Here’s the thing, people: If the only way you can find something wrong with someone is to go digging through their past, drudging up things from two to three years ago to further propel your claims of what a horrible human being someone is, you obviously need to find a new hobby.

Now, as a cis woman, I know that I do not understand the plight of what trans* people go through, but I would like to say that Mark was not making fun of the stereotypical drag queen makeup, or DMAB people who are still learning to do makeup. He was making fun of the fact that he can’t put makeup on one handed worth a shit and it’s hilarious to see him try. His response to the person calling him ugly was him using himself, looking like a clown, as the butt of a joking response. “You think I’m ugly? WELL LOOK AT ME NOW EH”

I am very aware that he has said tr*nny once, and he was drunk off his ass at the time. That was nearly three goddamn years ago, and holding past actions against people just to fuel your anger does nothing for you in the long run. I would fully understand if he had said it in a video last week, but he hasn’t. 

People need to stop grasping at straws to find something wrong with someone. Whether it’s Mark or someone else, digging around to find one little thing where you can go “OH LOOK HE SAID ____ THREE YEARS AGO. LET’S DRAG HIM” is a seriously problematic behavior.

I also acknowledge that he didn’t handle the complaints from people too maturely, but from what I saw in the tag, most of what the complaints were were not the people with valid concerns, but the people hopping on the “he’s a horrible person and he needs to go to hell” train. At that point, that would have been my response too.

I’m tired of watching the community revolt at absolutely everything. I’m tired of it. I miss being the community we were a year ago, and that saddens me. People sending death threats to people and encouraging suicide is not what the Markiplier’s Heroes are about. Anyone, anyone, who sends a message like that is not a Markiplite. I know that the outlook on the community as a whole right now is not very good, but I want people to remember that the people who are truly Markiplites care about your well-being.

Little reminder, Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 releases this Thursday on the WiiU VC

So, I just want to post it because I think it worth sharing.  pm64 is awesome and is the most calm game of the series.  If you ever heard of the series, but have yet to play a game of it, you should go for it first…I think it’s the best for the first game you would play in the series :)


i was tagged by whosjnast to do this why i love myself type challenge thing 

now would I say I love myself? not really. do i hate myself? no. over the years my confidence has grown. my freshman year of high school, I hated smiling in pictures, hardy ever would you see me smiling in them. I hated my smile, I never liked my teeth so it’s not like I would have an open mouth smile, i looked awkward. there’s a lot of things about my looks i would change. everyone’s like “you don’t need to change, you’re perfect the way you are” yeah, well maybe to you, but not to me. boys don’t give me that second look, now I know i shouldn’t base my worth on whether or not i get a guys attention, but it just sucks ya know, guys don’t come up to me telling me they think i’m cute or whatever. shit happened to me as a kid, that i don’t feel like going into detail about, i’m still now over it. over 13 years later, it still has an effect on me and the way i feel about myself. i don’t like being surrounded by grown men, or having them look at me for too long. but there are good things about me, my eye color, i love it, it’s one of the only things about my body that I love. i’m always here if you need something, not always a good thing, i’m more confident in my personality then i am my looks, i mean there’s things about my personality that i would change if i could, but the list is shorter than the looks one. all i’m saying is i’m comfortable with myself. becoming confident in who I am is a work in progress. I will achieve it one day, and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve that confidence independently and not by someone telling me my worth, I want to find it on my own.

Sorry for this being long. it was longer than i had planned. and i don’t think i even did this right, but whatevs, im not tagging anyone, if you wanna do it, tag me in it so i can see it

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Ashton working at Starbucks

AHH fuck okay you can all imagine ashton in his starbucks uniform and you know he’d be making the coffees. ashton would absolutely wear his glasses to work every day but sometimes when he would see you walk into the shop he would get distracted behind the coffee machine and put his face a little too close above the steam wand and the glasses would fog up and you would spot this and just laugh at him because what an adorable dork

and one day after you catch his eye something in his brain is just like “wtf am i doing with my life” and so he takes a chance and writes something along the lines of “i think you’re beautiful” on the coffee cup before you’re handed it. on the spot he decides he’s going to do it every day with a different thing like “that dress is lovely” and “i love your smile” and it would be worth it because every time you got the cup you would just cover your face with your hand and he would just think it’s the most adorable thing ever so one day he gets up the courage to write his number on the cup and you text him right away and then he would get in trouble for being on his phone at work because it’s ashton

send me a scenario and a 5sos band member name and i’ll respond with something like this


I know it’s #MCM I got you all later ^_^ lol BUT I’m finally MOVING to LA because some of you know I live in Michigan and there’s not much here for what I do. So I’m making the big move, I’m using ALL my money for this move but I believe in myself so i think it’s worth it, I’m just looking for anyone else who believes in me that wants to help, literally a DOLLAR would mean so much from whoever can spare! The link is in my bio! Or just type in (www.gofundme.com/FlashmanWade) thank you so much to everyone that has been supporting me along the way! God Bless.


