but i also wanted to show what i was talking about


New Toulon baby alert! 18-year-old Welsh prop Joel Ringer will be joining our youth academy this summer.

I think from the limited opportunity for me in Wales to go and join the best side in the northern hemisphere’s academy was just a no-brainer,” said Ringer. ”To see the likes of Leigh Halfpenny at Toulon now and from what I understand he’s settled in very nicely and is enjoying life at there. I think that was a factor as I know I’m not going to be isolated over there. I think for me, now I’ve been given such an opportunity, I wouldn’t want to return home any time soon. I can see myself there until at least my early to mid-20s. The opportunity to develop out there as a tight head prop, playing in their very competitive academy league week-in, week-out would help me develop and come on leaps and bounds.

In other Toulon news, Levan Chilachava has signed a new contract that will run until at least June 2019. Yay!

Listen up y'all

I hope everyone single one of you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun, delicious food and just good times in general. If you’ve done something boring or something you really don’t wanted to do but had to I am so proud you’ve did it anyway. Please drink plenty of water and try to get some fresh air today. If you’re still in school please stop procrastinate and study for that upcoming test or essay, I know you can do it. Also remember to be as nice as you can be and show respect to as many as you want/can and to those who deserves it. If someone’s hurt you real bad it’s okay to feel mad and maybe not be as nice to them, your feelings are valid please know that I’m here for you if you want to rant. Eat well today and watch that episode of your favourite show. Do something that’ll make you feel good about yourself and that’ll make you forget every troubles of yours for a while. Please take your medications if you take any and remember that i love you to bits. You are beautiful. You are important. You matter. Please stay safe.



Totally sorry. But it’s just your blog is my favorite blog in the TWD fandom and I’ve been following you for a while now and I’ve always dreamed and hoped of you one day liking a post or following me or something (wow I have some serious issues here LOL)

Especially because, even though I am a Swiftie/Hiddlestoner/I blog whatever I want blog, I LOVE TWD! That is my favorite show of all time, and I have so many feelings and opinions about the show. Once I start talking to someone about it, I can’t stop. I always dissect each episode on my own because that’s just how much I’m into it and how much I appreciate all the work and symbolism the producers/editors/directors/actors put into each episode.


Anyway carry on don’t mind my fangirl self~~

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1 insecurity: i’m not good at like, forging ahead with no instructions. I like structure so i know what im doing and don’t make an idiot of myself. but also im usually scared to ask

2 fears: not meeting anyone to be with (just, being alone), not being able to get a job

3 turn ons: confidence, decency, muscles (good on girls but i mostly mean for boys. basically just look like jason momoa)

4 life goals: have kids, have a good stable job that allows me to do/buy what i want, own some cats, go travelling

5 things i like: books, lady characters, toast with melted butter, sleeping, ringing the bff and bitching about tv shows

6 weaknesses: not good at being alone, not easily motivated, self sabotaging behaviour (not going out when invited, turning down opportunities) not good at small talk, will rise to bait in arguments about things that are important to me

7 things i love: my sisters, my cats, my parents, my bff, buying books, white wine, rom coms

8 people to tag: valkubanging, laurelsfelicity, taragraceknowles, lagerthx, spookymorgana, myladystonehearts, oceanhunters, and anyone else that wants to say i tagged them

"May We Meet Again"

I don’t want to talk about what Lexa did right now because… just… no… please stop…

But I’ll note one thing. As she leaves, she says to Clarke “May we meet again.” 

May We Meet Again.

That’s what the people from the Ark say to each other before death, before leaving each other, it’s a cultural saying, a prayer of sorts.

All season Clarke has been learning Grounder culture, learning Grounder phrases. She impressed Lexa by understanding their funeral rites and bringing Anya’s braid to Lexa in remembrance. She did this A) to show she respected their culture but also B) to show she respected Lexa, perhaps even cared for her as a person.

And it turns out, Lexa was doing the same thing. She listened and learned about Clarke’s culture as well. She took the time to understand Clarke and the Sky People and get really close to her.

Which just makes it even more fucking sad.

Okay, so I want to talk about NXT from tonight (3/4/2015) and of course I’m going to focus on the Divas.

