~Blessed are those who mourn~

Once again, my favorite aesthetic: Homestuck + Religious Iconography, in particular some Giotto-esque Ancestors just in time for Easter Sunday. 

Inspired from toastyhat ’s mention of a Resurrection AU, as well as from artistic depictions of Christ appearing to Doubting Thomas and showing his wounds as proof (note the burns on the wrists, which kind of got faded out with all the texture editing I did…)  Also I was entertaining the idea that what if instead of dying in the Vast Glub, the Psiionic went blind like after pushing the asteroid as far as he did… I don’t know if Trolls even have a concept of an afterlife, so not sure where this picture takes place–meant to be more allusive than illustrative. (have I mentioned I love pretending to be an Art Historian to my own work??)

Anyway, I also got some totally awesome gold gel pens which I used to make their haloes and which give off some nice reflectivity in person!

She looked like a younger version of Annabeth, but her fidgeting and hyperness reminded me of….well, me. If Annabeth and I ever had a daughter, she might be a lot like Sadie.

It’s not like I’d never dreamed about kids before. I mean, you date someone for over a year, the idea is gong to be in the back of your mind somewhere, right? But still- I’m not ready to think too seriously about stuff like that. Also, I’m a demigod. On a day-to-day basis, I’m busy just trying to stay alive.

Yet, looking at Sadie, I could imagine that someday maybe I’d have a little girl who looked like Annabeth and acted like me-a cute hellion of a demigod, stomping through puddles and flattening monsters with magic camels.

—  Percy Jackson about Sadie Kane, the Crown of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan.
The signs are watching an action movie fight scene.
  • Scorpio:*laughing* who cares it was wicked!
  • Sagittarius:*sitting on the edge of their seat* Hit him in the head! In the head!
  • Virgo:*rolls their eyes* urgh please this movies stupid
  • Aquarius:*hits Virgo in the tummy* Its just unrealistic.
  • Scorpio:You know you love it
  • Aquarius:*laughs* naaa
  • Libra:*starts singing* We got ta fight fight fight
  • Leo:*stuffs the pillow in libras mouth* No you peasant. Guys whys - oh wow! - why is he didn't this again was it -
  • Gemini:it think it was because
  • Sagittarius:Shut your mouths he's about to use the chainsaw!
  • Scorpio:really!? Yes!
  • Pisces:*sitting down calmly* guys just watch the movie we might miss something.
  • Aries:*comes running into the room* YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE WATCHING THIS GUYS! ITS AWESOME!!*sits in front of the TV*
  • Gemini:Move you slinthead! *gets up and moves Aries out of the way*
  • Taurus:*walks in from the kitchen* I brought the food guys! Omg! The guys head just fell of!
  • *Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aries are laughing the loudest*
  • Capricorn:Oh come on guys you guys are some violent people!
  • Pisces:Cap its so obvious your enjoying this too
  • Capricorn:*laughs* your right but these guys are getting way to hyper.
  • Libra:Okay okay guys their about to fall in love! Look he's about to save her life!
  • *all of them watch the movie till the end. Let's just say Aries and Sagittarius tried to recreate a bit of the movie and Cancer ended up having to sleep outside with Taurus cause of the noise*

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