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hello! How you would cram about half a semesters worth of uni work in the next 6 weeks for finals? I've got other quizzes and assessments that I also need to study for and I also have a part time job. Your help would be much appreciated! x

plan plan plan!!!! write down EVERYTHING you realistically need to cover and then set it all out on a plan.. if you think you have too much to cover in that time, start by doing shorter tasks such as reading summaries rather than full chapters, etc! stick with it and do the best you can xo

Help medblrs

I am studying for step 1 now, but thinking ahead to MS3. I have a chance to get an iPad mini for cheap and was wondering whether it would be worth it. Is it important to have all of your textbooks in your pocket? What do you 3rd and 4th years carry on your person every day? Does one need a tablet and pocket medicine as well? I don’t know anything.

Thanks :)

Some people may think this is horrible. The reality is. Yes I have stretch marks. Yes they are quite bad BUT I’ve homed a baby. There’s a little person in there, how would that not strain your body! I hated them at first but now I’ve grown used to them. Its not different to having tattoos except it’s more natural. I’ve loved being pregnant with my little girl and its worth all the pain and marks I may get. I posted this because I don’t see why I should be worried about people seeing them anymore. I’m comfortable with them now and that’s all that matters

Dear friends,

Many of you have written to me today, and since I still some of you an answer, I though it would be the best if I did in an open letter.

When I wrote that post this afternoon I didn’t think it would get such a feedback. I didn’t mean it as a “it pisses me off” way - it was more like a “look how quirky life is”. So I just want to assure you: I’m fine. I really am. About the present, about the past. I don’t care about that woman, and my run-in with her son is more of a funny story to me, and a nice anecdote about human nature (although he did insult my job a little, albeit unintentionally). To quote our Queen Peggy, “I know my worth,” and I need more than these two to get me down. So, really, you can stop worrying about me :)

But your uproar - the fact that you got more pissed off on my behalf than I did - really meant the world to me. It felt amazing to read your kind, encouraging words, and it really made me feel lucky, knowing that I have you guys in my life and I can call you my friends.

So grantsskye, ticklish-super-spy, bandomforaheart, tulleofdecember20th, abedsmessedupmeta, and everybody else who thought of me - thank you! You rock! :)

I should be excited over that clip of Jemma asking to go on the mission, but I’m not. I’m actually quite scared (for her). Suffice to say AOS has positioned bad things happening to Jemma before and they didn’t turn that way.

Jemma asking to go on the mission and something happening to her may come true. Especially with the show touting there will be big sacrificial loss(es) in the show. This scene is meant to draw attention to Jemma, to her worth, to put her back in a more positive light. And what does AOS like to do to people that are given an opportunity like that?

I also don’t think that is Skye on the plane, I think it’s Agent 33. I don’t think Gordon and the others at Lai Shi would let her go out again with so many people trying to get her.

Also, it is ‘the original’ six, but it doesn’t make sense that Bobbi or Hunter aren’t on the mission or appearing there as their tactical skills could be of use.

Now, do I think I’m right? No. Do I have this feeling? Yes. And since they market the show to mislead you it could very well enough something drastically different.

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

I was tagged by the lovely circus-of-niji, thank youu~!