So, NXT is the developmental of the main roster (Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, the PPVS). It’s been posited like its own brand, has its own culture, and its own spin on the way the WWE produces and books its main shows. Despite all of the former talent who say it’s basically a brainwashing machine indoctrinating one into the cruel and toxic culture of the WWE (just search for Bill DeMott, you’ll see what I mean), watching the talent do what they do in the ring has revitalized a lot of this fandom’s love for pro-wrestling. It’s somewhere in between the indy circuit and actually “making it”.

The thing about “making it” is that the WWE is the end-all, be-all in pro-wrestling if you’re really trying to be a household name. Pro-wrestling isn’t really mainstream… but the WWE and “Sports Entertainment” are.

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Does anyone know any easy and safe ways to bind? I’m showing all the signs for gender dysphoria and I kinda want to test my boundaries but honestly have no idea about what to do. Like I don’t want to raise suspicion with my parents or anything, but I want to safely and easily find a way to be comfortable where I am now.

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I didn't know who to talk to but I just felt like I needed to tell someone that I wrote a suicide note on Monday. I don't know if I would actually do it but sometimes I'm in so much pain bc I hate myself so much and I stopped sh about a year ago so i don't know how to make myself feel better

"Find your anchor" is an overused phrase but it’s helped me a lot. Find whatever simple, small, maybe seemingly unimportant to the eye thing, anything that makes you happy, or surprised or just makes you smile a little. Whatever it is, hold on to it.

I wrote a suicide note last week. I go in and out of really bad phases. I don’t know what your situation is, but I have highs and lows but when I’m at my lowest, I can’t see or think of anything that makes me happy, and I do bad things and I write suicide notes and I curl up in the fetal position and think there’s absolutely nothing in the world that can fix me. 

Then the bad phase sort of goes away. And I look back on it and I think, “Holy shit I’m glad I didn’t do something I would regret.” 

I get terribly bad for as short as a few days or as long as several months. When you smile or feel happy, look back on when you wrote your note, and thank yourself for persevering. When you’re at your lowest, remember than you haven’t even hit the highest you can be, and your future self is gonna thank the crap out of you for staying on this beautiful ass planet and seeing what it has to offer.

Please do things that make you happy. Drop your thoughts about “what other people will think” because it is not their life, it is yours, and you’re the one captaining your ship. Drop the anchor when you need to, sail to wherever you wish to go.

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Idk if you've answered this b4 but if Santana HAD been able to appear in the season 5 finale, what would you think the storyline would have been or what you would you have liked it to be?

You know, the obnoxious thing is, even if Santana had appeared, she probably just would have been thrown right in with Brittany and Mercedes in supporting Berry. Also, I’m pretty sure that godawful scene that we don’t talk about from the TV show would have been Santana’s part, rather than Brittany’s, which would definitely not have changed the ick factor.

What I would have liked to see was Brittany and Santana having a moment together, where they decided that after their tour with Mercedes and visiting home for a little bit, that New York was definitely where they wanted to be. Maybe the NYU/Columbia conversation from 6.03 could have happened then, maybe we could have had a little of them exploring New York together. That would have been really interesting to see, particularly because it would have been the first time we saw them together in a place where Santana felt entirely accepted. I also do think that had Santana been in the finale, we wouldn’t have had to hear that ridiculous trapped in an airport troll!Britt line, and could have heard the real reason why they came back to New York separately. Plus, I would have loved to have see the Troubletones preparing to go on tour, and doing the group number we were supposed to hear- since supposedly it was recorded, maybe we’ll at least hear it someday.

4th March 2015

It’s my brother’s birthday today, he got a computer monitor and an hdmi-hdmi cable because he wants a “gaming set up” in his room which shows how much of a complete bang out he is. I gave him a card with a dog on it and a subway voucher i got free when i bought a ribena. I was off school again today, I looked at uni courses… out of choice, which is weird because usually i run a mile when people talk about uni, or the future or anything like that. I also watched that programme on channel 4 called “drugs live” where relatively famous people (including jon snow) got high and they tested what it did to their brains

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When they release a DVD of Steven Universe season 1, I would love to hear commentary of each episode. One I really want to hear is one for Maximum Capacity. That moment was so intense and messed up. Also since Rebecca Sugar co wrote that one, her thoughts.

