So the story behind this picture is I was taking this selfie on a timer and I looked over and I saw my best friend looking at me weird and I laughed and when I did the picture took. This is the best smile/laugh picture ever and this will never happen again because I hate my smile. But I don’t look half bad in this. 😄😆😝👍❤️ #laugh #smile #braces #teeth #school #selfie #class #offguard

radtwinkie said:

If you could spend a day with muke or mashton, who would it be and why? Can I get a gif please?

A day with muke because they are my favourite ship, and because their friendship remind me a lot of my own with my best friend, so it would be really cool to hang out with them and kind of see how me and my best friend look to other people as guy versions. And I mean, they’re freaking Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, it can’t get better! xx

Ship: Calum / Ashton /Michael/ Luke

Blurb: you guys would just walk around wherever you were and be cute little noodles you would probably be the couple everyone was so jealous of

Best friend: Calum / Ashton / Michael/Luke

Random song: Already Here - Yearling

Compliment: Didn’t see a picture, but you seem really sweet!



Want one?

I will never forgive Jiraiya for not being there for Naruto when he was a child. He was his damn godfather for goodness sakes. I will never forgive him for not showing up in the village right after Minato and Kushina died and raising Naruto on his own. 

I will never forgive Mikoto Uchiha for not looking after her best friend’s son after Minato and Kushina were killed. I will never forgive her for not even once offering kindness towards Naruto. 

I will never forgive the way the Third handled the situation. He was cold and distant to a fucking child who had no knowledge of anything and just wanted to be accepted and loved. 

I will never forgive the whole damn village of Konoha for how they treated the orphaned son of one of their most beloved leaders. Fuck every single one of them who would be that cruel to a child as lonely as Naruto was.

There is no excuse to abuse a child like that, even if he does have the power of the nine tails sealed inside of him. 

anonymous said:

I just realized why I have a kinds big crush on you (more of the like romantic kind crush not so much lust) is because you look identical so my best friend that is straight :)

Hahah really?! Do I?

Backstage News on WWE Creative & Last Night's RAW, Paige Comments on AJ, Bobby Eaton

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Backstage News on WWE Creative & Last Night’s RAW, Paige Comments on AJ, Bobby Eaton

- Paige says she’s done skipping like AJ Lee and tweeted the following about looking for a new friend after RAW: “Looking for a new best friend. You must have skipping ability, be quirky and wear intricate shirts. Preferably with bones or spiders on them” - Bill Apter of talked…



"Why don’t we both take a break?" he looked up at Stiles, ever since coming back from Mexico again, Scott was struggling with himself, he could barely sleep because he’d have nightmares about being turned into the Berserker again and he just needed a friend right now. "You can come stay at my house? Mom’s working a double anyway, we can stay up late, order pizza?" he suggested, not to mention he still needed to tell his best friend about the fact he had recently broken up with Kira.


"Taking a break while many people will come here? Why not, it’s not like if we took a long break every week. I think it will be good for everyone." Stiles looked at his best friend as he pondered. It was true that these past few weeks they had all lived through hell between the dead-pool, Derek evolve into a real wolf and Scott and Kira who are kidnapped to become the evil incarnate, a long break is needed . He smiled when he heard the word pizza and TV ,watching his best friend, Stiles added. "You’re the best, you know that?" He smiled as he looked at Scott. Stiles could know when something was wrong, when he looks at the face of his best friend, he can see that something was wrong with him, he looked at him as he added. "Is everything alright bro?"

askcaptainsteverogers said:

"B-Bucky? Is that really you?"

pausing the long haired man turned away from the shelf of candy he’d been studying “Steve…..”. taking a good look at his best friend of many years he took a step forward “it’s me…it’s me if it’s really you”


Day 1: A recent picture of yourself
Day 2: Write 2 letters to two friends
Day 3: 3 things you cannot wait for
Day 4: Describe yourself in 4 words and why
Day 5: 5 things you look for in a best friend
Day 6: 6 things you/would not look for in the significant other
Day 7: About every day of the week in 7 bullets
Day 8: 8 places you’d like to visit before you die
Day 9: 9 things you recently bought
Day 10: 10 specific facts about you
Day 11: 11 songs/covers you like
Day 12: 12 things you like to post on Tumblr
Day 13: 13 quotes you like/live up to
Day 14: 14 things you’d like to say to different people

F2F Taking a Walk #Casserine 004
  • Katherine:made her way to the front of the building to meet up with her best friend, last night went from amazing to worse, she felt bad for kicking Cassie out but she didn't know what was wrong with her. She ran a hand through her curled hair. She just wanted to look good for her best friend tonight for some strange reason, she wore a tank top and her on a skirt that stopped right above her knees. Katherine made it outside and looked to find the blonde. "Hey Cass!" she waved to the girl upon finding her.

◈ my muse’s reaction to finding your muse beaten and bruised

Her brow knitted together as she flipped on the light switch, half expecting to hear Caroline’s voice calling out and telling her that she would be just a few more minutes, but Bonnie found herself met with silence. Confusion set in as she made her way further into the house and she stumbled back a couple of steps when she came around the corner, the sight of her best friend lying in the middle of the floor catching her off guard. “Care?” She wondered as she made her way over. “What are you –“

The sentence was cut off as she came closer, finally able to get a good look at her best friend and Bonnie suddenly felt as though her heart had fallen down into her stomach. The scent of blood reached her nose and she then felt her stomach roll as she lowered herself down to her knees at Caroline’s side, gently moving the blonde to where she could get a better look at her. “Oh god, Care – Caroline, hey – look at me.” She commanded softly, reaching out to place a hand against Caroline’s cheek. “It’s okay, you’re okay – I promise. You’re going to be okay.” She assured in as calm a voice as she could muster. There were still some tears in her eyes as she looked over the bloodied mess that was her best friend.