but the bottom right right though

I’m full of too much emotion. I feel like I burst with a single blow. I sink to the bottom instead of swimming right through. I wallow in any strenuous time I fall into instead of running right through it. I speak too much sometimes. I am always starving for a chance to experience. I starve to win. I just always want to win even though I rarely ever do. I’m just so damn ambitious but don’t have the patience to pull through. I put a finish line in my relationships. I just want to be better. I want to know what it feel like to be better. I speak of my struggles as if they have already ended. I know its still the damn beginning. I’m so full of life around those who I know want me around. It’s a fucking treasure when people know you and like you around. I’m so damn opinionated I just want them to think I’m more than a smart girl. I don’t even want to be seen as a girl half the time. I want to be treated as if I’m powerful and honorable. I want real respect. I want them to see past my gender. I don’t want to stand in their shadow. My life would hold no value to me if I did. I’m just full of too much emotion. A single word just tears right through. My own words tear right through. I hold so much bravery, power, strength, and heart but I don’t trust myself. I don’t love myself. I could’ve been better. I wanted to be better. At least I can become that better. That’s the only positivity in all this. That after years of wallowing and sinking I finally proved that I didn’t have to sink, I didn’t have to wallow. I still do sometimes but I know what I have. I know what I can be. I’m taking baby steps but I’m going to be there. I’m going to be what I want to be. That’s all that matters in the end.

(Thank you, love 😊 How are you doing?)
(I’m good! I’ve had quite a good week so far and went to the Avengers yesterday with a friend and it was so much fun!)

*i giggle even more against your lips* Honesty is the best policy, right? *i laugh with a smirk before biting down on your bottom lip, nibbling and sucking til it’s red and swollen* -Helena
*groans and pulls away briefly to quickly pull off your shirt and bra. Attaches my mouth back to yours and peels off your panties and jeans* Right. Still going to punish you though. -Harry

*i groan against your lips as I keep thrusting fast and deep, being rough though I’m still making sure to be careful as I run my hand down the side of your body* -Harry
*cries out and whimpers as I feel myself grow closer* H-Harry.. So Good.. I’m- *moans loudly* -Merel

#foodbeyondborders moment no.3

We asked, “So who made the sweets?”

“Credit should go to my husband for making the Kavum and Kokis (on bottom right) and I made the milk toffee (top left) and the kiribath (top right). Even though we are not in Sri Lanka I feel it is important to hold on to our identity and roots as Sri Lankans. I think what I miss the most about Avurudu (apart from family you miss everyday!) is the atmosphere back in Sri Lanka, following the auspicious (nakath) times and rituals such as boiling milk, going to temple and spending time with the extended family. I miss that spirituality you experience during this time of the year.”

“Where are you celebrating the New Year from this year?”

“Fargo, North Dakota in the US. I’m a PhD Student in a Pschycological Clinical Sciences Program here.”

Fyi, she is a Former Commonwealth Games Springboard Diver and multiple National Award winning athlete.


So, I guess this is my first real Thranduil cosplay progress post. :P I just want to say that I’m SO HAPPY with the fabrics I’ve got collected for this so far (top right and bottom left.. the lining fabric even looks red in some lights and orange in others like his! *_*). The only way I think I could be happier with them is if I somehow found the actual bolts of fabric they used to make Lee Pace’s personal costume for the movie. :’) That being said, after an 8 hour hunt in Toronto and randomly popping into other fabric stores here and there, the closest I’ve been able to find to his outer cloak is the brocade in the bottom right photo. It still wasn’t close enough to his though, so I didn’t end up buying it (which is a good thing because it was $30 per yard). I’ve more or less resigned myself to the fact that I’ll have to customize/hand paint my own fabric for it, but thats ok. I’ve got plenty of time in any case… ah, the benefits of starting a cosplay early. :’) On a different note, I finally got to pick up the piping I need for the robe… all 85 feet of it. 85 feet, and that’s not even taking into account the fact that I have to sit down and actually make the cover for all of it (they didn’t sell the finished kind in the exact grey I needed - somebody send help). Thranduil, I love you 5evar bby but you’re going to be the death of me. TT v TT It’ll be worth it in the end though right? R-right??…

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THANK YOU!!! ^__^ i’m glad u like it!!! it’s really hard to find time to do them, though. i’m hoping to do more since i think they’ve been helping me a lot with colour theory + perspective + design and stuff! that means a lot, thank you!!! 