I want commentaries too! I’m thinking there’s a very good chance they’ll have commentaries for all or most of the episodes since the other CN shows season sets have commentaries (if I recall correctly, Rebecca is on some of the AT commentaries so we know she’s not adverse to them). I think most episodes would benefit from some commentary, I’d love to hear what the cast and crew have to say about a lot of the big scenes and stuff

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*asks you about rgu* o.O whats a rgu?


rgu is short for revolutionary girl utena (also known as sku/shoujo kakumei utena). i’m gonna talk about the anime because it’s all i’ve watched because i’m the worst and i’m bad at reading manga and blah blah blah.

it’s an incredible, gorgeous show from the 90s about fairytales and love and divinity and hate and femininity and family and abuse and it is my favorite anime/show in general. the main characters are utena tenjou, is a girl who wants to be a prince, and anthy himemiya, a Mysterious and Quiet girl with Secrets Abounds who utena makes it her goal to save. they are super gay.

(pic of utena bein gay tbh)

the show gets very intense as it progresses and you find out that essentially nothing is as it seems - the first episode seems like a cute show about a ~tomboy girl and her magical girlfriend, but things get deconstructed and revealed and oh my goodness it is a wild ride - if you’re familiar with neon genesis evangelion, rgu is sometimes referred to as its shoujo counterpart because of the huge amounts of metaphor and symbolism. it’s not for everybody but i definitely suggest giving it a shot, although there is a pretty big list of trigger warnings for it:

  • rape
  • incest
  • emotional/physical abuse
  • violence
  • suicide/suicidal ideation
  • misogyny

and others that aren’t springing to mind immediately. it’s heavy enough that despite it being my favorite show, i’ve only managed to watch it the whole way through once.

actually i’m a little amazed you (presumably) follow me and aren’t sure what it is because boy howdy do i blog about it a lot - the pair in my sidebar is the two main characters, utena and anthy, my icon is also anthy, and my url is her last name (with an extra a because himemiya was taken).

tl;dr: it’s a real good anime and u should check it out

I like bullet points! The Wednesday Edition:

  • Just over two hours until the inevitable Suits finale disappointment
  • I have been rewatching Castle for AU reasons, and I had forgotten how much this used to be one of my shows. I am really enjoying my rewatch. And the AU.
  • But also, the writers need to stop having Beckett threaten suspects with the death penalty. New York hasn’t had the death penalty since 2004. Fun facts with Grace. You’re welcome.
  • Also, Eye Candy is GREAT. I’m on episode 4 now. This is a problem. (Or not a problem, depends on how you look at it.)
  • In non-TV news, one class stands between me and spring break.
  • One class and externship applications that is. There aren’t a lot of fall externships I’m really excited about, but I’m applying just in case. What I really want is one of our clinics. I just don’t want to say more right now and jinx it.
  • It was 75 degrees out this afternoon. LOL, Atlanta.

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For a second I forgot this was an ask and was like “WTF DOES THIS MEAN”
Haha. I figured it out. Thanks for the ask!

Offering: How do you show others you’re fond of them?
Hm. Well. I don’t make casual conversation; I ask legit questions. Because I care about more than your major and your opinion of the weather, I care about what you care about because I care about you! I’ll also make a ton of direct eye contact, I’ll want to walk with you places, I’ll give hugs and let you be in the room when I’m super freaking tired. Ill reply to your text messages more promptly than others (which is probably not saying much because I’m just AWFUL at texting but if I’m fond of you I’ll try). If suddenly I’m talking about my family it’s because I trust you enough to talk to you about my family. I’ll get you random shit when I’m at the store because I thought of you. Idk. If I’m fond of someone I’ll go out of my way to do little things because I want people to know they’re special. OH and the #1 is talking about Jesus. If I talk about Jesus/faith with you, in any context, it’s because I dig ya.

My kids still aren’t asleep for their noon nap. It’s about 2:30 now. :/ C’mon guuuuyyyssss. I want a shower!

I still haven’t talked to my dad. I don’t even know if my flowers showed up today. Also very lame things, although the former isn’t preventable.

I have things I need to do today, but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are. It wasn’t the curtains, either… :/ Brain fog so thick you could cut it like hard cheese.

The boys got ahold of the syrup today. 😭😭😭 I don’t think I have ever or will ever again clean up something so difficult. It makes that infamous woman’s flour-ed house from her kids look like a cakewalk (Google it if you don’t know what I’m referring to…you’ll be horrified and entertained all at the same time).

My body is doing weird things. Specifically my uterus. I have no idea what’s up. It’s a firm reminder that I need to find a doctor pronto though, because I’m overdue for getting my thyroid checked on top of what I mentioned last week.

