed she killed Henry she killed a whole ORDER of people she posessed colette because she was bitter and caused cain to kill the one person he loved and she WAILED on sam and dean 






 I know crowley has been consistently terrible, and he is a terrible person/demon thing. bad father, tortures people, tortured creatures, terrible terrible person but don’t for a second think that you’re above anyone else because you hate him but you love a lot of other problematic characters. 

As much as I want post-finale LoK comics, I’d LOVE if they did a collection of one-shots that take place during the shows run to kind of flesh out character dynamics during certain points of the show. I think that while the pacing of the show benefited from shorter, more concise seasons with very little to no filler, I can’t help but feel that character development and inter-character relationship development (beyond romance) took a bit of a hit in this series. I think TLA would have been the same if they only had the 13 episodes Bryke originally wanted, but because they were longer and kind of needed to be padded out with filler episodes, we got to spend more time with these characters in a wider variety of situations than we ever did with most of the characters in LoK.

The major complaint I see people toss around for this show seems to be that the characters were’t as fleshed out. I think this is why. With less episodes, more characters, and a tighter plot, we end up missing out on little asides that help flesh the characters out. I’d have loved an episode in Book 4 that had a scene where Korra reunites with her parents, for instance, but we never got that. There wasn’t time. I’d have loved an episode where Team Avatar takes a more in-depth tour around Zaofu, or an entire episode devoted to the group meeting the Beifong family, or an episode in Book 4 with the Team back together doing something (I was almost pissed when they had to turn that Bison back around in 4x11. SO CLOSE). But again, they didn’t have time with only 13 episodes. And I’m sure the writers and creators enjoyed being able to pace the story they were telling in a much tighter fashion, but long term it gives us only a fairly quick glimpse of some characters and certain inter-personal relationships (Asami and Bolin didn’t say a word to each other all Book 4, for instance), giving more focus to the characters that play a major role in the season’s plot or more prominent relationships (Book 2, for instance, we see a lot of Korra and Mako, but only ever see her around Bolin and Asami when it’s a group thing, and they barely interact even then).

As much as filler draws a season out, there’s no denying what it would have done for understanding the characters and their dynamics with other characters, and what it did do for The Last Airbender in those respects. Imagine cutting TLA down to it’s tent-pole episodes, to 13 plot-centric episodes per season, and suddenly its looks a lot more like LoK in those regards. I truly believe filler made all the difference there.

Thoughts? Yay or nay for filler?

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Hey this is so weird we have the same name but i live in england! i have a few questions cause im interested... how many times do you think youve read the saga? Watched it? also.. what is your opinion on eclipse you didnt mention it in your about i think. Also.. its been years since the books/movies ended what keeps you so attached to it? It would make me sad to hold on cause i also loved the twilight saga but i dont like the idea of everyone forgetting/moving on about it but me type thing u no

Woah that’s so cool!

Hmmm…I’ve probably read the saga through like 5ish times (okay…maybe I haven’t quite finished Breaking Dawn five times but the rest of it) The movies I haven’t actually watched that much.  I only bought them last year and I didn’t actually see Twilight until like 2010/2011 I can’t remember exactly (basically I just loved the books so much that I didn’t want the movies to ruin how they looked in my head…but I eventually caved).

Eclipse…there are so many parts of Eclipse that I just adore.  It’s not my favorite though, because there are other parts that really…irritate me?  I don’t know, the whole plot with Jacob and Bella frustrates me, and I think that there should have been some discussing about the fallout/aftermath of the battle with the newborns.  That said though, it does have the proposal scene and some really great internal reflections from Bella and I do still thoroughly enjoy it :)

I think the reason I’m still here on this site talking about it is because there is something in this series that I have yet to find in any other book.  There is just something about these characters (particularly Edward) that I just love so much that I find myself still wanting to talk about them and write about them and make edits and etc.  And I know that people will move on and eventually forget about the saga, but I guess I’m okay with that because I know I will always have these books that mean so much to me.  I first read them before I actually knew about social media fandoms and stuff so it was just me thinking about the characters, and if that is the where I end up when everyone else moves on then that’s okay because all I really need is the books.

ok before i go to bed

i love johnny cage and how much he changed over the course of mkx because like