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Dear Jess, Hi luv you, luv your jasper makeup but did you know you have it going down the wrong way? Jasper's mark goes upper left to bottom right. Just wondering if you knew. <3 Dylan!

Hey hey!
Thank you! <3

I actually had it on the correct side, but snapchat acts like a mirror rather than flipping pictures.
I get real perfectionist about the sides things should be on, so I promise it was going upper left to bottom right.
Thank you though!


Editing down was a tough experience. I edited over 100 photographs front he week, but then settled on the images form this selection. A few have been left out, but they were outliers to begin with.

The images all have strong colours in them, helped by the light on the day. No colour editing was applied to any photograph (namely because I am colourblind, but also because I, and others, feel that colour manipulation was not necessary.) 

Wide images, positioning climbers to be silhouetted agains the sky or the rocks and snow seemed to be a shot I went for quite often, and it was difficult to pick which to remove. I eventually settled on the top right image. Though the bottom right image provided a sense of vastness and the wilderness we were in, it doesn’t show any of the snow that we had been climbing all day. The two remaining images just didn’t feels strong enough for the edit, though they may have been viable in a wider edit, or if I was concentrating more ons hooting for print.

Daniel Wass linked to Newcastle transfer

Daniel Wass is the latest player linked with a summer move to Newcastle United.
With United needing to make wholesale changes, Wass ticks many of the usual boxes for players the club are often linked with….and occasionally buy.
Playing for a minor French club in Evian and turning 26 next month, Daniel Wass has only a year left on his contract and would cost no more than £2m according to The Mirror.
A Danish international, the player can play right midfield and right-back. ticking more boxes with his versatility.
Evian have had a poor season and are third bottom of Ligue 1, though Daniel Wass has been arguably their star player.
Scoring 9 league goals last season, Wass has scored another 8 this season and is actually top scorer despite not playing up front.
Also contributing 5 assists this season, it looks certain the player will be keen to leave and the club cash in before losing him for nothing, however Southampton are also reported to be interested with Nathaniel Clyne looking likely to leave the Saints this summer.

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Thanks your blog is awesome it's full of amazing stuff, I love the quotes, your stories and the fairy tail stuff is a bonus (^v^) I think you're blog is amazing (´∀`)

*rolling over and dying after reading the compliments*

Ahh thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my blog! X3 I actually didn’t expect the number of followers I have right now, but I guess that indicates that I post things people think are worth looking at, haha. XD

Also I’m super happy that you like my stories; seriously that makes me reel every time somebody says that *falls over*

Seriously, though, you’re really sweet! Thank you is all I know to say right now, but I do mean it! ^^ Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! *squishes you in a hug*

Still in love with my C-man.

I don’t know how we got here. All I knew was that we were just talking about how we have hurt each other in the past. How we hated and cursed one another because of certain misunderstandings, judgmental opinions, wrongful mistakes that eventually led us to end the 3-year-and-10-months relationship we had. But by recalling all of those unsweetened memories, it made both of us laugh. Treated it as if those were some kind of a joke we did out of immaturity. With a snap, we’ve come to realize that after all what’s been said and done, our feeling is still mutual. Our love for one another stays still right from the bottom of our cerebellum down to our right and left ventricles (hihi).

Though trust is still an issue for both of us, love has overruled it. Since we knew each other so well and nothing much has changed, our instincts have met to take it easy because the two of us knew that we will work on this together in the course of time.