It’s getting so late that I’m going to have to feed them again before they sleep. :/

El Sazon

This is the beginning of trying to describe what seems to be a magical experience. What I want to talk about is how the transferring of emotions can relate to the act of cooking and loving someone. I will describe how the hands and the mind translate these emotions into cooking. Second how similar physical languages used in eating and cooking are parallel to loving a partner.  

First the hands are the extension of the mind and it is through the collaboration of both that we create our relationships. We begin our relationship with food by touching, caressing, grabbing and many other gestures. These gestures are also the ways that we explore our food to make sure it is edible. We begin to build trust in our food and the systems surrounding it. We also evolve a particular taste that we can recognize and have curated after trying different types of food that we deem edible.

In parallel we begin our relationships by touching, caressing, grabbing and many other gestures to show our interest for each other. The first time you touch someone you slowly feed trust into the relationship. We begin to consume their emotions that begins to add particular taste to your relationship. Once we have evolved a taste for each other through many experiences then we recognize and deem each other edible.

Through our hands we can metaphorically and literally do this. However, What is it that our minds are trying to digest?

I suggest that our mind is trying to digest the connections that we build with one another and our food. These connections can be broken down to what you know to be the right flavor and ripe enough to eat, which are understood by the senses. This combination in Mexican culture is called sazon. I will also define love to be the right flavor at the ripest moment.

The vocabulary that surrounds the “sazon” is touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste of it. This is the sensory language then we can speak with every time we eat and want to love someone. Furthermore, through the means and fluency of the sensory language you can have an effective conversation with food and others.

A note that fluency only comes through respect and honesty of the other involved in this intimate conversation. Respect in what is been offered and how much energy went into this offering of emotions and food. Honesty in knowing what your taste is and courage to express your need. This conversation has been repeated many times and has lost it’s importance for many. Few know this language and principles, which have led to a malnutrition and disconnection of the participants involved. To our lost of ripeness, which is knowing when things are full nutrients and at its best.

We lost our flavor receptors that allow us to pay attention the notes found in our relationship with each other and our food. We no longer pay attention to these internal conversation to our food or partners. We ignore the signals or skip over the conversations that will bring rich connections between our food and partner.This rich conversation that I have described before has been muffled by the confusion of our emotions. This confusion is derived from many factors but particularly with food it is because we don’t really touch it. 

It is now prepackaged, it is now one click away and it can be ready in ten minutes by simply pushing a couple of buttons. In regards to our potential and current partners it is also because we don’t really touch them. We fear the physical connection with others, we click or swipe away at profiles never connecting and we rush through relationships because of convenience. The convenience around relationships and food have allowed us an excuse to have false relationships with them.

What we need to do is to practice our cooking and conversational skills. They need to be physical in order to gain the full benefit of what the hand and mind have to offer. Our conversations with other can be physical by not texting or calling each other. It can be physical by getting together and really understand each other. 

The benefit of engaging our cooking process is an immersive learning of the physical and mental landscapes. It is the joy, the love, the sazon that adds flavor and meaning to our relationships with our food and partners.

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there isn't anything specific but it's like nothing goes right in my life. i'm feeling wrecthed. i keep breaking things, crashed my head and it bleed, my prof. did a dump on me in the class, and things like this keep happening. i think i am a weak ass girl but i just don't have anyone to hold on. i don't know why i am so lonely...

omg what happened? why did you crash your head?

don’t worry about your prof saying something to you in front of everyone it happens to me all the time because I like to talk I have always something to tell and it always ends up that my teachers, professors and lecturers are also rude to me. They want to show they are so important because they are older and have a title like prof or something.

You are not weak, you are strong because you wanted to tell me about it and this is really brave! you can always hold on to me I don’t mind, I am here to help to you or talk if you need it. 

And don’t worry about being alone if I’m honest with you it happens to me that I cry when i try to fall asleep because I just don’t like to be or feel alone. And I think it’s ok maybe I just need it if I don’t have anyone now :)

Remember I am here so we can be alone but together! :))

I haven’t seen anyone talking about the little snippet of Bruce and Natasha all up in each others bizness in the new AoU trailer and it makes me kinda sad because I really like them, and I think I’ve figured out why.