What’s your name: Sophie
Nicknames: Soof… that’s it really?
Where are you from: The Netherlands
Favourite anime: Another, Barakamon, Hakkenden, Psycho-Pass, Zankyou no Terror and Daiya no Ace I’m at episode 31 but I’m really liking it so far so it deserves a mention here
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favourite drink: Coffee
Favourite anime quotes: ‘If you accept everything you’re told without question, you’ll lose your ability to think. Even if you reached the same conclusion, it would still be worth analyzing the reasons behind it.’ and Any betrayal you can see is trivial, what is truly frightening and much more lethal, is the betrayal you cannot see.’ 
Movies that I’m waiting for: the only ones are anime oh dear… I still have to watch K Missing Kings and I’m looking forward to the Haikyuu!! recap movie??? idk the only kind movies I watch are horror ones…
Favourite bands: Muse, NoisyCell, Rammstein
Favourite season: Autumn
Write something in all caps: YES BUT KAROKU THO

Hmm I’m tagging: harrucchi, scalue, midvinternattens, g-wynbleiddannjoo, clearseragakii, acichia, nishhiki, dezartakaris, ogiwaras

If you wanna do this then go for it!

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I got accepted to Cal and UCLA and UCI for biological sciences and I'm having a hard time deciding. A lot of people are saying I should pick Cal or UCLA because of prestige and it would be worth my money more but I also really like UCI. Do you think it's worth it to give up a more prestigious school for "comfort"? I feel like everyone says that but when it comes down to it, what they really mean is pick the most prestigious. I'm really stressed right now trying to decide :/

Sorry, I’ve been like super busy reviewing, but hopefully you haven’t submitted your SIR yet and my advice might help!! (but at the same time, you probably should submit that soon…)

tbh one of my friends has like a really similar situation to you and I had to ask her like “lol did you message me this?” She decided to choose UCI over UCLA and UCSD as well, and like I’ve said in my previous responses to asks, don’t just pick a school based on its prestige. let’s be honest here, you probably won’t talk to half of the people who are pressuring you into choosing cal or ucla next year. Their opinion doesn’t matter. Your opinion matters. If you feel like you’ll be happier at UCI then go for it

You should also research into the different schools. Go join the different fb groups they have for everything and listen to everyone’s opinion! Look up information about your major in those certain schools and which school you feel would be more beneficial to you

also my friend said that you can say “uci for life” but you cant do that for ucla or cal bc it doesnt rhyme so

Good luck with your decision!

whoa guys. i am so moved. i haven’t been a huge presence on here since last week bc work, but just looking back at the last month i’m so amazed. i don’t know what i did to deserve this, but i want to thank each and every one of you for thinking this thing is worth following.

if you guys have any ideas for things you would like to see from me please feel free to send me an ask. i’m open to all suggestions.

I was approached by a farmer about making a website.

Client: I will need a full website to run our farm store with. Instead of cash, I was thinking we’d pay you in meat. I’ll give you half a pig for a website.

Me: I’m not really sure. We don’t eat a lot of pork and we would really need to discuss your needs in detail before we settled on payment.

Client: I know what my hogs are worth. You’re getting the better end of the deal here.

When I was 8, I was told that I shouldn’t run so fast. Boys would be intimidated. I was supposed to stop. I was supposed to sit and be pretty for boys to look at.

When I was 11, I was told my skirt was too short. Boys would get the wrong idea. I was supposed to be grateful, I was supposed to conform for a man.

When I was 14 a boy would only stare at my chest. I was supposed to be unfazed, this is what boys do.

When I was 17, a boy kissed me even though I didn’t want him to. I was supposed to be flattered.

Because my beauty, my self worth is dependent on the opinion of a man. Because when a man tells me, my self worth he’s:

romantic, sweet, selfless.

Yet if I even think of muttering my own, self worth, I’m:

conceited, egotistical, a bitch.

Because those opinions aren’t validated unless they leave a man’s lips

I was supposed to be excited. I was supposed to revel in the fact that a possible suitor gave me the time of day.

I wasn’t supposed to say no.

—  Julie

Thawing Out | 4/26/2015

I promised myself I would start reading again, 

to think of new ways to describe how I hate myself. 

You said you’d  listen 

if it were easier on the ears.

I spent all day apologizing 

for my lack of worth. 

Robbed at gunpoint, you 

brandish guilt like a weapon. 

Pressed against my forehead.

This is a reminder of 

my failures. 

My father told me that no one

deserves to know all of my secrets. 

“Some things you live with

and never speak of.”

I spent twenty four years stitching and restitching

my lips. It’s been so long since I’ve spoken, 

I forget how I sound. 

Locked up beneath the alcohol 

and shame, you tear at the seams. 

Ripping out the phrases too painful to say. 

Stepping away before I finish, 

you lose interest in 

my lack of poetry. 

Jordan Alan Brown