And when we thought of this genuine love we have, our bitter past has quickly faded. It lead us to confronting one another if there could still be a so-called “US” in the near future.

There! That confrontation made our hearts beat as one once again. Eyes fluttering. Cheeks blushing. Wider grin. Butterflies in our stomach. It felt like it’s the first time when you and I were dating. 

The thorough discussion concluded to a deal. A deal that bring about oneself to follow where this unconditional love will take us.

Deal closed. Both parties had agreed verbally. Certain rules have been implied. One must take full responsibility of showing his or her honesty whenever in contact with one another, at all times.

How exciting it is to have something to wait for when you know this could turn out to be somewhat desirable!

In the interim, we need to move along with the ebb of our lives. All we have for now is this single-ticket journey our pockets. Cherishing every moment, every experience which comes on our tracks, living it fully until we could reach its last station.

And by the end of our separate trips, we’ll see if we could find one another on the arrival area and carry out the deal we had.


ddddaikon wanted the cult of the vault symbol…but unfortunately i wasn’t exactly able to get it plain as it shows up in game…

the upper left image is what i got from the files. the bottom three images are the red, blue and green color channels after i opened it up in gimp. the upper right image is a very quick, very crappy edit i slapped together from the red channel

so yeah this was a major fail on my part. i never claimed to be an expert though…hahaha…if anyone else wants to attempt to dissect it, go right ahead


It’s funny how, when the semester winds down, the school work ramps up. I feel like pretty much every moment I’m not in class or at work, I’m doing homework. I can’t wait until finals wrap up and I can spend all those spare moments focusing on my knitting instead. Though, as you may be able to tell from the pictures, I haven’t exacting been abstaining from the needles. I’ve got two pullovers in the works right now (Stasis on top and Lange right below it), and a third one planned (that gorgeous dish of fiber right there on the bottom). I doubt I’ll have any finished before the end of the semester, but I certainly know what I’ll be doing as soon as my last exam is done.

Stasis is actually a pattern I’ve taken a stab at before. I started my first Stasis in Knit Picks Palette. Life, however, got in the way, and I never finished. This second attempt is out of some Shalimar Breathless that I picked up without a firm idea in mind. Stasis turned out to be the perfect fit. This yarn is a dream to knit with, and I can’t wait to wear the result.

Lange is going to be a frothy summer pullover worked up out of linen. This is actually my first time using linen (I’m p much a wool girl), and I’m super happy with how the fabric is working up! The stitches are so light and crisp, and the fabric should be lightweight enough for our sweltering NorCal falls. This is also my first major project using Habu, and certainly not my last.

The yarn on the bottom, maybe some of you have already guessed, is Yoth Little Brother. I was lucky enough to attend an event that they threw at my LYS. This stuff is fantastic in person! It is so soft, and the colorway I purchased, Kale, is a luscious sea green. Like, an evil sea witch green. Like, I am going to be goddamn Ursula in the sweater I’m planning on making out of this. Stay posted for pictures!

I’ve got my head down right now, staying focused on finishing up the semester. But as soon as that last bubble is filled in, the stitches are going to fly!

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 16, 50

  • 1:What is your name and does it mean anything? My full name is Chyana and I know it is a variant from the Dakota origin. Though, it is pronounced: Shy-An-A.
  • 2:How long have you known your best friend? Around seven years
  • 3:What position do you normally sleep in? right side with head in one corner and feet in the bottom opposite.
  • 4:Were you a part of any “clique” in high school? Band Geeks
  • 5:Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why? Mr. A, the band director
  • 8:Show a sample of your handwriting: Okay, I was never meant to write with my right hand but this kid broke my ligaments in my left so I had to learn likewise

  • 16:What song are you currently listening to? Okami OST’s
  • 50:5 random facts about yourself: 
  1. I bought Juicy Juice sippy boxes out of a pure hunger craze today
  2. I get made fun of when I wear my glasses
  3. I still haven’t fixed my sun visor in my car
  4. I don’t like cucumbers…but I love pickles
  5. I made my rabbit a kale salad today because it is treat-herself-day
Final Impression

Hello, all.