Bruce and Nat sorta represent opposites to me. Bruce is all about emotional honesty, his alter-ego is literally the physical manifestation of anger and I feel like, in order to control himself, he would have to get really good at expressing his emotions in a healthy way instead of letting them get pent up inside of him. And on the other hand, Natasha is the master of subterfuge and emotional manipulation, showing people what they want to see in her rather than her true self. And by all rights these two personal philosophies shouldn’t mix. But I also feel like maybe Natasha is at a point where she is trying to learn how to be open with people and how to allow herself to trust them (we saw a bit of this in Cap 2), and with Bruce that is totally possible because she knows he doesn’t hide what he feels, he almost can’t. They may be opposites but they can learn to balance each other.

That and I think the sort of unexpectedness of it subverts the trope of the trophy-female who, in your stereotypical action movie, would probably end up with Thor, Cap or Iron Man, representatives of the uber-masculine ideal that they are.

And this is not to say that I don’t support the idea of other potential relationships (Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier, if they incorporate the comic backstory for Nat, both make sense to me) or even Nat remaining the fiercely independent badass lady that she is. But I see the Bruce/Natasha relationship as the continuation of a emotional arc with Natasha’s character that I noticed forming in the MCU so far, and I like it. 

Complex female characterization for the win.

So I’m skipping class right now…not because I feel sick or any particular reason, other than I won’t miss more than I can catch up on. Also my legs are really sore from yesterdays workout so I’ve just been sleeping all day with awesomely weird dreams…

I thought maybe I should write some of what I’ve been up to lately. I’m changing. I can feel the switches inside me moving around. The panel is lighting up and turning things on and off. 

Many of those barriers that come from being an introvert feel like they are falling away. I say barriers because thats what they feel like, Like this wall that make is feel like its physically impossible to walk up and talk to a stranger. These barriers that wont let me show too much of myself to the world. The barrier that makes me want to apologize for being too passionate about something, or too weird or too compassionate, or too observant. They are all falling away. I feel like I can do anything, and I don’t feel that constant concern of what other people might think. While this may just be that second-week-of-my-cycle-don’t-give-a-shit talking. I feel absolutely unapologetic for my actions, wants and desires. This coming from someone who has spent their whole life worrying about inconvenience to the people around me, this is huge.  

So what brought this on? I’m not sure. Maybe it was just getting tired of all the energy I was using up worrying about other people and things that don’t matter. Maybe it was sitting at a “career day” with a bunch of professionals and learning that I don’t have to please, get along, or even agree with everyone. I’m completely allowed to ignore someone’s advice if it doesn’t line up with who I am and who I want to be. I see that I actually have a lot of connections in the area and field I’m graduating into, compared to my peers and I have a lot more confidence in what I want to do and who I am. And there are people out there who already agree with my beliefs and philosophies on life and design. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel I just have to align myself with the people who are already doing it. 

With this new feeling towards life I’m also willing to consider and try things I never was before….because “why, the hell, not?” I tried smoking weed this weekend….twice actually, and learned I have a large lung capacity and weed doesn’t seem to do much…Don’t know if I’ll try it again. I think its probably better if I live with that indifferent feeling towards it, than if I learn what I’m missing out on and suddenly need more. 

I’m also considering things like getting a tattoo. maybe not in the near future and maybe not at all, but something in me suddenly isn’t so opposed to it. I think pain is my only deterrent. 

I’m also tired of making excuses and I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’m going to start being the person I want to be, no excuses about time or resources, things will fall into place. 

Another thing, I’m also trying to figure out my sexual attraction thing. I’ve been basically uninterested in people. Aromantic. I even went to visit my old high school love interest…nothing. We cuddled a little and shared a couple kisses, I didn’t feel a thing.  I don’t want lovey-dovey. I don’t want to have a giggly, comfortable relationship. I don’t want emotions or attachments. I could go for some sexual tension and sparks of attraction. But I don’t want emotions. I also don’t think I want sex either. I want a hot make-out session and then sit and talk about life. Because everybody needs to talk about life sometimes. I get that’s probably asking for a lot because most guys want something equally hot to follow a hot make-out session. I want to banter with someone, clever, sarcastic banter. I want that sort of sexual tension when two smart people can just bounce back and forth at each other. 

I want to hit on someone. haha that’s a crazy realization, but I think it would be fun. Also I’m about to get a haircut, a short and awesome haircut, because… I want it and why, the hell, not?