Sometime last week, I posted a “First impression” blog. Well, Wednesday day, I actually finished this book! And this is my “final” impression post.

Final Impression of The Last Best Kiss 

I just want to say, I adored this book. I checked this book out at the Library as I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but NOW I’m going to be buying this book in one of my book binges. As I said before, it reminded me SO much of my favorite Childhood book, “Flipped”. However, it was a little more adult (hence the YA stamp on the side, right?) well, usually, these books always try to sugar coat things. Thankfully, this one didn’t. But no one was swearing left and right either, though. Which wouldn’ have offended me, but, I think having it a spotty clean, was very refreshing and classy.

Anyways, bottom line, I genuinely loved this book. :) I really loved Anna’s character development. However, JUST like any thing else, there’s a but.. lets give it some good stuff first…

The Good 

Anna’s character development was extremely interesting to me. She went from being this “follow the crowd” girl, to the point where she didn’t even realize what she gave up…UNTIL she gave it up. After that, she knew that what she had lost, she wanted the most. 

I sympathized for her. You never realize what you have, until its gone. And she found that out the hard way, in 9th grade, when she’s dating a nerdy boy named “Finn Westbrooke” who may not be on her group of friends’ “approved” list. But when she makes the mistake of snubbing Finn one night at a dance, she comes to instantly regret her decision not to stand up against her friends and fight with him. That leads me to…

The Bad

This isn’t that big of a bad thing, its just my opinion. Honestly, I think that Anna and Finn could have had more interactions, I mean I love that the book wasn’t based on a girl that stayed awake at night, formulating a plot to get “the one who got away” back. I’m even glad that she wasn’t like MOST girls that are in that kind of group, that do stupid things to back stab their friends JUST so they get what they want. What I mean by, I wished there’d been more interactions with Anna and Finn, is that, I really wished they could’ve covered more of their “tension” because, its really unnoticeable until the Music Festival (SPOILER) Finn finally tells her what he thinks of her, etc. But… then quickly, it starts to deescalate down to some other events down to the END of the music festival. 

I won’t bother going any further, because, I would have to mention something that was WRONG with the book itself. And honestly, there isn’t. At least, for me. I think the book was amazing, and I am definitely going to be reading it again, and I think I will keep it as my “reading slump” go-to! Because its just such a fluffy book, simple to read, easy to understand and relate. I loved it.

Now, would I recommend it? Yes. For who? Honestly, THAT depends on the reader. 

For instance, I will say now that this book DOES say the word “fuck” one time. The girls in there dress pretty… provocative. 

HOWEVER, me, as a twenty year old, mature, non-homophobic, but other wise very modest, careful with my words, always censoring my language as it doesn’t slip by accident, and this book didn’t offend me. Not in the least. So if you’re around that criteria that isn’t easily offended, etc.  

But, if you’re offended by homosexuality, mild swearing, sexual reference, then you may be a little offended by this book. 

See what I mean? I can’t say WHO I would recommend this to because, naturally, I know my friends from being friends with them for years, that they’d love it. For strangers over the internet reading this, who I don’t know, I honestly couldn’t tell you. 

BUT, in conclusion, I really LOVED the book, AND I will be picking up MORE titles from this Author. 

HDE Doomed Pirate Crystal Skull Shot Glass Drink Cup (2)

HDE Doomed Pirate Crystal Skull Shot Glass Drink Cup (2)

  • It’s bottoms up with this unique crystal skull shot glass! | Creepy design is sure to allure any party guest
  • Dishwasher safe, though hand-washing is recommended
  • Shot glass is hollow at the bottom | Holds approximately 2.5 fl. oz
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You’re the kind of person who will stare death right in the face, but are you the kind of person who will stare death right in the face while drinking out of his skull? Either way, this creepy skull shot glass is sure to start more than few conversat

List Price: $ 7.49 Price: $ 7.49

Top left: Battle of Wanjialing 
Top right: First Battle of El Alamein 
Middle left: Battle of Stalingrad 
Middle right: German dive bombers over Eastern Front winter 1943-1944 
Bottom left: Wilhelm Keitel signing German Instrument of Surrender 
Bottom right: Invasion of Lingayen Gulf

World War II (after the recent Great War)

| P A S S I O N ’ F R U I T | 1st of the season #ripe & #delicious.

Left - Buffy the wonder dog checks that it’s ok
Top Right - #fruit #flesh very #juicy & #sweet
Bottom Right - soon to be more … #vine ripening

So many options for these, will need to build up some stock though if they are to make it passed just eating them fresh off the vine.

#Live #Raw #Organic #fredh #vegan #paleo #GAPS #HomeGrown #GrowYourOwn #PassifloraEdulis #PassionFruit

What I Did On My Summer Vacation’ by coyotequeens/grimm read aloud. 

There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life. 

There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Chapter 1 Part 1: MP3 (click to stream, right-click to save) 

April 2015 | 3 cards readings

Week 3, Day 6

New Moon’s energy / Seed to plant / Best Intent for this Lunar month

Right, right. Time to re-assess, start seeing things more clearly and cut away what fucks me up. Not too happy to see the Ten of Swords here let’s be honest. Even if it has this new beginnings vibe to it here and the darkness is behind. It’s still some painful stuff. How many times can you hit rock bottom before it’s actually the real bottom I wonder. I don’t think it’s so bad though, I don’t know. I guess I’m at a point where I can’t shake off the sadness when I look at the result of what I’ve done in the past, all the while not really knowing how I could have done anything differently and being scared I’ll fuck up again. Kinda sucks. 

Detroit Tigers 2, Chicago White Sox 1: Game 10 Player of the Game

Who was the Tigers’ player of the game in today’s 2-1 win over the White Sox? The Detroit Tigers have been locked in a few pitching duels lately, but they continue to come out on top. Today, David price and Jeff Samardzija went toe-to-toe at Comerica Park, and the Tigers were able to walk off winners against Zach Duke and the Chicago White Sox in the ninth inning. Jose Iglesias got the glory today, slapping a single into right-center field to score Andrew Romine in the bottom of the ninth inning, delivering the Tigers a 2-1 win. Iglesias also doubled off White Sox starter Jeff Samardzija with no outs in the seventh inning, but was stranded on base. Nick Castellanos was the other half of that ninth inning run-scoring combo. Castellanos doubled to right field, though replays show he was tagged on a throw by rightfielder Avisail Garcia. The aggressive play was probably a little foolhardy from the young third baseman — especially since he knows Garcia has a great throwing arm — but the Tigers got away with a blown call. Castellanos had a second hit in the game and made a couple of solid defensive plays as well. David Price was almost an afterthought after the ninth inning heroics, but the Tigers’ ace was able to shake off some early struggles to put together another spectacular outing. Price threw eight innings and allowed just one run, a solo shot to right field from Garcia in the second inning. Price only allowed four hits and struck out nine. He has allowed just one earned run in 22 1/3 innings this season. Yoenis Cespedes delivered the Tigers’ other run, launching a mammoth home run off Samardzija into the left field seats in the bottom of the fourth inning. It was Cespedes’ first home run of the year, but he is still slugging .512 thanks to four doubles and a triple. Your browser does not support iframes. Game 9 Player of the Game Alfredo Simon had the best outing of his career against the Pirates on Wednesday, tossing eight shutout innings in a 1-0 Tigers win. Simon also dominated the Player of the Game poll, earning 88 percent of the vote. Poll Who was the Tigers’ Game 10 Player of the Game? Jose Iglesias Nick Castellanos David Price Yoenis Cespedes Other   159 votes | Results

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